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  1. I like his style. Making his loved ones laugh one more time. Priceless!
  2. dreadom

    Happy Indigenous Peoples Day weekend

    There’s no such thing as a white privilege says the old fat white guy
  3. dreadom

    What's the worst word you can call someone

    Hey Jeffie do you get sick of being called “Duyuth” or is it just part of the thrill?
  4. Reminds me of a good mate who was done for possession of weed. When he got to Court the charge was read out “Possession of 100 grams Marijuana.” To which my mate responded; ”No way your Honour! There was heaps more than that! More like a Kilo and a half. Where’s all my stash gone?” After a brief discussion between the po po and the prosecution. The case was dismissed.
  5. “The woman was driving on the wrong side of the road. That can happen,” he said. “Those are the opposite side of the road. I won’t say it ever happened to me, but it but it did.”
  6. dreadom

    What's the worst word you can call someone

  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-harry-dunn-anne-sacoolas-car-crash-us-diplomat-uk-a9149746.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1gtAfDesQ3QmZJqsOLkoAyjkfx8YnwNZ2dWPrtyGWfhc9ouXxcfC0oMQs#Echobox=1570653809 Way to go USA! This is your Leader.
  8. dreadom

    What's the worst word you can call someone

  9. dreadom

    What's the worst word you can call someone

  10. I am curious what your beef is with this event? A young, innocent motorcyclist was killed by the negligent actions of another driver. Are you an ardent supporter of diplomatic immunity and just being belligerent because of this? Or are you being a dick because your knickers are in a twist due to the first two words of this thread?
  11. Apart from negligent driving was there any evidence/ investigation whether DUI was also a factor?
  12. Hey I don’t know about legal definitions in your neck of the woods but in the UK and Australia, “Vehicular manslaughter is the crime of causing the death of another individual due to the illegal driving of a vehicle.” Doesn’t get more illegal than driving down the wrong side of the road and turning into traffic without ensuring it is safe to do so.
  13. So how would you describe this vehicular homicide, if not manslaughter? The fact of the matter is that as a result of her negligence a young man lost his life.
  14. dreadom

    I still call Australia home

    Ha ha ha, why am I not surprised by your comment. I think it is perfectly obvious from your posts that you are an old white guy who doesn’t give a shit about our Nation’s Sovereignty and it’s citizens. I have no idea what you look like but when I read your posts I always picture you as looking like Alan Jones. The World will be a better place when you both fuck off and die.