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  1. Saorsa


    I did notice that her weight and BMI were not included
  2. Saorsa

    WIth so many references to my elk

    In the scale of the universe they are pretty much equal.
  3. Several of the fires do seem to be arson.
  4. Saorsa

    Trump should fire entire FBI.

    Nah, just the ones working with in the borders of the District of Columbia. An exception might be made for field agents who came to HQ less than 6 month ago.
  5. Surely the democrats have too. After all, Kavanaugh went through background checks for the appointment to the DC court of appeals and the supreme court. Apparently, the democrats heard the charges in July but didn't think it worth bringing them out until after the hearings were completed and it was up for a vote they were going to lose. The lady sure seems to want to avoid being under oath and is using every stalling tactic possible.
  6. Saorsa

    Puerto Rico

    Bent is a very focussed individual. But, he is bent.
  7. Saorsa

    Puerto Rico

    Could be because you led with:  Now, you could concede that was the wrong thing to say and correct yourself... but you've proven incapable of admitting that. So either you're a complete tool who really believes Puerto Rico is morally bankrupt (& not just it's government) or you're so invested in never backing down that you're willing to be seen as a complete tool that believes that. To the extent that they continue to elect a morally and financially corrupt government they are complicit. Kinda like the folks who move to Florida and demand nice green lawns like they had up north and then bitch about too many nutrients in the water causing red tide. Responsibility begins with individuals. If you don't take part in a cleanup from time to time you might as well have thrown the litter there yourself.
  8. Saorsa

    Puerto Rico

    I guess you miss the point where I say that it is the GOVERNMENT OF PUERTO RICO. I don't expect some poor fucker living in a palm thatched shack on land he can't show title to to build to hurricane code. But, he can probably rebuild faster than the government can react. I do expect a government owned and operated electrical utility to have some disaster and recovery plans and resources in place. I do expect public buildings to be built to hurricane code and designed to act as shelters. Particularly where evacuation is not a practical solution. If the government is not taking action then I will still consider that government to be inept, corrupt and immoral. If you want to do something for Puerto Rico and other disaster areas, try World Central Kitchen.
  9. Saorsa

    Puerto Rico

    I fully understand that building codes cause additional costs during construction. Not following hurricane codes has it's own set of problems including a few thousand deaths. I understand that poor folks in the thrall of an inept government that can't even handle deeds for property might not follow the codes. If you look back you might see that I recommended using them in public buildings which could then be used for shelters. Why, with half a grain of common sense one might even design schools, offices and other public building with that in mind. The you and yours is kinda cute, you are making some really, stupid assumptions in that use.
  10. Saorsa

    Puerto Rico

    Gee, like the Bush clan,? the Kennedys? The Clinton wannabes? Gore's daddy was a congressman, So was Nancy D'alesando's. Like you and I the American people were pretty fed up with that shit. They elected Trump. You should be applauding.
  11. Saorsa

    Puerto Rico

    Certainly the ones in the government are. Defend them if you will. They left their people out to die.
  12. Saorsa

    Puerto Rico

    Really??? As folks from both sides here have pointed, the PR government is in cahoots with a few old families (I don't think they call them Grandees anymore), collect plenty in taxes and spend even more ( ending up in bankruptcy ), with diddly squat to show for it particularly in the areas of essential infrastructure, services and fundamental protection of the citizens. Yes, I question the morality of that. Defend what you will.
  13. Saorsa

    Puerto Rico

    There isn't much of a building code that could affect Tsunami damage in low lying islands. There are plenty of common sense things that can be done to secure a building from wind damage. Bridges, as another example, can be built to withstand flooding and that failure to foresee a hurricane was a major cause of problems actually delivering aid in PR after the storm. The window she is broken and the rain is comin' in If someone doesn't fix it I'll be soaking to my skin But if we wait a day or two the rain may go away And we don't need a window on such a sunny day (Mañana, mañana, mañana is soon enough for me) Oba! Oba! (Mañana, mañana, mañana is soon enough for me) Oba! Oba!
  14. Saorsa

    Puerto Rico

    It's an even better distraction from a government that has been known to be inept and corrupt since it began getting local control in 1900. Puerto Rico is a SELF GOVERNING Territory of the US. Even before the hurricane they were bankrupt, financially and morally.