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  1. 10thTonner


    Mine was about 444€. Yes, thats expensive but I am planning to wear it until I die in it some 140 years from now. Seriuosly, I asked around and everybody told me if you want to sit in a wet place and keep your arse dry for longer periods of time, you'll have to spend at least 300 - 400. I have no-name gumboots that I throw away when they start to smell and I just disopsed of a 49€ Caterpillar jacket that was astonishingly good as long as it lasted. But don't mess with pants! I didn't regret buying that one for a second.
  2. 10thTonner


    I bought an MPX salopette last year. It's Gore-Tex. I just love it.
  3. 10thTonner

    Spreader Geometry

    You never sail ddw in a boat like that. You dont even have to know the polars to know this - just look at that hull, fin, and rig. 150degrees AWA max I would guess! Btw: have you ever actually sailed a boat with a main sheeted out more that 90deg forward? I can do this in my heavy 80 year centerboarder thanks to the wooden forestay. Produces some wild steering and rolling I can tell you! And it doesn’t get any faster at all because of all the necessary rudder-wriggling to keep her under the rig.
  4. 10thTonner

    what is it?

    Star hull with a padded cover for shipping it acrosss continents? The ring on the keel is for the zipper.
  5. Well doctor, I just came out of the shower and I noticed that a screw in the shelf was loose so I took the screwdriver, still naked, and then I slipped and fell and the handle somehow went into my anus. Really. Now could you get it out please? And don’t tell my wife.
  6. The “not mandatory” was the true Ricko. The interview reads like it was thoroughly vetted, lawyerd, and spindoctored by the Oatleys.
  7. 10thTonner

    What brands from the 70s/80s would you resurrect?

    You mean the fixed handles with the black plastic ball on the end? Weren’t they also on dragons, 6 and 5.5 meters and so on? Find someone who restores one and ask if you can have them. Most people don’t like them.
  8. 10thTonner

    Thin is in, WOXI scalps Comanche

    Yes, but we were talking line honors, not IRC/ORC etc...
  9. 10thTonner

    What brands from the 70s/80s would you resurrect?

    I still hope some other brand today will copy that design for a “retro” line of gear.
  10. 10thTonner

    onboard coffee??

    Didn’t we have that thread before? Anyway, plus one thousand for the stainless Bialetti. It takes standard fine-ground coffee, no pads, no capsules, no other funny business; it uses any kind of thermic energy from a campfire to an indiction oven; and is it is build so rugged that it can also be used for self defense. Add a stainless pot for heating milk and a whisk, and you have the simplest rig for a good cappuccino, ideal for boat use. Burn another EUR 20 for an Aerolatte, and you are entering luxury class already! Mrs. Tonner and me drink cappuccino in industrial quantities. We use that setup at home. We fill ours with that pink-label Lavaza that I grind once a week or so, but the pre-ground black or silver/red label stuff is also ok. If you are an espresso conoisseur, you may find the coffee from it still a little to acidic, and you will miss your sciuma. For that you will need something with a thermometer and a pump.
  11. 10thTonner

    we want susie, but...

    2018. An offshore race that bans fleece underwear, right? - Case closed.
  12. What about offshore events that (at least for the pro boats) last about one to three days, like Sidney to Hobart or Fastnet? This is exactly the time span you can very well stay up on amphetamine / amphetaminil / methamphetamine / modafinil / cocaine / teophyllin / whatthefuckningine? No need for a watch system, one crew will do it all the way. The "crash" (sleep 24 hrs and awake with a hangover) can very well happen onshore.
  13. 10thTonner

    What brands from the 70s/80s would you resurrect?

    Panther Craft Dehler Seehase