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  1. there a few folks out there building remote control boats using 3d printers to build the hulls. Neat way to go about it...
  2. start of the school year... teachers are back in force... http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/09/19/michigan-high-school-teacher-26-charged-after-student-18-claims-had-sex-twice.html
  3. Yeah I was referring to the Spin pole.... not the mast...
  4. Congrats on 21. Wife and I turning the 20 year mark next month. I had her wedding ring and engagement ring redone into one ring. We did a trip to england over the summer and are spending #20 in nashville for a long weekend.
  5. pretty much. ugly win. shitty play by both sides... but that kids got one helluva arm...
  6. why not just a piece of fancy black electrical tape or sail repair tape over the newly drilled hole or some sort of a rubber plug. that way if you have to drain water again, you don't have to drill out a rivet, and be left with shavings inside the tube. just peel the tape or pull the plug
  7. He's actually about $1000 high on the price.. nice looking bike though. I miss my old bmw from time to time..
  8. Thanks for that link....
  9. problem with any 4 seat ragtop is going to be lack of seating for the rear passengers. you loose so much space with the roof mechanics. w
  10. and i did not take in account the wood floor. the corrugations would probably add more surface area, and sea water had I higher density than fresh water.... but I would think an empty container would float on the diagonal of the long axis... and not level... but could be wrong... I'm not a naval arch, or a scientist, just enjoy math from time to time though...
  11. I'm trying to do the math, 20' container weight 2300kg its a cube so we can calculate is volume easily. 6.05x2.44x2.59 38.23m3 so its density is 2300/38.23 or 60.16 kg/m3 density of water is 1000 kg/m3 so we know it will float. the container will displace 2300kg of water once floating. Metric is nice in that 1kg of water(fresh) = 1 liter. and one cubic meter = 1000 L surface area (assuming its floating upright and not on its side or on its end) is 14.76 m2 2300L= 2.3 m3 Volume = L x W X H 2.3= 14.76 X H 2.3/14.76 = .15 So the depth of the water will be .155 meters or 6 inches.... a 40' container is almost twice the mass, and twice the volume so the density is be less...so it would float slightly higher its seems that I'm off somewhere, or your container had water or other stuff in it causing it to sink low... or my math is off
  12. Back in the day when it was dark, and you did not have your headlights on, you could not see the gauges, so it was pretty obvious that something was up. But cars today the dash is so lit up and the drls give the false impression. Headlights, but no tailights. on my car and my wife's car have automatic lights that turn on when it gets dark... it's nice and mindless. But I don't have dlrs so it's pretty apparent when I do t have the light on... some people are just clueless, and my hope is darwin gets them first
  13. For anyone interested.... Next month we are hosting the 2017 Victoria Nationals Championship Regatta at Kent Island Yacht Club in Chester, MD http://victoria2017ncr.blogspot.com/ https://www.spinsheet.com/cruising/one-design-rc-racing-victoria-nationals-2017-kent-island Practice, registration and measurment on Sep 22 starting at noon, racing on Saturday and Sunday starting at 930, wrapping up at 4pm sat and 230 on Sunday Come and see what the fuss is about if you happen to be in the area.
  14. in this case FIN on STBD want to force USA on PORT to slow down or alter course enough so FIN on STBD can then tack on top of USA on PORT, Essentially giving them dirty air to the point USA on PORT will have no option but to tack away on STBD. now USA is STBD and FIN is on PORT. they both sail out. When USA tacks on to Port, FIN will tack onto STBD to cover with FIN once again in control of the engagement on STBD tack. At least thats the hope. FIN could have easily Crossed USA without engaging them, but if the right side of the course is favored, FIN wanted to control it and keep USA on the left side. Maybe the right side was lifted or just better pressure, less current, ect.