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  1. dreadom

    ANZAC Day 2020

  2. Yeah in most regional areas of NSW back in the 70s, 80s and into the 90s there was only one commercial Channel and the ABC. We were lucky to have both as our neighbors property could only get the commercial channel- the kids would come to our place to watch The Goodies etc. Initially the commercial channel was pretty good as it seemed to feature all of the sport and beat shows of 7, 9 & 10. Sadly our local station was eventually taken over by 10 so you were stuck with whatever shit they were screening. The local video shops made a killing.
  3. I grew up with only two channels. The commercial channel didn’t get a look In after school. It was the ABC all the way: Monkey, Doctor Who, Kenny Everett and The Goodies before Dad watched the news. RIP TBT. Thank you for the laughs.
  4. dreadom


  5. Vacation? Luxury!! I’m busy as hell. Training staff on Covid 19; how to correctly don & doff PPE, how to correctly swab all the while personally preparing to return to work on the floor in the ICU. Honestly not begrudging anyone enjoying and/ or making the most of the situation. Glad my wife can work from home and that it’s school holidays. Stay safe people.
  6. Not refuting that she or other officers aren’t nice. Just commenting that their existence is proof of how fucked up the place is.
  7. You possibly are correct. I guess stationing officers and guards at schools is more popular than doing something about the real problem. Doesn’t change the fact that the USA is sad, hateful, xenophobic shit stain that barely resembles its true potential.
  8. America the great, is really a just a steaming pile of shit if you need officers at schools to protect your children. My condolences.
  9. dreadom

    Puppy Pictures

    We got our daughter her first dog last August. They are inseparable. Little blighter chews on everything.
  10. Somethings happening: https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/music/2019/12/04/willie-nelson-has-quit-marijuana-smoking-after-breathing-issues/2604719001/
  11. dreadom

    Kirk Douglas DTS

    RIP Kirk, the guy was prolific: https://people.com/movies/kirk-douglas-dead/?fbclid=IwAR3LGswVwmjBxdOSsATCKMkhFRFL2g6cwd9jAefJkik_pdhJf06vYL0D9FA
  12. dreadom

    Geeelong FOS Jan 25.

    Fuck off. Ever been to Hamo or Cowes? People have to start somewhere, you can’t exclude people from competing in the sport just because they didn’t start in tackers. Don’t like mixed fleet regattas don’t come. I won’t miss you.
  13. dreadom

    Geeelong FOS Jan 25.

    I am truly sorry for your injury but this regatta is no more dangerous than many others. There is always an inherent risk in every time you step on a boat
  14. dreadom

    Geeelong FOS Jan 25.

    There was a port rounding laid mark off Point Henry. Then enter the channel with Hopetoun Channel 1 to starboard and exit with 10 to port. There was no instructions to stay in the channel although it’s advised between 8 & 4.
  15. dreadom

    Geeelong FOS Jan 25.

    Actually it was pretty funny. First there was anger and indignation as boats didn’t follow the rules, then there was fear, confusion and trepidation as boat started to meet. Before it became sublime and humorous as you realised there was nothing else to do but keep the boat and crew safe by using a fender to soften the kisses. The crew on blue yacht were screaming out “Starboard!” until their course caused an accidental gybe. At which point everyone laughed, including them.