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  1. US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    I don't mind if sailing gets dumbed down for the typical bonehead Olympic audience. The problem is the trickling down of these idiot rules to real sailing. That "star sailors league" is the best (worst) example. They call is a league, but in fact it is a lottery (with added pumping).
  2. US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    What's wrong with having a series? Skiing World Cup, Tour de France, Formula One... hey even the Volvo are examples that do pretty well. And they all even out weather conditions and gear failure as much as possible.
  3. US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    Yea, thats what we need: Medal races! Let luck decide who wins! Like soooo exciting to watch!
  4. US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    If this trickles down to non-Olympic sailing, I think I'll give golf a try.
  5. Sign 'O the Times

    Seems like everyrhing that matters (houses, cars, sailboats, rudders, spinnakers, tits) was a bit smaller but also much more real back then... Today, it's all about 100 foot canters, masthead gennies, and silicon. (Not that there's anything wrong with masthead gennies!)
  6. I see your point. Making the boats slower and wetter and OD wasn't the smartest move. They could have picked two out of three but not all.
  7. Sign 'O the Times

    In real life you do not dress up on your boat - you dress up to hang out on the YC terrace.
  8. Daysailing anarchy: Simple, fast, fun overnighter

    Zero to eight knots during most of the summer. Ten if we're lucky, 15 would feel like the fucking Fastnet! ...Flat water except for stinkpot wakes.
  9. Daysailing anarchy: Simple, fast, fun overnighter

    It's the 27. I dont recall which chute. I think the chines are more for room below than for speed. Maybe "slug" was a little exaggerating but I still think it is not the best boat for light air.
  10. Daysailing anarchy: Simple, fast, fun overnighter

    Friend of mine bought a Seascape early last season - nice camper van, lots of room, but much slower than it looks. Maybe he's just still learning to sail it to its potential but the overall impression is it's a slug in light air.
  11. How are We Perceived?

    No. (Hick!)
  12. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It didn't even get as far as most of these projects get: empty hull and cabin, rusting away.
  13. Sailing around the world (Galleon replica)

    Just another of those strange looking motor boats with some decorative little square sails that are never set. In the video it is 100% motoring, you don't see the sails flying for a single second. And theese things don't even motor well with their flat bottoms and all that windage aloft! From some perspectives it looks like a stone-age version of "Sailing Yacht A".
  14. Red-green color deficiency corrective sunglasses

    It's a myth. We all know that there are only three colours: yellow, blue, and the other one. Don't let them fool you!