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  1. The Next Boat-----2020

    no probs just want more guys actually sailing the boat as opposed to a cyclist who is not even watching the race thats all
  2. What was your favorite race/moment?

    ETNZ out gybing OTUSA after the first mark in the last Race of the 36th Americas Cup. Right then any San Francisco comebacks were extinguished as ETNZ sailed away and WON the Cup by having the guts to throw that ball out as far as they could and go get it with an agressive design which led to an 8-1 demolition. Damned Impressive!!!
  3. The Next Boat-----2020

    LOOKS AWESOME!!! Bring it on in Auckland No cyclors pumping oil, sailors sailing with Monohulls to rival the MultiHulls. Its The Americas Cup and whatever boats ETNZ choose will be impressive Monos or Multis!!!!
  4. Found these images on the net ages ago of that memorable "Holy Shit" moment from Race 7 of AC32. Taken from a spectator boat at the finish that I thought Id share with u guys hope you enjoy them WetHog ETNZ starts her penalty turn u can just see the Race Committee boat in white on left heading for the line Alinghi defends the Cup by 1 second check out the reaction of the Alinghi & ETNZ chase boats in the foreground
  5. Posted this earlier in a similar thread so apologies for anyone who has to read my crap twice as once is enough. As I said I like watching EVERY Americas Cup cycle as I respect not only the sailors who are sailing these various classes of yachts but the way they race in the boats course and conditions that are given to them. The port starboard mark rounding in the Round Robin between Artemis & ETNZ in Bermuda 2017 is right up there with the very best Americas Cup Racing Ive witnessed just like the epic thrilling final Race of the 1983 Americas Cup where our beloved Australia II broke thru to finally WIN the Auld Mug. NOTHING will ever compare to that 1983 Series and Australia II winning the Cup for me and all of us in Oz were spoilt with the Freo Doctor and months of Match Racing off Perth for the 87 Cup of which the 87 Finals tore our hearts out as DC & S&S87 thrashed us to take back the Auld Mug. The only reason Ive reposted the following is I hope all that think one era is better than the other is try and enjoy ALL of it. There are some impressive sailing duels to come in Bermuda 2017 so watch and enjoy regardless of if they are sailing 40+knots in a cat or 8.7 kts in a 12m. Time is the diffference in these short AC Races of today where instant gratification seems to govern it but the tension that built up over a couple of hours watching the old cups had to be lived thru to appreciate it. It was at least 40+minutes of utter tension watching Australia II & Liberty tack over 40 times to finally break that winning streak, it was hours watching that epic S&S87 vs Kiwi Magic LVC SF where they tacked twice as much in 24+knots, reached, gybed in an absolute thriller!! Even though AC 2017 is shorter its still exciting racing just different and appreciate what these Americas Cup Professionals designed, built and sailed in the history of the Americas Cup and all the various yachts they built which at the time contested the Americas Cup be it my beloved Australia II 12 KA6 or the last winning defender USA17 AC72!!! Watch & enjoy all of it!!! APOLOGIES for putting you thru all this!!! (previous thread) Are you not entertained........the old and the new IS SAILING you just have to watch it. For those of you that werent old enough to have seen these races and taped them on our old VHS tapes there is a couple of Races Ive watched on youtube from the 1995 Americas Cup the PACT95 vs S & S and the ONLY Race the Black Magic Beast NZL 32 ever lost to my countries one Australia AUS31 in Race 4 of the 95 LVC Finals. The start the tacking duel, the slam dunks, the ducks, the fallen spinnakers, the false tacks. If you cant appreciate this old "boring " race then why are you even watching sailing. Watch and devour as much of the 2017 Americas Cup as you can. Its gonna be awesome . The Americas Cup is the event for me. To have had my country WIN the Auld Mug with my beloved Australia II 12 KA6 was a dream come true as it mustve been for the yanks with Stars & Stripes 87 winning it back in 87 and every Kiwi watching Black Magic NZL 32 bring the Cup to different down under in 95 etc... just dont tell me it was boring. It was sailing and it still is in Bermuda for the Americas Cup in 2017!!! My bucket list for any who can watch the old regattas 1983 Americas Cup Race 7 Australia II vs Liberty (for obvious reasons) 1987 LVC Final Race 3 KZ7 d S&S87 by 38 seconds ( S&S87 leads to the first mark then a halyard breaks whilst they raise theyre America II spinnaker KZ7 gets buoy room at the mark then Dennis & Tom unleash hell as they tack over a hundred times in the last legs of the race in building breezes in an absolute classic) 1987 LVC Final Race 5 S&S87 d KZ7 by 1:29 ( blown out jibs, spinnaker foul ups, KZ7 hits the final mark as Chris Dickson & co give everything to try and win) 1986/87 Americas Cup Defender Series ANY race with Australia IV vs Kookaburra II & III ( you thought Kiwis & Aussies hate each other every time the Bond & Parry Yachts duelled there was blood in the water) 1992 AC Race 2 IlMoro Di Venezia d America3 by 3 seconds (Cayards luff on the Koch Boys the final gybing duel the dramatic finish) 1995 LVC Final Race 4 one Australia AUS31 d NZL 32 by 15 secs ( see Russell really stuff the start up, tacking duels, false tacks, slam dunks, ducking, spinnaker foul ups)The only Race Black Magic lost on the water in San Diego in 1995. 2000 AC R5 NZL 60 d Luna Rossa ( still impressive for me an Aussie to see the Kiwis become the first foreign nation to defend the Americas Cup) 2003 AC Race1 Alinghi SUI 100 d NZL 82 (trying to figure out what that Hula was and seeing NZL fill with water unbelievable, I was stunned and proud in 1987 watching Kookaburra III lose to sailing excellence with Dennis & Co in Stars & Stripes 87 thrashing us to win the Cup in 1987, I really didnt expect to see this in 2003 for the kiwis this was the first Americas Cup civil war) 2007 AC every Race of a gripping final especially Race 7 where Alinghi wins by 1 second 2010 AC just watching those amazing beasts sail was great as USA17 trimaran d the Alinghi 5 Cat 2013 AC Finals with the AC72s (ETNZ almost capsizing, the clock counting up to the time limit, Sir Ben swearing at the USA 17 crew as they tacked upwind and onto glory in AC34 after being 1-8 down!!!
  6. Team UK

