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  1. Saorsa

    News from Green Cove Springs

    Maybe they are interested in protecting the black community and the small businesses in them.
  2. Saorsa

    News from Green Cove Springs

    They get to vote for sheriff though. Let's all get a mailbox and vote BJ in.
  3. Saorsa

    News from Green Cove Springs

    Shows what happens when the "resident" citizens don't care enough about their community to live there. Probably worth discussing at a potlatch or potluck. It's where dreams go to die.
  4. Saorsa

    Black Lives Matter

    Lotsa white lefties seem to want the blacks to carry their water. It's only proper.
  5. Saorsa

    Red hat can’t fight,

    Yeah, but he was wearing a red hat that's enough to kick the prejudice into high gear. I didn't see a golden map of Barbados on it or a globe and anchor so jumping to conclusions is expected.
  6. Sheriff will deputize citizens for armed resistance. GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. (AP) — A Florida sheriff says he will deputize every gun owner in his county to put down violent protests his deputies can't handle alone. Hundreds will stand guard in front of their mailboxes.
  7. Saorsa

    Should be required viewing

    Would you go for endemic vs systemic?
  8. I wouldn't call them on someone stealing a strawberry, or a lychee or a single mango. The folks who come to strip a tree to sell the fruit is another matter. Agricultural theft is a real problem in a lot of states. Just another thing you are too stupid to understand.
  9. Saorsa

    Here come the Florida deaths

    Killed'em off earlier in the cycle.
  10. You need the same clue. I know that one pretty well. We have six amendments that have been proposed and never ratified. It's that governing with the consent of the people thing. Of course, the 22nd pretty much takes care of Trump and every other president. We need another to be extended to the house and senate.
  11. You don't have a fucking clue.
  12. Saorsa

    Black Lives Matter

    Actually, I've been to Seattle, never lived there. Did spend some time in Yakima. But, why all the riots because of a killing there? I've been to Chicago too. How about these three from last weekend?
  13. Saorsa

    Black Lives Matter

    Two dead teenagers in the CHOP. Police not involved so I guess it doesn't matter.
  14. Is that a new hobby of yours?