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  1. 10thTonner

    How do you define Good Crew?

    Going upwind in a dinghy, good crew acts more like a tactician then like movable ballast.
  2. 10thTonner

    What boat does it belong to?

    If it is for a boat that boat will have a stayed mast, that's for sure.... Ok, so Finns, Lasers, Opties and "Sailing Yacht A" are out. Has there ever been such thing as an IOR twenty tonner?
  3. 10thTonner

    Salvage advise appreciated

    What about cutting her into pieces that are small enough for one of those monster cargo copters? Fly them out to a more convenient place and weld everything back together.
  4. 10thTonner

    PredictWind vs Sail Flow vs Whoever - The sequel

    I wonder why nobody mentioned Windfinder and Windguru so far. Are they only available in Europe? Windfinder uses GFS and something they call "Superforecast" which may or may be not ECMWF... (Could be they are only interpolating between the GFS grid.) It's pretty good as far as forecasts go. Windguru was also nice but isn't available for iOS anymore.
  5. 10thTonner

    Dinghy on mooring buoy in a rolly bay - capsize preventer?

    Can he lower the mast? Take off the rudder? Lash both down in the boat as low as possible? Attach the mooring line to a point at the bow about waterline hight or even a bit under? Put some (inflatable) buoyancy in it to at least keep it floating upside down? Only after all of this failed I would try out the fancy stuff. Putting ballast in a boat that is not designed for it is not a good idea. As is leaving the board down, ballast or no balast. It is not the continuous side load (like in pointing) but the rocking that'll lead to fatigue failure sooner or later. You can prevent that somehow by putting a hardwood wedge in the centerboard trunk but... I wouldn't do it.
  6. 10thTonner

    H-Boat Renovation Project

  7. Briefly dunking the mast into the water before spinaker takedown cools the halyard and lets it run more smoothyly through the blocks.
  8. 10thTonner

    Hanuman for sale

    Wotsit rate?
  9. 470s, FDs and Tornadoes had these rubber lip thingies on their centerboard slots since at least the eighties. I think they came preinstalled from the builder... don't know where to buy them aftermarket.
  10. Wait, between jib and main everybody here gets raving mad about keeping the slot open and underwater you want to close it? Are you fucking deranged?
  11. 10thTonner

    does a

    They come in smaller sizes, too. Solings, Stars, and 5.5's have them. The Harken catalog won't help you here, talk to your saillmaker!
  12. 10thTonner

    everybody doin' it?

    The slot is pretty much built into a Soling rig. (I always wondered why the experienced guys told me to ignore the traveller but just sheet the main to the center and leave it there but was afraid to ask. I thought a little more twist would have set her up to a little wider groove...) You can point these things incredibly high. But one degree too high and it feels like you threw an anchor.
  13. 10thTonner

    everybody doin' it?

    Solings may be a better example: Non-overlapping, self-tacking jib. They sheet the boom blok-on-block to the centerline and then leave it there until the upwind mark. It results in a brutally narrow groove, but, yea...
  14. 10thTonner

    Racing Dinghy with Easily Stepped Mast?

    Show us yo tits newb or fuck off! The mast of any of the above can be steped by one person if you obey basic laws of physics.