    Totally agree Sir Ben & BAR will leave nothing in the tank. They are clearly underdogs and will have to sail flawlessly around the course to compete with ETNZ. OTUSA vs ETNZ showed what pressure can do as I never expected ETNZ to get a penalty for crossing the boundary shows they are human after all and not unbeatable by any means for BAR. ETNZ sailing technique I feel has been consistently the best of all the teams so far. BAR showed against OTUSA they can sail well as the start was critical and thats there advantage with Sir Bens agressive style. ETNZ are clear favourites as theyve shown consistently better speed around the course than BAR ...the talk of weather etc by the Kiwis..whatever..theyve been clearly faster and had less trouble with BAR and thats why they picked them. Pressure does make a difference and BAR have nothing to lose as ETNZ is expected to win easy and if Sir Ben can rattle them early who knows after all this is the Americas Cup and underdogs have prevailed before, same goes for Dean & SBTJapan . I know the odds are against BAR but hey its Sir Ben Ainslie and theres no better sailor who can put the blowtorch on Burling & Co so bring on Race 1 of the Challenger Playoffs, time to go to work BAR!!!Go get em!!!! Time to throw a BAR spanner in the ETNZ works!!!
  7. Artemis Penalty Fair or Shit?

    Imagine if this had been in the Americas Cup Final would they be entitled to the point they lost???
  8. Artemis Penalty Fair or Shit?

