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  1. macca

    SailGP 2020 check it out at 1:20 for a quick shot of something interesting..
  2. macca

    SuperFoiler Season 2

    yeah, cause the GC32 is a terrible boat.... Here's and idea Dave:- How about you shut the fuck up until you have designed, developed and created a class that is good enough for some of the worlds top professional and owner driven teams to not only buy the boats, but to commit to racing and supporting the class for season after season. If it were truly so abysmal as you say, I don't think they would be spending their time and money on it. have a nice day..
  3. I'm just going to run with "NO" to the above. properly designed and built foils will be a benefit to a small tri, as for poorly done ones... thats another story and seems to be what you have experienced.
  4. macca

    N2E changes

    We called it for the day, breeze was super light and shifty all day and started to die as the sun went down. Didn’t fancy a night of drifting around with the wing flopping all over the place. So we set up a mooring in mission bay and now we are in the way to dinner sail or tow tow back to Long Beach tomorrow. Will be be a long night for the slower boats.
  5. macca

    N2E changes

    We are mostly a bunch of muppets that stumbled on a boat that is way to fast for any of us to comprehend or manage But there are a couple of adults in the room, so we might be ok. Lets see see how it goes on Friday, then we can either celebrate or hide..
  6. macca

    N2E changes

    I think the record is well out of reach, even in ideal conditions it’s hard to match a MOD 70 for covering ground like that. I think if we have 7+ kts from the usual direction, we can foil and make really good VMG, but it is likely to take us around 7 hours. The fun part part will be the tow all night back home...
  7. macca

    Someone has been naughty!

    Sunseeker, I think you should go spend some time seeking sunshine or whatever it is that will make you a little bit less of a cynical prick... The Games is something that you do for yourself, that is the primary motivation, anything else is secondary. I know this very well, My wife is a medallist, I have been to the games as a coach and I am still coaching in the Nacra 17 for two different countries and multiple teams that all want to go to the games. Whether is makes you a better person or not is up for debate, you will certainly learn a few tough lessons on the way, perhaps some of those lessons make you better, perhaps they make you harsh and unforgiving, but the main thing I have seen in my time in this part of the sport is that the effort required to win is exceptional and when you are not winning and think you should be it is a very trying situation. Some people deal with it by elevating themselves, others accept that they are not the best and in some cases you see people decide to circumvent the rules in order to help achieve their goals. The topic of this thread is about someone who decided to cheat, it is not up for debate, they did it. Got caught, then tried to bullshit their way out of it and got caught doing that. Punishment should be severe and I would be surprised if that person is seen again in the Olympic regatta scene.
  8. There is already one boat in the test phase with an automated system. Foil design is more radical and the performance is at the very extreme end of things compared to the TF10. But it’s working well and for sure it’s quicker and more stable than any manual or mechanical system. I’m sure it will break cover soon enough. And then there will be more to follow.
  9. macca

    Carbon Kevlar prepreg trampoline?

    its not kevlar, they are made with dyneema.
  10. FFS! They might as well just stick with a multihull....
  11. macca

    trickle down

    I think ISAF are going to just trust Nacra to update the boat. It falls apart now, so I can only imagine how bad it will be when they try to make it foil... Designing is fine, M&M know what they are doing. But the build quality is literally the worst I have ever seen on a production boat.
  12. macca

    trickle down

    Doug, I normally don't have time to post in here, I'm usually too busy doing things rather than hypothesizing endlessly... But I'll take five minutes now to hopefully clear up a coupe of points. Firstly: foils that extend outboard of the hulls are inherently more of a risk than those that are extended inwards. This is basic common sense. Secondly: skiffs and other boats with racks extending outboard are not something comparable to foils in terms of risk. They are without doubt more risky than not having racks. I made a very conscious decision to not fit racks to the GC and the projects we are doing now are also sans racks. The diameter of a rack is going to be somewhere around the 80mm range and if you get hit by one of these it's not good, but compared to a foil made from almost solid carbon and a contact area less than one tenth of the rack it's easy to see the issue. Finally: I am all for the developments we see going on like the quant and some others you haven't seen yet. But it's naive to think there are no issues with these designs, much the same as we see on the foiling cats. All we can do is try to mitigate the risks as best we can and for some people it's not acceptable to put a boat out there with Roman chariot foils
  13. macca

    trickle down

    There have been plenty of injuries due to bodies connecting with raised boards in sudden stops, but in general it would appear to be just part of the game and I'm not aware of anything more serious than a couple of broken ribs even on bigger foilers. The main area of risk we identified with the GC was the bowman hiking in front of the front beam and falling inwards and connecting with the tip of the raised windward foil. So we made a full net in that area. The outboard tip of the rudder elevator is also a risk area if you fell overboard, but there is not much you can do about it. I've seen people fall over and in each case they have fallen well clear. These new monofoilers with the foil sticking well outside the hull is something I would think is a huge safety risk both for the crew and more importantly for other boats and crew. Reminds me of the Roman chariots with the spikes hanging off the wheels!
  14. macca

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Sorry mate, but the F18 was not on the games selection list because the F18 class did not want to have the class screwed up by all the Olympic style bullshit. The class was strong before and is strong now. And everyone is happy to be as far away from the games mess as possible.
  15. macca

    Corsair Pulse 600

    how do you get from your wheelchair to the boat?