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  1. Noisy VHF when masthead light on.

    Thanks Jack, I am trying to work out if the problem is my radio/light/position thing or the light itself. I have an AIS antenna which is closer to the light than the VHF. I have not noticed any issue with the AIS. yet....
  2. Noisy VHF when masthead light on.

    Can I put the ferrite over the light wires at the rear of my switch panel?
  3. Noisy VHF when masthead light on.

    I have fitted an Aquasignal series 34 Tricolour and anchor light to my masthead and it makes an insane amount of noise in the VHF. Has anybody else had this experience? Peter Phantom 40
  4. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Good weekend, a lot less people than when I was there 2 years ago. Races seemed to be well organised. Had no trouble moving drinks through checkpoint charlie. Great to catch up with old acquaintances and chew the fat.
  5. Best Marine window sealant?

    Recently stuck my windows on with Fixtech 200 made by these guys http://www.fixtech.com.au. Looks good and no leaks yet although only 6 months since I did it. I believe they have US agents. I was not satisfied with any other products mentioned. Windows has previously leaked with Sikaflex and DOW 795. G
  6. Best Marine window sealant?

    I was sick of leaky windows on my pilothouse boat, searched for ages for the right stuff. Final I got onto this stuff http://www.fixtech.com.au/process/catalogue/itemView.html?itemId=3124&categoryId=571 Don't know if they have a US agent but you could email them, they are very helpful and their products are great. It is a dream having windows that don't leak. G
  7. Plane Missing

    All this searching for the missing MH370 in the Indian ocean might find Robert Redford still floating around out there....
  8. Window replacement Anarchy

    Like has been said, the more you look into it, the more confusing it gets!! I am currently doing an engine swap task so I will be busy with that for months to come. As for the windows, using 10mm acrylic it will be very difficult to get them to bend even the small amount that I need with some form of screw or pre-bend I think. So what I might do is put a small number of screws and then black them out when finished. So many projects, not enough time!!
  9. Window replacement Anarchy

    Thanks Guys, the bend is not much only about 20mm over a metre, I had little trouble screwing the frames in with the screw pitch about every 75mm. Yes there are studs to hold screens on the outside, good idea to use the screws for the studs. I know I will have to re-trim the inside but I have a few ideas for that. The thing that worries me most about the screwing is maintaining the gap for the silicon. As far as pre-bend, I have some very good ovens at work that can be set to the degree and have very even temperature throughout, putting a window this size in on a jig would not be an issue, I understand that I would need an oven at 140 C to soften the acrylic to plastic bend.
  10. Window replacement Anarchy

    I want to replace the side windows on my pilot house boat, nice big windows are great for a view but prving difficult to stop leaking. The original windows are 10mm Acrylic in frames. A couple of years ago I replaced the one that was leaking the worst and now it leaks even more . I had it professionally fitted to the frame and then I screwed it onto the deck, it appears the sealing between the Acrylic and the frame has failed. So after repairing 1 of 4 I still have 4 to go. I have been trying to think of a way to get the Acrylic to be strong and leak tight but have not found the definitive answer. What I am thinking could be a good way is to fit them flush to the outside of the deck as many OEM manufacturers do. I would also like to not have screw holes as I believe they are just more places for leaks. So my thought was to attach them with a combination of pressure sensitive tape and sikaflex or silicone. The tape would hold the window in place while the silicone/sika sets and also provide a constant thickness for the silicone/sika. Now the big problem is the the windows are curved, without the screws to pull the curve I don't believe the tape will be enough to hold them. So I am thinking of heating the Acrylic on a mould to give me a curve to fit. Anybody tried anything like this? Am I mad? Got any better ideas? G
  11. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Won (again) ho hum. Sailworld G
  12. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    No Red Sky v Coramandel. I have now had it conformed that Coramandel lost. Ghost
  13. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Not really a big boat topic, but I know lots of the Port Philip sailors lurk here. I wonder if anybody knows the result of the very late night protest at RYCV last night or if they publish them anywhere? No affiliation, just a curious standbyer. Ghost
  14. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I collect old flares for our club and took a large bag to the Williamstown police station some months back, they looked at me a little strange but took them never the less, no charge. ORCV uses them when they do Sea safety survival but I would imagine they would have sufficient supply from members. G
  15. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Bluewater (first 45 from HBYC) is now called IKON. Excellent result for race 1.