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    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Take a look at one of the sailor's shirt: "My shirt is brighter than your future" WTF....should read, my shirt is bright but my brain isn't, and I don't know how to sail worth shit.
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    caption contest

    At least I have an excuse for going slow!
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    Your story omits one piece of information: what does your contract say?? Does it have a clause for the rent escalation that is obligatory. If it says that they can escalate rent but it is not obligatory, then you may have recourse. If the rent escalation is automatic, then you are screwed. Reminds me of the recent story in San Fran...the expensive gated neighborhood that did not pay taxes on their private street for a number of years....the city put it on the auction block, and a couple bought the street. Now they can sell it at a huge profit to the neighborhood, or charge rent for parking. Always be careful and pay your taxes, or the government (liberal or conservative) will come and bite you. Also, why not start a campaign to raise the funds on line in the sailing community. You get 10,000 people each giving $15 and you have a solution....crowdfunding! Rob