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  1. Marcjsmith

    License To Swill

    so is much of America, doubly so in the south. how else does one expect the poor guy to silence all the cries of all the women he's failed to protect. Christ, sleeping with Bond was a death sentence.
  2. Marcjsmith

    Random PicThread

    Got a chance to go aboard when the Pegasus 1 or the Taurus 3 pic above visited the merchant marine academy in kings point would have been 91 or 92. Probably when they where on their way to being decom They did a couple of flybys pretty neat shit. A pig in displacement mode but nearly 50 knots flying.
  3. Marcjsmith

    20 years in Prison - for being a Girl

    woody, maybe its an avenue for her legal to take. Hey, why does the law unfarily penalize women in this area... the law isn't equal or fair, ....
  4. Marcjsmith

    20 years in Prison - for being a Girl

    this was posted in teachers thread yeah I dont quite understand why its ok to post a picture of this... but a beautiful pair on a woman is verbotten...
  5. Marcjsmith

    Stoopid garbage disposal install mistake

    at least "george" remembered to knock the dishwasher plug out before running the dishwasher. my neighbor "dick" did that once.... glad he tested everything and was on sight when the problem reared its ugly head.
  6. Marcjsmith

    Situations Vacant...Antarctica ..seriously

    researcher at Russia’s Bellinghausen Station on King George Island in Antarctica attacked a colleague earlier this month and has now been charged with attempted murder, according to The Guardian. The attacker was Sergey Savitsky and the victim is only identified as B. According to the Russian new agency Interfax, Savitsky stabbed B once in the station's dining room after what may have been an emotional breakdown. The two had been working together at the station for the last six months. Savitsky turned himself into the Bellinghausen Station chief and will remain under house arrest until December 8. He now faces attempted murder charges in Russia. According to the Associated Press, the injured researcher was relocated to Chile for treatment. Read more:
  7. Marcjsmith

    I am Seriously f*#^ing Impressed...Seriously

    I dont disagree, I thought for sure he was going to nose in and stuff it near the buildings...
  8. Marcjsmith

    I am Seriously f*#^ing Impressed...Seriously

    How about the skill of the pilot to contol the craft with would have been unbalanced since the passenger wasn’t hanging from th proper spot to pilot, and help hold on the passenger and not crash and kill both of them.
  9. Marcjsmith

    PETA Equating Anti-Animal Phrases to Racism/Homophobia

    Jon, that's not the solution, actually that's the problem... they are being fucked and they are reproducing.
  10. Marcjsmith

    PETA Equating Anti-Animal Phrases to Racism/Homophobia

    it wont be long before we wont be able to compare apples to oranges have a pea brain or be a couch potato with out offending someone... Sigh....
  11. Marcjsmith

    College Football 2018

    That could work against him if they lose though....
  12. Marcjsmith

    Bulkhead clips for short ladder tons of images of what you are looking for..
  13. Marcjsmith

    what is it?

    Yeah buts it’s got be clear ice... so it doesn’t water down the booze...
  14. Marcjsmith

    Random PicThread

    It was slated to be inserted at 10:00 a.m. local time but was done 30 minutes early[32] because thermal expansion had constricted the 8.5-foot (2.6 m) gap at the top[61] by 5 inches (13 cm).[60] To mitigate this, workers used fire hoses to spray water on the surface of the south leg to cool it down[51] and make it contract.[60] The keystone was inserted in 13 minutes,[32] only 6 inches (15 cm) remained. For the next section, a hydraulic jack had to pry apart the legs six feet (1.8 m). The last section was left only 2.5 feet (0.76 m).[61] By noon, the keystone was secured.[32] Some filmmakers, in hope that the two legs would not meet, had chronicled every phase of construction.[62]The structure weighs 42,878 short tons (38,898 t), of which concrete composes 25,980 short tons (23,570 t); structural steel interior, 2,157 short tons (1,957 t); and the stainless steel panels that cover the exterior of the arch, 886 short tons (804 t).[63] This amount of stainless steel is the most used in any one project in history.[68][75] The base of each leg at ground level had to have an engineering tolerance of 1⁄64 inch (0.40 mm) or the two legs would not meet at the top.[7]
  15. Marcjsmith

    Random PicThread

    Let be honest.....this would solve a lot of problems...