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  1. Marcjsmith

    Radio controlled sailing

    Mark, i have never sailed one personally, but I have heard from numerous folks that it is not the very best sailing boat. The lure of it is that it is 100% one design. So everybody is sailing the same shitty design....and you don’t have to worry about the latest greatest doohickey making your boat obsolete every year. if that’s what they sail in your area then by all means go for it.... where in Texas?
  2. Marcjsmith

    Sextants in Spaaaaaaaaaaace!

    Well at least the navy folks will have people on deck looking at things. Maybe they’ll see the commercial vessels before they run Into them.
  3. Marcjsmith

    Margot Kidder DTS

    You've got be to be kidding me.... Wow
  4. Marcjsmith

    Darwin strikes again

    I wonder if the high curry content is what injured the bear...
  5. Marcjsmith

    "National Cleavage Day"

    ^ Megan fox I believe not a fan of ink either. it just ruins a work of art...imho.
  6. Marcjsmith

    Random PicThread

    That’s gonna leave a mark.....
  7. Marcjsmith


    We have an asko dishwasher that’s been in the house since 2004 installed by the previous owners. It’s works fine for us, going on 8 years with no problems, But there is a stack of half a dozen warranty work tickets stapled to the owners final one being a replacement washer less than three years after the initial install....
  8. Marcjsmith

    Utter morons in IT

    Just leave a google review..... but don’t dare reveal the old phone number or how you get the appointment. Ain’t technology great... weve got a new regime at work and it’s all new procedures which involve a lot of basic technology, but it just creates more busy work,,,,
  9. Marcjsmith

    F1 2018...

    Bummer for Bottas. Red Bull needs to bring up one of their developmental drivers and let max sit out a race or two... I think the double move before Ricciardo rear ended him won’t be looked to kindly on by the race officials or Christian. He was pissed.....
  10. Marcjsmith

    Which way do you go?

    Then you’d have not finished properly for not rounding E to port
  11. Aside from the 66 mustang, the only other ford I have owned is a 2013 cmax hybrid. Love the car. Will be sad to see it go. Clicking over 60k on the odometer. Has not ever so much as hiccupeD. A bit larger than the focus, a bit smaller than the escape. $41k for a focus would be a tough pill to swallow, especially given it’s bad street manners. Not a daily driver for the faint of heart...
  12. Marcjsmith

    Lumbar Epidural Steroids. . .

    Had one done for the L3-s1. Ruptured discs The procedure wasn’t painful per se, but very uncomfortable. It did nothing for me. It would have had to hav done a lot for me to go back to get another injection though. i got more relief with physical therapy. while I’mnot pain free always. I have learned my limitations for work, hobbies, ect. So I know when to expect pain. And can head it off with otc meds like alieve
  13. Marcjsmith

    Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    Jeff, If we would actually study them and those studies would ultimately end in a vivisection, great, but that's not what will happen. He'll rot in a jail cell and get this three squares a day, a roof over his head, and at least some semblance of a life. While the victims and their families have nothing. well maybe thoughts and prayers and well wishes and a memorial. Ed, I don't disagree with you and there is a long slippery slope, and by large we are already sliding down it. All you gotta do is drive your car and witness the road rage. I'm binge watching Black Sails right now and the whole Eye for an eye, and quick justice is at the leading edge of the brain right now. I do applaud the cop for doing his job and letting the courts decide his fate, however I don't think many folks would have been too upset with him had he shot the guy.