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  1. Team NZ

    I don't think it's that simple and just a case of money. The issues seem pretty complex.
  2. Team NZ

    As usual, you cannot help yourself. When you are behind in the arguments, you get abusive. All i did was quote sclarke. How can that be trying to stuff words into his mouth? Either he said it or he didn't. What he clearly said was It is clear from what jaysper and others have posted that sclarke is saying they are not kiwi fans. That goes for Sir Stephen Tindall as well, because he clearly sees a possibility that it won't happen in Auckland. Nobody takes a year off from his role and company just to be part of a process that is going to happen anyway. He sees the risk and is going to do all he can to make sure the possibility doesn't become a probability or actually happen. It has a bit of a feeling of SF about it. Everybody believed that SF would step up, but in the end, if it had not been for Larry's money, it would not have happened. For Auckland, there isn't a Larry sitting in the wings prepared to bail out the financials if needed. It looks like there will be a lot of hard work needed to make it happen. I hope and believe the most likely outcome is that the next AC will be on Auckland, but anybody who doesn't see the possibility that Auckland doesn't get it's act together in time really does have their head buried in the sand.
  3. AC36 Auckland NZ

    More smoothly? Who cares how smooth it is. It's about getting it done. I expect exactly the opposite of smooth. It looks as if it's going to be a street fight. The "obvious" thing is that Tindall recognises how at risk everything is and he wants to make sure it happens. He wouldn't be doing it if he felt it was going to happen come what may, as suggested by some on here. As the article suggests, it is great news because having a person of Tindall's stature throwing himself almost full time into making it happen has got to significantly improve the chances of Auckland hosting the AC.
  4. AC36 Auckland NZ

    If it is such a slam dunk that Auckland will come through and host, why has Tindall decided he needs to dedicate so much time to helping make it happen?
  5. Team NZ

    Attention jaysper and Nutta. How do you feel about being accused of not being a Kiwi fan? I am not sure what being a fan has to do with whether the council will act in time, but as an outsider, it seems clear to me that the rabid NZ fanboys says there is no chance the cup will happen anywhere but uckland while the NZ fans who have always been reasonable seem to think there is a chance. Who do you believe, guys sclarke and Indio or jaysper and Nutta? Also interesting how certain NZ journalists are hailed as getting to the bottom of the truth on some things but when it is something that isn't liked, they are called hacks. No inconsistency there
  6. Team NZ

    Indio I admire your belief, but enough of your countrymen on here plus NZ journalists say it is a real possibility so I cannot see how you can be so dismissive, unless you have some insider knowledge. I am sure you and I agree on this, that we both hope and expect Auckland to come through, but not to see the real possibility of the next AC being in Italy seems to me to be burying your head in the sand.
  7. 14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    Yes Not at all. Michelle is saying that only an A Class Classic can make better VMG upwind than an S9 but the S9 beats A foilers. I am saying that you have to be a poor foiling A sailor if you aren't beating Classics upwind and that on a like for like sailor basis, an A foiler will be significantly faster than a Classic. This didn't used to be the case, but things have moved on. Even if you are not foiling upwind, a good foiler boat should now be faster upwind in all but the lightest conditions with like for like sailors. Therefore. his analysis is wrong because he is comparing the S9 against poor A foiler sailors. You seem to be unaware of the make up of the A fleet. It does attract rock stars but they represent less than 5% of the fleet at major championships and they rarely appear the rest of the time. The vast majority are just regular sailors like the people who post on this forum. Go check out the US fleet. With no disrespect intended, it is not made up of rock star sailors. This is why we get such big turnouts. The vast majority of people sailing foiling A's are nothing more than regular guys and girls who are "weekend warriors". Sorry, Charlie,the reputation thing is a distortion of reality. I cannot deny the reputation is there, but it comes from people who aren't in a position to properly comment. I admit an A isn't as easy as the S9, but we are not talking about something like the difference between a UFO and a Moth. Anybody who tells you that sailing a foiling A isn't attainable by the average sailor hasn't sailed a properly set up A. Just like you found with the S9, if you don't have the set up right, life is hard. A badly set up A looks impossible to sail and feels impossible to sail. From the comments you and other S9 sailors have made, it was very clear that the basics of how you sail both the A and the S9 are very similar but i believe you need to refine the same skills a little more for the A, which is achievable for most. All this misses something important. The A and the S9 appeal to different types of people and it isn't just about how easy or hard they are to sail. All sorts of other things come into play. The boats aren't in competition with each other, except in the mind of Michelle. The market is more than big enough to support both classes, and others as well.
  8. VOR 2017-18

