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  1. SloopJonB

    get off my lawn!

    Freedom of speech belongs to those who own a printing press.
  2. SloopJonB

    Keel Failure

    FWIW, back in the day when the V-33 was a current hot boat, one went on the bricks in Porlier Pass. The keel was bent and they had to remove it. It had to be cut off - even after a hit like that it failed to loosen enough to be removed otherwise. Word on the street at the time was that their keels were epoxied on.
  3. SloopJonB

    “God and Donald Trump.”

    He sure as shit wouldn't vote for Trump. Religious fanatics can be amusing. I once saw a bumper sticker on some little shit box transportation module that asked "What Would Jesus Drive" - the implication being that he would drive some "responsible" little POS the the one it was attached to. I had an urge to hang around until the owner showed up just so I could tell them "He'd drive an F 150 you moron - he was a carpenter". To those types God believes what they believe.
  4. SloopJonB

    Xi and the new consumer in China

    Hey! You said I was the biggest moron on the forum. Are you a liar? Or simply too unimaginative to come up with any insults other than "Clown" and "Biggest moron"? And yes, you are on ignore but I peeked.
  5. SloopJonB

    I am waiting for an apology from the libtards

    The concept of the center simply eludes you doesn't it?
  6. I don't know why anyone is surprised by this - the NRA admitted some time back that they were laundering money from foreign sources. They accept the money, mix it in with domestic contributions and presto, change-o - no money trail. They are not only a lunatic fringe organization but a self admitted criminal enterprise.
  7. SloopJonB

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I dunno - looks to me like it would buff right out.
  8. SloopJonB

    Keel Failure

    Yeah, I'll get right on that.
  9. SloopJonB

    Baltic 45 custom

    Looks good but for 1/2 $Mil I'd expect perfection in anything.
  10. SloopJonB

    Paul Krugman - Republican Abdication

    Actually, calling him a simpleton is pretty complimentary.
  11. Yeah, you don't have Patrick Swayze and his football team to save you this time.
  12. SloopJonB

    Donnie blinks first, Winning?

    Any tips for me to improve my content? Like a critique on Hillary Clinton, who is not remotely relevant anymore? Or a defense of members of Trump's campaign or cabinet who are not in prison yet? Because i have this nagging feeling that I give a flying fuck what you think. Oh wait... The feeling went away. Never mind. Since you appear to be about the only person who doesn't have Jerk28 on ignore, I suspect you would be sorely missed by him.
  13. SloopJonB

    Junk on the trunk

    20 years up the Fraser.
  14. SloopJonB

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    I thought Naugas were extinct. I haven't seen any real Naugahyde since the 70's.
  15. SloopJonB

    where is webb chiles?