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  1. Radio controlled sailing

    there is an active club in toronto sailed with them on many occasions... honestly an RC boat will only take up as much as you allow it. a derigged boat will fit under most beds an dif you have a rig box it can stand up in the corner of the closet. club in toronto sails soling, victoria and dragon force. and I'm sure you culd find a used one locally so you don't have to worry about building one. the soling is pretty involved from a build point of view , but the vic and dragonf force pretty easy... at the very least, some guy will have a couple boats and are usually more than willing to hand the controls over... http://www.metromarine.org/about-us-2/about-us/divisions/sail-division/
  2. I'd vote for this guy!

    Beauty is but a light switch away...
  3. Radio controlled sailing

    That’s great news about being able to register. enjoy the boat. There are tons of resources out there for the ec12. I don’t know about how competive the hull is. But a fun class and great guys and gals that sail the boats most are very willing to help out. agree on the size thing one meter sails much differently than the smaller boats. One closed waters the smaller hulls do ok, but one meter is real nice, still easily transportable not too heavy and able to be shipped fairly easily Actively Sail the IOM (own two) and sailed the df95(only for a few minutes). I would love to sail each boat back to back in similar conditions. But I think the comparisons would be moot. Both boats would be quick, the IOM is just about the F1 of rc sailboat racing, and the DF95 would be Indy car. Soling would be NASCAR. Same but different A strict one design is great, but if some5ing happens to the manufacturer, the class dies. the Odom went dead for a while, and seawind did as well. Getting hulls for soling and Victoria’s are difficult. Not saying that getting IOM hulls is any easier...but at least there are multiple options, including building it yourself. if you really want To get into rc racing, find a club thats close and sail what they sail. Other wise you are setting yourself up to travel. Which isn’t bad, it can be costly, but not as costly as big boat sailing
  4. Buying a Star

    Thanks for insight. We decided to pass...
  5. Random PicThread

    wow, at least my fuckups aren't that bad... the US is missing at least eight fully-explosive bombs, plus another nine that contain other radioactive substances - mostly depleted uranium. The term "Broken Arrow" is the term used for incidents involving nuclear mishaps, including accidental firing, theft or loss of a weapon. Estimates for the US alone suggest there may be a total of around 700 cases, affecting up to 1,250 nuclear weapons.
  6. weird sinus issue

    Irrigation... the smaller units are usually about 10 bucks. comes with saline packets. had a cyclist friend get me started on it.... Yes the first few times its abnormal feeling. but once you are used to it. When I feel things starting to clog. I'll mix up a batch when I take a shower and blow the tubes out.
  7. bwaaahaaahaaa!!

    Well no wonder they had no control over the sails. All the sheets and halyards were used to tie up the naughtier girl...
  8. Best Rock Song Intros

    Money For nothing, Dire Straits La Grange ZZ top Sweet Child of mine G&R Paradise City G&R Sabotage, Beastie Boys I could go all day on this thread...
  9. Fumduck Athletes

    had to google that. Missed the strike zone
  10. Roy Halladay DTS

    Jimmy's Widgeon was a nice plane. not sure he was doing any hot dogging when he nosed over on an aborted take-off, but back in 94, not many camera phones to capture the incident but getting shot at by the jamacians wasn't his fault.(hard to believe he didn't have any pot on board that time) Jimmy currently owns six airplanes, registered under the corporate name “Strange Bird Inc.” Click on a plane to view pictures and info: N908JB – Falcon 900 N920JB – Pilatus PC-12 N208JB – Cessna 208 Caravan N928J – Grumman Albatross N48550 – Grumman Goose N43320 – Boeing E-75 Stearman Buffett has also owned these airplanes in the past: N1471N – Grumman Widgeon N502JB – Falcon 50 N208JB – Cessna 208 Caravan (N-number transfered to new Caravan)
  11. Roy Halladay DTS

  12. Fumduck Athletes

    I could not imagine being in a jail here in the us USA, let alone china... and then you have roy halladay, crashing is personal plane...not sure if that was an accident or he he was doing some dumb stuff be he splashed...
  13. Buying a Star

    why? not trying to be snarky or anything...
  14. Buying a Star

    These two stars are in the $600 range....with trailers and at least one suit if sails each. The other boat that looks newer is a lippencourt hull #6100. Which leans me to believe it is an early 80s hull can a 45 year old guy that tips the scale at 230 lbs have fun on a Star.... thanks I’ll reach out to Carbon just to pick his brain. My daughter is going college next year so getting in the door on the budget just to get my lazy fat ass on a boat and on the water i they key. And having a boat with an active class is a plus
  15. Buying a Star

    Looking at a couple Star's one from the mid 80's (black mast) based on the sail number don't know of the other sail number, but looks to be newer or at least cleaner in the pictures. silver mast, both appear to be dry sailed with working trailers... Anything I should be focusing on specifically with these hulls....