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  1. walterbshaffer

    How much is a brand new traditional steel boat?

    I would suggest that you get a job aboard the sort of vessel you are considering owning yourself so you can see the issues & obstacles before you strike out on your own. At the very least you will get to do what you enjoy before you decide that it's probably smarter to do something else. Who knows? You might even be able to buy the vessel & existing business from the current owner/operator.
  2. walterbshaffer


    no. the answer is no.
  3. walterbshaffer

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Then post under your own name. (some mips have to post under psuedonyms lest they offend thier client base with accuracy)
  4. walterbshaffer

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Port / Starboard & windward / leeward boats so how do you figure "in the way"? Surely you mean something else?? I've been in similar situations. No time to react to go below them and no way to go above them, tack or figure out "what the hey??" It's like watching a car come at you on the wrong side of the road....
  5. walterbshaffer

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Santa Barbara? You have boats there? Any racing?
  6. walterbshaffer

    espo is a dick

    Ha ha! Anyway, I read it.