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  1. Chatting to SEZED offline, my concern with the finer bows is more the logistics of safely getting on and off the beach (aesthetically I think they are awesome). There isn't always a support crew around, and the more fragile things are in the ends the more chance there is to have to be spending my non sailing time filling and fairing. Launching and recovering I often suffer finn envy, where skippers just lower their centreboards and calmly drop their mains right near shore whilst I balance an ICin the surf break and try to attract someones attention to grab my trolley
  2. Slowly getting back up to speed in AUS25 (Rat), keep finding small issues that need to be repaired/changed and 25kts plus last week had me err on the side of caution. Hopefully will be able to get a better understanding of what the hull has to offer (the rig doesn't offer much except reefing points - seriously). Then to sit down and make some hard decisions about what to take to Wales in 2017.
  3. The NS14 is on the market, time to start lurking around IC Forums again - not long until Wales in 2017 (even less when I need to get a boat).
  4. After a long winter off, playing Ice Hockey mainly, it is time for the IC to hit the water again. If it all goes well I'll post pics, if not then we'll all know that my lack of sailing and maintenance this winter may not have been the best approach
  5. I think I need a moment or 2 alone with this boat
  6. Looking at that flatter bottom section on the dragonfly reminds me of Steve Clarks 'Josie' hulls. Was sailing against Josie yesterday and it was amazing to watch her slip away from me off the wind, sounding like a drum as it skipped over the small waves. My flatpack was able to get away a little bit upwind, but I don't think by enough if we were racing triangles.
  7. Thought I'd better check back in with the IC community, it's been all to quiet on the Aussie IC front lately. Anyway, no new boat in build (and Germany is looking difficult at this point in time - though sponsors are welcome )but I have gotten a new set of sails (Alexander) and a 2 piece carbon stick (thanks C-Tech) which are both proving fast. Looking forward to the Nationals at Lake Boga this Easter to see how its all coming together.
  9. All this boats in build talk, has me looking longingly at the shed.... So AUS31 is available at a very good price for the next month, so I can build a new boat before Germany http://www.intcanoe.org/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1138
  10. Ian I've had gnavs on my last 2 IC's (and I won't use them again unless I have centreboard clearance issues, but thats another story) - I've always put a polyurethane mix between the alloy and the carbon and used monel rivets. However, I'm looking around at a new mast at the moment and have seen that several spar makes now make carbon goosenecks (http://www.c-tech.co.nz/shop/Class+Products/International+Canoe/IC+carbon+goose-neck+fitting.html, and CST-568 http://www.cstcomposites.com/dinghy_accessories.htm) which would be much better on the mast than the alloy rivet on fittings. The strut needs to be pretty stiff, I'd suggest just buying a small piece of HM Carbon from a supplier and using it rather than tiller extensions. Have fun
  11. Oh man! How cool is that? I hope the UK ICer's can find a way to keep that Canoe for posterity. They say that Canoe was built in 1887, one year after the Canoes in North America began competing for this trophy at Sugar Island in Ontario. Sailing Canoes have been racing for it pretty much every year since, except for a break for WW1. Uffa Fox won it in 1933. I don't know if any Brits have managed to win it since. C'mon over and try! Wow! I know of one Aussie who would love to have a crack at it, winning it is a different story. Sugar Island is a must for me one day.... Yea, Sugar Island is an amazing place, warm, clear, fresh water. Race week usually sees at least some good breeze and the place is beautiful. The IC's have, through the American Canoe Association, their own island where they have raced for over a hundred years. You'll be in NA for the NA's, might as well stay on for another regatta. All IC's should get to Sugar at least once in their life. Sugar Island is definitely one I want to do - maybe the worlds after germany (which should be in North America somewhere I reckon) should have a schedule that allows us travellers to do both regattas?
  12. It's all interesting, and I look forward to hearing how it works on the water, but I just can't see how useful a self centreing plank is going to be. Like Phil said, And it's not just the new boats, I sailed the Nethercott's I had like this and even the AC I played with for half a season (this was even more demanding of plank placement, as I needed to keep it all the way to windward to help balance as I popped and dropped the kite). I also find that I don't 'flick' the plank across until the last second in a tack, as flicking it across to early can touch the other end in the water and halt the boat(or just lock it in irons).
  13. From the IC Forum AUS30 is damaged beyond economical repair, she got spanked hard on the rocks when a massive squall hit (much larger than the 25 knots SeaBreeze said hit). But a big Congrats to Phil on winning the IC Championships, really well deserved given you were the first Aussie to build a new rules boat and have provided great support to the fleet. I'll try and get the Worlds back to the Southern hemisphere as soon as possible so we can lure you back from Moths.
  14. you got some numbers, costs? Between 12-15AUD depending on what tools you have to start with, and whether you build 2 at once (the Flatpack comes with a CNC cut mould which makes things pretty easy).
  15. interesting, I got in fine again Okay, now it's down - fault is being worked on. Meantime, the weather in Adelaide for the Australian Championships is looking pretty good (better than the 30 knots and 4m swell shown earlier in the week). It all kicks off as part of the AIR (Adelaide International Regatta) tomorrow.