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  1. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    I have no idea how they can hold a series when nobody has yet managed to sail one around a course and finish, even in practice. Outteridge, Ashby and Jensen are still swimming. the boat needs a lot more development but they have run out of time (and money) as they need to make all the boats the same. There will be races where only 1 boat finishes and a real chance that in others, nobody will finish. their only hope is that the wind stays below 10 knots.
  2. Teams?

    Do you believe the shit you write or are you as dumb as you make out? Probably one of the most stupid comments on SA for a while. Everybody knows that the likes of Nathan Outteridge are good enough to win the AC, but as ETNZ has shown many times, having the best or good enough sailors doesn't make a team a winner. The ETNZ sailors could not have won the last AC on, say, the Artemis boat while you can bet that the Artemis sailors could have won on the ETNZ boat. This is why a series with equalised AC50's is so interesting. Shame that the ETNZ sailors won't be there if it happens, meaning we will never know whether they were the best AC50 sailors or not. They clearly weren't the best in the ACWS
  3. Teams?

    You really are full of shit. Please tell us how this works. I am pretty confident that there will be a good number of "the best guys" who do not get places on teams this time around. I will stick my neck out and say that Outteridge, Slingsby and most of the Australians that have been touted as such a great potential team don't get jobs, plus the likes of Percy and Goodison. What's stopping them? The lack of teams, the high budgets needed for a team and the nationality rule. The sailors do not hold their futures in their own hands.
  4. Foiling Week Sydney... Speed comparisons?

    Strange. Nathan Outteridge said it started in 16-8 knots and increased to over 20 quickly, and kept getting windier with gusts close to 30.
  5. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Do you think their compasses have gone wrong with the change to the Northern Hemisphere? Some of them are going 180 degrees the wrong way
  6. Foiling A Cats..... In chop

    Not the only knee damage in the fleet. At the nationals, there was at least one fairly serious knee injury that was bad enough to end the week and I have heard he will be out for a couple of months. There were also a couple of foot/ankle injuries. I think foot straps have a lot to answer for.
  7. Teams?

    Spoke to Nathan Outteridge at the Australian A Class nationals presentation dinner this week and he thought it was probably happening. Sorry that's not a copy of a signed contract, and I am sure there is still a lot of pieces to fall into place, but I would be surprised if it doesn't happen.
  8. Teams?

    Until the AC75's are built, the AC50's will remain the fastest course racing sailboats around. In real terms, if they are flying close to 100% of the time, if these boats are equalised, nobody is going to notice if they are a little slower or faster than ETNZ was. They will be spectacular. they will be very fast and if they are equalised reasonably well, the racing could be pretty close. Seeing so many on the same course at the same time is going to be truly spectacular. I am not sure i understand the insecurity being shown by some NZers. Nobody says this is an alternative to the AC, not least because it is going to be fleet racing. It would be a great shame if the most spectacular racing boats that are currently build didn't race again. Are some of you so unsure about the AC75 that you think the 50 is a threat?
  9. Teams?

    What a crock of shit. Work has already started designing a system for the foils similar to what ETNZ used and they will have new foils, so they really will be the cutting edge of foiling, well ahead of the yet to be built new AC boats. Maybe the new AC boats will be faster/better, but by the time we know, the series will have been run. These one design 50's will be the most advanced and fastest sailboats racing nd if you thinki they will be like the GC32, you are off your little mind as the 32 cannot foil round a course and is a lot slower. You miss one important factor. The rich guys involved actually like the 50's and it will be significantly cheaper making them one design and converting to battery power than any AC campaign will be. The estimate I heard was a budget of double the cost of campaigning a TP52 for the year, which seems very good value. Having spoken to a few ex AC sailors, they are very keen and want to do it. You have the owners and sailors wanting it to happen. You have a reasonable budget, by the standards these rich bastards work to. The only stumbling block I an see is that Russell Coutts is involved and with him, it's never plain sailinh
  10. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    It's a lot more than just driving and sail trim. It also includes what sails they have up, keel cant, how much dagger board down, how the rig is actually set up (tension etc), what poles are being used and the list goes on. Teams who have been round before have a big advantage and it is noticeable that DF and Mapfree, as the 2 most experienced, chose to 2 boat tune with each other rather than give away any of their hard earned advantage to new teams. Once racing, all teams will improve, including DF and Mapfree, so the target is moving. Newer teams will show the biggest improvement, closing on the speed of the best. but the best will hope to stay a little step ahead.
  11. Crossbow fl 2017

