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  1. williwaw

    dutch ac entry

    Unless they have a private backer out there this is not gonna happen. And even then they are a bit late. But we will see
  2. williwaw

    F18 ownership costs

    That's a good advice, will go for that.
  3. williwaw

    F18 ownership costs

    Today another race series in 10-15 knots. It was clear that the long boards just sail 5 degrees higher at the same speed!
  4. williwaw

    F18 ownership costs

    Ok thanx for all the info, still not sure if new longer/thinner boards are worth the investment. We were sailing lower in winds below 12 knots compare to most other boats. Hard to tell if it is the boat/sails or the boards. Also interested if those thinner (shorter chordlength) boards are faster downwind
  5. williwaw

    F18 ownership costs

    We have a Cirrus from 2003. Does it make sense to replace the daggerboards by longer/newer ones?
  6. Is there a boat for sale?
  7. williwaw

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    At least a competitor who does not have to worry about funding.
  8. williwaw

    Rolex Wild Oats XI

    What is the exact plan?
  9. williwaw

    rs aero

    Yes what about elapsed times, on the photo I see the Laser in front of the aeros.
  10. williwaw

    rs aero

    Emilio is right, it looks very ugly/stupid. It might not be effictive having sail area in the lower corner but having no sail at all is even more less effective. The same for the hull form in the front, there they missed an aesthetical chance too, this boat had to have a bow treatment like that NZ Fraser dinghy. Then it would be a 21 century one. Now it looks like an old OK dinghy. Just a personal view. But it is good to see new boats coming.
  11. williwaw

    rs aero

    Which A hole designed that sail?
  12. williwaw

    rs aero

    But how is the speed comparison on the water between the Laser, numbers say nothing
  13. williwaw

    rs aero

    Better than the original
  14. williwaw

    rs aero

    I still think if Laser has the guts to modernise the boat with carbon tubes (very cheap nowadays) and a Hansen like square top main in laminate they will last another 25years.
  15. williwaw

    rs aero

    Jesus christ, This boat looks like an old OK dinghy. Def. not a boat of this time when you look at the bow. Aesthetical wise they should have invested some more