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  1. A very one eyed and biased view. Many of the players really don't like the idea of the cup in Auckland or NZ for that matter. Few are excited about spending an extended period of time there. Compare it to living on an idyllic island with warm weather where everything was cheap. Life was seriously good for those the teams in Bermuda. Auckland won't even come close. Ask anybody outside of ETNZ and they will tell you that they would much rather live another cup cycle in Bermuda than in Auckland. They will be in auckland, because that is where the game is, but don't take their attendance as evidence that they like or prefer it.
  2. When you post it quoting my post about the mainsheet system I bought and when you start by saying ".... if you think and design the boat to fit cheaper hardware options, then you can save money". It was clearly implied that I had an alternative. If that is not what you meant, then you need to be a bit clearer in your posts. Maybe it is just the usual problem of it being hard to express exact meaning and implications when posting on a forum, but to me and others, it sure looked like you were saying I had an alternative. As an aside, there is a noticeable difference between 9:1 on a cascade and 10:1 on a cascade when used on an A. I was intending to go with 9:1 if I change to under tramp, as it is what I know from my old system but I was told that this was tried and it was found to not be enough, or maybe I should say that it was found that the extra purchase of the 10:1 cascade was better. There is an added issue that is specific to foilers (not just A's). There is an opportunity to save money and weight with a short traveller that goes across the back beam. The issue is that you need more mainsheet range because you can't simply let the traveller out further. For this reason 3:1 at the back doesn't give enough range. Let's finish this by agreeing that in many cases, you can save a lot of money by designing the systems accordingly. On a one design this is particularly relevant because you aren't under pressure to produce the ultimate. I was in Sydney for the Boat Show and saw the Whisper cat in the flesh for the first time and couldn't help but note that the mainsheet on that has very little purchase which will save a lot of money, but you would almost certainly be quicker with more purchase. It doesn't matter if all the boats are the same. Back to the OP, IMO, the cost of basic parts such as small, single blocks is actually reasonable. The problem really comes with items that have far lower demand
  3. The boat is their last AC45T.
  4. I believe you are mistaken on that score. I was told by one of Witty's Sydney based crew that Lee is bankrolling it himself and that the company name is being used for tax purposes and marketing. He is using a similar model as Ellison used with the AC where he put up his own money but used the name of Oracle.
  5. Don't make me laugh! The company is controlled by one family who run it as their own and they pay zero attention to the shareholders. You do know the Lee family own 74.5%, don't you!
  6. That's not what is going on. I gave a very clear example and you made a very clear statement in response to my post saying that I could have used a cascade instead. No I could not. I have no way of running a cascade on my boat. You might as well have said I should use a cheap snubbing winch. Of course people with other boats have the option of using cascades, just like I used to have on my A, but as it is not an option now. I am in a small group whose best option is the system I showed, and that illustrates just how limited the market can be for parts and the example given was to show why they are expensive because of a limited market. As an aside, for me to go under tramp would cost about $2000. I would need a new tamp, new traveller and a new mainsheet system. Also, as pointed out but ignored by you, the 10:1 under tramp cascade system being used by a few costs about the same as the 10:1 shown. Again, this is about having the best system, not one that is little more than "adequate". The block to bring the sheet back above the tramp costs something like US$200 on its own. Yet another example of a block with a limited number of uses that don't sell a lot. This was never about A's. You made it that. It was about needing to buy a particular mainsheet system that didn't there isn't a big demand for, to illustrate why parts are expensive.
  7. I never said Witty would excel. I said he would do better. Who else is putting up money? From what I hear, the relationship might be fairly new but they have become very close.
  8. I don't think you understand the dynamic between Witt and his sponsor. They are personal friends who have sailed together for a reasonably long time. Paying for Witty to do the Volvo is petty cash for Lee and is about a friend helping another to realise his dream. I think he could end up last in every leg and it wouldn't sour the relationship between them. As for his results to date, it's not a surprise. Wait until we see some big wind sailing. I doubt he will be as quick a the leaders, but I would bet in those conditions he will look far better than he is looking now. The biggest issue he will face is the lack of crew. 7 is not enough to sail one of these boats on big offshore legs. He needs to see how he gets on in a Doldrums situation where you might go a couple of days with urgent sail changes every hour. At some point he will realise that he needs 2 women, but is biggest challenge will be to find any woman good enough who will put up with his misogynistic views.
