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  1. Boat Yard Parking 101

    Remember the car and driver are from New Jersey.
  2. caption contest

    I think it would look better with a Brazilian wax.
  3. G. W. on Trumpism

    Finally the shrub sounds smart. What took so long?
  4. You Can't Make This Up.

    When she was arrested she was pregnant. The cops assume it was from one of her purchases.
  5. You Can't Make This Up.

    How can this not be real? Hairdresser accused of buying sperm with money stolen from clients: http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/elgin-courier-news/news/ct-met-elgin-hairdresser-charged-20171018-story.html
  6. Happy Alaska Day!

    Why so sad? Alaska has give us Sarah Palin. What better contribution to our country?
  7. Thank you John McCain

    Bone spurs sure didn't stop him from golfing. I guess marching with a rifle is harder than marching with a 5-iron.
  8. il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    Everyone to the Pink Pony for drinks.
  9. Thank you John McCain

    Almost makes me want to move to Arizona.
  10. Ophelia

    A different Ophelia:
  11. NFL 2017

    I agree with you PB as long as the offensive line keeps Trubisky healthy.
  12. Jim lahey...... dts

    Great actor gone. Sad to hear.
  13. NFL 2017

    So my Bears won yesterday but it was an ugly game. Trubisky has a way to go as a QB and he needs a few receivers with hands not made of plastic. I am not sure if a win is good in the long run. IMHO the best thing that could happen would be for them to suck this year so coach Fox gets fired and we have another high pick in the draft, hopefully a decent receiver. Thoughts?
  14. Trophy Vendors - Any Recommendations?

    +1 Our club has used them for a while and they do good work. Prices are fair and they deliver on time.