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    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    Two guys I think you know up on the bow that day, Barry and Stan.
  2. BeBop

    Considering buying '82 J 30

    Having done several offshore deliveries in our J/30, if the boat is properly prepared it can handle it if you can. A search through shows boats in the Bermuda 1-2, Pac Cup to Hawaii and Atlantic crossing by Delirious a couple years back. My time for that is past, but the one-design racing in Annapolis has recently shown a resurgence as the price of boats has become incredibly cheap though sails are another story. Nothing better in my opinion than racing one-design, unless you want to team or match race one-designs.
  3. BeBop

    Considering buying '82 J 30

    I recall measuring the Cannonball currently for sale before a championship and was surprised to see that hull ID 386 (the hull ID listed in the class database) didn't match the sail number 387. Pretty sure I verified this with the title/registration, but after searching both my computer and paper files I cannot verify this. (TSP8C277M81L is not consistent with any hull ID format used on a J/30 by Tillotson-Pearson Inc). Too bad we didn't get you to read the Hull ID while you were there. BTW that Cannonball was the winner of the 1993 J/30 North Americans in Annapolis and was always competitive. That said I have no idea what the current condition of that boat is. As noted a family member of the long-time owner of Cannonball formed a new partnership to purchase hull 90, naming it Cannonball 2.0. Though an older hull number, 90 my understanding was that it was in better condition having been upgraded by two previous owners, who won three class championships between 1998 and 2011.
  4. BeBop

    RIP - Stuart Walker

    From the video, his wife asks, "Did you win or was it a learning experience?" That may be the best thing to have learned from reading Dr. Walker. I had already read his columns and books before ever having the had the opportunity to sail against him. That was in the 1980's at Seawanhaka's Columbus Day regatta in Solings. At the first weather mark we were ahead of him and his friend and rival Sam Merrick. My skipper was thrilled, but of course it certainly didn't end that way. He is an inspiration to anyone and everyone in Annapolis and particularly those of us of a certain age who ever start to think we may be getting too old to sail. There was Stuart on Old Glory, in an old white button down and khakis well into his 90s. Fair winds Dr. Walker.
  5. BeBop

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    13 knots on a J/30 in the 2013 Annapolis to Miles River Race. Race is a little over 20 miles. We averaged 8 knots over ground for reaching and running. Hull speed is 6.7 knots. During a 20 minute/3.3 NM leg to Bloody Pt Lighthouse we averaged over 10 knots. Couple of knock downs slowed us a bit. Photo from crew mate Matt's video.
  6. BeBop

    What's your boat beer?

    Many a good beer out of 21st Amendment but can't agree on that one. In the variety packs it is always the last to go. Tastes more like cucumbers than watermelon. Ugh.