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  1. fp post-what a whinny little fuck

    get over what, twat? did you say something about a big boy? you mean like you - a gutless faggot hiding behind his screen name? wha wha wha. still don't see you signed up for any of the events listed. i suspect i know why. you go mr phrf beater!!!
  2. how to ruin racing, part 2

    how to ruin racing? funny you should ask start with a pinhead adolescent editor who is more interested in himself than promoting the sport, as opposed to someone who might champion the sport & provide constructive criticism (rants & raves are not considered constructive). if everything (race management/scoring/party.....) is not done the way then he believes (ie-"i am the best and should win every race, i am god's gift to sailboat racing"), then it is wrong, idiotic, amateurish. why dont you go ahead and become fleet captain & fix all that is wrong??????? will wait for a coherent response but doubt that one is forthcoming
  3. fp post-what a whinny little fuck

    lol. then have someone else do it. you obviously missed the point of the op. and yes-have towed a boat across the country. from mich to wash state
  4. fp post-what a whinny little fuck

    ABOUT THE IM32CA RANKING SERIES. The International Melges 32 Class Association manages a number or series, or racing circuits in North America, Europe and Australasia. WORLD RANKING The World Ranking consists of all IM32CA sanctioned events in a given class calendar year. Points are awarded to the owner/helm and the best of five events are counted, as combined from the USA, European and Australiasia Series Rankings. Bonus points are awarded for North American, European and World Championships based on participation. USA SAILING SERIES The USA Sailing Series includes North American events occurring throughout the year designated as 'sanctioned' events. Points are awarded to the owner/helm and the best of three events are counted. How many events and which events are assigned to be part of the USA Sailing Series varies from year-to-year. USA Sailing Series scores count toward the World Ranking. Bonus points are awarded for the U.S. National Championship based on participation. EUROPEAN SERIES The European Sailing Series includes all events occurring throughout Europe during the year designated as 'sanctioned' events. Points are awarded to the owner/helm and the scores of all events are counted. European Sailing Series scores count toward the World Ranking. MIDWINTER SERIES The Midwinter Series Ranking includes cumulative combined scoring of the Gold Cup, Key West Race Week and Miami Grand Prix. All scores carry over and are included in the USA Sailing Series. AUDI SAILING SERIES The Audi Sailing Series includes all events listed as part of that year's circuit with all scores counting toward the Series title. All scores carry over and are included in the European Sailing Series. Points are awarded to the Owner/Driver Each event attended counts toward their total ranking score Base scoring system awards points as follows: - 1st place = 100 points - 2nd place = 99 points - 3rd place = 98 points - 4th place = 97 points - 100th place = 1 point - 101th place = 0 point how many points do you get for beating up the phrf fleet??
  5. fp post-what a whinny little fuck

    just get over it if you are so good drag your boat here: http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/13873#_registration+current or any of the others listed below 2017 REGATTAS NORTH AMERICAN DATE TITLE LOCATION CREW DEC DUE CONTACT March 17-18 MARDI GRAS RACE WEEK NEW ORLEANS YACHT CLUB; NEW ORLEANS, LA N/A NORTH AMERICAN FLEET MANAGER May 5-7 ANNAPOLIS NOOD ANNAPOLIS YACHT CLUB; ANNAPOLIS, MD N/A NORTH AMERICAN FLEET MANAGER June 9-11 CHICAGO NOOD CHICAGO YACHT CLUB; CHICAGO, IL N/A NORTH AMERICAN FLEET MANAGER would love to see the locals kick your silly ass not going to happen though. big boy gonna stay in sd & beat up on the local phrf fleet. a rock star for sure!!!
  6. Boat Ride in Tortola

    wait for it. where is the standard greeting? folks here on sa slacking off a bit
  7. ussr trump

    If Ed don't like how the country voted he could always move to Mexico or Somalia with the rest of the illegals and terrorists. One can only hope!
  8. zero the hero

    can anyone say craig??? It's surprising how much stuff shows up here AFTER showing up on that other site we are all forbidden to mention. Scooter is a hack & copy/paste artist at best. Amateur trying to front as a site for original content. Oh wait, I forgot-he is here to free us from all those sailing websites that provide nothing but recycled bs. Can anyone say Anarchy NOT!!!
  9. yachtsman of the year

    scooter-stick to something you know (which ain't politics or sailing)
  10. yachtsman of the year

    and when can we all hope that you move out? i am sure there is some third world country that would welcome you with open arms. i think n korea is open. at best-you are an ignorant fool
  11. yachtsman of the year

    and what do you do for a living? saving the planet somehow? i seriously doubt it. do you live on a farm, raise all your own food, make your own cloths, blah, blah, blah you probably sail on a boat make of either fiberglass or carbon fibre. hmmmm asshat, what do you think that does to the environment? if you have all the solutions, why don't you run for president? you are an idiot
  12. Heavy Air Headsails

    exactly-what is nuking in southern cali is just a moderate breeze in hawaii
  13. Four Hours In... Not 1Promise Kept

    Hopefully the Ed will relocate to Canada (or anywhere else)
  14. KWRW Predictions?

    Dead according to him as he was never allowed back . Who would want him there anyway?
  15. "Anarchy"

    Boo fucking Hoo. What a piss poor clown!