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  1. How Fast can a Snipe go?

    Here she is in a calmer setting.
  2. How Fast can a Snipe go?

    makes sense. I've only had the boat for two seasons. The only thing I could find was a shackle on a line attached to the back of the centerboard trunk, so I put the shackle on the handle on top of the dagger board. Maybe the line needs to be shorter so it doesn't come out of the slot. I bought the boat from a guy who bought the boat from a Harken, so the boat is tricked out in all Harken stuff. I've never actually seen a different fully rigged Snipe in person, so there was a bit of a learning curve last year in my driveway.
  3. How Fast can a Snipe go?

    The thing was, it did feel like a light breeze over the deck. I could tell there were heavier puffs cause the boat would just lurch forward faster. I didn't lose my hat. The bow was riding nice and up until maybe I went so fast I lost steering or something because it went from fine to in the water in about a second or two. 20kts might be a bit much, but I bet I was going 15+kts. I have been 20kts (19.9kts on GPS) on a Corsair F27, and it felt close to that, but it's all relative I guess. Closest Wunderground station had winds sustained at 35 with gusts in the low 40's. Many trees lost branches, so it was blowing at whatever it needs to make that happen.... As for the self rescue, the Lillia Snipe has fully enclosed sides and transom (and bow), so the whole boat floats high and dry with about an 1/2-inch below the water when upside down. The heavy metal dagger board slip out of the slot and was hanging by the "don't lose the dagger board" line and shackle. With two people, we couldn't get the boat to start flipping back over. The easiest way was to throw a tow line over the hull and tie it to a sidestay, then with me with my feet on the side of the boat and guiding the tow line, the power boat starts to pull. I put the rail in the water and the powerboat gives some power and the boat flips back over. you just have to make sure it doesn't flop on top of you.
  4. How Fast can a Snipe go?

    I luckily had the dagger board attached with a line and shackle. it came out of the slot, but was dangling there when the boat was upside down. I had to swim down, undo the shackle, then swim it up to a waiting boat. Not easy to swim with, that's for sure...
  5. How Fast can a Snipe go?

    I was racing my Snipe (Lillia #29255) on Saturday single-handed on Shell Lake in Northern Wisconsin when an unexpected storm was fast approaching and they called for everyone to get off the water. As some of the chase boats were towing other sailboats, I was trying to make it to shore, heading away from the storm. The wind at the time was 1-3 kts, and I was slowly heading downwind with the pole out on the jib. All of a sudden the wind picked up to 35+ knots and I was flying DDW and the boat kept going faster and faster with each increasing gust. Side spray was probably 4-6ft in the air off the sides of the boat, and I was doing OK for a few minutes, until a huge puff buried the bow into a wave and spun the boat sideways and slid me in the water like an omelet out of a Teflon pan onto a plate. The boat quickly turtled, and I had to ride out the storm with hail, lightning and huge waves for around 45 minutes. Since I was still around a half mile from shore, which I couldn't see, I decided to stay with the boat. Once it passed over, boats from shore raced out to check on me. I guess people thought I was dead because the fire department was there with a dive team getting all suited up. We got the boat flipped back over eventually once we figured out the right technique, nothing was broken, race was rescheduled for the next day, and I handily won it. The only question I have is how fast was I going?!? It felt like 15-20kts. People from shore described it as looking like a speed boat. It sure felt awesome.
  6. any experience/ideas for bareboat in the BVI?

    we always fly into St. Thomas and take the ferry. Depending on when you arrive, you may need to spend a night and then take the ferry in the morning. The chart briefings are around 9am if you haven't done one before. There is supposed to be a new BVI airways flight from Miami starting up soon. Sunsail/Moorings is nice, as is TMM, plus probably a lot of others I haven't used. I like Mooring's location to the grocery/booze store the best. and they have nice facilities. snorkeling musts are Indians, caves, wreck of the Rhone (it's not by the rhone buoy, it's off the point..) and monkey point off of Guana island. Baths is awesome, but be careful swimming in if the wind is strong, the riptide can be a bitch trying to swim from the dinghy line to shore, the beach to your left is easier to swim to. North Sound is fun. if you stay on a Saba Rock mooring, you get free ice and free water fill up. Have everyone take long showers before you go to the dock for water. Foxy's beach BBQ (YVD) on Friday and Saturday night is good. If you go to Anegada, try to rent the two pickup trucks (with bench seats in the back), or get a taxi to the beaches on the north side of the island. cow wreck is nice, and they have a basketball hoop. If you rent the scooters, just assume at least one person in your group will crash. you can make your own painkillers using an empty gallon jug of water. pour in one bottle of Mt. Gay rum, one big can of Goya orange juice, one can of Goya pineapple juice, one can of cream of coconut, and mix it up. (the combination fills the gallon almost to the top, so it's perfect mix in that regard) keep it in the fridge. pour over ice, add shaved nutmeg on top. you can get the nutmeg and grater at the grocery store. Assign one adult to look after the children your first time making these. you will be 4 gallons in before you know it.
  7. new low

    when are we going to start focusing on the sandwiches? All this ranting and raving about rule this and rule that and no regard for the poor sandwiches. We don't even know how much he charges for them, if they are any good, if condiments are provided, if there is a vegetarian option, processed vs. unprocessed meats, types of cheese if cheese is even present, etc. let's start a real discussion here.
  8. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    I like the HH catamarans ad at the top of this forum. was that on purpose?
  9. ACWS Bermuda - Oct 16-18

    to the people arguing about OR's perfect start and AR being way behind, watch the replay and pay attention to the overhead view of the crash. AR was going around Team Japan, not OR, and OR was about 3 boat length's behind the other 5 boats. OR then used the space the crash generated to get a good start. There would have been no room for them if AR didn't make sweet, sweet love to that RIB.
  10. 1) will the all black design make the boat unbearably hot AF around the equator? 2) any backup straight foils if you hit something a break off a foil? 3) Do people still drink TANG?
  11. Team Vestas grounded

    are we talking about lost pictures showing totally gross negligence of the vagina? There is probably a good start to a nun joke somewhere in this...... back to the sailing... if there is already talk of building a new boat, think there is any huge concern over the money?
  12. Has anyone been on the "boat" lately? is it on a webcam view? do I need to read through all of the other 81 pages?
  13. I would also like to use this forum to get to 25 posts.
  14. I thought the whole boat is junk? I've seen worse, but never on such grand of scale. I think a live youtube feed of the maiden voyage is in order. someone should do a kickstarter to fund it.
  15. I'm just glad that it took the biting of another man's finger for me to find out about this story! I am already comparing prices of lumber and checking craigslist for free scraps. My plan is to sail around the world. I have probably looked at 11,000 boats, so I should be good. Also, I plan on lining the hull with actual glass, instead of the crappy flexible fiber type of glass. Lastly, can we get pics more pics of the boat posted? maybe with pics of the people on the boat, to see if they are frowning?