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  1. 10thTonner

    How long did it take to find/buy your boat?

    Sold my old boat in spring and still looking. I really fell in love with an Ylva located in Denmark but couldn't get there because of da 'rona. Boat sold within Denmark in the meantime. Same with a Karavel in Austria. If you know of any reasonably priced BB10, Ylva or Karavel in Central Europe, PM!
  2. 10thTonner

    Cushion Questions

    Latex is hypoallergenic???? Tell that to my hands, dude! I think one third of the older (40 to 65) surgeons or nurses may have some form of latex allergy because they had so much contact. The only good thing about that stuff is that it has recently become expensive. So nitrile gloves are pretty much standard now.
  3. 10thTonner

    Sail cargo for real

    If I were that crazy, I would ship wine to the Caribbean in oak barrels and sell it to local restaurants. Then fill the barrels with rum and bring that back to Europe. The gentle rocking of a sailing ship in the trade winds might actually add some flavour to the stuff. And when not - hey it’s still a helluva story! Rum that came from the Caribbean in oak barrels! On a sailing ship! 49,90 € per bottle?
  4. 10thTonner

    Here Comes The Night

    Somewhere between the Canaries and Windward Islands.
  5. Nicholson Yachtcharter in English Harbour, Antigua? Super friendly, extremely well conected in the area. They specialize in bigger / more expenive boats, but if you call and talk to Sarah, she might be able to arrange something. https://www.nicholsoncharters.com/
  6. 10thTonner

    Show your boat not sailing

    Whatsit rate?
  7. 10thTonner

    Rules question from last America's Cup

    What you said. I call this a hook: I am not sure about that one: ...Everything else is probably something else.
  8. 10thTonner

    Comanche sold again?

    Mitch Who?
  9. 10thTonner

    World Sailing and China's Leadership

    Keeping people convicted to death alive until somebody important and/or rich needed a transplant organ was standard procedure there since around the nineties. Only recently they expanded that program to ethnic or religious minorities.
  10. 10thTonner

    The back fell off

    Container ship my ass! A German kruise ship vould have done ze job kompletely. No front of ze boat still floatink around in ze environment!
  11. 10thTonner

    5000 Day Cruise

    When Moitessier did stuff like that way back when, it was kinda crazy and adorable. When Weird Stooge did faked it, he just looked like a pompous clown trying to be cool.
  12. 10thTonner

    World Sailing and China's Leadership

  13. 10thTonner

    World Sailing and China's Leadership

    Yea, the complexity of my country was also too great... 85 years ago!
  14. 10thTonner

    When I Win the Lottery

    No, I wasn’t clear enough. He made it under motor.
  15. 10thTonner

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    “Hey, didya see anything suspicious at the keel?” ”Keel? Err... no!”