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  1. Hence the twitching
  2. There is a big difference between someone who is threatening and poses a clear threat, and someone who has the potential to become a threat. Simply having a stick, knife, gun, whatever only shows the potential to become a threat. Potential should not be equated with actual, that is what I think is missing. If he was actively trying to hit them with the pipe, it is a different story.
  3. I was thinking pull a trailer with a large box freezer, plug it in to power while there, run it off an inverter from the truck while driving. It takes a lot of yeti coolers and dry ice to move a a couple moose even after it has been cut up. One moose is more than the two ilk we brought back from Utah, and that took two 150 QT coolers and one 100 QT cooler. Heck of a lot easier, and cheaper, to just empty one of my freezers and bring the entire freezer back and forth. I would bring a small generator as a backup in case it is needed. Getting it from here to VA is a lot easier, that is only a few hours drive and the frozen meat alone will keep in some styrofoam coolers until you get there, maybe throw a bit of dry ice on top. Moose are real big critters, so you are looking at 300-400 lbs of meat after it is boned out and cut up, substantially more if you are transporting quarters or bone in meat.
  4. No excuse at all for the behavior of the woman in the video from the OP, none. Not even if there was zero justification for the designation of service dog. On the thread drift of perceived abuse of the service dog designation, I have no doubt that there are abuses. My friends neighbors had their dog designated, and there was no justifiable reason for it. I can say that because I actually know them and they admitted as much. With that being said, it is impossible to know from looking at someone whether there is a justification or not. Just because you can not see an obvious outward sign that someone is dealing with something that the dog helps with does not mean it is not there, whether that be PTSD or some other condition for which there is not an obvious outward sign. We tend to be quick to accommodate those where there is an obvious physical sign of a condition, such as blindness, and then dismiss those who lack such an obvious outward physical sign. We do that with how we treat mental illness and psychological conditions in general, this is just another example of that.
  5. It is pretty straightforward as I understand it, as long as they are manually operated hunting rifles and you have them in locked cases. I actually worry more about traveling through Massachusetts then crossing into Canada. There is no legal way to travel through MA with ammunition, guns yes, but ammunition? no. Bringing the meat back should be fine as well. My buddy is a bit of an overplanner and did an entire trial run over the summer, complete with loading the truck, bringing the guns, clearing customs into Canada and then driving back so he could make sure he had mot missed anything. From how he described it, it was pretty straightforward.
  6. No, this is definitely a sister, too young to be mom.
  7. The outfitter my friend used in (I think) Newfoundland always had tags available, but the moose were a bit smaller. Of course a small moose is still a very big animal. If we could get your relatives to point us in the right direction and could get tags, that would make the whole thing much more affordable. This year is out for me due to an insane work schedule, but if we could make it work without the expense of an outfitter, I would happily pay for your license and tag. Don't mind driving either.
  8. Yeah, they can get quite ornery. I have seen plenty of pissed off does kicking the living daylights out of a big buck.
  9. What about ugly deer?
  10. This might work. Frenchie, you interested?
  11. Followed by an epic anarchist bbq.
  12. I was thinking about mixing some squirrel and moose and making a "Rocky and Bullwinkle" pot pie.
  13. Frechie I am sure has far more experience with it, but in my limited experience it is a deeper red than ilk or whitetail with more of a beef texture to it, but still very lean. I imagine you could dry it out pretty quickly if you don't like it rare. It really is amazing stuff. Maybe we can get an anarchy moose hunt going in the next year or two.
  14. I can imagine. We have shifted our plans and expectations to try and avoid triggers to whatever degree we can. I still would like him to see Disneyworld, but it will be when the crowds are smallest and we will drive not fly. When we go out to eat, we don't go to "family friendly" restaurants as he can react to a lot of commotion from other kids, instead we go to places where people frown when they see a 3 year old coming. When we go to those kinds of restaurants, he enjoys it, we enjoy it, and he is calm and relaxed. Just don't try and rush him through his meal