    Only just saw this on the Americas Cup Live Facebook 19mins ago and lept in posting it without checking on this thread about the umpires. My bad THANKS again
  9. Team UK

    An epic thriller like yesterday with Artemis & the Kiwis neck and neck. I think Nathan & Iain want to write a wrong today from that mistaken penalty yesterday
  10. Artemis Penalty Fair or Shit?

    Sorry just catching up on all of this now Ill delete the obvious post THANKS
  11. Team UK

    Artemis have theyre grudge match vs the Kiwis first so BAR will be fresh and they won RR1. BAR to win!!
  12. Team UK

    Sir Ben and his BAR Team can turn this around. They are Champions for a reason and Im looking forward to seeing them fight back in RR2. ETNZ, OTUSA, ARTEMIS are way ahead of the pack at the moment and improving all the time. The challenge to win the Americas Cup is huge and nothing has changed now all the teams are in to it. Future Cups and what Sir Ben can do is not relevant as they are fighting in this Cup and have huge work to do to get back on track and I know they can turn it around. Sir Ben & his BAR Team are Champions and they dont need a neville nobody like me to remind them of that fact. The criticism is justified as they are not sailing the boat as well at this time as the other teams and have made mistakes tactical, technical etc..Sir Ben & the BAR Team will be their harshest critics as they know the others are sailing away from them at the moment but they also have the skills to turn this around. Yeah I know this is a lot of emotional hot air from me. But just because the going is tough doesnt mean you dont stop supporting your team and that is the BAR Team and I have total faith in Sir Ben Ainslie and his Champion BAR Team that they can figure this out and get back into this fight. BAR arent out of this fight by a long way and RR2 is here and Im looking forward to seeing how a Champion Team like BAR turn around the adversity that face them now. Its RR2 no time to hide as they must perform and I cant think of anyone else youd rather see then at the helm than Sir Ben Ainslie leading his Land Rover BAR team back into the fight in the 2017 Americas Cup LVC
  13. Artemis Penalty Fair or Shit?

    I thought Artemis missed a trick here. If they had stayed clear and given room to ETNZ they would have had better speed into the last leg as ETNZ were gybing for the mark and wouldve lost speed as Artemis had laid the mark on port and were going fast and may have rolled past ETNZ as they built up to speed again on the final leg. So close and watching live I was struggling to keep up with an awesome race from both crews who have to react by anticipating whats ahead. Port/Starboard is pretty clear. a lesson learned but a fantatsic match race!!! heres to more to come.
  14. BAR is a dangerous Motherfucker thread

    Totally agree, Sir Ben made a mistake the last thing anyone involved in both boats was for the hull to go so dangerously high and potentially cause harm to any of the sailors and damage to both boats. Dean Barker was making an agressive move to gain the advantage at the start never thinking the BAR mistake would put his crew at risk and flying his leeward hull up into SBTJ was the last thing Sir Ben wanted to do. Lesson learned it was a great hook from Dean Barker and Sir Ben made a mistake!!!Hes human after all and like any Champion will learn from this like all the Teams will when they review this racing incident. Racing incident thats all and definitely not the last collision were gonna see in AC2017. Sir Ben said if they hadnt kept on the foils BAR wouldve sunk as she started to when they finally docked so agree they shouldve abandoned the race before they did to get her back to the dock as soon as they could. But like everything in this the latest version of the Cup in 2017 all the sailors & teams are learning everyday, with no prior experience with damage like this to their boat the BAR team seemed ok to press on and keep fighting by sailing to race end. Im certain the BAR team will review this too. Lesson learned and move on to the next battle in the Americas Cup of 2017 as Sir Ben and every team rip in cause thats the only way youll succeed with these boats as they push them beyond their limits in the pursuit of Glory as there is no second!!!!! Go get em Sir Ben!!!
  15. Predictions on who will win the Louis Vuitton Cup

    Sir Ben Ainslie BAR to take the Americas Cup back to Britain after winning the LVC