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  1. Autonomous

    Maritime Art Anarchy

    Steadman would have bubbles or something resembling life. That is macabre.
  2. Autonomous

    Too many nuts, or too many guns?

    Bullshit. I posed something rational to consider which you branded as stupid. Your inability to have a civilized conversation and discuss ideas reflects badly on you.
  3. Autonomous

    Too many nuts, or too many guns?

    When did you become so hateful? Was it about the time you lost your ability to reason?
  4. Autonomous

    Random PicThread

    Monet can capture me like no other artist. My wife has learned to move on to the other art while I am stuck in front of his work.
  5. Autonomous

    Too many nuts, or too many guns?

    My point, which did not condone or condemn the wolf cull, went right over your head. Your ignorance, lack of comprehension and preconceived notions are on full display.
  6. Autonomous

    Too many nuts, or too many guns?

    I have no idea how the quotas were formed, how well thought out they were or how easy-hard wolves are to hunt. Consider that the kill could not have been that high if the wolf population was low.
  7. My biggest concern is the wide mullions on the front of the wheel house. Possible deal breaker. On my C-Dory I got rid of the Rocna anchor because the rollbar in my sightline annoyed me. I like the center cockpit, it would be easy to keep an eye on people and pets while under way. Perfect for tying up at the dock as you mentioned. Their bimini needs to be improved but that is minor. For crabbing you'd definitely want a davit.
  8. The Sea Piper's unconventional design and layout, IMO, has way more pluses than minuses. I'd love to have one to potter about the Salish Sea.
  9. Autonomous

    Utah driving

    I'm in!!!
  10. Autonomous

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    Also keeps the tiller end a good working distance away.
  11. Autonomous

    Utah driving

    I understand the bored aspect but don't see them slowing down to wait for the perfect moment.
  12. Autonomous

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    No, just keeping the tillers inboard.
  13. Autonomous

    Utah driving

  14. Autonomous

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    With the tillers near the side of the cockpit toe-in will prevent the tiller going out over the combing when turning..
  15. Autonomous

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Thanks, it turns out both ways look wrong. Gonna find me a better month.