  9. You do know that what WnW posted is the forum tradition for greeting newbies. I think it is you who needs to STFU As for rake, that depends on exactly which boat you have because it is a relationship between the CoE of the rig, the position of the boards and the distance between the boards and the rudders. All of these make a difference.
  10. Again you post without knowing what you are talking about. I had a cascade 9:1 on my boat, but that is when we used conventional sails with booms. Now we are using decksweepers without a boom, you cannot do it. It doesn't give you enough travel. There is a way of doing a cascade, by having an under tramp system, but even with that, because we are now using short travellers, to get enough travel on the mainsheet we are using 2:1 above the tramp and 5:1 below. It is an unbelievably low friction set up when done right but to do it right costs about the same or more as the 10:1 system shown above. But you are right. I could design my A so that it doesn't use expensive systems, but it wouldn't be as fast or as easy to sail.
  11. It seems we pay a lot of money for our parts, but is anybody getting rich off the back of it? It's only a rip off if people are making excess profits. Take as an example that I just bought a new Harken 10:1 mainsheet system. It costs US$560. Sounds stupid and it might well be. The bottom bock has a ratchet built in. But is it a rip off? It really is a very low production item. I would be surprised if they sell more than 250-300 a year, globally and there lies one of the problems. Who is going to tool up to make such a good solution? Nobody else, is the answer. None of the other companies make a system that really competes, to the point you will see this very Harken system on Ronstan sponsored boats. If they thought there was a profit to be made, I am sure others would make something. There simply aren't enough sales to get a return. While it is possible to see individual items which are likely to be higher volumes, this is the way of most boat fittings. I also think we are a little unrealistic with our expectations. If you want to see rip offs, look at the prices charged for parts by many of the car manufacturers. If the above block system came from a car manufacturer, my bet would be on it costing significantly more. I don't like what we have to pay for many fittings, but I also recognise that in most cases, that is the true cost of our sport.
  12. Watching the video and reading the comments on the net, I think the first day was really shifty and on average, pretty light. Notice the video of Stevie on the last run with everybody else lowriding. That says it was 6 knots or less. Here we go with another "it isn't usually like this" regatta Looking at the forecast going forward, it doesn't look exciting.
  13. It looks like it was a light wind day and Stevie Brewin won a race with a short rig. I thought they weren't meant to be any good in light weather
  14. There has been talk on Facebook about the new Exploder tramp. The Australians don't have it on their new Exploders and the view is a bit negative for a number of reasons. You cannot go for the below tramp mainsheet system and the traveller is on top of the tramp. The Brewin tramp, with mainsheet and traveller below the tramp, might not look quite as racy but it is more aerodynamic.
  15. nroose I need to respectfully disagree with you. The OP asked the question on both the dinghy forum and this one, and it is important to realise that there is quite a difference between how you control twist on the 2 boats he mentions. As this is a multi forum, we have answered the beach cat question and as such most of your comments don't actually apply. For instance, we do have rotating masts, don't have a vang and don't use the traveller to control angle of attack in the same way as you do with a monohull. On beach cats downhaul is a primary controller of twist. I am not sure about how things work on a dinghy rig, but I think having a fully battened sail also makes a significant difference. For the cats, downhaul controls the fullness of the sail and up high, as you pull on downhaul, the sail gets flatter and the leech opens. I sail upwind with the traveller on the centreline. The problem with controlling twist with the mainsheet is that without a vang, if you ease the sail to get twist, the sail gets fuller. So the downhaul becomes the power control and does so through controlling fullness and twist. Rotation is also used to control the shape of the sail and therefore the power. Depending on the mast section, it also controls the effective camber and position of max draft in the sail. My usual depowering chain of events is to start with a little downhaul to flatten the sail, then start dialing out rotation as I pull the downhaul on more and more. I have the rotation fully in before I have max downhaul. My ideal is to keep the mainsheet hard in all the time. It begins to get interesting when you are trying to foil upwind, but that isn't what the OP is asking as he sails an F18.