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  1. LenP

    Trumpeachment Part Deux

    Buccaneers? Snarks? Are you saying Mikey has met this Antifa provocateur? You are frightening me.
  2. LenP

    What If It Worked

    Full civil war, nobody comes out a winner. Eventually Trump is removed but it would be the end of our nation as we know it.
  3. LenP

    Who paid for the Nincomcoup attempt?

    Agreed. I am looking forward to the DOJ continuing to follow every thread of this.
  4. LenP

    The Corner

    In his mind, he could not be poor out of laziness or incompetence, so it must mean he is intentionally poor because he is a lefty. We should make sure some kids in Somalia send him a thank you card.
  5. LenP

    Who paid for the Nincomcoup attempt?

    That is not what it proves. It would however indicate there may have been a conspiracy and that more folks closer to Trump who have more than an impeachment to worry about.
  6. LenP

    The Corner

    Astro might be right on this one.
  7. LenP

    Fire Extinguisher Guy Arrested

    Yes, I suppose I should take my own advice and remember that this is a cult and not rational people we are talking about. People in a cult will do anything the cult calls for, including killing innocents or even themselves. Trying to find rational explanations can just make us crazy. It is not rational.
  8. Thanks. It will be a while for my wife and I as well, but I am most concerned about mom and my brother's family. My wife and I should be lower risk, although you never know how it could affect you until it does. Doing our best to stay safe in the meantime.
  9. LenP

    The Corner

    We should do the right thing, not out of revenge, not because it is convenient, not because it is practical, but because it is the right thing and the last four years should teach us what doing the wrong thing gets us. We should do the right thing because it is the right thing, in spite of it being inconvenient, in spite of it being impractical, even in the face of threats that there will be repercussions. FFS, MLK and others were beaten, jailed, attacked with dogs, and killed and they still did what they did because it was the right thing. We live in a better world today because they did the right thing even when it was impractical, inconvenient, even when it took their lives.
  10. LenP

    Fire Extinguisher Guy Arrested

    That is what I want to see more than anything else at this point. What made them so confident that they were not all going to be sitting in jail the rest of their lives? What made them so confident they would not be arrested that they actually took selfies while they were violating multiple federal laws and participating in a coup attempt which resulted in the death of police. Smiling in selfies while cops were being murdered.
  11. My brother, his wife, and his daughter all have it now. He and his wife both are at higher risk from it. Thankfully my mother who lives with us is scheduled for the Vaccine in a few weeks, hoping we can continue to keep her safe until then. This all sucks donkey balls. #1 best my ass.
  12. LenP

    Fire Extinguisher Guy Arrested

    That is what continues to amaze me about this. A great many of them were publicly posting the evidence now being used to arrest them. They were either not thinking at all, or truly believed that they were authorized by the president to attack the capitol and would see no consequences for it even when murdering police. We really need to remember this time in our history, that we never forget just how much damage one person can do in four short years. The consequences here have to be severe, and the investigations have to be thorough, lest anyone walk away feeling more emboldened by getting away with it.
  13. LenP

    Fire Extinguisher Guy Arrested

    If he never went in the building, where did the fire extinguisher come from? The more folks they arrest, the more likely some of them start connecting some dots to try and save their sorry asses. It seems a lot of these folks thought that they were not at legal risk for what they were doing.
  14. LenP

    The states as a laboratory

    I don't think folks are moving from urban areas to rural areas, they are just moving from expensive areas to less expensive areas and from urban areas with apartments to suburban areas with houses. This was accelerated by Trump's tax changes limiting SALT deductions and Covid. I don't think you can really lay the blame on Democrats. Those places were expensive because a lot of people wanted to live there, mostly because that is where the better paying jobs were. Now that remote work is becoming the norm, folks would prefer a yard and a home office to working out of their closet with kids banging on the door. The moves are real, but I don't see anything political about it. There are implications for voting trends in the future though, as a lot of the folks moving out of urban areas and into suburban areas in places like PA and NC are bringing a more moderate or center left view, so expect more states like GA flipping blue in the next 2 to 4 years.
  15. LenP

    The Corner

    Don't forget that Hunter also used email. Those patriots who invaded the capitol were good folks who were maybe just a smidge overzealous, but you can't fault them for just loving their country so much that they feel the need to destroy it. Kind of like the soccer mom who drives her minivan into a lake to kill her kids, it was only out of love. You should not further prosecute them when they have already lost so much. Unity, unity, unity.
  16. LenP

    The Corner

    If we want to make sure that this never happens again, we should give a pass to the folks who orchestrated this one. Because just as every parent knows, demonstrating that there are consequences for one's actions is a terrible way to discourage bad behavior.
  17. LenP

    Impeachment: Why Now?