    With Witty's reputation for scant regard for the RRS, it is only a matter of time before we see Scally protested for something. I bet all teams are keeping well out of the way to keep their boat intact! Remember the start of the Fastnet?
  9. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Charlie I believe you are mistaken and the response on both boats should be the same. The issue is that the boat coming in on top of you happens fro 2 reasons and the response is exactly the opposite in each case. Get them muddled and you swim! The boat comes over on top of you for 2 reasons. First, there is a lull. In this case, you head up, sometimes pretty sharply. Done correctly and you get 2 things working for you - the centrifugal force corrects the windward heel and the sharp head up increases the wind flow over the sail. You might also need to ease the sail because the apparent wind has swung back and you don't want to stall the sail or matters get worse. Then there is the windward heel due to an increase in speed. An increase in speed drags the apparent wind forward, so you have to pull away from the wind to stop the windward heel increasing. In this case, easing the sail will make matters worse. How do you know which you need to do? The big problem is that what you need to do is very contrary to what you normally think. You are sheeting out for power and sheeting in to depower! You need to develop the feel for it but if you watch the tell tales they will help tell you what is needed. It only works if you were correctly sheeted before the excess windward heel starts, but assuming it as, when you get the lull situation, the leeward tell tale will be lifting while when you get the speed increase situation, the windward tell tale will lift. The biggest issue is that writing it down is a lot easier than doing it. I had all the time I wanted to write and get the order of things correct. If I wasn't sure, I stopped writing and thought about it. You don't have that time luxury when sailing! This is why I swim a lot. Knowing what to do is very different from being able to do it.
  10. 14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    You 'really need to stop your constant distortion of the truth. You do not make a proper comparison. The As you sail against are really poor performers who are not representative of the performance of foiling A's. I know this for a fact because of what you say A properly sailed current foiler makes better VMG upwind than the best A cat classic in all but non trapezing conditions. As soon as you get foiling, the difference is huge. Foil an A properly upwind and you can achieve the same course heading as a Classic but you go at least 5 knots faster. Even a very average foiler like me can make better VMG than a classic, although I cannot manage the same height as the good guys achieve. If it is one of the top guys, they can now point higher and go something like 8-9 knots faster than a classic while the very best achieve significant bursts of even faster speed. So if the A foilers you are comparing the S9 against cannot make better VMG than a classic, they really are weak and cannot be used as a comparison. More "fake news". You used to sail and build A's, but you have not built an A that was competitive on the world stage for something like 10-15 years. You have not competed in the fleet against modern foilers. You are so out of date and out of touch it isn't even funny any more. Once again, nobody denies the S9 is a great boat. It is good enough to stand on its own and doesn't need comparison with an A.
  11. I think there is far more evidence than you list. Remember that the announcement about it being a monohull was made by the Italians with no NZ presence at all. I still cannot believe that the Italians did that, because it is such a clear slap in the face for ETNZ and Dalton in particular. It sent a very clear message, that it was their choice and they were responsible for it. You have to be "Tommy" not to spot it.
  12. A-Class North American Championship by San Diego Yacht Club

    Let's not forget that on the day with flat water at the worlds, day 1, Stevie Brewin and Bundy were in a different class. The way I heard it is that if it had stayed flat water they would have won every race until it went light. I am sure it is not all over for the F1. It is a great platform. It needs new foils and it might need the position of the centreboards moving but the platform itself is fine. That's interesting. Stevie used a new 15 mast and so did Bundy and I haven't heard that Stevie needed to change the luff curve, which i am sure he would have done if it was needed. Somebody needs to bend test the mast to compare.
  13. A-Class North American Championship by San Diego Yacht Club

