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  1. Figment

    NHL Corona solution

    Meh. My fantasy teams have been imploding since January anyway.
  2. Figment

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    These days I'd go for a late 80s saab 900 turbo 5speed, green or white with tan leather interior. Yep.
  3. Figment

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    one of dad's friends had one which he stored at our place for a few years. Every so often I'd take it out for a ride. It was fun to drive around with the red/green running lights on.... for about four minutes, then you realize what an awful car it was and put it away again.
  4. Figment

    Sourdough starter

    I think if you can knead it so much that it's too tight to rise, it's insufficiently hydrated. Not much point in overkneading a sourdough anyway, the long fermentation time will develop the gluten pretty much on its own. A while back I heard a hypothesis that the kneading of bread as we know it today came with the advent of commercial yeast which drastically reduced fermentation time, that the kneading makes up for the gluten development which previously occurred naturally during slower fermentation. Seems legit to this neophyte.
  5. Figment

    Sourdough starter

    Wifey dear was sick in bed all weekend, consuming far too much facebook, and she sends me an "instant-pot sourdough" recipe.... yeah it's the king arthur no-knead recipe but substitute yogurt for the water, and accelerate the process by using the instant pot as a proving box. Of course there's nothing "sourdough" about it but since I was going to be running the oven later anyway I throw it together. It's about as disappointing as you'd expect. Spongy, no real structure, and no real crust except at the bottom where the hot pot kinda burned it. If you close your eyes and really hunker down you can kinda pick up a faint tangy taste imparted by the yogurt, but otherwise no real flavor. Yes we're going to eat it anyway.
  6. Figment

    Sourdough starter

    I don't get the whole no-knead thing. I'm more interested in a no-wait thing. I'll knead for an hour if it means the dough can go straight to the oven.
  7. Figment

    Sourdough starter

    wait... the established live bacteria culture dies out and the airborne local yeast takes over? Why would that be? (my memory of highschool cell-biology is rather foggy, I'm more of a physics guy)
  8. Figment

    John Witherspoon - DTS

    Excluding all things Caddyshack, his role in Boomerang might just be the most-quoted in history.
  9. Figment

    NHL '20

    Rangers at Devils last night. Rangers need to fire whichever assistant is coaching the PP. Wraparounds from the halfboard to the far point and back again do not constitute "puck movement", shitbrick. And why the fuck is artemi panarin on the PK?
  10. Figment

    NHL '20

    IT'S FUCKIN EMBARRASSING!!! pheasants. all of you.
  11. Figment

    Freeboard, when you know your limits.

    meh. All watertight hatches dogged down, I don't think flooding the decks would affect her stability much at all.
  12. Figment

    Motortrend TV - Wheeler Dealers

    A key ingredient of the WD sauce was that they'd work on ANYTHING. The greatest variety of cars outside Jay Leno's Garage. Most current shows are niche-focused, and poorer for it.
  13. Figment

    Guess I'll have to give up my Mount Gay Hats

    It does seem that a lot of regattas which used to do red (though not Mt Gay) hats have found other colors. Not a bad thing.
  14. Figment

    Daughter sends mom picture of her college bedroom

    Fox news, pillar of journalistic integrity, is merely reporting what the daughter posted on twitter.
  15. Figment

    Cooking Quail

    meh. By the time you're done with the wine and butter and garlic and such, how much mussel do you really taste? it could be tofu and oyster sauce.