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  1. SloopJonB

    Did Trump just win the Trade War with China?

    I was thinking it more implied Some kind of Gatsby fantasy - which is about JerKZ speed.
  2. SloopJonB

    Sole repair

    I like using small dollar store paint rollers for spreading epoxy on hard surfaces - plywood and so forth. I use Bondo squeegees for spreading it on fabric - 1708 etc.
  3. SloopJonB

    DC Panel replacement

    That's just a switch panel. Stuff like Blue Sea are breaker panels. Huge difference.....HUGE.
  4. That gave me the heebee jeebees.
  5. You really have an unerring instinct for making yourself sound like an ignorant, racist, soulless cunt.
  6. SloopJonB

    Are Walls Immoral?

    Not true - it's also racist when any of his idiot supporters say it or agree with it.
  7. SloopJonB

    Stupidest Shutdown in History

    I've never trusted anyone who doesn't like animals. They are missing some fundamental component of their emotional makeup.
  8. SloopJonB

    Stupidest Shutdown in History

    That was Patton. Lee Iacocca said "If you can find a better built car, buy it".
  9. SloopJonB

    The Pentagon speaks about climate change

    Heat stress can be exasperating, I agree but I think it only exacerbates aquifer depletion.
  10. SloopJonB

    Did Trump just win the Trade War with China?

    And not even a stetson - only a worn out straw boater.
  11. SloopJonB

    Racist Oklahoma University President??

    Any literate person knows it's "misunderestimate".
  12. SloopJonB

    Oh, No! Mother is A Bigot

    "Collectivist" - the right wing nutter counterpart to the left wing nutter "Bourgeois". Tiresome, formulaic drivel that only succeeds in making the user look like a fool.
  13. SloopJonB

    Looking for a new Razor Brand?

    I tried it years ago but found it doesn't give a very close shave. I can do way better myself.