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  1. sailcalifornia

    Spline repair on Volvo 2000 series transmissions - updates?

    unless your engine is running perfect, i would really look into that. Things went bad fast with our motor, we ended up spending 3K on "repairs" before we finally float testing the Green Devil.
  2. sailcalifornia

    Spline repair on Volvo 2000 series transmissions - updates?

    worked fine until i finally pulled the plug on the Volvo 2003 and replaced with a yanmar. I would look at that option when considering the transmission repair. Actually i would look at the Beta option, probably an easier install because they offer a down angle transmission, which yanmar does not, no more black soot, so much smoother and reliable.
  3. sailcalifornia

    Where to find a used waist harness?

    if you are ever down in socal i will trade you my old one for a nice 6 pack of IPAs , i am sure there is a kitesurfing facebook group for SF and you will find a cheap one on there.
  4. Tmobile is bad for catalina, have friends with verizon and att and when we are anchored next to each other in white theirs is far better than my tmobile service.
  5. sailcalifornia

    Mainsail Luff Track Slide Systems

    sorry for the hijack, do you think it is worth it to put the tides marine system on my 37' Jboat? Been thinking about it for a couple years and would install when we repaint our mast, but based on the feedback here, not sure. thanks
  6. sailcalifornia

    Transpac 2019

    The times listed say "HST" so 3 hours to hawaii plus the 4 hour delay, if youre in socal.
  7. sailcalifornia

    Solar Output Lower Than Expected

    yes, if you can draw about 10 amps, that should be enough to get the system running, i get about 10 amps of output with the charge controller showing 150Ws. Should be enough to at least test the system further.
  8. sailcalifornia

    Solar Output Lower Than Expected

    I had similar experience, and then realized my batteries were basically full so no place for power to go, panel would only show about 5-10 watts on a 200 amp system. I turned on the fridge, instruments, radio, and all of a sudden its showing 156 watts in on the controller.
  9. sailcalifornia

    Expedition style motor yacht thread? listing&refSource=standard listing this
  10. sailcalifornia

    Vangmaster Vang Disassembly

    He is on the way to cabo, he is on Mr. Bill, has a ways to go...
  11. I have some friends that sailed their CSK 33 from Long beach, CA to Fiji, when they bought the boat is was an open bridge deck design and they added a small cabin. Hulls are very narrow, especially in the 33. They had a great trip.
  12. sailcalifornia

    leaking bomar portlights

    i have the old style bomar portlights and wondering what others have done. Does anyone know what gasket type, bomar has not been a lot of help and not sure if i can even replace the gasket. thanks jeff
  13. sailcalifornia


    i am 10 years in with a 4 battery house bank of lifeline AGMS and they are going strong. Worth the extra money