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  1. Chicago Area III

    The visuals are great. Now you need a good script to put with it.
  2. Caption Contest

    Barbecue boat. Just build a fire underneath.
  3. Family Farm$

    This is the same reason big Pharma, big hospitals and the rich benefit from government programs more than smaller businesses do. Most government programs are very complicated and have many hurdles to jump over in order to get the $$$ in benefits. As a result, those big, wealthy groups able to hire expensive consultants and advisors to navigate the bureaucracy get most of the benefits from these programs. The little guys are left on the outside. Basically the problems start with Congress which creates such complicated programs (i.e the tax code) but it is made much worse by a Federal Government which had no incentive to become more efficient. Greater efficiency means fewer Federal employees and of course that means each department becomes less important. In addition, most states have departments which do most of the functions (collect taxes, disburse benefits, etc) of the Federal Government so there is tremendous duplication of efforts. I know Trump is an idiot who can't seem to fight his way out of a paper bag but his rhetoric about reducing the size of the government is basically why he won the election. He will never actually do anything about it but he keeps talking that way and as a result stays in power.
  4. Chicago Area III

    Great video !!!
  5. Best Rock Song Intros

    Best intro to a movie I have seen:
  6. Fuck you im sick anarchy

    Can you call mom to come over and make you soup?
  7. Jared Grabs Some

    More like duct tape.
  8. Weiner Goes To Prison.

    Any chance Hillary and Huma will drop by for visits?
  9. Now all the crack dealers will have a meeting place.
  10. I finally found him!!!

    Is this the latest version of Trump University?
  11. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    To be honest, I have not seen any fleets of new Sunfish or Lasers land anywhere in the US. Maybe that is their strategy but some of the fleet owners I have heard of would love to hear from LP to make a purchase. Unfortunately no one for LP is calling on them.
  12. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    I think your analysis is off. LP has delivered so few boats and parts in the past couple of years that their cash flow is inadequate to service their debt. I understand the parts issue since they are made by third parties and the markup is low but new boats is another story. New boat deliveries should be a cash cow and yet dealers can't get them from LP despite demand. I have spoken to a number of dealers who have told me they could sell a lot of boats to individuals and groups such as summer camps and sailing schools if the products were delivered. LP owns the molds for the boats which I am sure have been full amortized so the profitability on each new boat should be high. Tell me how that is a smart business practice?
  13. It really stinks. Remember this is a company that had an associated company that lost a $10 million judgement for breaking kids fingers in baby strollers.