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  1. soon to be seen here.... http://afloat.ie/sail/sailing-clubs/kinsale-news/item/36704-kinsale-yacht-club-set-for-half-ton-classic-showdown
  2. Go for it!! As spoilsport says - the fleet is split into different bands with plenty of races within the race going on. A lot of effort is put into getting everyone together and enjoying the spirit of the class. We started off with a standard production boat that was gradually updated for IRC racing and then moved onto a later 'prototype' design that was more tricked out. One of the good things is that it is not just windward leeward racing at the HTC with some costal races thrown in there is usually a chance for most boats to shine - I seem to recall a 1970's Scampi getting on the podium more than once when the conditions suited! The fleet is one of the friendliest I have sailed in - a good mix of people who are happy to pass the time and chat boats. There is something quirky and different about having a HT in this day and age and the fleet reflects this.. Pom
  3. Agreed.... Fast cats are cool but it's kind of like watching F1 cars racing round a Kart track - sure - they can do it, but what's the point??
  4. does this count????
  5. Half tonner offers a good rating and the opportunity to do some great racing - however, there are HalfTonners and the are Half Tonners (if you know what I mean) .... If you want to get to the sharper end of the fleet, you want to get hold of a good hull / design that has already been optimised (new rig, keel , rudder, sails etc..) otherwise it is a rather expensive process - probably beyond the budget you are looking at.. J92 is probably the best option - a few tweeks to the rig and setup (non - overlapping head sails, inhaulers and masthead kites) gets you a pretty competitive IRC boat that is ideal for the type is sailing you are looking for...
  6. Big thanks to sailorgirl! Bringing the finish of an epic race live to the rest of the world Just shows what can be done with a bit of tech smarts and bundles of enthusiasm !!!
  7. My warning bells are a lot simpler when it comes to big pro teams; when things are going well, I don't hear shit. When I start getting skype messages that start with 'this is completely confidential, but..." from deep insiders, it is almost invariably the beginning of the end. You just keep cultivating them deepthroats Cleanmeister! When are you going to do a 1-on-1 with Pete Melvin? Interested anarchists want to know.. There was a time here on SA that 'rumours and lies' like this would make front page news - now we get some drivel about how the Ed got a free kite ..... Is this AC becoming that irrelevant ???
  8. thanks for the response gents. i certainly aint a swan 60 owner... more floating log and bed sheet fits my budget! am happy to race pretty much anything i have no interest in the brass button brigade and arm chair admirals - have been sailing FFs and crewing J109s recently. a change in circumstance has lead to me considering being skint in the sun rather than the rain of scotland!!
  9. Gents, I am considering moving to Melbourne from the UK. Was wondering if you could give me a rundown on where and what the best places to race are on the area?? what clubs would you recommend?what sort of sailing do they offer etc... who has the best bar? any advice would be useful!! Cheers Pom (soon to be a real one...)