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  1. 10thTonner

    New 6 Meter Rigs

    "What looks ugly probably is ugly." - My dad on art, boats, women and pretty much everything
  2. 10thTonner

    In Production: Spirit 111

    It also means “spirit” as in liquor. Maybe a reference to Austrian Himbeergeist? ... You’re velcome.
  3. 10thTonner

    Drying out spinnaker?

    Cool! I always wanted to do a low-temperature duck in mine but I‘m afraid the smell wouldn’t get out.
  4. 10thTonner

    Thoughts on this 27' boat

    Inshore Germany. PM me when you are panning your next trip to Europe. (I counted 16 H-boats on one of the piers. However, only 3 or 4 of them are participating in our round- the-beercans regularly. One guy is really serious. He dry-sails his H-boat and does all the OD regattas from Scandinavia to lake Garda...)
  5. 10thTonner

    Drying out spinnaker?

    Just don’t take it down.
  6. 10thTonner

    Thoughts on this 27' boat

    There’s more than a dozen of them in my club. Excellent daysailers /weekenders for their size, and they still race OD in many European countries, too. Only issues are: no reef line (in OD configuration), and iron keels. So be prepared to work with traveller and backstay and look for signs of rust regularly. You can’t go wrong with a H-Boat.
  7. 10thTonner

    Rudders and roundup

    Sorry that was a quickie. Of course the drag curve turns horizontal at 90 degrees, not 7. That’s the point I wanted to make.
  8. 10thTonner

    Rudders and roundup

  9. 10thTonner

    Rudders and roundup

    A little weather helm actually is faster! At about 3 to 5 degrees rudder angle, the increased drag is more than compensated for by sailing higher, so there’s your best VMG. Boats that are absolutely neutral usually don’t go to windward very well.
  10. 10thTonner

    Rudders and roundup

    ^ this. Ok, once you are sailing flat, with minimum heel, and there is still too much weather helm, next thing you try is tightening the backstay, opening the main leech at the top. (Assuming a 7/8 or 3/4 rig...)
  11. 10thTonner

    do big race boats depreciate?

    Big old race boats have no value because it isn’t possible for them to win races anymore. ... But isn’t there a thread about a crazy couple converting a TP52 into a fast cruiser? So maybe that would be an option. Ok, it isn’t as easy as in pre-IOR times, but it has been done. Ichi Ban for example? Would make a good conversation starter. “She was a full-on Racer when we bought her for almost nothing. Took part in the Shithole-to-Nowhere race in 1912 or so... Here, look at these pictures - that was the ‘interior’ and here’s the cockpit... quite the pit, eh? Aaw, one more Aperol by the way? “ If I had the moolah I’d at least explore that option for my future mothership.
  12. 10thTonner

    Scooter Goes to the Dark Side

    Man you guys scared me! When I read the thread title I thought he bought a fockn motorboat!
  13. 10thTonner

    The Zombie Fleet

    That’s quite The Cool! Where is it?
  14. 10thTonner

    American Dumbass

    When we parked that old swan 65 in Falmouth Harbor two years ago we were the smallest boat in the harbour. The 70 foot stinkpot next to us was a tender and it carried a RIB.