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  1. Serge, you're pissing in 25yr old cornflakes there. To assert that Jeep's (or any carmaker's) product from 25 or even 10 years ago is an indication of their current product is nonsense. They've all done quality and they've all done crap at one time or another, each model must be evaluated on its own merits. Furthermore, if you bought a cherokee for the mileage or the interior space, or the quiet highway ride you plainly bought the wrong car. The "falling apart before I was off the lot at the dealer" was also a well known trait in that era. If you didn't know what you were buying it was because you didn't want to know. I dunno if I dig that 2018 wrangler redesign. I do know that I'd buy my 06 LJ back in a heartbeat. I should've sold the boat and kept that car.
  2. No RC-bashing for the port rounding at Crow Shoal? Perhaps there is hope after all.
  3. My bet is that Bob Barker funds a fleet of waterbomber planes to dump butyric acid on the decks. Stink from above!!!
  4. Skating coaches have a combo rig that's even more amusing (for the parents). They bungee two kids together. The lead kid works on strength against the resistance of the bungee. The drag kid holds back to make resistance until the coach blows a whistle, then works on footspeed with assistance of the bungee-energy, then works on generally staying on one's feet during the subsequent highspeed whiplash maneuvers. After a couple of laps they trade places. It may or may not really do much from an athletic perspective, but the kids have a lot of fun with it.
  5. Man I totally got jobbed in the 2nd round! Bonus round: Which team will pick up Chris Neil for 2017-18? I find this to be an interesting moment of contrast for the last of the dying breed. Shawn Thornton retires gracefully and takes a front-office job with the Panthers. (not the Bruins, to my surprise) Neil "sees the writing on the wall" and pisses on the carpet as he storms out the door of the team he's played his entire NHL career I'm surprised none of the media have tracked down John Scott for an op-ed on the topic.
  6. (Disclaimer: I did not get to watch the game last night. The following is based entirely on morning-after highlights and reading.) Both the NHL and NBC-sports would dearly love to forego the remaining games and just hand the cup to the Pens. CBC seems disinclined to buck that tide so far. Seriously, the Pens got ZERO shots in the 2nd period? When was the last time ANY team went a whole period with no shots and won the game? Other side of that coin.... WTF Rinne? four goals on 16 shots? I can kinda give him some grace on the 4th... it was the first rubber he'd seen in an hour... but still
  7. Well ain't that a big bag of dicks. Preds-Sens would have been a much better final series. I'm going Preds in 6. I was thinking 5, but wof got there first.
  8. I'm no fan of phaneuf, but dude was laying some solid hits last night. I'm really starting to get pissed about the "other rules" in play for the postseason. I get that they want the boys to play with passion, I get that they don't want to disrupt the flow of the game with 25 whistles per period, I get all of that. The problem is that the constant hooking holding and slashing produces 0-1 snoozers like last night. Watch the highlights from last night, about half of the uncapitalized scoring chances involved some sort of foul on the shooter which would normally have been penalized in the regular season, and that's AFTER someone managed to fight through hooks holds and slashes to get the puck to the shooter in the first place.
  9. I did miss the jeep this morning. just a little bit of cloudcover, 65 degrees, dry and breezy. perfect jeep weather.
  10. This from a man who wears wool when the temps drop below 80. My FIL has the same thin blood. He spends most of the year in south florida, and spends as much time as possible in southeast asia. loves loves loves that hot muggy weather. Even he has the good sense to fly north mid-july to mid-september.
  11. Preds in 6 Sens in 7
  12. yeah, because Subban could really use an ego-boost.
  13. Crosby's failure to go through concussion protocols last night is going to be a problem for the league, I think. I hope it's a HUGE problem, frankly. I get the romantic notion of playoff hockey being a whole other level above regular season, and I get the reality that the superstars have different rules, but this is one area in which the hockey world truly needs a zero-tolerance approach. Otherwise we're the NFL. and yeah, GIGGITY FOR WEDNESDAY!
  14. Rangers in 7 Edmonton in 6 Preds in 6. Though I picked chicago and minnesota for first round, so clearly I don't know enough about nashville or st louis. Caps in 7. Really I think it will be 6 but I'm hoping for 7 because I want Cindy to lose in front of the home crowd.
  15. In other news.... Henderson sues Wideman for $10M I dunno if he should pay $10M, but yeah it should cost him.