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  1. it certainly will not be 800k, the final price is yet to be locked in, but I can assure you that its a lot less than 800. But to be honest if you have a look at some recently released 40fter's that are a whole lot slower, more expensive to maintain/campaign and the only time the hull will be clear of the water is on a travel lift.... The TF10 is awesome value.
  2. Nope. This is a premium spec boat and the price will reflect that. I can assure you that it will be a very refined and super high quality boat that is going to set the standard for this segment.
  3. correct
  4. The Diam is nice boat, but its very much a day sailer, no capacity to do longer races. Plus no foils and pretty basic build method that is suitable for the price point. The GC is really a boat for teams that are either full Pro or heavily loaded with Pro's, its the nature of that beast and there are running costs associated with such a boat. So, you end up having to build something to tick all the boxes, and the TF10 i what we got
  5. Its not a NYYC project, just happens to be funded by a group that happen to be members. 5 boats on order, tooling to start very soon and boat 1 due around May 2017. Its a very high end build, with some very neat features integrated from the start to make the ownership and running pretty easy to deal with. more news shortly I hope.
  6. ISAF are stuck in the dark ages, The crew is as important as the skipper and should be recognized as such. It is wrong on so many levels that they are not awarded together. For example, if Santi deserved the male sailor of the year then Cecelia deserved the Female award. Simple as that.
  7. Hes a great sailor with a great story but it wouldn't want to be based on his Olympic effort. The blatant teams racing with his training partners in the Nacra 17s Medal Race was there for all to see. Go find the video and have a look. Firstly, you have no fucking idea what you are talking about. Secondly, the fact the Cecelia was not nominated and awarded is offensive in the extreme. Does ISAF really think the skipper of a Nacra is more important than the crew?
  8. The protested each other and were very close together going the same direction after the protests, it too a while for the jury to find a clean way to follow them and get close enough to notify Santi that he was due a turn. All was good and normal. oh, and Santi is a legend!!!!!!
  9. When we have raced the GC against ESS level teams on an x40 we are around 30% quicker in most conditions. So I would say that the Airlie beach results are not really indicative of the performance.
  10. I was about 100m away from the incident. And was among the first boats to arrive. I pulled one crew from the water, did a head count of both he GC and the rib then assisted in the immediate securing of the boat once we ascertained that no injuries occurred. You can all guess and make assumptions. But the important thing here is that the result is a very positive action by the class members and management to elevate the safety standards and prevent such issues in the future. It's not going to be a easy or fast solution. But there is a clear desire from all involved to make this work.
  11. Will certainly increase sales of helmets, I wonder who could be able to supply so many helmets in Medemblik on such short notice?...
  12. The Spanish team that were robbed would be in my opinion the lest likely to be done over. They look like locals (more than me for sure!) they don't rock around town in branded gear and in general the blend in. The Danish issue at Niteroi with the shooting has nothing to do with being in a bad part of the city, it's just that the bad part is right there across the road from the club... I was at dinner last night in a good area, parked about 500m from the restaurant and after dinner we were walking (two tourist and one local) back to the car. All of a sudden the local hailed a passing cab and shoved us inside. There were two bad dudes about to jump us. He saw them just in time and we were ok. But all this happened in what is usually regarded as a safe street. Our local mate was pretty shocked that they were so brazen. General rule here now is to take only the cash you need for the day, leave all cards and ID at home. Unfortunately we all use our phones so it's highly likely there will be quite a few iPhones donated to the cities criminals over the coming months. As long as that's fhe extent of it, I figure that's ok. Especially compared to the possibility that the guns get used beyond threats...
  13. We have had a lot of the locals warning us, the last few days have been really bad, the Danes and Spanish incidents are good examples of what's going on. On the water quality issue, we had a dead pig floating on the start line today...
  14. Correct. If you want to cook it at a decent temp/pressure then a carbon tool is better. Alloy is also nice if done correctly and lasts longer. But back to the topic, the tool costs are pretty much nothing when you are pumping out hundreds of boats. So there is no reason to skimp here.
  15. We/previous owner have rebuilt/repaired out boat with the full approval of the manufacturer. It's pretty much what every single team that is going to the games has done. In fact I think there will not be a boat at the games that has not had repairs done to fix build issues. The "spirit" of the rules is that we would be able to purchase quality boats. Unfortunately that has proven elusive There has never been an actual plan presented to anyone. Just promises of better quality. But to be very clear, nothing has been communicated to sailors about the pathway to rectify the issues with quality. Just promises that it will be better when the my change the spec. My point is that the spec is totally fine, as long as the boats are built with the care and attention that is required. Perhaps the best way to explain it is this:- nacra could promise to build the boats in nomex and prepreg, but if they forget to glue the hulls together or don't align the foil cases correctly it's still going to be a piece of shit. So, until they can demonstrate that they are capable of building the current boat right, I do not think they are ready to take on the extra complexity and responsibility of a foiling version. My opinion won't matter, ISAF will still let them get away with it, sailors will have to pay for it and the whole shitshow will carry on. So, yes, we will most likely see foiling nacras after rio, it's just a shame that a builder that has shown nothing but contempt for the people forced to buy substandard equipment is going to get another chance to milk those people for more money.