    I think this is a long way off the mark. The only reason why the DNA's finished 1st and 2nd at this event is that they were being sailed by the 2 best foilers. Mischa ad Bruce have proved before that they are way ahead of other US sailors, with the exception of Matt in 3rd, who had not been sailing A's at all. All you need to do is look at what happened at the worlds recently. Mischa went in as favourite and got outclassed. The question is was that because the others have got so much better or that he didn't have a s good a boat. Considering how he won the F18's this year and other results, the reason has to be that the Exploder is currently a better boat. The aero is not as clear cut as you seem to think. An Exploder with a Brewin tramp, sail and under tramp mainsheet is probably as good aerodynamically. Starting from the front, Mischa is sailing around with long rotator "spanner" sticking out the front which the Exploders have done away with. He uses a boom and has the drag of the mainsheet system sticking up in the air. The flow over the exploder front beam and a brewin tramp is no worse than a DNA and brewin and a few others tucked their Exploder tiller bars under the airflow, maybe not as well as the DNA but still I am sure it made a difference. The Exploder platform was designed by an AC aerodynamics specialist who says it might not look as flash but there is next to no advantage in the DNA. Jakob of Exploder has said if there is a benefit to be had, he will change the moulds and his track record of doing so suggests this isn't an idle comment. He did copy the DNA tramp for some people but that doesn't allow for under tramp sheeting which some see as significant. Th real difference between the DNA and exploder isn't in the platform. It is in the foils. The exploder foils are now well ahead of the DNA. Reports from the worlds talk of how much more stable the Exploders were when up on foils. The first DNA at the worlds was 9th, being sailed by somebody ho many say is the best foiling A Class sailor, although I am sure Stevie Brewin wouldn't agree! I think we can say ho big a factor it is. The person who came second in the worlds sailed without his lower tramp and still came second, so it shows that if you are good enough, it isn't as important (although every bit helps). The simple truth is that Matt has not sailed an A, struggled upwind against 2 sailors who could foil upwind but was said to be quick downwind. My personal view is that it is too narrow. It seems he is trying to drop the CoE without going for a short rig, but while I suspect there re some gains, I have always believed that going back too narrow at the top is done at the expense of drag. I asked Landy about this at the nationals and he said that he had commissioned some analysis of this. His sail had a 650mm head so make of that what you will. I am sure that Mischa turning up at the North Americans will have helps sell some DNA's and will help his order book for sails. Mischa would have won any foiler and he would have won with his old sail and is a great marketing tool We might learn more over the Australian summer because there are now 3 DNA F1's in Australia, 2 of which are in the hands of proven top 10 sailors. I am not sure if they have sailed them yet, but it will b interesting to see how they get on.
  14. A-Class North American Championship by San Diego Yacht Club

    Yet again we see how good a sailor Mischa is. At the worlds, Bruce beat Mischa sailing an Exploder but in identical boats with identical rigs, Mischa was boss. Reading the reports it seems that Matt was very fast downwind on the Exploder but upwind he wasn't that flash. Was that his lack of time on the boat or the sail, because the sail was the only difference between his boat and the worlds winning exploder. I presume it was lack of time on the boat. All the above could simply be rubbish! When you have Mischa at an event, he could probably sail any foiler with any gear and still win. The 2 best foilers at the event came 1st and 2nd. What a surprise!
  15. 14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    You make sweeping statements like this and wonder why we end up with on line arguments! You clearly weren't sailing against the good A Class foiling guys because in 12 knots of breeze, the good ones make significantly better VMG than the A Classic. They actually go the same height but 6-7 knots faster. "Second tier" A Class foilers will sail 6-7 knots faster than a Classic but lower, making small gains as measured by VMG. Although it is unfair to use them as comparison, the top 2 or 3 A Class foilers are even quicker, close to 10 knots faster than a Classic and pointing higher. It is almost unbelievable what they are doing and it is condition dependent, going faster and faster when the water is flat, but even in significant waves the good foiling guys are significantly quicker than the best Classics. Instead of playing "mine is better than yours", all you needed to do was compare the height with one boat, the classic, because for most, they can relate to that. Very few can relate to a foiling A because they haven't even seen one. Instead of writing what is a poorly disguised marketing attempt, I am surprised that as you are probably the most experienced S14 sailor, you didn't answer Martin's question on technique. Even he spotted you didn't bother with that!