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  1. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I once had a small sailboat with an outboard on a bracket. Even though it was a long shaft it still had an annoying tendency to pop the prop out of the water when condition got a little choppy. That shouldn't be a problem here. ...and did he need to chop up two NEW chairs just to get the five spokes for that wheel?
  2. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Well for $39.950.00 you get one week. So the real selling price is $2,077,400.00 The ad states that the boat will actually be purchased when 80% of the shares are sold but also that there are only 4 weeks still available. To me that seems like over 92% of shares sold. Show me the boat! But seriously, can anyone explain how this scheme works? Here's the most expensive one week rental I could find:
  3. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

  4. Tom Scott and UnTom

    And why does the forum change Fort My Ears to Fort ********** ?
  5. Tom Scott and UnTom

    I did have the spelling wrong. The boat name is actually "My Cyn". Thanks for the history UnTom, I'll pass it on. Be good to know if the new owners ever see their boat again. So if your in the Fort ************ area... BOLO for MyCyn.
  6. Tom Scott and UnTom

    BOLO. I have friends who are looking for their boat that was last seen on mooring ball #1 at Fort ************ Yacht Basin. Initial report that it was safely tied up to a dock proved false. Boat is a 1986 30' Catalina tall rig FL registration white with blue bottom name "My Syn".
  7. Most tasteless ad copy by a Yacht Broker

    Nobody picked up on this? Really?
  8. O'Day 27 worth considering?

    Thanks. Looks like she's carrying a good press of sail for the conditions. I took a pass on the one that needed work. A little research found that there were several others locally in good condition for short money. In the past I wouldn't even have considered this boat but I think I've changed my mind on that.
  9. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1977/Tayana-37-2819638/Antigua-%26-Barbuda#.WaibDiiGNhF Hurricane Harvey is going to snap up every boat that's good or can be fixed A flood of Texas boaters with insurance claim checks in their hands will soon hit Florida buying every boat that's good or can be fixed. If you're considering buying or selling a boat call me now. Contact Harry Schell at 412-692-0639 or Harry@EdwardsYachtSales.com for an appointment. Call me on Skype at hkschell Whatsapp users with an internet connection can call me for free from anywhere in the world. Please contact Harry Schell at 412-692-0639
  10. O'Day 27 worth considering?

    John 3:16
  11. O'Day 27 worth considering?

    It's under $1K, needs to be moved ASAP, needs some glass work that I'm comfortable with doing. Has usable sails. It's just that other than my old Mariner I've never really looked at O'Days that much. Guess I just wanted to make sure that they weren't all gonna laugh at me on the water.
  12. O'Day 27 worth considering?

    It's not horrid looking would fill the bill for what I need in a boat for the next couple of years. Looking at the numbers it seems like it should perform okay too SA/D: 20.01 D/L: 170.62 Ballast/Disp: 50.02 Your comments are encouraged.
  13. What Song is Your Guilty Pleasure Favorite

    Juliette Lewis playing my ex-girlfriend, sends a chill down my spine.
  14. Sailboat ID - Grainy Pics to Peek Your Interest

    I think you nailed it Tom, and you didn't even correct my spellling! I wasn't sure as I couldn't find a picture of one online that showed the same type of plexiglass windows until I came up with the following. Details that confirm the ID are the location of the bow eye. The molded ridge or jog that runs just below the sheer and the sort of unique aft buttocks. Thanks for your help. I'm going to pass on this even though it seems to be in decent shape the price is right. Anyone else interested it's located in Central Mass. and is sitting on stands and needs to be moved soon.
  15. Okay, anybody know what it is from these crappy cell phone pics? Clues... located in North East, former RI registration, shallow low aspect keel looks like it might hide a swing keel, appears to be maybe 22' to 24' mebbee? Thank You for your consideration