    I forgot that the wind behaves differently if you are sailing a monohull to a cat.......
  12. Crossbow fl 2017

    Clueless! Let's start with your last statement. You are telling us that the noggle was designed something like 100 years ago. I don't presume it has crossed your mind that we now know so much more than they did back then. For instance, did you know that it is now realised that you achieve a better situation by separating the control of rotation and the boom, which is the exact opposite of what the noggle does. When I started sailing A's, we used a system that maintained the relationship between the boom and the mast like the noggle does. Nobody uses that any more, because it is so inefficient. In the last 40 years there has been a fundamental change in way rotation is set on wing masts on cats to the extent that most cats now do the exact opposite to what was done back then. Couple a modern mast set up with controls from yesteryear and you will have a highly inefficient rig. One factor that is different today is the speeds achieved with the modern wing masts. As the A's have got faster, even before foiling, the way rotation was set changed as the boat sped up. Maybe if you want a slow boat it is appropriate to copy a system from an era when the boats were far slower than today, but if you are looking for a modern performance, don't you think you should be learning from the boats of today and trying to understand why they have changed the way they set their rigs? Contrary to the statement you make above, a system that adjusts the mast independently of the boom is significantly better. There are lots of factors at play. By way of example, you need to match the amount of rotation to the amount of camber you have in the sail. Flatten the sail and you need less rotation. make it fuller and you need more. Sail with more twist and you need more rotation, sail with a straight leech and you need less (although you seem to get that it is a compromise from your first words).Then there is the issue of apparent wind angle, which the mast needs to be adjusted to. Add all of them up and you quickly learn that incorrectly set rotation is slow. As said above, which you choose to ignore, it has now been found that when incorrectly set, you are better off with a small section, non over-rotation mast because it has less drag. In other words, a small round section mast has less drag than an incorrectly set wing mast. With your noggle, you will be incorrectly set too often. This is not guesswork. There has been enough testing done and enough proven on the race track. You are adding $1000's of cost, complexity and weight to your boat for little to no gain, and at times, more drag.
  13. Crossbow fl 2017

    How about you learn to read and then try to comprehend what was said. Please show us what in my comments says that the noggle won't work as far as it goes? My comments referred to your ignorant comment This shows a total lack of understanding of how a wing mast the size of an A Class mast works. If you take a small mast such as used on the Taser, near enough is good enough on rotation. Once you get to the size of an A Class mast, if you don't have the rotation right for the wind direction, it is significantly less effective than a conventional mast. This is well established. Without adjustment, your rig will be good in a few specific situations and worse in most. That is because without the mast being correctly aligned for the apparent wind, the separation bubble becomes huge. If you go from an upwind setting to downwind without easing the rotation (increasing the amount of rotation), you can actually feel the drag and see it on the leading edge of the sail. Incorrectly aligned, you are effectively pushing a 135mm wide object into the wind, so unless you align the wing correctly, a 60mm round mast will perform better. This isn't speculation. This is fact and you clearly don't understand this.
  14. Crossbow fl 2017

    Mr Lord You show a complete lack of understanding of how wing masts work and how and why you control them. If you use an A Class mast and don't adjust the rotation for conditions and point of sailing, the mast is less efficient than a conventional mast. You are adding a whole world of complexity and considerable expense for a less efficient rig. More often than not, the simplest answers are the best. You seem to spend all your time designing complexity into boats that doesn't add enough to the sailing experience to justify it.
  15. Crossbow fl 2017

    Doug's off his meds again