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  1. LenP

    Death Row Redux

    If you want it fast and cheap, then quality will suffer. Quality in this case being the level of certainty around guilt. The death penalty is not good for society, there are no objective metrics which can show otherwise. The reason we still have it is for the emotional aspect, satisfying the desire for vengeance. We would be better off without it.
  2. LenP

    Death Row Redux

    We are not remotely close to having the type of certainty of guilt that would allow me to support the death penalty. Aside from that, I see no societal benefit in killing someone convicted of a crime vs keeping them incarcerated. No need to wade into the moral or ethical discussions when there is no practical reason for killing someone in the first place.
  3. I don't think I can stand another presidential election where both major party candidates are from NY. I don't think the rest of the country could either.
  4. She did worse than meet with Assad, she met with Trump. Still, the world is different now and if Trump's election proves anything, it is that the past can be dismissed as not being relevant and sometimes as not existing at all. Fake news, Fake history.
  5. Bill Clinton had given the nomination speech at the 1988 DNC convention, and Obama had given the keynote at the 2004 DNC convention. This MNF bit was months before Obama announced and when it was already widely speculated he would run. I think it a bit revisionist how they are often portrayed as coming out of nowhere, just as it would be to portray Warren or Tulsi Gabbard as coming out of nowhere. It is really tough to run for President, you either need very deep pockets, or a coalition of people behind you with very deep pockets (or as is the case with Sanders, a very very big coalition with moderately deep pockets). The Dem nominee won't really come out of nowhere, it will be somebody who is known and has already assembling the infrastructure for some time.
  6. Mira Flores is the place I would land if we ever bought a place there. It has a very European feel to it, cobble stone streets, beautiful gardens, wonderful restaurants, and a fantastic cafe where they roast the beans on site. You can walk to the beach where there is fantastic long board surfing, not big waves, but long mellow rides (I am not a surfer, so am probably not describing this well, but I did learn and surfed here a few times). Apartments are, or at least were, very reasonable here. One thing to be aware of is that squatters rights have always been pretty extreme compared to what we have here in the US, people can and do move into your place if you are not there. If you are only looking to go for a few months each year, it might be cheaper and safer to just do a 3 month rental each year. That is what a lot of my wife's family, the ones who move to Canada or the US, does when they go back for extended visits.
  7. We looked at Costa Rica, and if it were just my wife and I, then we probably would have moved. The cost of living is really dependent on how you plan to live, probably obvious but maybe not. Cars and electronics are very expensive, but if you move there you get a one time exemption to bring all your stuff in tax free. That helps. The cost of homes is cheap compared to CA, NY, etc, however it is not particularly cheap compared to areas in the US which are more remote. We would have been downsizing for the same cost as what we sold our home here for. Not a big deal if you are retired and just a couple or a single, as you would spend much of the time outside and you don't need much space, however with multiple kids a need to run a business from the house, that becomes more of a challenge. We also looked at Peru, which is where my wife is from. The costs are much less there, and we would have had the benefit of having family and local knowledge. The problem is that it was only 3 decades ago when my wife and her family fled there to escape terrorism, violence, and a collapsed economy. It is much better now, but there is fairly recent history of some pretty serious problems, and it just felt like more risk than we were willing to take on, particularly with kids.
  8. LenP

    Merry Christmas

    I think you are mistaking some good natured ribbing for actual schadenfreude. Ches is a good guy, and the kind that would stop to help anyone out whether they were a trans woman with a Peta bumper sticker and a Hillary 2020 tshirt, or they were a redneck with no teeth driving an old pickup and wearing a MAGA hat. Ches is just good people. With that being said, Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to all. Our family will have a different look and makeup this year, but that too is part of life and we will do our best to celebrate all of life, and to let go of any of the anger that tries to creep into it.
  9. LenP

    Thank god for PA

    Say what you will about PA, but it provides 90% of the benefits of banging your head against a wall with a fraction of the physical pain and side effects.
  10. LenP

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    Perhaps, but I remain unimpressed. Even the most primitive ai, sans preprocessing, is capable of shifting positions by simply watching social media. I am looking for folks who actually have positions that lead changes in general societal beliefs. What Cuomo is doing is no more deserving of praise as a wind vane changing where it points at any given moment.
  11. LenP

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    You say that like it is an inappropriate response to the current state of our politics.
  12. LenP

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    Political expediency not new found enlightenment, just like Clinton and Obama on gay rights. He would hand out bump stocks as stocking stuffers if he thought it would get him a chance at the presidency.
  13. LenP

    Latest Book Recommendations

    Capitalism without capital was really good as well as life 3.0. If you liked 21 lessons, then you would likely appreciate these. I really enjoyed "a more beautiful question", have me some ideas and insights I was able to implement with my work. Neurotribes was the best book I have read on Autism, fascinating history and gave me a much better understanding of the why and how we got to where we are today with the mix of misinformation and poor as well as contradictory treatment approaches.
  14. LenP

    why are you such a failure?

    I suspect it says a lot more about how our current societal and economic structures are beginning to fail than it does about this kid's success.I wish him well, but I don't think it is good for us. I would much rather have my kids live a full rewarding middle class life than stumble across wealth before puberty because some videos they made went viral. It distorts the perception of what wealth is, and what it looks like to actually contribute value to society. I probably sound like I am about to yell "get off my lawn", but it is deeper than age enhanced crankiness. I do believe this type of thing is indicative of deeper societal and economic ills.