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  1. If the Chinese actually WERE communist that might mean something.

    They are just another dictatorship. A bit more benevolent than most perhaps but still a dictatorship.

    And not of the proletariat.

    The governing structure of China more closely resembles a huge corporation than it does anything Marx ever wrote about.

    Labels do indeed tend to make us stupid.  

  2. 1 hour ago, AJ Oliver said:

    Well, ahem y'all are being played by merely responding to this drivel from the Reich. 

    If Malarkey & Ilk had the slightest interest in actual peace, they would . . 

    bring in the Iran deal 

    But because they are dissemblers and liars, that will not happen. 

    PA is getting wrecked by the malevolent Reich . . quite deliberately 

    Put'em on ignore.

  3. Both of them giants in their fields.

    Of which automobile design was not one.

    The fundamental design of that thing was so bad it makes one wonder if eiither of them had ever even ridden in a car much less driven one.

  4. 15 minutes ago, Mrleft8 said:

    How  the hell big was the kid anyway? And did she have previous surgery to "tighten herself up" for the Donald's toadstool?....

     My god! I've had sex with women weeks after they gave birth, and they felt fine to me..... (Of course that was long, long ago, when I was..... You know.... Single, wealthy, and..... horny)

    It was a great substitute for a headache.

    If you had to fuck Trump for your paycheck wouldn't you have a lot of creative reasons why "not tonight"?

  5. 4 hours ago, Shootist Jeff said:

    That's complete and utter horseshit!!!  There what no "yeahbut". 

    Everything you gun nuts "ask" is a yeahbut that has been asked and answered a dozen or a hundred times. It's how you roll - just keep asking the same bullshit questions over and over oh so reasonably and intimating that they are new and that anyone who doesn't play that game doesn't have any answers.

    Sorry - won't play.

  6. 1 hour ago, Monkey said:

     I still think nurture beats nature on behavior, but I’m not willing to discount nature. 

    I agree - nature plays a big role. I've seen situation like you describe as well as the same thing with natural born siblings raised by their natural parents.

    Both factors play a part. There is such a thing as a "bad seed".

  7. 1 hour ago, Point Break said:

    Sometimes when operating in remote places of the western US you run into some..............interesting volunteer fire departments.


    Reminds me of a comment by an Alaska barmaid. She was asked about the reputed 12 to 1 ratio of men to women in Alaska and she replied;

    "Yes, the odds are good but the goods are odd".  :D

    Any time you might be wondering why we put up with all the grief from women - it's because without them we end up looking like that.

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  8. 2 hours ago, A guy in the Chesapeake said:

    Ya know what, BJ?  I honestly don't think that they're intentionally corrupt - instead?  I think that they are collectively too stupid to understand the difference in private business and government service, and that the standards and accountability are much greater in public service than in private business.  In business?  Make the shareholders happy, don't get arrested and you're golden.  Leading the free world has a much higher standard, or it should at least. 


    They're corrupt.

    BIG TIME corrupt.

    JFC - how much evidence do you need?

    "Fuck the law, I don't care about the fucking law, I want my fucking money". And that was at the very beginning.

    Of course they are collectively stupid as well.