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  1. Marcjsmith

    Fumduck Athletes

    Proof that god gave man only enough blood to operate one head at s time.... I wonder, how many times did espn contact the woman before she finally agreed. I guess no means no, unless you can ask them enough and wear them down.
  2. Marcjsmith

    Random PicThread

    I can smell this picture
  3. Marcjsmith

    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    Stbd side hung the black oxide screws will not remain. Still not sure if I’m going to I stall screw covers or dab some white paint on some stainless screws but fore and aft edges will have trim to cover and for accent Also got the heat exchanger installed
  4. Marcjsmith

    What is it?

    I think that’s it.... thanks. Very limited production... I guess it could be a Newport 41 as well right?
  5. Marcjsmith

    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    I was contemplating tabbing in the battens on the extreme end of being anal, or brushing on some thinned epoxy or spar varnish to seal up the bare wood after it all sets up, To help minimize the chance of any rot.
  6. Marcjsmith

    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    epoxied the wall supports in place. Had a couple heaters going to get a nice warm temp in the aft cabin. Used west 105/205 with some 403 to thicken it up fill gaps and reduce sagging added some telescoping sun shade poles to hold/wedge things in place while it sets up. Could not leave heaters running while I’m not on the boat. So we’ll see how it all looks on Tuesday. Also finally got the rubber bits for the heat exchanger to reinstall that, but my exhaust hose between the muffler/manifold was to long and I wasn’t able to bolt it all together. And didnt have my dremel onboard to trim the hose.
  7. Marcjsmith

    What is it?

    Asking for a friend. Could not locate a hin on the transom. But the cross that’s cast into the hull at the bow and stern along with the cove stripe is pretty distinctive. about 40’ figure 1970’s
  8. Marcjsmith

    Ceiling paint

    Well done
  9. Marcjsmith

    I need a tiller

    Last time. I Was at bacons sails a week ago in Annapolis md they have a barrel full of tillers. Send them a pic and give them a call.
  10. Marcjsmith

    Ceiling paint

    Dj, the second pic is what it now looks like. A proverbial blank canvas. The first pic is what it looked like from 1989 until August 2020 Not really inclined to repeat that....
  11. Marcjsmith

    Ceiling paint

    i've though about the condensation issue as well. that is likely one of the reasons for the vinyl originally stuck to the overhead surfaces.
  12. Marcjsmith

    Ceiling paint

    Sorry DJ Ive never heard your definition of overhead before I always heard that overhead is the bottom of the deck above you...
  13. Marcjsmith

    Ceiling paint

    riley, i followed you posts about the ceiling and love it... and in the main cabin I'll likely redo the hangers and panels in the main area, but not really inclined to want to do that in the aft cabin though since there isn't any mechanical to need to hide and the ceiling, aside from the chop texture is fairly aesthetically pleasing. good idea about sign shop.
  14. Marcjsmith

    Ceiling paint

    this i what it started out life as. all of that vinyl headliner is sagging, and moldy and completely disgusting. not sure i want to go back to that. this is what it looks like now. At the proverbial 10' doesn't look bad slap some paint on it and call it day... zonk, the 3mm plastic sheets are 300 bucks to ship. i did look at total boat bilge paint... they had white and gray, had not looked beyond that brand yet, not sure i want it glossy, and i was also thinking that if I used a roller with a bit more nap, that maybe it would leave a bit of "texture" to hind the chop. I'll be back at the boat tomorrow and take some better pics of the ceiling. Honestly I could be overthinking it. slap some paint on it and call it a day
  15. Marcjsmith

    Ceiling paint

    What to use... in some parts of my project boat I’m going to retain the ceiling panels but in the aft cabin, rather than trying to sand the ceiling to make it smooth and a bit more presentable. I could mix up some epoxy with micro balloons and trowel it on like drywall mud, then sand, and paint but that seems like a bit more work, Is there a high solid or an epoxy.paint that might do the same? i do realize that just painting over the chop strand mat, the ridges from the mat will never disappear unless I fill paint sand repeat just trying to figure out the least painful method to get there...