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  1. Musical Trivia Quiz

    MrLeft8 you’ve stumped us. I know now that Happy and Artie co produced the album with Charlie Tallent. https://www.discogs.com/Happy-And-Artie-Traum-Happy-And-Artie-Traum/release/2082236 Next question?
  2. Musical Trivia Quiz

    I snuck a peek on Discogs not google, does that count? Fuck that sounds like some of that boring old hippy shit my parents listened to.
  3. Musical Trivia Quiz

    I guess so?
  4. Musical Trivia Quiz

    Wow that one is a little obscure for me. I had to use google to just find out who Ian & Sylvia were.
  5. Curaçao or Noogoo is pretty much only inhabited by goats, although it’s rumored to be a major dope growing plot https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curacoa_Island
  6. Musical Trivia Quiz

    Seriously? I finally listened to a Grateful Dead track in their thread and was instantly bored.
  7. Musical Trivia Quiz

    Are you talking about Irving Caesar ? That song certainly got flogged by the local radio station back in the 80’s
  8. Musical Trivia Quiz

    Love the original but do prefer the cover done by two of my favourites Henry Rollins and the Bad Brains.
  9. How many Nationals do you actually know? Apart from Matt Canavan who’s famous for his mum making him Italian and Luke Heartsucker who was our local member in Cowper, I would struggle to name one other National. Crazy because that guy will be our countries deputy.
  10. Let’s hope he can settle for just representing his constituents and not trying undermining his coalition government.
  11. Again discussing Infidelity of parliamentarians in relation to Barnaby is one things but re-raising accusations of rape is completely different. Rape and infidelity are not on the same spectrum. I would like to believe the woman. I would love to see the demise of Shorten, as much as I would the end of Barnaby the nepotistic philanderer and Turnbull the spineless weasel, but I would like to believe the investigating police found no or insufficient evidence.
  12. Hmm this whole issue has been brought about by Barnaby, so it would seem appropriate to mention him, but this isn’t the first thread that you’ve raised vapor trails, I mean Shorten.
  13. Yeah our representative do need to be held accountable for their actions. I think Canavan should go too, he was duplicit in nepotism when he created of a high paying position for Barnaby’s mistress without following due process. Dude you know that you are starting to sound like a vapor trail conspiracy freak the more you go in about Shorten?
  14. Let’s cut the bullshit. The issue isn’t about consenting adults having sex. Barnaby looks foolish talking up conservative values and the sanctity of marriage etc. but the issue is the potential for abuse. Bosses abusing their power to coerce their staff to sleep with them or abusing their connections to ensure that their lovers unfairly gain benefits. Barnaby would probably survive having an affair in the eyes of the party and the general public but it is the question of his staffer, who then became his lover getting a pay rise and a job in his mates office. She may well have deserved it but the affair will always create public doubt and that is what Barnaby is up against- I don’t like his chances. He fucked his staffer, he fucked his citizenship and he fucked the Murray-Darling.