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  1. Over 100,000 dead and counting. You matched the total dead from Korea and Vietnam combined some time back. Only a matter of days until you beat the total dead from WW I. Have any of these right wing "freedom" morans counted the angels on that pinhead yet?
  2. SloopJonB

    Happy Memorial Day!

    Of course they were - it was all a conspiracy to make the pro war people look bad.
  3. SloopJonB

    In Memory of Lori Kaye KLausutis

    Not a tool - scum.
  4. SloopJonB

    On being a Liberal Those presidents were there just to make sure the old prick was really dead.
  5. SloopJonB


    Standing at the top of the entrance stairs with a bull horn is not "lecturing".
  6. SloopJonB

    Help identify paint color

    You realize that computer screen colour resolution is extremely unreliable don't you? Plus that pic looks to have been taken in pretty low light - evening?
  7. SloopJonB

    Vibration isolation ...

    That sort of thing is caused by repeated torque applications, not vibration. For example, stand on a hot Hemi, particularly one on solid mounts, and things are going to flex. Hemi-Cuda's were notorious for tearing cowls and windshield pillars from the torque flexing.
  8. SloopJonB

    The MAGA Church

    Isn't worshiping a God called "Awesome" a bit heathen?
  9. SloopJonB


    Yeah, it's a conspiracy. Holy shit you get dumber sounding with every post.
  10. SloopJonB

    On being a Liberal

    You say that like it's news.
  11. SloopJonB

    On being a Liberal

    In a world where Trump gets 43% approval while 100,000 people die, nothing beggars belief.
  12. People have been human capital and/or HR units since Reaganomics.
  13. I bet she has real ones with her secret service detail.
  14. SloopJonB


    IIRC one has to be accepted into a PhD program in the first place so the chaff gets separated right at the start.
  15. SloopJonB

    Happy Memorial Day!

    That's disturbing. I hope she stops doing that before the baby develops some awareness of its surroundings.