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  1. Rum Runner

    Caption Contest

    For sale - fixer upper. Needs a little work.
  2. Rum Runner

    Guy Lives In Airport for 3 Months

    My guess is that he basically stayed in the secured part of the airport after flying into town. He was able to show people the ID but never had to go through a security checkpoint. Probably found hiding places here and there for whatever he had with him. There is always someone sleeping in the airport because of missed flights and late arrivals. In fact, I have seen lots of employees sleeping in corners and empty lounges.
  3. Sounds like something out of a Tom Hanks movie: Just the idea of eating at the airport restaurants makes me queasy.
  4. Rum Runner

    OLympics.....Just vaccinate all the athletes

    You are looking at this from the perspective of the US. Even though the vaccination program here has been f****ked up royally, we are way ahead much of the rest of the world. Much of the world won't even have a chance to vaccinate until well after the Olympics are scheduled. Even then do you propose that a few privileged athletes get shots before doctors and nurses?
  5. Rum Runner

    Phil  Spector  DTS

    Amazing talent and an amazing creep. He thought his talent and fame allowed him to do anything he wanted. Unfortunately a woman died because of him.
  6. Rum Runner

    Sigfried DTS

    Did his tiger bite?
  7. Rum Runner

    College Football 2020

  8. You guys in Australia are trying to compete with Florida:
  9. Rum Runner

    Not everyone had a successful beginning to 2021

    Just shows you that there are really stupid people in every country. Israel may have one of the best military forces in the world, but it also has its share of idiots who just won't learn until they are arrested. On the other hand they also have Gal Godot. Maybe she can rescue those dummies in prison.
  10. Rum Runner

    Mary Ann DTS

    The original girl next door. Lots of young guys dreamed of her. RIP
  11. Rum Runner

    What Have You Done Today?

    Had to shovel the drive and walk to get rid of the snow from last night. I hate Winter!!!
  12. Rum Runner

    Trail Cameras Again

    Oh Deer!!!!!
  13. I know there are some car clubs near Denver that do ice time trials. Not too far west of Denver. Much depends on the weather.
  14. Rum Runner

    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Dave - Any pictures of the foils? Are they similar or different that other boats?