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  1. fdsailor

    what is it?

    Thomas Tison Elida http://thomastison.com/?page_id=157
  2. fdsailor

    Poll: Next AC Boat

    Keep in foiling cats, and keep the wings but stipulate they must be lowerable/reefable on the water and hoistable within a minute. Then at least they become more relevant to the general sailing population and the trickle down effect can actually work because they become a practical proposition on other boats (Seascape and others are already close to this). Get rid of some of the computer assists, and make the boats a bit bigger...the current cats are just a bit small to have much presence.
  3. fdsailor

    Whatever happened to the Classe 950?

    The one being built in the UK ( Dibley design) is progressing nicely, I'll ask the owner if I can post a couple of pics from his FB page. He's a very good sailor too (Musto Skiffs, Merlin Rockets etc) so when it hits the water it will be interesting to see how it goes. Maybe HPR would be a better bet for this type of boat in the meantime...hope they succeed!
  4. fdsailor

    59er XX

    Someone like Hartley Laminates would do a nice job of a reborn 59er, maybe in poly or vinyl. Their Osprey's are nicely built and a good price point too
  5. fdsailor


    Didn't one of the Aussie ones start doing well in handicap events?
  6. fdsailor

    DC Designs

    Well done that man! Gotta love experimental projects like this. 1/5th cost at 1/2 the time using DIY store materials materials for 80% performance = at least twice the fun I think. You may not be as fast as the other ones but the fun factor is mighty high. Like your Bach too - I've just recorded Prokofiev 7th Piano Sonata, the last movement of which would make a good high wind sailing soundtrack i think
  7. fdsailor

    DC Designs

    Wee bump here. How on earth this has ended up on the 2nd page when that daft MX thing is on the first I'll never know. Any of you Europeans coming up here for the Euros? Any from across the Atlantic? And what's new with the boats? Is yours one of the kit ones Ian? I might try to get down and take some video footage of the event.
  8. fdsailor


    That dark blue and green one is farkin' gorgeous, amazing
  9. fdsailor


    Waiting for those pics......!
  10. fdsailor

    DC Designs

    Still the best dinghy dev thread on here (beating the XY Nxt best thing fo Shaw). Who all is going to Loch Lomond for the Euros?
  11. fdsailor

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    He's had 40-odd years of revenue and by a plausible calculation here made north of $10M over that period. "Subvert the whole design industry" is being a touch dramatic, don't you think? By the way, do you think patents last for ever? That would be 14-20 years in the USA. Design copyright? 10 years in the USA. I never said anything about patents. That's a common mis-conception which even the ILCA lawyers fell foul of. Sigh. Yes we all know there are no patents related to the Laser. You claimed this could "subvert the whole design industry". My point was that most forms of IP have a limited lifespan, yet IP-related industries function. You've also failed to grasp the cake analogy. Clean made the same point yesterday. If BK has copyright which remains valid in the construction manual, it doesn't help him too much. If you buy a pastry cookbook, you can't copy it and sell the copy but you can bake and sell the cakes. If you have the construction manual, you can use it to build boats. The copyright is in the manual (cookbook) not in the objects it describes. It seems to me BK has a valid claim as to misuse of his trademark and is likely to get some compensation for that. But moving forward, its use can simply be dropped. As to his contract, that argument seems to rest on validity of novations as rights and companies have been sold and resold. I'm not sure anyone here either fully understands the facts in that respect and personally, even if I did, I certainly don't know how that relates to coRt. SIGH. Respectfully disagree. I said in another post that there is little in common between a cookbook which is destined and purposed for mass open sales with no requirement of a plaque to be attached to each cake sold as opposed to a manual which is of controlled availability due to it perhaps containing proprietary information, and the requirement of this manual and the information contained within to have been used in the building of boats in order for plaques to be issued. It also remains to be seen how the manual will be treated with respect to its use during the alleged breach of contract. I think it will be interesting how Kirbys lawyers approach this. But you carry on with your baking.
  12. fdsailor

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Not really IMHO. 1.) He got his value from the trademark (and a design patent had he so desired) but as it is with everything else in every other field, patents eventually expire and he extracted whatever value he could from the trademark. He is now apparently trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat (or take a second or third bite at the apple as judges sometimes say in cases like this) with a construction manual argument. But there are significant challenges to that as evidenced by all three parties with no common interest (LPE, ILCA, ISAF) agreeing. 2.) Not at all. Name me another class where the designer has successfully claimed or even tried to claim compensationn from a design patent, trademark and a construction manual copyright contract. Actually, I forgot one. He apparently also claims compensation based on trademarking his name. Four bites at the apple. Unheard of IMO. The implications of BK's approach carried to other fields would preclude your parents from ever having access to affordable generic drugs. 3.) Or he took a failed/failing company and tried to save it. I don't understand you guys. Clearly the class association is not rich. Clearly LPE is not swimming in money. Somebody above calculated BK made in axcess of $10MM on the royalty alone nevermind the sale of the Laser trademark. ILCA and ISAF all agree with LPE. Why on earth do you think that is so? What's in it for them? Easier to just agree w BK and watch the class die. They fight for the class and the sailor here throw them under the bus. They even bitch about an open vote! If they disagreed why didn't they vote the other way? Wow. For the live of God, THERE IS NOT, NEVER HAS BEEN AND BK NEVER CLAIMED THERE WAS A PATENT OF ANY SORT. Bruce Kirby owns a company that licenses selected boat builders the right to build and sell a boat that was designed by that company. The fee the selected boat builders pay is not a flat fee, but based on the number of units sold. Seems very reasonable to me. One builder has decided not to pay this fee, so BK's company have removed their right to make the boat. That boat builder has the right to use the name Laser, in some parts of the world. Big f*^$ing deal. A rose by any other name smells as sweet. Rastegar has dubious business history and I wouldn't rust him as far as I can spit. The ILCA vote was a sham. It was rushed through with a partial provision of the facts. If I was a member I'd be seeking a vote of no confidence in the management. +1.
  13. fdsailor

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    The first sentence is pure conjecture. Nobody knows what the figure is. The vote was a sham, and I know I'm not alone in that feeling. They should re-run it.. Anyways, I've said my piece.
  14. fdsailor

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    ps the manual, unlike the cookbook, is not for sale or general distribution. It remains to be seen to what extent Kirby's lawyers can claim the info contained within it to be proprietary.
  15. fdsailor

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    He's had 40-odd years of revenue and by a plausible calculation here made north of $10M over that period. "Subvert the whole design industry" is being a touch dramatic, don't you think? By the way, do you think patents last for ever? That would be 14-20 years in the USA. Design copyright? 10 years in the USA. I never said anything about patents. That's a common mis-conception which even the ILCA lawyers fell foul of. And there is no issue on design copyright either. There is an issue on the copyright of the builders manual, which is life plus 70 years in the case of US and UK. Someone mentioned comparing this to selling cakes from a cookbook...well that's just daft. Cakes don't have class associations, you wouldn't eat a boat (hopefully) and cakes are not licensed based on the use of a manual/cookbook and provided with a baker's plaque that uses the name and trademark of the author of the cookbook to help sell those cakes. There also seems to be an issue with contractual obligations. What I was saying is that ISAF supporting a shonky ILCA vote is setting a dangerous precedent which could have ramifications for other designers who deserve to continue to have their work credited. The amount of revenue he has had is a) not known and neither here nor there.