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  1. Rum Runner

    150,000 Gallons of Mount Gay Rum Burns Yesterday

    This is a sad day in history. I remove my Mt Gay hat in the booze's memory.
  2. Rum Runner

    Oh, No! Mother is A Bigot

    Pence is probably the most dangerous and hypocritical person in Washington now. He fully supports Trump who lies, commits adultery and steals but maintains that he is a good Christian. While I am not a very religious person, can someone tell me where in the bible and other teachings it tells someone with strong "Christian Values" like Pence to support the misdeeds of a person like Trump?
  3. Steam - I agree with you on that but remember also that there are a lot of employees sitting home right now who will get full back pay for doing nothing during the whole shut down. Is this a government policy to pay people for not doing their jobs?
  4. Rum Runner

    Phil the Greek

    But did he spill his martini?
  5. Rum Runner

    i just don't know why some people are allowed to walk this planet

    The guy was governor for many years. I don't understand how he was so stupid to say this.
  6. Rum Runner

    Dubarry Ultimate Boots Beware !

    My soles disintegrated after 10+ year of use and storage in nasty smelling duffels. I paid for the redo and they have been like new ever since.
  7. Rum Runner

    Steve King Confirms What We Have Known For Years

    Iowa is supposed to be a conservative but enlightened state. Obviously King proves that notion wrong.
  8. Rum Runner

    Steve King Confirms What We Have Known For Years

    Sorry but the same could be said if you inserted Democratic Party into this phrase. Welcome to the 70% tax bracket.
  9. Rum Runner


    A number of years ago some pundits suggested that the State of the Union be given in writing as opposed to a live speech. (According to the Constitution the President must give a report but it does not have to be a speech.) Of course Trump would have problems here because writing in crayon is not formal enough.
  10. Rum Runner

    When Trump held a party and nobody came

    It's ok. Trump was able to have all the McDonalds for himself.
  11. Rum Runner

    Major Richard Sherman - The Last Flying Tiger

    Great life and amazing service. RIP
  12. Rum Runner

    Boxed Set of Watches

    Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
  13. Clearly the Trump are great judges of character. They picked Flynn, Manafort, Sessions and many others for positions of responsibility which they clearly couldn't handle. I expect not less of them this time.
  14. Given the looks of some of those girls, that video would be considered child porn in some parts of the world. Most of the girls look like they are on heavy doses of amphetamines and other substances.