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  1. Rum Runner

    The back fell off

    Don't worry, we can fiberglass it over.
  2. Rum Runner

    College Football 2020

    Also coach, first string QB and second string QB all test positive.
  3. Rum Runner

    Chicago Area III

    Got to remember that some freighters don't have anyone monitoring the radar as carefully as we would expect. AIS is easier to track and often more prominent than a radar image.
  4. Rum Runner

    New sailor question

    Put your kid in sailing camp for the summer. Then figure out what type of boat to buy. By the way, you never said if you know how to sail. That would also be a good first step. In fact, maybe the two of you could learn to sail together.
  5. Rum Runner

    Rethinking the drug war

    Same as the US has been able to stop moonshine and other recreational products. I agree there will always be an illegal market since most governments rely on "sin taxes" for much of their funding. Finding ways to avoid these taxes is a long-held tradition in most economies. Even if there is legalization of hard drugs, there will always be those who try to avoid the taxes on them. We will not put the Mexican narcos out of business just as the end of prohibition didn't end the mafia.
  6. Rum Runner

    Rethinking the drug war

    Yes, the government sucks at fighting drug gangs but do you recommend that we hand out cocaine and heroin to those who want it? Should we let the Colombian and Afghan governments promote drug cultivation to their farmers? What is a better way?
  7. Rum Runner

    Dick Tillman

    Such a loss. Dick was a wonderful person who encouraged everyone, even those of us in the back of the fleet. Fair winds Dick.
  8. Rum Runner

    Random PicThread

    Just shows you that men are still clueless
  9. Rum Runner

    a terrible horrible day

    Find some way so your sister can see mom even if she isn't responsive. That will at least giver her some feeling of control over things. You never know how mom will respond.
  10. Rum Runner

    Line Honors folded?

    I once ordered a Harken part from a different parts seller. When I received the part, the return address said Pewaukee, WI which is where Harken is based. Funny thing is that the part was cheaper from the seller than from Harken directly.
  11. Rum Runner

    Caption Contest

    The boat has a woody.
  12. Rum Runner

    What to do in Baltimore?

    Go to DC and get teargassed by the Trump militia.