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  1. LenP


    Small, just immediate family, those who are already living in our house plus my son who will be living in NC by that time. We usually host 20-30 people, but there is no chance that is happening this year.
  2. I think it is optimistic. My guess is between 500,000 and 1,500,000. A lot depends on how people behave going forward. If everyone starts wearing masks and practicing social distancing, then maybe only 500,000.
  3. LenP


    That dashboard could be very misleading. Note that it is by date of death, not when it was reported. Compare that with deaths as they are reported. The dashboard as it is will always make it look like deaths are decreasing, since it is reporting incomplete data for recent days, then adjusting past data to add in what was not reported in real or near real time. But if you want to make things seem better than they are, it could certainly fool some folks.
  4. LenP

    Here come the Florida deaths

    Be careful, and thanks for doing the job. Don't let the covidiots get you down, the majority of the country is deeply appreciative of our nurses and docs. The covidiots just make more noise.
  5. LenP

    Here come the Florida deaths

    Davidoff box pressed robusto please
  6. LenP

    Death Committees come to... Arizona

    After Alabama's planned approach was published, I can understand why advocacy groups would want explicit language which prohibits discrimination based on perceived disabilities.
  7. LenP

    Here come the Florida deaths

    You are misusing the data. Florida's outbreak is just ramping up, if/when Florida reaches the same level of cases per 100k, then it would be a valid comparison. Right now, it looks like Florida is doing a worse job protecting LTC residents.
  8. Kind of ironic that an ex-democrat conman and his followers are now defining who is a real Republican.
  9. LenP

    Here come the Florida deaths

    When I was a stockbroker, there was another broker who had a bit of a gambling problem. Came in one Monday after losing 20 grand in AC and had pledged his house against the casino loan. Since he was a degenerate gambler, he thought the best way out of it was by more gambling. So he sold enough naked out of the money call options to pay off the casino, as long as the options expired worthless. The market began a huge rally shortly after he sold them, so now he is down another 50 or 60 grand. So he panics, covers the call options, and then sells a pile of naked put options to cover both his losses on the calls and the casino. Which would have worked as long as the market kept going up, but it did not, instead it gave back all its gains and ultimately closed down on the day, at which point he was down 250 grand. Lost his house, his wife, his job, pretty much everything. All because he could not simply admit he made that first stupid mistake and work his way out of it. Solving the 20 grand problem would have been a headache and caused some embarrassment, but it was manageable. What we see going on with the handling of this pandemic reminds of that same kind of pathology. Just keep throwing out one risky bet after another and hope one of them works out, instead of just having folks wear a mask and put some common sense measures in place.
  10. LenP

    Here come the Florida deaths

    Not arguing that they did not screw up, was just pointing out that the talking point about LTC facilities was provably false. Yes, they thought that it would not hit NY like it did, they did not shut down fast enough and so it spread like wildfire.
  11. LenP

    Here come the Florida deaths

    Mostly, we just needed everyone to wear a mask and implement a reliable national test and trace program while things were shut down. We screwed the pooch on the test and trace, so that would not likely help now, however we could still stop the exponential growth we are seeing now just by having folks wear masks. I don't think economic growth should be of no concern, just that it is subordinate to health and lives. There were more than a few posts in this thread that had those priorities reversed. We did not need any draconian policies, we just needed to care about each other and behave that way, rather than act like a bunch of selfish assholes. Nothing draconian about wearing a mask and caring about your fellow Americans.
  12. Hah, so now we know where the goalposts will be moved to when the deaths eventually start rolling in.
  13. Agreed. The most frustrating thing for me is that wearing masks alone would allow most businesses to operate as they had before, with the rest of the impact mostly falling on restaurants and bars with indoor seating. If we had a good nationwide test and trace program, even those impacts could have been limited. We screwed ourselves over both in terms of public health and wealth, all to create a wedge issue for an election. The wedge issue having been created is actually working against it's creators now, but we still have to deal with it's fallout for the next 6 months or more.
  14. LenP

    Here come the Florida deaths

    Not if the argument is that the cause of the high overall death count was the mishandling of LTC facilities. Try to draw a flow chart where Cuomo's decisions as it relates to LTC facilities worsened the outbreak but still resulted in a smaller percentage of deaths coming from LTC facilities.
  15. LenP

    Here come the Florida deaths

    It is mind boggling. The data is right there, but folks want to misuse it to prove a political point. The virus does not care about politics, and the folks that care more about politics than lives are going to lose politically and cost lives.