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  1. Rum Runner

    Strange Beasts From the Bottom of the Sea

    Are you sure this isn't Ed after a night on the town?
  2. Rum Runner

    I Happen To Agree With Her About AMAZON

    Yeah it really sucks when a business moves into your area, hires a lot of people and pays them lots of money. Just rotten for everyone.
  3. Rum Runner

    Eve of War is again upon us.

    Only the best:
  4. Rum Runner

    well I'm glad I'll live only 20 -30 years longer if that

    Why have a war if no humans are involved?
  5. Rum Runner

    "2018" a novel by Maxine Waters

    Liberal Nazis and Conservative Nazis. Just the same in the end.
  6. Rum Runner

    RIP - Stuart Walker

    Grew up reading his articles and books. Hopefully I learned just a fraction of what he tried to teach. RIP Dr. Walker.
  7. Rum Runner

    NRA gets It's medicine

    Screw the Hippocratic Oath. Maybe doctors should stop treating NRA execs and board members.
  8. Rum Runner

    As The Nation Honors Veterans Day, Trump Doesn't

    If we had a real president then someone would go lay a wreath to remember all those who died.
  9. Rum Runner

    Stan Lee DTS

    My spidey-sense has been tingling all day. RIP
  10. Republicans must be licking their chops. Think about it. The only person who could loose to Trump was Hillary. Has she gotten better in the last few years? I think not. Trump is a lot worse than we thought but that does not overcome Hillary's problems.
  11. Rum Runner

    Trump is losing it

    I'm not sad for Trump. Remember, Regan started loosing it during his last term too. Fortunately he had competent people around him. Only thing to be sad for is the country.
  12. Have you considered an Apple Watch? You can link it to a phone and use it around the house. Got to train mom how to use it.
  13. Rum Runner

    Trump says he has never met Whitaker!!!!!!

    Trump just opens his mouth and lies come out. How does that happen?
  14. Rum Runner

    Turn on your AIS, wilya?? Collision off Norway

    Sounds like someone was asleep at the switch. It doesn't look good for expensive warships to collide with other large ships. Was there too much glogg served in the mess hall that night?
  15. Rum Runner


    Eat good food and drink good wine. Find a nice restaurant and spend the whole afternoon in a long lunch.