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  1. downwind boat speed

    Plus, there's more pressure up there.
  2. New Zealand Orca

    Mrs. Appel refers to them as "Cow Sharks".
  3. downwind boat speed

    Folkboats trim their jibs absolutely flat when going ddw. In light air they reduce wetted area by trimming extremely nose-down (crew sits on the bow in front of the forestay). In more wind you may try anything that extends your waterline length... maybe a neutral fore-and-aft trim but some heel? Don't know your boat but this may be a starting point.
  4. Day Rates for Pros?

    I've heard of EUR 800 to 1500 per day for amateurs on Dragons and J/70s but only a handful of boats are really going that way. Stars crews are rumored to be more expensive but that is because you pay them by the pound.
  5. will we see a move to retro ocean racing

    Doing up and downs in meter yachts or skerry cruisers may be fun but riding an IOR racehog over the open ocean is an entirely different thing. Me, I'd jump right from the wooden classics to modern fat bottom planing designs, thank you very much!
  6. Kite boats

    Has anyone here ever kiteboarded? As far as I remember, the kiter is constantly busy keeping the kite moving. I you think it will pull you downwind like a spinnaker: forget it! As soon as you speed up, apparent wind will approach zero and your kite will fall out of the sky. You must steer the kite flying figure eights to pull downwind, then, as you gain speed and aim your board to windward, you have it flying up and down resulting in a kind of sinus curve. This is ok as long as the kite is small enough to be steered by a single person pulling strings. But I don't see how it will work with the loads of a big kite on a big boat. At least the trimmer(s) will be as busy as a gennaker trimmer on a TP52...
  7. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    I usually play the armchair admiral rather than the armchair shrink, but with the bike accident it suddenly all makes sense: ...frontal lobe syndrome?
  8. Extreme barging

    In scenario 4, initial mistake of red and grey was to be at that position in the first place. This is the zone of death. Everybody knows to never get caught in the starboard/windward quadrant off the RC boat during the last two minutes or so before the gun! Never! You'll cross the line in third or fourth row if you do and you'll have dirty air all the way to the first mark. If, like in scenario 4, it was too late for the two bargers to gybe out, then yellow, green, and black would have had to bear away to awoid collision. They protest, and both red and grey would be DSQ. If green had forced black up and black had to tack to awoid collision with red and/or grey, then maybe green would have been DSQ'd too. Since red and grey had no geometrically possible place to go at that time, they could have been considered an obstruction by the PC. So green would have forced black onto an "obstruction". (The fact that the obstruction was created by the incompetence of red and grey doesn''t add to the point here. They are DSQ anyway.)
  9. Sailing a frac rig under jib only

    Straight spreaders and no runners aren't a good idea, mainsail up or down...
  10. Pogo Like Sailboats in North America

    A friend of mine has a Seascape and in the light and medium she's quite the slug. Looks faster than she actually is or maybe just needs more pressure, I don't know...
  11. bwaaahaaahaaa!!

    It is remotely related to tits. That'll do, hmkay?
  12. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    C'mon guys! They had lots of fresh water, possibly some soap... and the dogs as a last resort!
  13. Ramming Speed! Tall Ship Docking Adventures

    I never got it why so many people like these movie prop motor boats with added decorative square rigs. Best they can do is being blown ddw bow first with the sails up. What they usually do is being blown ddw sideways with the sails down - as seen here... Square rigers my arrrse! (In the video it looked like at least the port prop was still running. Forward and reverse. Maybe somebody just underestimated his windage?)
  14. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    It's the hull speed for going sideways.