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  1. Double Damed 2017

    Bring your hotfoot down for Delta Ditch Run next year. I will be back and hope to contact the other two that I know of in CA. We broke a rudder strap after about 50 miles(reaching leg after Antioch bridge) of spending a few really fun hours at 10-14 kts. http://www.rockskipper.com/Sailing-Galleries/2017-Delta-Ditch-Run/Ditch-Run/i-7BkbDvf/A
  2. Trailer Sailor 20' - 23' PHRF Racer

    The SR Max would be a great choice. Hotfoot 20 (look in the SA classifieds) is similar but likely none on east coast.
  3. removing stickers from a laser

    EasyOff Oven Cleaner as long as the boat isn't painted.
  4. Hotfoot 20 hoist

    Thanks for the comments, the U20 is definitely different in this regard. I looked in the cabin and there are 4 large eye straps with large washers behind them bolted to the hull liner however I'll have to check tomorrow because I'm not sure they be able to fit out of the keel slot to reach the hoist hook. Mine is from 1986, hull number 20 so it's one of the latter ones. I saw the different chainplate setup on hotfoot20.com vs hotfoot20.blogspot.com however they seemed to claim the U-bolt was what they switched to because the chainplates pulled out? I'll probably just leave how it is for now but maybe it'd be worthwhile to fabricate a chainplate to extend the backing plate down the hull. The spin box in that second link looks like it might be a worthwhile effort too. If you look at the blogspot link you can see one of the eye straps in the photo showing the keel box, I think mine are slightly different but same concept. Your description of the keel crane box is accurate although mine is missing the original and in lieu it has a wooden one. Do you recall if there was any sort of wedge you used with the keel after it was lowered? or simply used the 4 bolts to secure the keel slot cover?
  5. Hotfoot 20 hoist

    I'm planning to attach straps to shroud base and separate line to hold keel. I was also considering installing lifting eyes where the keel cover bolts but not sure that is necessary. How do the U20's do it?
  6. Hotfoot 20 hoist

    If anyone could describe or provide pics/dimensions of the lifting bridle and attachment points they use for hoist launching a hotfoot 20 it would be very helpful. I just recently purchased one in San Francisco Bay and want to make sure I don't damage it. Any other tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated too.
  7. Joke

    next time you are outdoors missing wife