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  1. The Ashes 2017

    It has been discussed on here before, much like we have discussed how the World series of Baseball only features teams from North America. "The term originated in a satirical obituary published in a British newspaper, The Sporting Times, immediately after Australia's 1882 victory at The Oval, their first Test win on English soil. The obituary stated that English cricket had died, and "the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia".The mythical ashes immediately became associated with the 1882–83 series played in Australia, before which the English captain Ivo Bligh had vowed to "regain those ashes". Ignore what some might say; cricket is a far superior game to baseball, there are so many nuisances and influences on how the game is played and won; apart from tactics and player ability there are other factors such as the weather, how long and green the grass on the pitch is and how dense the soil beneath the grass is. There are currently 3 main formats of the game. At it's most basic is 20/20. Each team faces a maximum of 120 balls or pitches. Short, fast and furious the game is over in a couple of hours; think windward/ leeward. One day is longer with each team facing a maximum of 300 balls: think club course. Unless the ball is severely damaged or lost, the same ball is used for those 300 pitches, which means that it handles and flies differently through the air as it loses it's shine and the core is bashed. Equally the grass pitch changes over the course of the game equally effecting how the ball bounces of it. And then there is test cricket which is played over a maximum of 5 full days, each team can have up to two batting innings, this can include all of the teams 11 players including the bowlers- there is no designated hitters. But if the opening batters don't get out they can bat right through the whole inning. The ball is changed after every 500 balls or so, but over the 5 days the way the ball bounces on the grass pitch as it drys out gets warn etc. changes how the ball flies through the air. Add in player fatigue, concentration levels, pressure and it is a true test of the players skill, cunning and determination; think ocean racing.
  2. Best Rock Song Intros

    And lets not forget Paul Fox:
  3. Best Rock Song Intros

    Billy Zoom had some of the best intros:
  4. Best Rock Song Intros

    So you did, I totally missed it. I was too busy looking at the pretty pictures.
  5. Best Rock Song Intros

    I fucking hear ya Capt. (loved the songs you posted by the way.) There have been some good songs posted here but i thought we were talking about intros? I was amazed that the first song that came to my mind wasn't posted here yet. Love it or loathe it you can't deny that the opening bars of this song are not memorable:
  6. Stop eating beef?

    Once again you knob jockeys prove that a close second to whinny vegans is boastful meat eaters, how many pages in are we now? Hey Jeffie only you would consider semen a dessert when compared to a salad.
  7. The Ashes 2017

    The Aussie women’s team has already retained the Ashes http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-18/womens-ashes-retained-by-australia-in-strange-style/9164416?section=sport
  8. Malcolm Young DTS

    And his older brother George (of The Easybeats, VandaYoung, Flash in the pan fame) who only died a few weeks back. Very sad times for the Young family.
  9. I still call Australia home

    Jo Bjelke was our George W Clive Palmer was our Trump
  10. I still call Australia home

  11. I still call Australia home

    Take a quick look in the mirror tubby.
  12. Tom and Jeff's spank bank.

    So we are supporting vigilantes now?
  13. Tom and Jeff's spank bank.

    I am so glad that Jeffie finally got his masturbatory fantasy of a good guy with a gun killing a bad guy with a gun. I know he must be a little disappointed that he wasn’t the good guy but I’m sure that fantasy lives on.
  14. Shooter in Texas.

    You can’t troll FB groups unless you join and you have to like to join. Just sayin’