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  1. The G.O.P. is Rotting

    If you're one of those who don't believe in jesus as your personal savior you can just go into rehab for a week or so and declare yourself saved.
  2. Yeah, yeah, ANNNDD you have to register it AANNNNDDD buy liability insurance. Unless you don't register it and drive around anyway even if you don't have a license.
  3. They only have an 8 round magazine so they're safe. Couldn't possibly hurt as much as a 15 round magazine.
  4. Maybe we need more engineering and a bit less science.
  5. That is the root of the political problem. It is seen as a means to gain power for one faction or another and real action that might mitigate human contributions has not been undertaken. We export manufacturing and its inherent environmental problems to keep our own air and water clean while not seeing consumerism as the real problem. China has already told the WTO that it won't be accepting as much of our exported waste material.
  6. When Trump sacks Mueller - what will you do?

    Nothing. All that shit is a sideshow.
  7. Gun Permit Reciprocity

    When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.
  8. Gun Permit Reciprocity

    That's a question, not an oath.
  9. Climate news

    Seals eat fish. Seals have to go out on the ice because the fish are underneath it. Polar bears go out on the ice to get the seals after the ice forms. They have to ambush them when they come up to breath because seals swim faster than they do. In the summer, seals stay on land and go into the water to eat fish. In the summer, polar bears catch them and eat them on the dry land. They don't need to ambush them because they can run faster than the seals on land.
  10. Newtonian physics provides accurate answers. Increasing precision almost invariably introduces doubt until the deviation is studied or the precision of the measurement is questioned.
  11. When Trump sacks Mueller - what will you do?

    I think I'll wait until he does so to see the reasoning. What do you think the basis for firing will be?
  12. Climate news

    In the case of the old bear, it might be a case of being directly related to the growth of tourism. Google 'Churchill Manitoba' Look at the images. Nearly all will contain Polar Bears. Look at the map and Google Earth and see how permanently icebound it is. Oh, for eagles, google Haines Alaska. Same thing. Animals, like people are attracted to free food around human settlements. Once you get too many humans, they leave the place to the rats.
  13. All things Libya

    I think that I would point a lot the blame at the Muslim Brotherhood. This is not a new problem.