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  1. New 'Offshore' toy paid for by tax dodger from somewhere else? - http://fortune.com/2012/10/10/jersey-the-richest-offshore-tax-shelter-of-them-all/ Obviously if the owner actually lives on Jersey and works as a farmer or in one of the asset hiding banks then I take it all back...
  2. Yates Yachts 27, Callaghan design?
  3. The one being built in the UK ( Dibley design) is progressing nicely, I'll ask the owner if I can post a couple of pics from his FB page. He's a very good sailor too (Musto Skiffs, Merlin Rockets etc) so when it hits the water it will be interesting to see how it goes. Maybe HPR would be a better bet for this type of boat in the meantime...hope they succeed!
  4. Still lapstrake - traveller on hoop works well. This boat has ply planks with foam sandwich internals and decks. Centre of buoyancy has moved aft a bit. Check out the fb link in the last post for lots of cockpit pics and some of the other 3 Merlins on display. Tweakers heaven!
  5. Here are some snaps of the D-Zero. FWIW, I had a good rake around both the Devoti and the RS. Both look good, with interesting detailing and seem well built. The RS seems scary light, although I was assured that they have put material in all the right places. The chap I spoke to did concede that you couldn't treat it quite like a Laser, which is only to be expected with thin skin foam sandwich. Apparently you can carry the boat to the sea - not sure I'd try it though as one gust and you will probably need a chiropractor (it's not the weight, but the windage of carrying a fully-rigged boat which could do this). The stacking feature is nice. The D-Zero looks a lot more contemporary, and I suspect it will be the faster boat (it has around 40-50cm more LWL) in many conditions, although in some planing conditions and angles the RS might be a bit quicker. It's also only 12kg heavier, but should be a little less 'worrisome' on the beach. Plus you get the Devoti build quality. Looking forwards to trying both! BTW there's a gallery here of a lot of the Dinghy Show for anyone interested, plus there are two pictorial show reports on my site (probably not best form to post links here though) The last 2 pics here are of my favourite boat from the show, the Jo Richards 'Deadline' Merlin Rocket design called Superfast Jellyfish. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.617496168320490.1073741835.157425264327585&type=3
  6. Someone like Hartley Laminates would do a nice job of a reborn 59er, maybe in poly or vinyl. Their Osprey's are nicely built and a good price point too
  7. Didn't one of the Aussie ones start doing well in handicap events?
  8. Well done that man! Gotta love experimental projects like this. 1/5th cost at 1/2 the time using DIY store materials materials for 80% performance = at least twice the fun I think. You may not be as fast as the other ones but the fun factor is mighty high. Like your Bach too - I've just recorded Prokofiev 7th Piano Sonata, the last movement of which would make a good high wind sailing soundtrack i think
  9. I saw the bow down attitude as well, and having some experience with this type of boat my first thought was that it'd be better to fly the kite in pressure. Depending on the kite's cut it provides quite a bit of lift and stability. It needs stays. Unstated rigs ate just too bendy for square top mains, the leech is all over tve place. In the short upwind video there were lots of big ugly bubbles coming off tve transom and the other footage showed someone bouncing and pumping and hiking hard but it looked ridiculous and only caused that wobbly leech to fan open like a torn screen on the storm door. The kite I saw them use looks like a flat little screecher, I cannot see that thing going dw efficiently at 140-150twa in anything less than 15 I'll say a laser will beat this around the course. Will the mxnext be faster? Probably. But not fast enough to cover tve extra ground needed to sail it's angles. What's the price point? Is there a big market for full carbon hiking dinghys with assys? Based on my experiences, folks love to say they'd love to sail one but sailing one isn't buying one.. It's a boat.. Math dictates it's capabilities. You can't argue with math... Unless you're trapping or on a sliding seat, you're very limited in ability to apply power.. Hike a lot, go 5.5kts uphill in everything from 7kts to 20kts... Nothing revolutionary there. Cool lookin boat I guess but it's radical look doesn't match it's performance... Like a huge spoiler on a Honda civic. Good post. Unfortunately the designer and his sidekick may turn up shortly to tell youhow you know nothing about boat design, instead of just dealing with the points. This will then be followed by an extended ego trip from Vlad telling you how his boat is revolutionary, how all boats will look like his in 20 years time and how other professional designers will copy his ideas. When you point out that his boat is not revolutionary, he will try to throw dictionary references at you, which actually just show that his boat is not revolutionary. Hopefully this has spared everyone here a couple of pages of the Doug and Vlad brain vomit show.
  10. You're not wrong....blend of hype and ego written all over this.
  11. Wee bump here. How on earth this has ended up on the 2nd page when that daft MX thing is on the first I'll never know. Any of you Europeans coming up here for the Euros? Any from across the Atlantic? And what's new with the boats? Is yours one of the kit ones Ian? I might try to get down and take some video footage of the event.
  12. People who live in glass houses shouldn't be cunts.
  13. To be fair, I reckon the guys who are doing this don't give a rats ass what you think, nor do they have to explain to you their reasons why. They are doing it for their own reasons. And anyway, there's plenty of secondhand TP52 gear around that they can beg/borrow/steal.
  14. That dark blue and green one is farkin' gorgeous, amazing
  15. Waiting for those pics......!