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  1. dreadom

    I still call Australia home

    The facts are that there have been “Day of Mourning” protests on the 26th of January since the 1930’s. This had nothing to do with the Greens.
  2. dreadom

    I still call Australia home

    There is a place for Mikey
  3. dreadom

    I still call Australia home

    Keep up Mikey, we've all moved on.
  4. dreadom

    I still call Australia home

    Celebrating this fabulous nation on the anniversary of the invasion shows no respect.
  5. dreadom

    I still call Australia home

    Getting back on track: Change the date
  6. dreadom

    I still call Australia home

    Mikey it’s time to go back on your meds.
  7. dreadom

    I still call Australia home

    Yes I mean everything that has been introduced since 1788. Now fuck off and do your own research.
  8. dreadom

    I still call Australia home

    Cats are pets but like all introduced species to Australia, they have a very detrimental effect on the native flaura and fauna.
  9. dreadom


    Absolutely stunning animal.
  10. dreadom

    I still call Australia home

    A paper published in the 2016 journal Biological Conversation, estimates feral cats kill 316 million birds a year, while pet cats kill 61 million birds annually. More than 99% are native.
  11. dreadom

    Escaped from Florida?

    Hey there’s hope for you yet mate. If he is actually on to something and the semen injections work, with the amount you’ve ingested you might be immortal.
  12. If only the taxes were being used to fund the NHS properly. The current Tory party has been systematically undoing what was benchmark healthcare.
  13. dreadom

    Latest Book Recommendations

    Just finished “Adjustment Day” by Chuck Palahnuik. Following on in a similar vein to his other brilliant reads; Fight Club, Choke and Snuff. Adjustment Day is a dystopian fantasy in which following an alt-right inspired revolution the USA becomes three nations; where whites live in Caucasia, blacks live in Blacktopia and gays/ lesbian now reside in Gaysia (California). South Americans, Arabs and Asians are all sent back to their native countries, whilst mixed race couples try to flee to Canada. Not his best novel but a fun read.
  14. Good news for Grumpy, as this will be an amateur event he won’t have to take off his wife beater.