    As to the bolded, that is the most important reason why there is a need to impeach. If out of political expediency, or a misguided sense of how to move towards unity, we let what happened slide then we are tacitly inviting a repeat of the attempted coup and next time we may not be so lucky. I shudder to think of where we would be today if they had found Pelosi and/or Pence. What would have happened to the country if they actually hung Pence or Pelosi on live tv in front of the nation, particularly with Trump still President. I suspect that as more information comes out, we will find that we were much more in danger of losing our nation than people realize today.
  18. LenP

    Impeachment: Why Now?

    More details in the coming weeks from the DOJ on the level of planning that went into the coup attempt along with evidence of complicity that folks in Trump's inner circle had might provide the air cover the R Senators are looking for if they vote to convict. This was nothing like protests over the summer which sometimes erupted into violence, this was a planned coup attempt, and as that becomes more obvious, it should become an easier decision to convict.
  19. LenP

    Extended Warranty Phone Solicitations

    I find that very few of those callers are interested in hearing about the coming end times and the rapture, that usually ends the call quickly. On the rare occasion I am really bored, I have on occasion done my best Tony Robbins impression to help them see their true potential. Got one to start loudly chanting "I am worthy of more than this" in the middle of whatever boiler room he was calling from. Some of them are really motivated to hand in there if they think there is a chance you will give up a CC #. Lately the calls come in so often that I just hang up. Like IB, I get a lot of business calls on the phone so I can't screen as well as I would like.
  20. LenP

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    Editing and moderating are two different things. FB, Twitter, and Parler as well, do not edit content. All three of them do moderate, they just moderate differently. Platforms like Youtube are constantly moderating to avoid illegal or pirated content. FB and Twitter are constantly moderating to enforce their TOS, an example of this was FB banning ads or posts for guns for sale. Parler moderated content as well, but their moderation was to limit content that challenged RW orthodoxy. FB does not to this day limit content that promotes a particular political ideology, instead they limit specific things like promoting debunked conspiracy theories which could endanger the public.
  21. LenP

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    Most of what it was actually used for was driving contributions and organizing Trump rallies. That was the core of their base and the core of their activities. They were actively censoring content which disparaged Trump, but let calls for violent overthrows of the government slide. To me this is much more like when the govt went after file sharing sites. The argument that the file sharing sites made was that they let people share any files, so if someone posted pirated material they should not be responsible. The problem for them was that they had nearly zero usage aside from illegal pirated material. I suspect this was the intention from the beginning with Parler, since if the intention was to build a real business the architecture of their systems would reflect the intention to build a sustainable business. It did not look like that at all, instead it looked like it was tech that was intended to be discarded when it was no longer needed. So I think that the services who distanced themselves from Parler did so because they saw the same thing I did. I did not sit in their strategy sessions, so I could be wrong and it could be that they just made a series of really terrible decisions, but even if that is the case it doesn't change the fact that other businesses have every right to distance themselves from another business which has become toxic. I can say with absolute certainty that the decision was a business decision not a political one. If there was less business risk in continuing the relationship, then they would have continued it. The revenue does not even register for the companies in question, it would be substantially less than a rounding error. So it was all about risk, and there was a lot of risk in continuing to do business with Parler.
  22. LenP

    Nat guard Prepping.. ZZZZZZZ LOL

    After some of my son's training, he can now sleep standing up. If there was a place to lay down, he would but otherwise he would just close his eyes and be asleep standing there. Really strange to watch.
  23. LenP


    Hah, Trump fellated Kim and you think Biden is the one we should worry about?
  24. Executing Trump might make him a Martyr. Impeaching him when he has committed impeachable offenses is just holding him accountable.
  25. LenP


    I noticed she was mourning the dead terrorists alongside the dead cop, even mentioning the cop last after listing the dead terrorists.