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  1. Marcjsmith

    i use to love the place, never going back

    Honestly, renting/buying a refer truck is a pretty good idea for storing them if they ran out of space as a stopgap measure. though, at what point in time do you say. Fuckit. And start burying or creamating the bodies.... i would imagine that folks are not claiming the bodies since they can’t afford to properly take care of the deceased.
  2. Marcjsmith


    They don’t call it manasshole for nothing.
  3. Marcjsmith


    6 mph.... ugh, its just creeping along
  4. Marcjsmith


    -2:14:40 they either lost the camera feed, or the tower is gone or they lost power...
  5. Chester. It is a work of fiction..... so gotta suspend some beliefs. Compared to some of crap out there related to space travel. I had a better ability to imagine truth behind Damon being stranded on mars and surviving. Than Sandra Bullock surviving space debris and floating between multiple space stations and returning to earth. Quite a few scientists and astronauts applauded the movie for its accurate depictions, but yeah it missed a few points as well....
  6. the book was much better than the movie, I caught my self laughing out loud at some of the spots that never made the movie. and after watching th emovie, I pretty much read the entire book with matt damons voice in my head......
  7. Marcjsmith


    Id be surprised if it makes it past sunset today. it seems ot be moving a lot fox13 will get their money shot..
  8. Marcjsmith

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist i know it not a boat, more of a land yacht.... but...
  9. Marcjsmith

    "National Cleavage Day"

    i was duly impressed with the crystal clear water among other things
  10. Marcjsmith

    Random PicThread

    Dan click on the camera icon and it will allow to search by url. just do a cut copy past of the image URL you want. pretty nifty...
  11. Marcjsmith

    Just a Friendly Reminder

    dont forget about the phone or your bladder..
  12. Marcjsmith

    Get offa my lawn! Man put up electric fence at bus stop

    this is some of the stuff we have to deal with.... we tried putting garbage cans out for them. but the cans along with the trash ended up on the roof tops or on the ground 3 stories below. The real bummer is that this area overlooks the Potomac and its one of the stops for the campus tours.
  13. Marcjsmith

    Get offa my lawn! Man put up electric fence at bus stop

    MRLeft bougainvillea wont work. we are too far north. and besides, if the homeowner is pissed off about picking up some trash daily, keeping a bougainvillea hedge pruned is by far more work. I work on a college campus, and I see the trash behavior on a regular basis. While the solution might be put a trash can in you've created a maintenance item. our trash cans on campus run about $4000 each. and now you ve got to supply it with trash bags daily, $730 annually, and the man power to collect the trash daily. we currently have 100 exterior trash cans on campus. by the time you count equipment(carts), repairs, replacement, ect, it adds up to a substantial sum. So for those recommending, put a trash can for them. Pound sand. Johnny and susie don't need a bottle of water while at the bus stop, nor do they need a snack. presumably mom/dad has just served them a healthy breakfast. stand and wait for the bus, run around play tag, spend time on the cell phone, play in the street. bus schedules are so tight now, maybe the kid is waiting 5-10 minutes. Treat it like camping. if you bring it, you pack it out. Mom and Dad need ot have some responsibility about telling their kids to pickup their trash. other wise when they go to college, the grounds staff has to deal with shit like this.
  14. Marcjsmith

    Random PicThread

    only three deaths.... but 6700 injuries. over the course of 30 some odd years. Vending machines are still more fatal and cause nearly 1700 injuries each year... had a game of lawn darts and played it often.