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  1. Moral Turpitude

    Doesn't fucking a porn star qualify anymore? it sure used to.
  2. Nope - self deprecation is when you can make fun of your tendency towards onanism.
  3. WTF do landmarks have to do with population distribution? You're not talking about state boundaries FFS. Without serious gerrymandering the Republicans would regularly get their asses kicked - that's why they do it so blatantly.
  4. I quoted an American source dummy. How did you do on that American civics quiz that I got 95% on a while back?
  5. Trickle down

    Why are the right wing/regressives such persistently selfish and ignorant morons?
  6. "National Cleavage Day"

    What happened to "Huge Ass" being a pejorative? "Honey, that outfit makes your ass look really big" "Thanks sweetheart".
  7. FFS

    They had that at the PNE here. The never to be topped peak of that "food" mentality.
  8. FFS

    They suck - REALLY suck.
  9. You Underestimate Trump at your Peril

    Yeah, when you can't trust a blackmailer......
  10. I know this about Trump

    Says the 4 layer sock.
  11. Trickle down

    The voice of experience.
  12. Well no shit - he looks like he's Trumps soul brother.
  13. You Underestimate Trump at your Peril

    Yep, you're a real winner. Many people are saying it.
  14. Fire and Fury - WW II Version

    Ed's attitude is much like applying Marquess of Queensbury rules to a street fight. Nice in theory but just doesn't work in practice. In a fight for survival you use anything that comes to hand and you keep using it until you win. At the time they were dropped the Bomb was just a bigger & better bomb - the knowledge of how uniquely ugly it was didn't come until later. If Truman hadn't used it out of some misplaced "moral" compunction and the war had continued, even for a few months, he wouldn't have been impeached, he would have been lynched.
  15. "National Cleavage Day"

    The blond replies “why don’t you get a vase?”
  16. Pit Bulls Behaving Badly.... Again

    So far.
  17. FFS

    I thought deep fried people were supposed to be good.
  18. Seized s/s bolts

    I've heard (but never tried) that a soldering iron can provide the localized heat needed - at least in some cases.
  19. Deck Fittings in to cored deck

    Don't neglect a countersink on the top of the hole - that will create a small "O-Ring" effect and seal much more reliably.
  20. The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    That's too big for all but the widest cuts. Start narrow and when the hole gets too big, make another for narrower cuts.
  21. Fwd/Aft Moving Pedestal

    I sailed an old Two Tonner with a tiller that took two fingers - it's about hull and sail balance, not displacement or size. The Swedish 12 Meter Sverige had a tiller.
  22. His Aides call it "Defiance Disorder"

    Or in Hapless Jerkoffs case "Mecants"
  23. His Aides call it "Defiance Disorder"

    That deserves nothing more than a simple FUCK YOU ASSHOLE.
  24. His Aides call it "Defiance Disorder"

    No they aren't.