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  1. 2016 Melges 32 Worlds

    How bout nobody cares about over canvased sport boats because it takes too many with ability to control it...............unless you live in light air SD where nobody sails. When will designers understand that, if you do not design a boat that the masses can sail, no one will sail it. If ISAF or WS keeps making rules for the 1% pro's, the rest of the sailing community will continue to walk away. Cater to the Masses and live with the Classes. Cater to the Classes and live with the Masses Anyone get that??? I hope the new lead for WS does. I'd really like to have a lunch with whoever it is. Okay but you're buying.
  2. First 34.7/10R - Just finding their groove?

    The tracks on the side of the coach roof are really interesting; assuming those are ORC sails not sure if it would work for me because we use a different rule. Even my smallest jib sheets aft of that position but then it is a 105% and those might be flat 100%s. No genny tracks on those boats either which is our primary sheeting area. Lots to think about there.
  3. Oregon Offshore Race

    that one dude (on what i think is icon) running around on deck w/o a tether (?) scared me. video made me seasick but no tether looked pretty bold. must be cold water, fast boat going in the teens w/a chute up in those conditions looked like not me. maybe it was not that bouncy but ....not me thanks.
  4. Melges 40

    a 40 foot boat that rates in the -50s, say -51 or -54, would be...... interesting. I would think it would be a canter at those kinds of rates.
  5. Falcon, Tripp/Goetz 50 on Craigslist

    Judging by the angle out to Saucy Silvia's old roost I'd say Waites wharf
  6. J/88

    no. the answer is no.
  7. First 34.7/10R - Just finding their groove?

    You absolutely luck bastard! Congratulations. Was out yesterday, total fun, I remember saying that if I ever won millions in the lottery I would not buy a different boat.
  8. First 34.7/10R - Just finding their groove?

    No. Great all around boat. I found that kids love dangling thier feet off the stern while we sail.
  9. First 34.7/10R - Just finding their groove?

    Rudder story: I thought about putting on the new rudder and submitted the new rudder profile along with the old rudder profile to the local PHRF board so they could see the difference between the 2. I was told that since the new rudder would be lighter & smaller with less drag & less displacement I would take a -3 second hit to my rating. When I said "What? The new rudder is the larger of the two!" they said "Sorry we misunderstood; because the new rudder is larger & will give you better control you will take a -3 second hit to your rating" I have no doubt (and I mean none) that the larger rudder is definitely better for off wind and allows carrying the 1 & 2 upwind into heavier ranges than the sails themselves were designed for but since I'm already at 63/69/75 and in a fairly light wind area I can't see the benefit in going to the expense of a larger rudder for a 60/66/72 rating. If I were anywhere else I would. Also, I think there are several different versions of the larger rudder - some are professionally designed by a NA and some are done by very knowledgeable "boat guys". Both mods get outstanding reviews. What a boat. Happier every day.
  10. Aegean lawsuit

    My US Auto Insurance covers me automatically in Mexico if I am within 75 miles of the US border. I crashed my car near Rosarito and my US policy paid for the repair. If there had been injuries or death then the US insurance company would be on the hook. (I also had Mexican liability insurance --their agent came to the scene. If the cops had come, the MX agent's presence would have been helpful.) I did not ask about coverage - I asked about jurisdiction. (unless you are implying that NAFTA or some other treaty gives jurisdiction to the venue in which the insurance was contracted for?)
  11. Aegean lawsuit

    So, you're suggesting that we need lights and giant whistles on an island the size of three aircraft carriers? And clearly marked on all navigation charts? And it hasn't moved in centuries? Huh? by your logic there is no longer a need or degree of safety afforded by any of the lights on any of the islands or points anywhere on the coast. the fact they hit it proves the point.
  12. Aegean lawsuit

    They hit the island becuase there was no navigational light on the island which they could see, no horn to warn them away or bell to warn of proximity.
  13. Aegean lawsuit

    What is the jurisdiction if a guy from Iowa drives a car off one of those mega cliffs on the toll road south of Rosarito?
  14. Aegean lawsuit

