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  1. Saorsa

    1918 Germany Has a Warning for America

    Nope, the idea that they were a ranking raised by someone else as though they were significant. It just sounded too much like the "master race" bullshit that got us WW II. Science is basically figuring out what engineers are doing. Ogg didn't know shit about thermodynamics when he figure out how to keep and start fire.
  2. Saorsa

    1918 Germany Has a Warning for America

    I don't think we were ever that bad. Our industrial output was already exceeding Europe before WW I. The Nobel prizes were a European invention and nothing American wasn't recognized much prior to WW I. Measuring your worth by prizes awarded by others isn't really a fulfilling life.
  3. Saorsa

    Are You a Socialist ?

    You should probably have a decent public school system which educates folks so they don't become suckers. Obamabucks indeed!
  4. Saorsa

    1918 Germany Has a Warning for America

    I'll still call it bullshit. Any country that starts two world wars does not merit my admiration. As to Nobel Prizes by 1918 you are praising past glories. Here are the 10 countries with the most Nobel Prize winners: United States (375) United Kingdom (131) Germany (108) France (69) Sweden (32) Russia (31) Japan (27) Canada (26) Switzerland (26) Netherlands (21)
  5. Saorsa

    1918 Germany Has a Warning for America

    Bullshit. They had just lost WW I. The Weimar Republic was an economic disaster. That development came about to build a war machine in the following 20 years. Here, learn yourself sumthin' Hyperinflation didn't help a lot.
  6. Really? Like the Pandemic supplies, Obama expended our stockpiles. Recent spending has been on them. You might also note the use of the DOD in establishing field hospitals, quarantine facilities, returning US Citizens from Wuhan early in the Pandemic and developing and implementing the logistics for delivery of the recently developed COVID Vaccines. It isn't all about regime change and removal of WMD from Syria. Tell me where Trump increased defense activities and involvement rather than current spending levels and you might have a point.
  7. Why not go back in this forum when the Syria situation was evolving. Trump wasn't even on the scene. My view was the same at the time. The children were being played like a cheap fiddle. You might also go back and read what I wrote. I was talking about the Billions spent in Europe.
  8. I remember Al Haig getting in trouble with "I'm in charge here". But, he had an R after his name.
  9. That was the status quo the last time Biden was in office.
  10. So we will follow Russia wherever they want to go? Continue dumping billions into defense so Europe doesn't need to?
  11. Well, the source was the Boston NPR station. But, we aren't supposed to criticize them since they are non-profit and are guaranteed to speak the truth. So, which incursion into some undisclosed MENA country will you be supporting? Operation Okra? What a name.
  12. Earlier this week, President-elect Joe Biden said "America is back, read to lead the world" as he introduced his national security team. I wonder what the rest of the world thinks about that vainglorious statement?
  13. Saorsa

    Are You a Socialist ?

    The giver.