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  1. dreadom

    Irrational fears in a business context

    No I believe a good manager should have a private face to face with the employee ( Skype kind of counts). If you think it is going to get heated allow the employee to have a support person present and you should also have someone from HR present. Then if during the discussion you find that the employee breached company protocols or is unable to perform the task they have been employed to do; then you have a simple decision to make: Is this employee a valuable member who can do everything but fly and can be utilized effectively within the organization or do you move to terminate the employee. What you you don’t do is blab on a web site. I am unsure on the laws there but I wonder in a litigious country like the USA, that he may have a case if he ever became aware of this thread.
  2. dreadom

    Irrational fears in a business context

    Whilst you say that you are a HTFU kind of guy. It doesn’t speak much of you as a tough guy or a boss that you would blab this stuff on a forum. Have you spoken to the guy? Is there some background reasons for his anxiety, that he chose to not divulge because he too thought he would HTFU? Do you have any empathy? Or are you so ego driven that you just saw this as a great opportunity to start a thread? I don’t care about the answers to the above questions. I think you should HTFU and do your job.
  3. dreadom

    The ballad of..

    Seemed appropriate for today. Try not to laugh at 1:58.
  4. dreadom

    World Cup

  5. dreadom

    Dad was a perv, ended up in garden

    I am so glad you are divorced. I hope she take you for the lot and you develop dick cancer. The OP was a news article not evidence report. If the article is to believed the judge saw validity in her defense but felt that taking the law into her own hands also deserved a custodial sentence. A sad story either way.
  6. dreadom

    Engine off at start?

    Racing on the Mersey (with its 8-10 metres tides and 6 knts of current) LYC club rules allowed for engine propulsion until the minute gun. Practically for every race everyone would head against the current at full tilt until the gun then slingshot across the line. Cross early and it’s game over.
  7. dreadom

    Dive Destinations

    Don’t let science get in the way of your assumptions. http://thedivingblog.com/colors-underwater/
  8. dreadom

    How do you define bad crew?

    Brother of co-owner/tactitian, the guy hadn’t sailed on the boat before, not attended any of the training sessions and told to keep on the rail or out of the way. Doing 16 knts under a huge asym with a huge 180degree wind shift approaching. We all get in position for the drop, me out on the pointy end ready to spike, when the skipper yells “Tack”. Unfortunately, when the Skipper does I can’t reach the Tack because said Brother of co-owner had released the whole tack line. Kite hits the water like an anchor, ensues furious tugging at the back of the boat to get it in. Wind shift hit us and the mast fell. So ends our S2H just South of Jervis Bay. He didn’t even realize what he had done. I guess my take away is: when in doubt cut the Tack line, but not really my goto move in a long race.
  9. dreadom

    1st post, need help understanding Westsail 32

    You never cease to impress. VWAP posts are always a mark of quality.
  10. dreadom

    World Cup

    https://m.betootaadvocate.com/breaking-news/nation-that-declared-itself-fifa-champion-after-2-wins-humbled-by-speck-of-eastern-europe/ I love watching the Poms get beat. I also have a soft spot for Croatia, I fondly remember when the 2006 Australian Captain was actually born in Croatia and (you can see where this is going) the Croatian Captain was actually born here.
  11. dreadom

    The little room debate again

    Exactly! They would rightly get the same fury from me as they would have got from my wife if they had said something about her breastfeeding. Some people are just fucked.
  12. dreadom

    The little room debate again

    In NSW in the 70/80’s as a child we were not allowed in the front bar of a pub or club, but were often allowed in the lounge ( if they pub had one). The publicans soon realised they could make a buck or two by putting in pool tables, jukeboxes and space invaders. Sadly they have since replaced these with poker machines. Now in Victoria, my 6 year old can enter a pub with me but cannot order a drink from the bar unaccompanied. A weekly treat for her after her music lesson is to sit at the bar with me at The Elephant and Castle. We have a running joke with the bar staff as I ask for an apple juice and a bag of twisties for me and a pint of ale for her.
  13. dreadom

    State of Origin 2018

    Well the Blues deserved to lose that one. They completely ran out of puff, lacked any set plays, missed far too many tackles and made some terrible kicks in the second half. I’m not so sure about awarding of the “Player of the Series” to Slater. Seemed like a consolation award. Is it too late to give him another people’s choice award like the Gold Logie?
  14. dreadom

    World Cup

    CROATIA 2-1