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  1. My Bareboat Charter in the Whitsundays

    Thanks for the heads up. Thinking it gets bumped down the list a bit.
  2. anchoring conundrum

    Mind you I just skim read the thread, but a friend of mine would call this a "rich white person problem." If these are the worst problems in our day, week, month, or year, then we have it pretty good!
  3. My Bareboat Charter in the Whitsundays

    Any insight on a stopover at Daydream Island? I was thinking my 9 year old daughter might like the Living Reef. Or is it overrated. If I get one of the moorings, what kind of a night's sleep will we get? Swells, currents, or anything else to be concerned with?
  4. Bad Boat Names

    Thank you for this. Same goes for all the trimarans out there that insist on working "tri" into the name. What about cat and kitty and two? Two Sirius must be on a cat somewhere. Three Way would be good.They're included as well, but the disease seems more rampant once that third hull shows up.Forgot to mention.... Farr Out. There's one at every regatta Aren't you the one that told me you saw a fishing boat named "Beaver Stretcher"? Thinking that should now be on the list...
  5. 1D35 Stolen from Kona Kai Marina in San Diego

    Sorry I am late to the party boys but with shomer shabbos and all. Now where were we? Ah yes... That's right, Dude, they peed on your fucking rug.
  6. My Bareboat Charter in the Whitsundays

    Thanks to both of you. ToeCutter, I hear you on the temps, but from where we come from, it will be just fine. Also appreciate the focus on kid friendly suggestions. These are exactly the types of things that will help me make the most of our time!
  7. Own boat vs. sailing as crew

    I think my answer to the question vacillates. As many of you have stated, owning and skippering your own boat is often one of the most gratifying parts of sailing, whether it be racing or cruising. As an owner not only is keeping a boat in tip-top shape a point of pride, but putting a highly effective crew together is often just as much or more work. I also enjoy crewing. It is wonderful to just showing up, go sailing, and not stress about all of the owner related concerns that pop up. But perhaps the most important element of sailing to me, regardless of being owner or crew, is the people with whom I sail. Essentially, if I sail with you on a regular basis, you are in my inner circle of people. Life is too short to sail (or do anything for that matter) with people you don't like. Good People=Happy Sailing
  8. My Bareboat Charter in the Whitsundays

    Thanks for the posts. They are helpful, even if it reinforces many of the things I already know. The more info. I have the better! Sparau, thanks for the picts. They have me super stoked to go.
  9. So my family and I have a 10 day charter out of Arlie Beach in the Whitsundays in early July. We are from the States and are looking forward to this part of our time in Oz. I have been to Hamilton Island years ago but never by boat. I have done plenty of bareboating elsewhere but would love any insights or advice to make the most out of our time. I have read "100 miles of Magic" cover to cover. Are there things that I might have missed? Obviously, we want to be safe and respectful, while maximizing our fun. Our group is fairly athletic and in good shape. I will have my nine year old daughter along too; she is an excellent swimmer and good with boats. With that being said, our trip needs to have kid-friendly adventures. I have searched the forums for any info on cruising the Whitsundays and found very little, so any insider knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Best boat for light air lake sailing

    Ok got bored and went to the bottom of this thread so forgive me if I missed something. While the boat can make a difference in light air, I have found that many boats will work. It comes down more to crew work. I have sailed on a number of boats and anything ~25 feet and under can probably be sailed by three competent crew. Most recently I have sailed on an Olson 25 and we tend to only sail with three if we can hold the #1. Same thing on a B25 I sailed on. So while we can throw around boats, my thought is to find a boat in your region that is decent and priced right and sail the shit out of it with three people. Maybe make a fourth friend for when the winds pipe up. It is fun to talk boats for sure. But it is a hell of a lot more fun to be out on the water sailing them. Find one and get out there brotha' Peace.
  11. tight_jeans.gif

    What were you saying.........................