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  1. Figment

    nhl '19

    Both. The refs let the small stuff slide, and because the players all knew that one PP could turn the game there was no big stuff.
  2. Figment

    nhl '19

    O'Reilly and Pietrangelo were huge. I kinda feel like Parayko isn't getting due credit, that dude made a thousand very solid defensive plays very quietly. Binnington... hot when it mattered. Craig MnFing Berube.... holy crap I love that guy. ----------------------- Over the course of these playoffs Rask showed himself to be better than I thought he was. Still folded like a cheap suit in the end. (you fuck ONE goat....) Was Marchand always such a big liability defensively and I didn't see it? or did that just kinda become a thing over the last two series? Pasta was a friggin ghost 5-on-5 in this series. Also Bergeron though to a lesser degree. Full credit to Blues D there. In general I think Neely and Sweeney need to be looking critically at the whole roster. Most of the key players in this postseason are the guys with the little paychecks. Saw a rumor last night that Krug is looking to leave Boston. That would be a colossal management blunder, but certainly in keeping with B's history.
  3. Figment

    nhl '19

    one final game, one final chance for me to have picked something correctly goddammit!
  4. Figment

    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

    It's in the right general area to be Dave's and kinda looks like his place, but I was under some vague impression that he had shut down moved elsewhere.
  5. Figment

    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

    does the shop in this photo look familiar?
  6. Figment

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    The wind died as the back half of the fleet was fighting the current at 1BI. Many DNFs and many others hung in there until the time limit expired. By far the latest flags-up time at the party in recent memory. Saturday was generally glorious, particularly on a boat that reaches well. RC was quite emphatic that we sail AROUND the island.
  7. Figment

    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

  8. Figment

    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

    I dunno about that, but when my inlaws had an anniversary party in FL I had occasion to learn that Hummell's will fedex 5lb of hot dogs wherever. (of course the way the fedex fee is structured it made way more sense to send 20lb instead)
  9. Figment

    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

    ...and in pizza news, the fairfield location of Pepe's has become our default stop on the way home from JFK. Pretty damn close to the original, and none of this waiting-in-line horseshit.
  10. Figment

    nhl '19

    This schedule is utter horseshit. Every-other-night scheduling until the finals when we go to every third or fourth night? ugh. By the time thursday rolls around I'll give even less of a shit about the game than I do now.
  11. Figment

    nhl '19

    Marchand needs to sit for a while. Maybe not a whole game, maybe just swap him down to 3rd line for Johansson and take him off the PP unit or something.
  12. Figment

    nhl '19

    wait, that means they close it out in St Louis... no. 7 games.
  13. Figment

    nhl '19

    Broonz in 6
  14. Figment

    Chrysler Crossfire anarchy.

    I dunno if i'd tolerate it as a daily, but for a toy-car sure I'd drive the piss out of one of those. They seem to be undervalued in the used market.
  15. Figment

    nhl '19

    A topic to kick around while we wait for games 4 and beyond... Should the rule which allows a team on PK to ice the puck be eliminated? Would there be more PP goals scored, or would the PK team just ice it anyway for the 30-second breather and it'd add an extra 10 minutes to the games?