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  1. It seems 'murica is just discovering these. Stupid fun!
  2. Autonomous

    New winner - boom height/LOA ratio

    What's it rate?
  3. Got it. The rant still felt good though. My apologies.
  4. Shuttle services, ugh. When I worked for the rail road we rode in them a lot. It was the most dangerous part of an already dangerous job. Seriously. The night blind medicated geriatric starving Social Security only drivers were safer than the younger suck at life loser drivers. It is a shit job with cheap, shit employers that with few exceptions only otherwise unemployable people worked. The horror stories I have. That was harsh but accurate. There are a few notable good drivers and they are loved and coveted. I have been known to walk to the rear of a line of waiting shuttles to choose a competent one.
  5. For you apparently. Others do it just fine. It's time to move on.
  6. Why do you insist on projecting your limitations onto me? You don't know anything about me but apparently that doesn't keep you from imagining stuff.
  7. Autonomous

    What's in your arsenal??

    Gentlemen, PA is just a couple clicks away. Mind the screen door.
  8. Some advice from the 50s & 60s on driving is dated. Don't be stupid, don't ride the brake. Like anything else you can train your brain and body a better way to do things.
  9. Autonomous

    Random PicThread

    The Scrambler is still kinda cool all these years later.
  10. For you, probably. Now stop projecting.
  11. Autonomous

    What's in your arsenal??

    Good question, you'd definitely want to determine it was compatible with your pistol. My wife carries a revolver so it is assumed the gun will go bang each time.
  12. Autonomous

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    That'd be a shame. Where's Rimas? He'd be an appropriate steward for such a vessel.
  13. After we got our first car with an auto trans I taught my left foot to operate the brake. It was a bit clumsy the first few times. Now my left foot hovers over the brake pedal in traffic without even thinking about it. This reduces brake reaction times. When we test drove the car my wife scared the hell out of the salesman 'cause she didn't know how to operate an auto! It was her first one, LOL!
  14. Autonomous

    Minimal Camping Trailers

    I'd guess something in the POS RV's drivetrain is broken and the owner is too broke or cheap to have it towed. Imagine that shit show in an emergency situation with no way to activate the RV's brakes. It'd be fun at Nurburgring though.