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  1. Trump doesn't read so this comes as no surprise. Fox (not real) News is his sole source of information and they didn't get this report.
  2. Rum Runner

    This one's on Trump

    I assume this will be supervised by real doctors as opposed to the Dr Orange Clown prescribing the drugs on TV.
  3. Rum Runner

    Newbie sailor. What's my next move?

    Thank you
  4. Rum Runner

    Newbie sailor. What's my next move?

    This is the worst SA thread ever. Not once has any requested pictures of tits. What is up with you folks?
  5. Rum Runner

    LA County Sheriff: "NO DOGBALLS FOR YOU!!"

    Hopefully all those gun lovers will instead spend their money at the local liquor store (a very essential business) and drink themselves into oblivion.
  6. Long walks with the wife and the dog. The dog likes it.
  7. Rum Runner

    Canada Pull Out of he the Olympics

    Because Trump still believes that CoronaVirus is a type of beer.
  8. Rum Runner

    Apps for the elderly

    The MIL spends a lot of time playing online solitaire, Mah Jong and gin rummy. Think about picking up a used iPad. Get Gen 3 or newer. The touch screen on the tablet will make her happier.
  9. Rum Runner

    The president is a fucking moron.. But...

    Why is everyone so shocked now that the Orange Clown is an incompetent moron? Look at his business history and he has screwed up almost everything he has been involved with. The reason he got rich is that he took his share of the profits before he stuck his investors/bankers/lenders with the losses. What surprises me is that he survived for so long while doing this. It is a little like Bernie Madoff who talked about how good he was while screwing his investors. Definitely proof that rich people and bankers are as stupid as the rest of the world. The worst is that the Clown was actually elected so now us voters will be left cleaning up his crap for years.
  10. Rum Runner

    GOP corruption this one is breathtaking

    Just the American way. Make a profit for yourself while screwing the voters. This is the "swamp" Trump talked about. Of course when Republicans pull this crap, it is ok. Let's see if Chuck Schumer does something similar. Oh wait, Schumer is drinking buddies with everyone on Wall Street. I'm sure he has made a few stock trades in his life that worked out well.
  11. Rum Runner

    In happier news. . .

    That funeral director was a real dick!
  12. Rum Runner

    Would you vote for Joe Biden

  13. I'm a capitalist (Bernie take that) and I say they need to file for bankruptcy, reorganize, fire all the overpaid execs and continue making airplanes. Hard to imagine Boeing will shut down as their products are too important. We will just see a differently structured company and/or a different owner. If the Orange Clown's government does a bailout we will see the execs keeping their big salaries and the workers getting screwed. Unfortunately I will bet that the rest of the DC Mafia on both sides of the aisle will fall in line.
  14. Rum Runner

    Case of Corona: Who Else Has It?

    What? No limes.