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  1. It may be an exaggeration but cruising cats are as lame (and ugly) as racing cats are dangerous. Oh, and they all go to windward like square riggers, don't they? Dont get me wrong, I sailed a tornado when I was younger and it was lots of fun... between five and ten knots true. Every time we flipped it I thought: "I wouldn't want to do THAT at sea!"
  2. You're just windward of everybody else. :-)) I've managed to pull this off once or twice but only in mixed-fleet handycap races with looong start lines. If the fleet is tough and / or the line is short (or if you get the timing slightly wrong) you're fucked. Don't ask me how I know. Most RCs have the I or U flag up anyway.
  3. They can't standardize a fucking wedge?
  4. Seems one can get away with incompetence or with arrogance, but not with both.
  5. Since match racing isn't proper sailing there cannot be a proper course.
  6. Our club owns 4 J/70's with new sails. They are raced a lot. But we're not a small club, at least for European standards.
  7. MARK ROOM ! ! !
  8. How about a sliding hatch? Can even be remote-operated from the back of the boat, Dragon style.
  9. High initiation fee and relatively low annual costs means you're expected to become member for life. (You plus your kids plus your grandkids who're usually all granted "free" membership on your ticket). For many clubs this model worked for the last 150 years or so but I don't know if it is the right thing for todays economy/society.
  10. Hehe, no, I didn't. I sailed a Tornado Classic back when it wasn't called the "Classic" and Dyneema wasn't even invented, but I didn't know that. Agnostc Euro bloke, y'know?
  11. Hahaha, back in the day I used to get flown around in a Robinson 44 and the "Jesus Nut" was the least of my wories (*cough* singlepistonengine *cough*) ... Good times, anyway... ...sorry for the drift!
  12. I have nothing against live vests. But "fulltime"? I usually sail on a little lake where you can swim to shore from any point on the water. Wind seldom gets over 10 knots. And it's crowded. If I jumped overboard, at least five motorboats would be with me in about sixty seconds. So yea. Of course there's still the good old but-what-if-the-boom-hits-your-head story but...
  13. That may have looked like a clever idea in the middle eighties or so. ( ...Big pimpin, oy? )
  14. Plus: Inside-outside rule overrides windward-leeward. Starboard-port rule overrides windward-leeward and inside-outside. I think with that little addition, we have it all. The Sailing Anarchy Shortbook of Rules.