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  1. Cost To Retro Fit Retracting Prodder to Elliott

    Where on the east coast of oz are you?
  2. ASBA Nationals.

    Looking like it was the heavy boats who conquered today... 5knots all day from what I have been told....
  3. i550

    I have built a plug of the 80kg bulb, we are using it on the Leech650. It is two halves which I then popped a glass mould off of and bolted it together and put it in a sand box. I have put a post up on the i550 Facebook page . On another note what is the point of the beaver tail being added to the original bulb design? It just looks like pure drag to me?
  4. i550

    I think it was 0.800.
  5. i550

    They had a big clean up of the cbh list recently. TTB was on there for a long time, but this all happened long after I sold the boat. I550 never met the SMS requirements.
  6. i550

    That is "Testarossa"
  7. i550

    Just started building that bulb minus the beaver tail for the L650. Current bulb is 1300mm long so trying a shorter fatter bulb as an experiment.
  8. Young Rocket 780

    Yeah the cabin looks more like Uppercut's. Originally launched as "Blew Bayou" and was a MK3.5. Stretched to 8.2, different sheer and no swallow tail on the transom.
  9. Young Rocket 780

    More than likely it's a MK1 looking at it. There is a huge thread on this forum somewhere covering the young 780's and what make each MK different to the next.
  10. Open the leech at Airlie beach 2016

    Peow sailed with no bulb when launched but that was just a cruise, never raced with out one.
  11. Open the leech at Airlie beach 2016

    That photo of the hull on the jig is not the same in any ways as retuned pictures there. Retuned is the old stay tuned. Stretched from 650-750 with wings.
  12. waxing your pole

    apraying lube on it is just masking a bigger problem. If you spray lube on this then add another medium to attract dirt, salt and grime to be introduced into the areas you see already wearing and will accelerate this by turning the lube and grime into a sanding paste and just doing more damage. 1. Can you pull the pole out by hand back at the dock easily? If so then it's more than likely not your pole which is the biggest problem. 2. I'd nearly be pulling the whole halyard/pole system apart, inspecting/replacing what's stuffed and generally focus around that. 2mm clearance is more than enough for a pole to move freely. Those triangulated pole out-kite up systems gain friction very quickly and very easily due to the amount of turns and blocks they run through. Just one bound up block can make the whole thing hard. Just because you see the pole with a bit of wear on it doesn't mean that's the issue. It could just be light rubbing as expected from something that slides in and out all the time.
  13. waxing your pole

    Reckon you should be investigating why you have so much friction before you go masking the problem with lube? We have a 3.5m 100mmOD prodder and we don't lube it. Are the tolerances on the sliding surfaces too neat? Is the housing for the prodder a tube or two separate bearings/are they misaligned? Are they too tight?
  14. New Sporty

    That chine is going to be hard to fair if it's already looking like that.....
  15. i550

    Only time they are underpowered is upwind in light air.