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  1. dreadom

    transport across AU

    I have friends who do deliver boats. Would you like a number?
  2. dreadom

    Paul Simon tour

    Yeah I’d hear him or Wing’s Mull of Kintyre whenever I visited my Nanna.
  3. dreadom

    Paul Simon tour

    Watching a Paul Simon gig sounds as boring as watching a Royal Wedding. That said my Gran would would have a tough time deciding between the two, god rest her soul. Lol
  4. dreadom

    Things To Do In London

    Hey Nacra, how was your trip?
  5. Jeez Moh, busy morning? I was expecting your response sooner. I have assumed and I will happily apologise if I am found to be incorrect but as you said WA has some of the toughest laws in the country and I assume that the only way he had access was because he was a farmer? Maybe it was an AR-15 that he obtained illegally? Or perhaps it was his target pistol? Only time will tell.
  6. A random shooting would be more confronting, because the first question after why? would be how did he get a fucking gun? Domestic violence is definitely an issue here and it still rates highly on our causation of mortality lists. We have improved/ reduced our mortality rates due to driving accidents for example with initiatives such as mandatory seat belts and strict drink driving laws but we have a ways to go with DV. You are correct we don't have the drugs or slum/poverty issues to the same extent as the USA, but we do have them. There are two main fundamental differences between our nations; we have restricted access to firearm and we have universal access to health care, which importantly includes Mental health.
  7. Fuck Off Jeffie, of course it would be just as tragic if it had been 7 random people. I can only imagine the shit eating grin on your face when you read this thread, "Hooray ! you finally had a gotcha moment and another opportunity to drag out the "pusstralia" insult. I bet a mass shooting in Australia rates higher on your spank bank, then your usual DOSC cuckold fantasies? This is a horrible tragedy is sadly another horrific episode of domestic violence , which is a great blight on Australian society and something that many people are tirelessly working on rectifying. The truth remains that we haven't had a mass "random" shooting since Port Arthur. We adopted a more appropriate and stringent regulation process for access to firearms, one that allows legitimate users the ability to still access them. Sadly, in this case it would appear that the assailant was a farmer and that was how he obtained access. He could have done it with knife or a vehicle, but how lucky for you that he used a gun. Stick your T's & P's firmly up your smug seppo arsehole.
  8. dreadom

    Iconic Movie Moments

  9. dreadom

    Iconic Movie Moments

  10. dreadom

    When did No. 6 get banned, and why?

    I still remember “Oh, Oh, Oh, to touch and feel” but Its not endorsed by my department head.
  11. dreadom

    When did No. 6 get banned, and why?

    We still use mnemonics to teach the cranial nerves, although the current generation of learners also seem to gain the most when mnemonics are combined AV stimuli.
  12. dreadom

    UEFA Champions League

    Well done Reds! At least half of the scouse will be celebrating.
  13. dreadom

    Relegation for Bad Sports Teams

    What is extra cool with the English football relegation system is that it also coexists with the FA Cup. The FA Cup, for those not aware, is a knockout competition open to 700 + domestic football clubs. This theoretically allows for the David vs. Goliath match ups of small low division distric teams playing top Premier league teams.
  14. dreadom

    UEFA Champions League

    I was living in Liverpool in 2005, when they were in the final against Milan. I had the night off and we went down to the pub where I was working to have a beer and watch the match. We were running late and it was just before half time as we left our apartment. There were literally grown men crying in the street as the reds were down 3-0. We couldn’t believe it when they came to draw 3 all at full time and won it on penalty shots. The pub was overflowing and the streets were still full of grown men crying when we stumbled home. Thankfully it was now tears of joy. I will never forget a couple weeks later when the team did a drive thru parade on a DD bus. The city went mad! The route took them right past my pub, busiest night ever. Big long bar at least 50 metres long and they were 8-10 deep. They actually drunk us out of beer, which was no mean feat, we had 30 taps and at least 100 kegs, plus 80 different European beers in stubbies.