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  1. Gun Permit Reciprocity

    I would much rather see the hearing protection act passed than this. While I do think it is absurd that someone who takes a wrong turn, and ends up in NJ by mistake, could spend several years in jail, I really don't see much other benefit in this and I do see some risks. I really have no interest in carrying a gun in places like NY, NJ, MA, or CA. Even if it was forced on them legally, the cops there would make your life a living hell if you did it. It is legal to drive through those places with a handgun locked in the trunk as long as you are heading someplace where you are allowed to have it, and yet they still arrest people. Just avoid those places if you have a gun. The HPA on the other hand actually addresses the feds forcing something on states. If a state allows suppressors, then I should be able to get one with a simple background check, not the absurd 12 month wait time and extra money involved that exist today.
  2. Kill the Pigs

    I agree with you. Screaming at a drunk guy that you are going to shoot him is only going to serve to raise his stress level and increase the odds that he will fail to follow instructions. Compound that with multiple instructions that most folks are going to have a difficult time following even if they were sober, and you are pretty much setting the stage for a reason to shoot an innocent person. Hands in the air, crawl on the floor, keep your legs crossed, crawl, hands up, look at the floor, don't look up, I am going to shoot you and you will die..... Anyone who thinks this guy was at fault for failing to follow every direction, especially when he has a few drinks in him, is seriously delusional. I don't know how much of it is a training issue and how much of it is a screening issue when hiring, but it is clear there is a problem.
  3. Animal's rights.

    Dogs will eat cat poo and vomit. Just sayin.
  4. Animal's rights.

    It's the isolation from the stairwell of tears.
  5. I believe, and I could be wrong on this, that the ATF could go a long ways towards fixing the mail order kit issue by changing their own definitions. It would be unreasonable to completely eliminate the ability to buy parts for a gun without going through a background check at an FFL. If I want to replace the barrel or trigger on one of my rifles, I should be able to do that without the added hassle and expense of going to a store completing the forms, paying an extra $35, plus waiting for half an hour or more. The part of the gun which is considered by the ATF to be a firearm, is the receiver. Those are currently allowed to be sold 80% complete along with a jig that allows anyone to finish the last 20% of milling pretty easily. If that 80% were changed to 0%, it would still allow for owners to maintain and repair their guns without extra expense and hassle while also insuring that a background check was done at some point. I am pretty sure that is simply an ATF thing, no legislation needed.
  6. They were Utah ilk, I would have been 150 before I drew a tag in pa. I suppose now that Utah ilk are dipshits and the co ilk are geniuses.
  7. I will, killing ilk is easier than killing whitetails in PA. I have done both. On average, I put in 5 days for each whitetail. Contrast that with 2 ilk in 2 days. If guys aren't finding ilk, it is probably because they aren't willing to walk in to where the ilk are. It is true they aren't just waiting for you in the parking lot, but they are not that hard to find either.
  8. Animal's rights.

    Hunting != killing, instead killing is an aspect of some but not all hunts. I enjoyed (note past tense) hunting, however as I have stated here a number of times in the past, I have never enjoyed the killing. The killing is simply an inescapable part of eating what you hunt. Killing is also an inescapable part of eating meat for others, the killing is just outsourced. As to your hypocrisy, I think your posts support my position well enough without me needing to add to it.
  9. Understanding Taxes On Top Earners

    You are seriously going with that? Good grief.
  10. Understanding Taxes On Top Earners

    Of course slavery did not create a class of people dependent on the government. Instead they were treated as property, which is quite a bit worse than being dependent on the govt.
  11. Understanding Taxes On Top Earners

    There is absolutely zero reason to believe that the Internet would have happened without the govt being involved. All history points to the opposite, with various privately owned networks like Prodigy, Compuserve, and AOL trying to monopolize the market. In fact, there is evidence that supports this today. Looking at all the various social networks (Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, etc) that appeared, did they cooperate so there could be some communication between them where they all co-existed? Or did they seek to control the entire segment?
  12. Understanding Taxes On Top Earners

    Dude, you are way to focused on having absolutes. One could say "when the govt develops networks connecting the public you get the Internet, when the free market develops it you get Prodigy" and it would be every bit as accurate as what you state, and just as useless. The real world is much more complex and nuanced than the high school level Libertarian pablum you regurgitate here.
  13. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    Watch for other govts to follow looking for unpaid sales and vat tax.
  14. Animal's rights.

    What are you talking about. Most hunters I know have no problem with vegans, only with hypocrite like Dylan who eat meat but attack hunters as being bloodthirsty killers. In fact, i have stated here in the past that if I ever stopped hunting I would likely become vegan and that is exactly what I have done once the freezer went empty. As to the rest of your post, all.we have to.do is regulate it and let the chips fall where they may. I give about as many fu is for the profitability of.factprt farms as I do the profits of wall st, so zero fucks.
  15. The ARs I hunt with arenchambered in .300bo and .50 Beowulf, effective range of 150 yards. My bolt action rifle has an affective range of 4-5x that. Maui, I was the one talking about hunting with an AR, and I have never had to use more than one round for an animal. The reason I prefer it is the compact size which makes it useful in a small hunting blind, the threaded barrel for a suppressor so I preserve my hearing, and it' adaptability.