    From the 2012 NOR: 13. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY Competitors participate in this Race entirely at their own risk. See RRS rule 4 (Decision to Race). The Organizing Authority will not accept liability for damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with, prior to, during, or after this Race From the Entry Form Waiver Release section (but note that this is signed by the skipper, not the individual crew members): NOTICE: In consideration of your acceptance of my entry, I hereby agree to the following conditions: 1. My crew and I recognize that sailing is an activity that has an inherent risk of damage and injury associated with it. We have read RRS 4, Decision to Race and hereby acknowledge and agree that we are participating in this event entirely at our own risk. 2. I acknowledge and agree that neither the organizing authority nor the race committee, nor their members, will be responsible for a. any damage to the entered boat or my other property, or b. any injury to myself or my crew, including death, sustained as a result of the participation by myself, my crew and the boat in this event. 3. I hereby waive any rights I may have to sue the race organizers (organizing authority, race committee, protest committee, host club, sponsors, or any other organization or official) with respect to personal injury or property damage suffered by myself or my crew as a result of’ our participation in this event and hereby release the race organizers from any liability for such injury or damage to the fullest extent permitted by law. 4. I have taken all necessary steps to ensure that myself, my crew and the entered boat are adequately prepared for all possible contingencies, including appropriate safety equipment as may be required by law or that a prudent seaman would consider advisable. 5. I grant permission, in perpetuity and without compensation, for NOSA to make, use and show for any purpose, still or motion pictures and live, taped, or filmed television and other reproductions of my boat and/or crew along with my or my crews’ names. 6. I understand this document has important legal consequences and have consulted such legal and other advisors as I deem appropriate before signing. Except that Mrs. Mavromatis & Rudolph did not sign this waiver AND the incident ocured in MEX; if MEX takes jurisdiction, declares the waiver invalid and then cedes jursisdiction to the states... Enough of playing the devils advocate. I should probably just shut up, this is a terrible tragedy for the families.
  15. Aegean lawsuit

    Not exactly. In California at least, a spectator at a baseball game assumes the risk of getting beaned by a foul ball. Rednick v Golden West Broadcasters (1984) 156 Cal.App.3d 793. You read that case when learning about assumption of the risk in your first year of law school. Except that in this case the plaintiff did not attend the game and did not assume the risk. Again, I'm not saying it's a winning argument but just only that an argument can be made. Would this case end up in a maritime court of some type? Jurisdiction might even be questioned as the accident happened in Mex and not the States?
  16. Aegean lawsuit

    Nope. Dorag is right - if you go to a baseball game and get beaned by a line drive foul ball you can sue whomever sold you the ticket to the game. In this case the Mavromatis & Rudolph families got beaned by the boat hitting the rocks. Not saying that's a winning argument (proportional responsibility and all that) but the argument could be made. I especially do like the idea of suing MEX.
  17. Aegean lawsuit

    But the job of the attorneys of the insurance company for Mavromatis is to try as hard as they can to assign blame elsewhere: Rudolph, the boat mfgr, the tracking device, even MEX for not having a light on the island. I don't think Mrs. Mavromatis has any choice in the matter. It may even be that Mrs. Rudolph tried to collect on a life insurance policy for her husband and the life insurance company says "Hold on there, not so fast. We'll pay you but we need you to file against the Mavromatis so we can collect from thier insurers. Your obligation to do so is right there in paragraph X on page Y of revised endorsement Z" In this case it is likely that all parties are being driven by forces outside thier own control.
  18. Aegean lawsuit

    What a total mess. Chances are there is a crew watch schedule on a hard drive somewhere and if it turns out the Rudolph was on watch when the tragedy occured the plaintiff could easily become the defendant
  19. Our Beloved mainsheetgirl

    How sad but how nice she gives each of us an opportunity to grow even after she is gone.
  20. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    Absolutely unbelievable - what a horrible event.
  21. Sydney 36 Moulds for Sale

    How many were built? Not certain if it was the CR but there was a S36 for sale in (Annapolis?) that I looked at many years ago for USD $135k but it got snapped up immediately before I could even call the broker. Maybe it's not the most ultra modern design but good designs stand the test of time, sometimes new designs don't. Price often has no bearing on the durability of a design: there are lots of boats that are great boats but just not many of them around.
  22. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Then post under your own name. (some mips have to post under psuedonyms lest they offend thier client base with accuracy)
  23. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Port / Starboard & windward / leeward boats so how do you figure "in the way"? Surely you mean something else?? I've been in similar situations. No time to react to go below them and no way to go above them, tack or figure out "what the hey??" It's like watching a car come at you on the wrong side of the road....
  24. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Santa Barbara? You have boats there? Any racing?
  25. espo is a dick

    Ha ha! Anyway, I read it.