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  1. Fly in midweek ski & stay 2nd wk Feb.

    It really depends where you are coming from and how much travel time you can devote. Do you want a short ride from Vancouver or can you deal with a lot of driving or bus travel? Also, do you want big powder runs or easier groomers? Lots of things to think about.
  2. Oyster Yachts

    What yacht maker isn't in serious financial difficulties?
  3. Ripping off workers tips

    Tips also help workers avoid taxes. That is why every waiter and waitress prefers a cash tip versus credit card. It probably is a good thing to eliminate tipping but definitely hard.
  4. Does this help explain Hillary Jack?

    Most religious people I know don't like Trump as a person but they support a lot of his policies. On the other side, they hated Hillary because they hate her policies.
  5. 2018 DTS Poole

    My only wish is Donald Trump
  6. National Park System Advisory Board

    This sucks. Now Zinke gets to appoint his own board. What's that odds that 9 of 10 he appoints are from the oil or coal industry?
  7. 2008 4Runner

    Generally a Toyota will run for 200,000+ miles.
  8. NETFLIX ??

    Shameless is great
  9. It's bring your daughter to work day!

    Could have been worse. What if his mother showed up?
  10. Keith Jackson DTS

    Great broadcaster. I always loved to hear him broadcast the Rose Bowl. RIP
  11. Trump's view of the truth is that the person who yells the loudest is right. Funny, when my kid was 3-years old she believed the same thing.
  12. NFL 2017

  13. NFL 2017

    Those 4th down tries killed the Steelers. I can't why they tried to run wide on 4th and 1 yard. That gave the Jags room to move and get a TD. Seems to me that the coaching was the main reason for the Steelers loss. Big Ben threw some amazing passes and generally was good despite the pick and fumble.
  14. Chicago Area III

    So far I haven't seen any comments about the boat show going on now. Any reviews? Is it worth the price of admission?
  15. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    Scratch Chicago is you want low taxes and easy access to the water if you sail a dingy.