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  1. Bump Stocka

    3d print plans for bump stocks are on the web. Better ban the shit out of them if it will make you feel good.
  2. Eugenics

    What a subservient prig you must be. Despite of prohibition, I have drunk alcohol underage, after hours, and to excess and any combination of the above. I have used condoms for other than the prevention of disease and know women who had D&Cs to regulate their periods after missing one. I have exceeded the speed limit on numerous occasions. I know those who ignore our drug laws and folks who own firearms not permitted by local law. The fact is prohibition doesn't work so your initial premise is just stupid. As to how they change, that happens when the subservient prigs decide everyone else is having all the fun.
  3. Eugenics

    The programs of involuntary sterilization were already underway around the world. The extended demands for paying for voluntary sterilazation for the folks who didn't make the first cutbegan after the programs for involuntary sterilization stalled. Bonus programs and direct subsidies are now the standard for new programs demanding actions that folks would not willingly undertake on their own. I am not pinning the corruption of science that was Eugenics solely on anybody. ( Although, Darwin's family couldn't live on his book royalties forever and had to do something to profitably exploiit our need to Preserve Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life .) It was a global phenomenon which pointlessly and evilly occupied the thoughts and actions of those who desire power over others. Pretty much like climate 'science' today. My view is that (in most cases) the group generally defined as right prohibits actions they dislike (abortion for example) while the group defined as left compels compliance to their desires and demands punishment for those who will not submit. (Obamacare fines for not purchasing Health Insurance for example.) Some poor shit has to pay for a product that they do not want or pay a fine. If they do buy the product they spend money right up front for a product they may not use for years and then discover Deductibles and Co-pays when they do find a need to use the product. If prohibitions fail (alcohol anyone?) they can be eliminated. Unfortunately compulsory laws are only rewritten because "we didn't do enough". So, I don't see right and left, R and D or whatever other label binary thinkers must use to categorize me. I see people who tell me not to do things and people who force me to do things. It's easier to ignore the prohibitors, do as I damn please, and face the consequences when necessary.
  4. Eugenics

    An abortion is a legal procedure performed on an individual at their request. Righties would deny that freedom or limit it's application. The lefties on the other hand were the real headliners of the American Eugenics society who actually did get laws pass allowing Hysterectomy and Castration as means to their social end. Hitler was a big fan of the AES and their 'ssettled sscience' The link is to the right wing UK Guardian.
  5. Eugenics

    Read the cites and look a t the timeline. Look into history on the subject. The Whitwash is pretty damn thin but you refuse to look beyond it. Here is Sanger again on sterilization. This one from 1926 when folks objected to the involutary solutions already in place.
  6. Eugenics

    Another cite for you. The 1907 Indiana Eugenics Law
  7. Eugenics

    Here you you supercilious twit. It's from PBS. This was all done at a time when contraception was not particularly effective. You had the science to say the target was too stupid to use it anyway. There's only one thing left. snip I haven't mentioned abortion so I have no idea why you brought it up except to hide behind.
  8. Eugenics

    All of the laws they supported (and the three passed but not put to work in Australia) involved involuntary sterilization. It was also a recommended option in all their education program.
  9. Eugenics

    Doesn't matter to the OP, the science settled the consensus rules. ConSCIENCE means nothing. Down's is on his list. What's on yours? One of the neat things is that you don't even need to move to abortion or sterilization. When Scientists all agree, the underclass is identified and you can do pretty much what you want to the worthless fucks.
  10. Eugenics

    Here is the quote which apparently you skipped over.
  11. Eugenics

    Thirty states had compulsory sterilization laws based on the conscensus science of Eugenics. The American Eugenics Society, from which sprang planned parenthood, favored and supported all of them Sangers own words from NYU
  12. September Jobs Numbers - Anybody?

    That's what BJs cite said.
  13. Eugenics

    It's how planned parenthood got it's start.
  14. Time to ban some drugs?

    You missed a lot. Check out any of our recent killers and you will find they were on some sort of psychotropic drug often prescribed. Valium, prozac, ritalin, etc. Read the FDA leaflets for them too.