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  1. It is good to celebrate Australia Day to mark where we have all come from and where we are all headed to but not on the 26th of January. A day rightly felt by the indigenous community as the first day of the invasion.
  2. Stop eating beef?

    Completely expected really; 2nd only to the annoying self declaring of the new vegan, in my experience is the meat eater who once aware that a vegetarian is present has to go on and on about how what he likes to eat and how he cooks it. Both are fucking boring.
  3. Grant Hart DTS

    Got to laugh at the intro, but great show
  4. Grant Hart DTS

    http://www.nme.com/news/music/grant-hart-dead-husker-du-2140564 Very sad news, I am a huge Husker Du fan and whilst his solo output hasn't been as prolific as former band mate Bob Mould, he did write some beautiful songs. My first ever place with a girlfriend was a tiny studio apartment in Rushcutters Bay. The place was so small our lounge had to double as our bed but did have great big windows to let in the sun. The first thing I unpacked and set up was my stereo and the first song I played was Grant's classic 2541. It's been a tradition that every time I have moved, since that place in 1989, I have played that song. Right up to our more recent purchase on the Bellarine this last Xmas. RIP Grant.
  5. LONQR

    I used to love the Barracuda run
  6. I still call Australia home

    I was always going to be a doctor, from a young age I was intrigued by anatomy and physiology, and was always the first with a band aid etc when a friend was injured. Prior to starting year 11, I had enrolled in all the appropriate course for medicine; maths, physics and chemistry. I was all set. Then two weeks into the school year I became unwell and spent three days in hospital. It was then that I had an epiphany. My whole life I figured I wanted to be a Dr. because doctors are men and nurses are women, but in hospital I observed first hand what actually happens ( not what the TV says). From that point I realized I wanted to be a nurse. Well the shit hit the fan when I told my classmates. Back in the late 80's small town rural Australia male nurses were "gay". Sadly, some of you dumb fucks might still think this way. I copped a lot of grief at school, especially from one kid. He was in the year below but was in a whole different weight category to me. That kid punched me in the mouth one four separate occasions, whilst calling fag, pomfret etc. Each time I laughed at him and said that I hope my jaw didn't hurt his hand. The beatings stopped after a week or so. I figured he found someone else to pick on. Fast forward 10 years and I in charge of a cardiac surgery ward in Sydney one afternoon when a new staff member was starting. In pranced this particularly effeminate nurse with bleach blonde hair, guess who? Yep, my friendly highschool bully. I mention this LB because those stereotypes of latent homosexuality presenting as aggression are real and have merit.
  7. australia must have been a nuclear waste dump at one time

    I have hundreds of these isapods in my fish tank, never bites me but I have clown who tries to take a chunk out of me every time I put my hand in the water.
  8. Banned from the TRump

    Love 'em or hate 'em? Personally I have been a fan since 1984. This isn't about their music and or politics- especially as they have always sided with the "let's get pissed" side of punk rock and have very little to do with the whole anti establishment ethos but there is seriously something wrong with the USA when artists are denied entry purely for a little piss taking. HTFU Seppos https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.punknews.org/amp/64418/peter-of-the-test-tube-babies-says-he-was-deported-for-mocking-trump
  9. Matilda's win against US Women

    Waltzed it in! Good on ya. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-04/matildas-claim-tournament-of-nations-with-win-over-brazil/8775542
  10. Matilda's win against US Women

    Waltzing Matilda
  11. Not Appropriate for the DTS thread..so ..

    Apologies I thought he was on the mainland in Darwin?
  12. Not Appropriate for the DTS thread..so ..

    HepB is still currently incurable and it is one of the many variables that are considered as not meeting the inclusion criteria for organ transplantation.
  13. Not Appropriate for the DTS thread..so ..

    It bygone times it was said "if you can't say something nice, say nothing at all". It would appear for you and some other drop kicks here, "if you can't say something nice take it to PA". You offered no condolences, no kind words just a picture of refuse. Nice work mate- you are a deadshit. Drug and and alcohol abuse in the indigenous and wider community is a valid discussion, but there are other issues here- self determination and euthanasia. A work colleague's husband similarly died last week in hospital from chronic renal disease. He had been receiving dialysis for years and ultimately wanted to die in his home surrounded by his friends and family. Sadly, this wasn't the case and whilst he was in a nice quiet ward with his friends and family present it wasn't the same. Apparently that is what Dr. G. Also wanted. He had enough of hospitals and dialysis and so had been hiding out at a beach camp. He wanted to die on his own terms with his friends around him, not unlike Kerry Packer. Sadly he was taken to hospital and did end up dying there. I don't know whether he would have preferred to have died at home on Elcho? I wished his he felt empowered and supported enough to just say this is what I want and didn't have to hide.
  14. Not Appropriate for the DTS thread..so ..

    ^Moderate you are a deadshit