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  1. That was about what it cost me when I had the time. I don't have the acreage you do, but am not in a city and have lots of state and fed land that is huntable within a few minutes of me. Now with a 6 yr old, a 2 yr old, and a new business, I am lucky when I find time to sleep.
  2. It isn't just about a healthy diet, but all the other costs involved with meat heavy diets. And if nobody talks about it, then nobody will do much about it. I don't think we all need to run around like chicken little screaming the sky is falling, but we should be aware of the costs that come with meat as we grow, process, and consume it today. I don't have an ethical problem with consuming meat, but it comes at a cost beyond high cholesterol and most folks are not aware of those costs or are in denial over them. Plus, if you grow it yourself, you never have to worry about whether it is being recalled due to any number of nasty things it might contain.
  3. Mycoprotein comes from Fusarium venenatum (Fusarium venenatum - Wikipedia) . It is a type of mycellium. Mushrooms are essentially the fruit of mycellium, so they are related but not the same and have different nutritional value (well different types of mushrooms have different types of nutritional value too). There are a few startups working on home units that can sit on a kitchen counter and which would produce all the mycoprotein a typical family would need. I think the future is more homegrown, less centralized food sources with their environmental, health, and transportation problems. ** I am not even remotely an expert on this. I know a bit because my son is studying some of the mushroom species as it relates to neuroscience and psychology. Lion's Mane has shown promise in being able to generate new neurons and repair brain damage. My niece is working on a project to use mycellium as a form in which to grown meat substitutes, particularly as it relates to being able to grow meat in space (it is hard to grow cows in space). So I have picked up some knowledge from them.
  4. Mycoprotein not mycroprotein With my nitpicking out of the way, plant based meat substitutes are interesting, and I think do offer us a way out of some of the mess we have created. The environmental impact and the cost of plant based protein as compared with animal based protein is enormous. That does not mean we have figured everything out, or that some of the plant based meat substitutes don't carry their own problems. I think it gets more interesting when you realize how much you can grow yourself in even small spaces. With less time than it takes to go grocery shopping, you can grow enough mushrooms and mycoprotein in your own home to feed a family. So no transport costs either. We are growing Lion's Mane now, and looking at a few others. The cost of growing it is a fraction of the cost of buying. My guess is that we will see the democratization of food production in the next decade, and with it further deflationary pressures.
  5. Our self proclaimed libertarian has a problem with the decisions of a private enterprise. Shocking.
  6. I love my Rubicon, goes pretty much anywhere and over anything.
  7. I can't be bothered to dig through Mike's ramblings, but am going to guess that anything he is saying is nonsense. With that being said, there are some compelling use cases for Blockchain including some around elections. I had suggested such a use case on another thread. It would not be simple to implement, would take time and money, and would require folks to work together, so may not be viable for those reasons alone. Blockchain may not be cool, but it is useful. I worked with a major consumer goods company on a supply chain project where were able to provide >100mil in savings via a blockchain enabled supply chain.
  8. LenP

    SAMSUNG Not so Fine Print ... FUCK THEM !

    Just because you don't see them, does not mean they don't see you.
  9. LenP

    SAMSUNG Not so Fine Print ... FUCK THEM !

    Yes, I think we have seen the usefulness of targeting based on PII being exhausted and we are beginning to see a renewed focus on content and context. That and regulation will help to insure that we are already experiencing peak invasiveness.
  10. Are there cases where folks go too far, or where their arguments cease to be helpful? Sure, I have no doubt of that. Is that really the bigger problem? Or is the bigger problem that minorities in general, and African Americans in particular, face obstacles that non-minorities don't face whether that comes in the form of employment, business opportunities, educational opportunities, policing, or any other number of high impact areas of daily life? I guess I will be more worried about folks being offended by woke/cancel culture when minorities are not substantially suffering from disparate treatment.
  11. LenP

    SAMSUNG Not so Fine Print ... FUCK THEM !

    It is not just Google or Samsung or Apple, it is every app on your phone, every website you visit, and your phone provider (ATT, Verizon, etc). In the cases where nobody ahs a complete picture, there are companies which buy up all the bits of data from the various companies which have a partial picture and then stitch it back together in ways that give a complete picture again. It is incredibly difficult to maintain any semblance of privacy if you use any modern digital tech. Some of the smartest guys that worked for the NSA moved into ad tech, and they are the ones who are helping to mine private/corporate data repos for profiling people. The govt doesn't play by many rules, but it still plays by some. Ad tech largely plays by whatever rules they make up at any given moment.
  12. LenP

    SAMSUNG Not so Fine Print ... FUCK THEM !

    Almost everyone using a smart phone is being tracked. It is the way the world works now. As distasteful as it may be to some (or many), it will take govt regulation to curb it's impact on individual privacy.
  13. Agreed. How long it would have lasted is hard to say, however if there were a significant number of deaths, it could have prevented the counting of electors and it could have taken us well past inauguration to have new legislators seated. If the second, third, and fourth in line of succession for the presidency were no longer alive, I could see a path where Trump declared martial law and himself president until the crisis he manufactured passed, which it might not ever.
  14. LenP

    Massive short squeeze

    I was talking about a closed position, so the risk would already be accounted for. But you are right, that while the position is open you could potentially have unlimited risk in the short position. That is why I would look at an options strategy for something like this, that is if I were interested in monkeying around with it at all. The puts I mentioned up thread would have been the play over the last couple days.