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  1. sailcalifornia

    Vangmaster Vang Disassembly

    He is on the way to cabo, he is on Mr. Bill, has a ways to go...
  2. I have some friends that sailed their CSK 33 from Long beach, CA to Fiji, when they bought the boat is was an open bridge deck design and they added a small cabin. Hulls are very narrow, especially in the 33. They had a great trip.
  3. sailcalifornia

    leaking bomar portlights

    i have the old style bomar portlights and wondering what others have done. Does anyone know what gasket type, bomar has not been a lot of help and not sure if i can even replace the gasket. thanks jeff
  4. sailcalifornia


    i am 10 years in with a 4 battery house bank of lifeline AGMS and they are going strong. Worth the extra money
  5. sailcalifornia

    La Ventana at Christmas

    i was down there in feburary last year and used my 3/2 . Water is cool but not cold. Not a ton to do in LV besides kite, but we also did a day in LaPaz, go swimming with the whale sharks and go up to Balandra Bay. I love it down there, super cheap, everyone is super nice