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  1. sail2win

    Fucking parasites

    LB 15, In wealthy circles, the Kennedys don't really cut it because they don't have that much so you might want to consider updating your reference lol!!
  2. sail2win

    NYYC Invitational IC37

    Don't think any other clubs will sign on based on this math: $300k per boat * 6 boats = USD $1.8 mil. plus sails at $50k per boat = $300k so an initial capital outlay of USD $2.1 mil then add annual operating expenses but subtract charter fees. Call that break even even though it won't be especially if depreciation is included. Most clubs would rather spend $2+ mil. on grounds, docks, bulkheads, junior programs, ladies sailing, etc.
  3. sail2win

    Keel Issues (Peterson 34)

    Next they will be finding wooden shoes on the bottom of old IMS boat keels!!
  4. sail2win

    H-Boat Renovation Project

    Bull City, Why don't you go to Europe by yacht? There is one in NYC ready to go and was just used by a 16 year old (and crew)!! That should assuage your emissions guilt ha ha!!
  5. sail2win

    Swan 42

    How much did the broker offer you to take it?
  6. sail2win

    McConaghey 38

    Why is the MC38 in Hong Kong listed on YachtWorld for US$128K while the one in France is $222k?
  7. sail2win

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    Wouldn't they be the Pacific Northwest rather than Lake Michigan?
  8. sail2win

    Suggestions for activities in Newport RI

    If you need lodging, I recommend the Chart House Inn. Great location, reasonable pricing, plenty of private off street parking (Newport in summer is a bear for parking) and helpful innkeeper. I have stayed there four times.
  9. sail2win

    Moving a wide boat across the US

    Talon, I live in Norfolk and am retired. I race at Hampton YC and have sailed all over the world. In my youth, I was the captain of a Swan 47. My longest offshore passage was Newport to Bermuda. If you need any crew to help deliver your boat (sailing not driving!!), I am likely available. If you have other plans, I wish you a safe journey. Regards, Sail2win
  10. sail2win

    Titan XII

    pronounced Tee tawn
  11. sail2win

    Sinergy 40 vs. Sydney 40AC

    do you mean Sinergia 40 designed by Botin & Carkeek? Never heard of Sinergy 40 sorry...
  12. sail2win

    Ed's Outburst

    I stopped reading at this "I can here you righties wine" If you can't even use hear for here and whine for wine on the front page, what you have to say isn't that relevant.
  13. sail2win

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    Seems like there is some price confusion in this thread. The listing states AUD$125,000 which coverts to about USD$91,000 using round numbers. Listing here if you want to verify
  14. sail2win

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    Doghouse, What is your US dollar fair price estimate?
  15. TwoLegged Are you opposed to mortgages based on your leverage aversion? After all, leverage there can range from 5 to 1 with 20% down to infinity with 0% down....most private equity deals are structured at less than 5 to 1 leverage currently.