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  1. All these teachers are hotties - WTF? they should have zero problem getting laid legally. I'll do it if they are having a problem.
  2. Well, he ain't getting any younger so he better get used to them.
  3. I've heard Americans here say "How much is that in real money?" Things like that are where the term "The Ugly American" originated.
  4. FIFY
  5. Come now Frenchie - have a little mercy. He has to live with that face after all.
  6. Not certain what you want explained Frenchie - if you mean the Halal comment it is essentially Muslim Kosher - not much way for us to tell the difference but I'm sure the true believers would kill each other over whatever differences there are. I just find it amusing that they can squeeze pork chops into that system. Anyway, our experience with the Persian Halal meat has been exemplary.
  7. Best argument against it I've heard yet.
  8. Can't do much else other than end civilization - at least for the most part. Of course there are people who say things like; "It was necessary to destroy the village in order to save it" or "I want to be able to make the cinders JUMP".
  9. I think she's knocking a lot of shafts.
  10. It's common enough to be a bumper sticker. "The more I know people the more I like my dog"
  11. Sounds much like Castro.
  12. Unfortunately science has not come up with a vaccine for "stupid". Anti-vax parents should be declared unfit and have their children removed. Sometimes the adults in the room just have to take charge. One of my best friends in childhood was seriously wrecked by polio - not crippled but extremely scrawny as a result of his muscles being wasted. He was unlucky to be one of the last - the vaccine came out very shortly afterwards. My mother told me that mothers in her generation spent every summer in terror prior to '55. Now we have flare-ups of it in the Fraser Valley because of moronic parents - very often religion based "reasons". It is inexcusable.
  13. That was a much lengthier post than I expected, When I read the thread title I was expecting only 3 words - "More for Me".
  14. We get Halal pork from a Persian meat shop. Great quality, great prices and I love the paradox - it's as much fun as Kosher hot dogs..
  15. You've been talking to Randumb again, haven't you?
  16. Cry me a fuckin' river - she was a ranting asshole, pure and simple.
  17. Not sure - I would have guessed even longer ago - '78 or so - but you could be right. Maxx would probably remember.
  18. I saw one of those TV chefs say "How do you spell flavour?" - "F - A - T". Overly lean meat is lousy IMO. Can't even keep a burger patty together if it's made from extra lean ground meat - it just crumbles. It's particularly noticeable with pork chops - when I was a kid they were 1/2 fat and now you have to hunt to find any that are not zero fat. They are not only tasteless but tough too.
  19. Variable.
  20. That's what it originally was - a rust protectant for tanks. The paint extender and flow additive thing came later
  21. You arrrrgh right
  22. Construction of Pearsons was textbook "normal". Single skin hull, balsa deck, pretty decent quality as attested to by their continued existence in huge numbers. I doubt you could go far wrong with a decent one.
  23. The only local people I know who ever got banned like that were tossed for a bar brawl with a competitor crew at the old PITCH regatta. They'd be grandparents by now. Screwing the Commodore's daughter (or wife for that matter) was always just hushed up.
  24. Keeriste - you are becoming an even bigger asshole. Congratulations.