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  1. Saorsa

    Migrant Caravan

  2. Saorsa

    Migrant Caravan

    Yeah, The poverty rate seems to run between 12% (1/8) and 16%(1/6). Either way they are in the lower quintile which is about where you would expect the 80/20 rule to put the them.
  3. The ones that guard anti-gun celebrities?
  4. Saorsa

    Michael Avenatti

    That's the trouble with taking things on a contingency fee basis. You have to win to get paid. Although, Linda Tripp did win betting on the cum but she wasn't a lawyer.
  5. Saorsa

    Migrant Caravan

    Nah. It shows Johnson declared war on poverty when it was already just about won and in spite of billions being spent over decades the lower 1/8th remain there. They aren't the same people, there is migration across that border.
  6. Saorsa


    I don't spend a lot of time given the nature of 'discussion' here. In fact a lot of time I check in see a long string of new posts from folks who add little and just 'mark all read' and go away. That long post was likely one that disappeared that way. I've been packing today for a week long Thanksgiving trip so this can't be a long reply. This will be quickly dismissed as 'whataboutism' but, I see extremists on both sides of whatever political line you want to draw. The rhetoric of Louis Farrakhan and the Jeremiah Wright seem as racist to me as any KKKlanner. Both claim to be religious so I guess you could call it Left Wing Religious extremism if you like. I think they are about equal in number too and get far more attention than they deserve. So if you are looking for words of condemnation I would say again that they are just words which seems to be how left wing rhetoric is explained away when challenged. Quote from your long response Immigrants are (innacurately) labeled as much of the reason why our country has suffered economic and racial turmoil. Whether turning a caravan into an invasion or trying to ban Muslims from entering the country, our current administration has consistently avoided principles of fairness and equality in order to pursue racist and religious goals.  First of all, I don't believe your first sentence is correct at all. It does not identify the type of immigrant. I would contend that I support legal immigration and if you look at my responses on the caravan or any other method of entry whereby I state that I believe that the US immigration laws should be followed. That's why we have congress passing laws and that's why the President's inaugural oath is to the constitution and thereby the laws of the US. I'm not sure why you and others cannot differentiate between legal and illegal immigration. In fact, I frequently have posted links to state department visa requirements in response to the nonsense. As to banning Muslims, Trump listed a specific set of countries which would have their immigration temporarily delayed. The list of countries were Muslim but there were still many muslim countries that were not affected by the immigration ban. Here are the countries that were covered by the ban. Take a look at all the Muslim countries NOT covered by the ban. And yet the cry from the left was that Trump was banning Muslim's. There is your lie. So once again the attempt is there to constrain discussion by reducing the topic to one word. Whether it is immigrant or Muslim you seem to need a one word label to constrain thought and discussion without recognizing the variations within the set defined by the label.
  7. Saorsa

    Florida Recount 2018

    The law requires all counties to recount if one or two fuck up. The fuckups are the blue ones bottom. Although Miami-Dade seemed to get it right this time.
  8. Saorsa

    Florida Recount 2018

    And all this time I thought a Snipe Hunt was a practical joke.
  9. OK, wait for the tax paid firefighteres. They'll get there quicker because they won't need to stop at the rich guys house. That will occur to me when it's an observable fact.
  10. Yep, I figured that. You want what you want and want to have someone else pay.
  11. They have better services because they are paying directly for them. While doing so they are not using the government services they pay for. Pretty much like private schools. If you want the services the rich have do something to get rich and pay for them yourself. If you don't want the rich to be rich, don't buy the shit they sell. Kim and Kanye seem to have a net worth of about 500 million. I'm not sure that a penny of it comes from me but I don't know what all their investment portfolio contains. I do know that I helped make Paul Allen and Bill Gates billionaires by spending money on computers over the years.
  12. Saorsa


    If you want to bitch about actions of the government please do so. Please address the actions. Trump has everyone running in circles with a tweet while the government goes on. You are outraged and chasing words and thinking the use of ill defined words in response has some effect. There's gotta be a fascist somewhere!
  13. Yes, they did get their NEPA clearance, 20 years apart; but you don't see a lot of applications for implementation around the country. That's where the greenies come in. I am not opposed to nuclear power in fact, I would encourage it. I just don't see it being politically practical.
  14. Saorsa


    So, Fascism is defined as anything somebody doesn't like. They don't have to know what it is but they know it when they see it an can use the label whenever they like. OK then, anyone who uses the term fascist is a fascist since that seems the most authoritarian kind of thing you could come up with.