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  1. Is it ok to fire someone because they're whiners?

    Definition The willful disregard of the authority of a supervisor in business is termed insubordination. It is the refusal of an employee to accept and abide her manager's directives. This can be a rare act of defiance by a generally cooperative staff member or a consistent pattern of behavior by a troublesome individual. Company policy should include a definition of insubordination, along with its possible consequences. Examples Instances of mild to moderate insubordinate actions include mild complaining to others regarding management, sarcastic remarks to management and attending to nonpriority issues before more important ones. More serious infractions include aggressive arguing with supervisors, intimidating speech or behaviors or the failure to perform the majority of given work tasks. Other instances that might be considered insubordination include delaying work tasks, giving a manager the "silent treatment," inappropriate dress and frequent tardiness. But from a management side I would really start looking long and hard at the work the employee does. IE is it up to snuff, is it being done on time, does the employee have to redo poor work, safety violations,ect... You may be able to get them on performance issues, coupled with their insubordinate behavior. I would also consider the complaining detrimental to office morale. Document and have as many concrete examples as you can.
  2. F1 2018...

    I like the looks the wind screen over the halo, but I could also see that the windscreen becoming clouded by tire rubber, fluids, bugs, etc. which would require a pit stop to do a tear off like th NASCAR guys do.... glad to see that f1 is looking out for the drivers...
  3. dry rub for tri tip

    love the montreal steak. they also make a Montreal chicken seasoning. lex is also onto a good thing with the Worcestershire. if you make up your own burgers. this is good blend. never through about the balsamic vinegar. I'll have tor try that...
  4. DIY radon mitigation ...

    the two worst parts of the radon system is getting the pipe through the wall to outside air, above the roof line, and cutting the hole in the concrete slab in the basement to make the suction pit. https://www.thisoldhouse.com/how-to/how-to-install-radon-mitigation https://certi.us/cms/radon-training/state-radon-training-requirements/81-resources
  5. The most dangerous game

    I would have been upset if the lion choked on any bones...
  6. Moss Legacy Japanese Snowsurfing

    Thank you very much for that
  7. Random PicThread

    burning alive and drowning just scare the bejesus out of me... from a POV of burning alive, i guess you gotta hope that your lungs get seared from the heat and you pass out from lack of oxygen before the pain of burning starts to register....
  8. Without Anyone Knowing...

    can you blame the guy for wanting to get out a baltimore...at all costs..
  9. no different that a tip jar showing up at places where there are no servers. Just make sure that you tip the servers based on the advertised cost of the meal, not counting the ad-ons like taxes and surcharges. once servers see that that they are getting shafted, they will either talk with management or start spitting in my food. Either way It won't matter as I wont be going back... I'm pretty sure that we all get it prices of good fluctuate. but it only seems that when the prices of the good goes down, the restaurant isn't lowering its price, but whe nthe cost of goods goes up, they want to charge more...
  10. spacex

    what about allowable operating conditions? how well will the motors/batteries work in those temp extremes. I'll bet the LCD screen froze But I guess he's got the fastest tesla around at 17,000 mph
  11. Deep Scratches in Mast

    Tswift. I think the process you outline sounds good...I would add a step 4a and that would to use some sort of release agent, shrink wrap or some other real smooth material that the epoxy won't bind to and tape, or clamp over top of the epoxy repair, this will result in is a real smooth surface to hopefully lessen the amount of the sanding. but I'm just some guy on the interweb....what do the professionals at the boat yard think? How do they propose to repair the scratches that they inflicted upon your stick?
  12. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    its complete blank slate...ho wmany hopes and dreams woudl die with this project. at least one so far...
  13. How to Dock A Big Boat

    By that time I think we should have transporter technology. Beam me up Scotty.
  14. 3 retirement scenerios.

    if I was going to to this I'd do the live-aboard thing on a 40 footer and spend the time on the water and never in the same place twice, Its big world out there I have friend who retired from fed work at 50 or so, and he now works for a high end retail establishment teaching fly fishing, and taking customers on guided tours. kind of a best of both worlds. still getting paid, but doing something he wants to do and not worried about the money any more. I would think that after living in a van, similar to what narca posted would get real old, real quick, like 7-8 days.. my folks did a forty two foot diesel pusher Class motor home with 4 slides. More square footage than my first apartment... been to 49 states, all the Canadian provinces and some of mexico... they spent a few years doing it. If I was going to the RV thing Id be looking at either a Sprinter type van conversion. or an airstream trailer with a very capable pick up truck to be able to find some hidden holes and keep the trailer parked in one place for a while.. The main issue for a larger rv is the lack of "around town" vehicle. IE anytime you need to go somewhere, you are packing up the house and moving. unless you get an RV big enough to tow a small vehicle so you can run errands, or run down the fishing hole or take a day trip camping, ect.
  15. How to Dock A Big Boat

    automated system what could go wrong...