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  1. Saorsa

    Brexit, and all it entails

    Exactly the case. The engagement with Europe has never had wide popular support within the country. Britain became a part of the EEC in 1973. There was a referendum on whether to remain in the EEC in 1975 and the vote was to stay or not. There was never a referendum as to entry. At the time there was nowhere near the level of control of national affairs from Brussels as there is today. It was an economic, not political union. For an example, look at the history of EU agricultural or immigration policies. Once the refendum on Brexit was completed, the political efforts in the UK and EU should have been concentrated on preparing for the state change which will occur in March of 2019. They are not doing that and the problem is theirs. Right now it appears that both UK parties have their own internal splits and cannot find any accommodation for the others views and they can't even seem to be willing to cross party lines where internal factions agree with points from the opposing party.
  2. Saorsa

    Immigrant Children

    As you continue to ask leading or inane questions, that one is going to get played back to you.
  3. Saorsa

    What kind of a country do you want to live in?

    Incarcerate? Perhaps not. Persecute? I think that's part of the harassment that comes from refusing to take a picture or bake a cake. Harassing lawsuits that take nothing to bring but thousands to defend, etc.
  4. Saorsa

    NRA Kills 24 Year Old Vet With PTSD

    No, the bottom line is that you're full of shit.
  5. Saorsa

    Immigrant Children

    They process their claims about as fast as Lois processed TEA party tax status applications.
  6. Saorsa

    Melanias Jacket...Class Act?

    OH, how outrageous. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. Saorsa

    What kind of a country do you want to live in?

    Won't accept a submitted vote unless I agree with one of the available choices. For 4 I would have picked the top choice if you hadn't limited that choice to this administration. For some time now the congress has abdicated it's responsibilities and allowed the executive more power than it merits. You should probably spend some time in DC. Trump says things in public the way the other politicians talk in private.
  8. Saorsa

    Immigrant Children

    Maybe you should have read the post that responded to.
  9. Saorsa

    House immigration bill. Thoughts?

    How about when the other single party in power votes en bloc against a bill.
  10. Somebody needs to write a law defining moral. I see one of the plaintiffs is a baptist minister. By their definition, drinking is immoral and they should be protesting every liquor license in DC. If they don't, their moral standing is suspect.
  11. Saorsa

    House immigration bill. Thoughts?

    Taxes and concealment of criminal enterprises.
  12. Saorsa

    Immigrant Children

    Ahhhh, they can't return them without a receipt. Now I see the problem.
  13. Saorsa

    Immigrant Children

    Walkin' back to Guatemala or Honduras with a kid on your hip. I hope the 'charities' that helped them come north help them on the way home.
  14. Saorsa

    1st Amendment vs Treason?

    Shit, I knew I should have kept that Digital Research stock.