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  1. Wacka Elvis

    bouwe bekking

    great interviewee, Scott My question is - "What do you think could make the biggest difference to avoiding the teenage drop-off, and keep kids in the sport?"
  2. Wacka Elvis

    ac 2021? fuggedaboudit!

    To paraphrase - they're hard to sail and there's a pause in in-person contact... Hardly reasons to quit. Don't give in so easily - both will be overcome
  3. Wacka Elvis

    Homage - from the front page

    Looked pretty bright for night time to me... maybe its a southern hemisphere thing Love to see your sources? Sorry if you've lost friends at sea, but not sure your sample size stacks up buddy I've never thought that its the only way to save lives.... experience, prudence and a good team make the biggest difference... but a life jacket will buy time Fair play
  4. Great video from a well sailed boat on the front page at the moment... Curious to know what the team, and NZ sailing regs criteria for wearing lifejacket + tethers is? With RORC races its if any one of the following are met iirc: - 25 knots + - reefed main - night time Not sure of windspeed but they did have a reef in... and sea-state was pretty big for a chunk of that video with good chance of a broach or two.... Being permanently tethered isn't realistic, but a decent lifejacket is easy to wear and would make a huge difference if someone went in the piss...
  5. Wacka Elvis

    52 Super Series Thread

    Glad you like it - but doesn't do it for me and imho there is better out there too (Ken Reads commentary, and the on board mic / data, and course overlays from the Bermuda AC come to mind) where's the pre race detail with trimmers about set up, on the water mic's picking up the tactical and speed loops, post race comments from helms about incidents of note (starts / marks / coming together)... Most of the commentary is very lightweight - 'it was a race out to the left'.... ok.... why? How did the team approach / execute the start to achieve that? How did they mode the boat to make it happen? But heh - just my preferences. I'm not paying the £ and if the owners are happy then what you gonna do...
  6. Wacka Elvis

    52 Super Series Thread

    Yep - the footage is always useless for the this series.... all fluff... Anyone know why Gladiator are absent? Just missing this one, or the season?
  7. Wacka Elvis

    Women with the America's Cup

    That's some pretty solid "I'm right = you're wrong" forum shouting there chaps.... defiantly going to come up with something useful that way @phill_nz - sexism sucks, and adding more sucks too... but the job isn't getting done and to your question of 'show me the list of qualified women who didn't get the job' the problem is that they aren't there to apply in the first place... @Priscilla - blanket quotas for unending periods of time rightly turns off plenty of the people it would be aimed at helping. The brightest and best rarely want a hand out... So, on the basis that nothing would be perfect, for me the only way to sort this is (again) with Auto Expiring Quotas aimed at clear problem areas... they're in place, and then they're not unless the job is not demonstrably done.
  8. Wacka Elvis

    Women with the America's Cup

    You're mixing up the goals chaps... We're trying to resolve the opposing tensions of 'getting the ball rolling' and 'getting out of the way of the market'... Best way to do that is quotas for fixed amounts of time. Eg - "Each boat in the 202X AC shall be 50:50. This rule will expire at the end of that AC cycle, unless there is clear evidence of insufficient improvement in the talent pipeline" Repeat until fixed, at which point the quota auto-expires
  9. Wacka Elvis

    Team UK

    Pie warmer - wouldn't want them getting wet would you...