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  1. What is a Libertarian?

    There are plenty of folks willing to work off the books at that wage level. What with the additional cost to employers in FICA share and Workmens comp
  2. How many public death threats have been made against you?
  3. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    I think one benefit was working as a small dedicated team with a specific goal in mind. If Jack's big hit comes when it can run a flock of drones then we have that capability already. Just stuff as many drone control consoles into a retired 747 as you can, put sleeping quarters below the deck and the O'Club in the bubble top.
  4. Another Day, Another Home Depot Shooting

    Diversity is so divisive.
  5. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    Well, we kinda hope that combat is unnecessary. Our development and procurement cycles seem pretty long at present. The P-51 Mustang design started in April 1940, first one rolled out in September of that year and made its maiden flight in October. The original engine was under powered so it was replaced. Production started up and the RAF put it in service in January of 1942. Damn things cost almost 51 thousand dollars. They are worth a bit more than that these days.
  6. What is a Libertarian?

    No, not Germany or Poland but I did spend ten years in England and am familiar with the NHS. I also spent better than a year in eastern Turkey and have traveled pretty extensively, certainly by American standards. All the bullshit trying to establish bona fides via internet bragging doesn't impress me and certainly doesn't address the real issues of healthcare in terms of managing demand and delivery. Speaking of the NHS, doctors now feel free to deny service to smokers and obese patients. Details aren't quibbling. Details are where the devil dwells. I pointed out that the German model follows the US Social Security taxation model pretty closely. Someone (perhaps you) pointed out the cost of a knee replacement is about $6000 in Germany. The price in the US is closer to 25000. Since that would indicate a potential need for a 60% payroll tax I think we need to look hard at the actual delivery of healthcare rather than simply who pays for it. But, that's just one procedure. The OECD figures show us paying about twice the average per capita rate of other countries so maybe we only need a 30% payroll tax. You point out that nobody in Germany goes without health insurance. I would point out that nobody in the US goes without healthcare. Here in a small county in FL (population about 150K) we have three free clinics and a number of physicians who provide free services to the poor. During the Obamacare debates much was made of people who didn't have insurance and went to the ER because they couldn't be turned away. Making them buy health insurance was supposed to fix that. Guess what, it didn't happen. Americans are really poor consumers of healthcare (among so many other things). Apparently they don't care what it costs (so long as they believe that someone else is paying).
  7. What is a Libertarian?

    And yet with all that free stuff from the government people go into debt to support themselves. Japan's public debt is well above 200% of GDP. Their personal debt is another 60%. Sweden is better off. Public debt is only about 40% of GDP but personal debt is 264% of GDP. The US is over 100% of GDP as public debt and personal debt a bit under 100% of GDP. Sooner or later those debts come due. and the merry go round grinds to a stop.
  8. What is a Libertarian?

    Wikipedia is a nice first step for a quick question on population or some obscure question. For example, the tax structure to fund healthcare in Germany. Finding out "where socialism works" on Wiki invites a whole lot of opinion pieces without much meat to them. I do note that it must not yield much or you might have presented one as a fact which could be discussed.
  9. What is a Libertarian?

    A lot of places, trust the steamer. He said so. OTOH, all those deaths did reduce consumption increasing the amount of available food per capita.
  10. What is a Libertarian?

    Right now the mandatory healthcare tax in Germany is 15.5 percent with slightly more than half paid by the employer. Pretty much like our SS tax and it even has an upper cutoff. Depending on the Euro rate that cuts out at about $60K. So, if you want to pay like the Germans take a look at your pay stub and double the FICA deduction. Looks like another regressive payroll tax on the working class since the rich can =actually opt out of the government program completely. Our rich can't opt out of medicare and there is no cap on contributions.
  11. Censoring T-Bizzle

    It's a thing you can use to replace your 8-track if you aren't worried about authenticity when you sell your junker.
  12. What is a Libertarian?

    When have I accused you of being a socialist? Here is an interesting thing to think about. Those countries which are deemed 'socialist' and are shown to us as good examples of prosperity even with conficatory taxation also carry some of the highest levels of personal debt. Personal debt per nation as a percentage of GDP
  13. Trunk or Treat

    As that occurs, their quaint belief that they should turn America into Australia is even funnier.
  14. Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    OMG, CHARGER!!!. They named it after a knob on the side of an AR-15!! An invitation to violence if ever there was one.
  15. What is a Libertarian?

    It would be interesting to compare the places where it does work to those where it does not. Offhand Some places it doesn't are just about everywhere the government controls the 'communal socialist farming'. I suspect where it develops to meet local vs. national needs it will succeed. Where it is forced, it will fail. Perhaps you can give us some examples where it works.