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  1. DC Designs

    Baltic. I do not have the time or energy to try to grasp all of your post, but you are certainly wrong about #3. Constant velocity means constant KE, but a constant (non zero) velocity also implies distance and therefore work. So you can and do have work with unchanging energy. However, this is going deep down a rabbit hole. The key point is that waves and spray equal drag. Minimise waves and you go faster. Chris has pointed out that Canoes are so long and slender that infact reducing wave making drag may not be the best place to look for sailing faster still.
  2. DC Designs

    The Northies have their nationals in Adelaide this Christmas, so you should definitely pop along. The difficulty you may have putiing a rotating mast on a canoe is the narrow shroud base will limit the length of the diamond spreaders (otherwise the mast can't rotate inside the shrouds). The NS14s generally have two diamond spreaders (to keep the length down) but I think some of the new carbon masts have been able to go to just one. I guess a thicker wall section could get away with no diamonds, but then the mast weighs more and that probably outweighs the benefit of the wing mast. Interesting to see what can be done though. For interest - Andrew Landenberger tried a una rig on his NS14 and I think he found it fast offwind but slow upwind. He now uses a sloop rig.
  3. DC Designs

    Looks like Freeship/Delftship to me.
  4. DC Designs

    I love this thread, so many knowledagble people actually doing rather than just talking. And such beautiful boats! You guys ever considered a NS14 style rig with wing mast? I'm sure you have. The rigs are about the same size so I would of thought it would be fairly easy to do. Maybe your narrow shroud base makes it difficult to get the diamond spreaders to pass through the shrouds?