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  1. SloopJonB

    I am waiting for an apology from the libtards

    The language needs a new word to describe your level of intellectual vacuum. Words like moron, stupid, ignorant, fool etc. just don't cut it when describing someone like you.
  2. Watergate didn't happen until Nixon's second term. If they started impeachment now it would guarantee the shitstain a win in '20.
  3. SloopJonB

    Random PicThread

    Been there, done that.
  4. SloopJonB

    Xi and the new consumer in China

    The same thing that happened and is happening here. Old white men will piss & moan and try to stop it and the young women will just get on with taking eventual control of society.
  5. SloopJonB

    I am waiting for an apology from the libtards

    That's probably true but it doesn't account for the fact that over 40% still support him - despite the evidence of the past 2 years that he is a disgusting excuse for a human being.
  6. SloopJonB

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Looks like some sort of survival capsule to me.
  7. The political equivalent of Los Angeles. Or Floriduh.
  8. IIRC Amati has the dubious distinction of being represented by that sub-human. If I'm right it's time for A to move to a civilized place.
  9. SloopJonB

    I am waiting for an apology from the libtards

    Trump won because he struck a chord with people. And there we have the problem in simplest terms. WTF is wrong with so many Americans that such an odious POS would "strike a chord with them"? It certainly does not speak well of American society.
  10. SloopJonB


    Probably not acceptable but certainly appropriate.
  11. SloopJonB

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    What makes you think it wasn't?
  12. SloopJonB

    Xi and the new consumer in China

    Only the white people in those pics are REAL Americans.
  13. What does Texas have to do with it?