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  1. Marcjsmith

    Random PicThread

    That sr71 so does not belong in a bone yard.... shame they Couldn’t get the drone to work
  2. Marcjsmith

    Flying car anarchy

    Unless you are a poor sob and the aero car falls out the sky onto the highway you are driving on...
  3. Marcjsmith

    Flying car anarchy

    but it would be behind the lic plate.... so unless the lic plate had a hole cut in it.... it would be pretty useless
  4. Marcjsmith

    Necessity is the Mother of Invention

    a few days late to the party
  5. Marcjsmith

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Is that a center cockpit racing boat???? found this gem today
  6. Marcjsmith

    oh Craigslist, you don't disappoint

    Ranger 22. She’s a beamy lil fucker.... but you know old adage. Sometimes the most expensive boats are free
  7. Marcjsmith

    Dive Destinations

    Did some diving on the west coast of Costa Rica with these guys a couple years ago. had a blast. I hadn’t been diving in about ten years. And they eased me back into the game very nicely. My first pacific dive. Done curacao, st Lucia, and quite a few of the tourist traps in the carrib and Florida
  8. Marcjsmith

    Man and Woman's Best Friend

    dogs serve, cats have servants
  9. Marcjsmith

    SUV anarchy

    As am I. We started looking around the first week of June. It was a process.
  10. Marcjsmith


    mustang, you could fly into Dulles. And be right next to Udvar hazy, and then take the silver line into dc.
  11. Marcjsmith

    F1 2018...

    Lewis did not want to be in that car if he wasn’t up front. If his engine or tranny had blown up. I would have thought he did it on purpose. I’m guessing fuel pressure is hard for a driver to cause that problem unless he dials up the fuel rate and burns all fuel and ends up with no pressure since there is no fuel to pump. he was pissed off, rightfully so, but his whining about it reminded me of the way Danica would whine about the cars when she was driving nascar. Shut up and drive. Drive the wheels off the car. being they will be at silver stone next, I have no doubt that he will be driving like a man possessed.
  12. Marcjsmith

    SUV anarchy

    B&G she wanted to stay very similar dimensions to the Saturn. She sat in/drove every compact SUV on the market. except GM and dodge/jeep.
  13. Marcjsmith

    SUV anarchy

    The sti models still have a belt
  14. Marcjsmith

    SUV anarchy

    Narca. No belt. Chain.... is. Probably not my top color choice. But. Happy wife. Happy life
  15. Marcjsmith

    SUV anarchy