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  1. Rum Runner

    2024 Paris Olympics Professional Status

    Give me a break. You basically have to be a professional athlete nowadays to compete in the Olympics. If Tiger Woods, Serena Williams and Steph Curry can compete then let any sailor try to get there.
  2. Rum Runner

    what was it?

    High school shop class project.
  3. Rum Runner

    SpaceX edited video?

    Was it this Bob and Doug:
  4. Rum Runner

    US Postal Service USPS

    I returned my mail-in ballot yesterday. Hope it gets there by Nov. 3rd.
  5. Rum Runner

    Living Aboard in Caribbean

    Depending how far away you want to go, check out the Dutch islands.
  6. Rum Runner

    Wilford Brimley DTS

    I have a strong desire for oatmeal after hearing his name mentioned.
  7. Just need to clamp on some fishing rod holders and you can start a charter fishing business.
  8. Rum Runner

    Medical weed

    Your screen name says it all.
  9. Rum Runner

    Darwin strikes again

    It even happens to Republicans:
  10. Rum Runner

    Shoe Drop

    Sorry but private schools for the whole family are expensive. Those creationist science classes that the family sends their kids to are hard to find.
  11. Rum Runner

    Funniest Movie Scenes

  12. Rum Runner

    Holly Golightly

    An even better book. Read all the Capote you can. He was brilliant.
  13. Rum Runner

    PSA hand sanitizer

    We have some too from a local distiller. I have a strange urge to put an olive in my hand when I spray that sanitizer on.
  14. Rum Runner

    Three Gorges dam bulging?

    Of course we can trust the high level of quality control for Chinese concrete.
  15. Rum Runner

    Colleges dropping sailing as a varsity sport..

    No one seems to have mentioned this but sailing remains one of the least diverse sports out there. Colleges are very conscious about offering options that a diverse student body will find interesting. When there is some actual diversity in the sport we may begin to see schools again take an interest in the sport.