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  1. I called the number on the Craigslist ads today to ask about the J29. He said he is in the scrap business and bought them for the lead. Two J22s have been shredded already and the J29 is scheduled for Friday unless it is purchased first. I asked him what was included and he said boat plus mast plus whatever is inside the cabin but he had not looked inside yet. I was skittish about buying sight unseen so I passed.
  2. il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    Hey this is good news for them and good for sailing! Can't we just say congratulations and enjoy the accomplishment? For the Debbie Downers out there, here is precedent: there is a TransAtlantic Race which has a record time associated with it. There is also a trans-Atlantic record time just for sailing across. Many of the holders of the latter waited in NY harbor and started from Sandy Hook when they could ride a low pressure system across. Seems analogous to this current situation. No one has complained about either record, or the sailors or the boats to my knowledge.....
  3. Iron Fisted

    If I was the second place boat which was awarded first due to this situation, I would give the trophy/prize to Howe. Hopefully, the third place boat would do the same for me and so on. If that doesn't work, then I as the second place boat would withdraw rather than accept first place.
  4. Hey Streetwise, Very interesting matrix so thanks for sharing it with the group. It would be interesting to have two more lines at the bottom for MAX and MIN ratings. The hi-lo variance is almost as interesting to me as the weighted average LOL!!
  5. 12 meter charter Newport - worth it?

    Try Chart House Inn in Newport - Newport Shipyard is walkable from it as is Thames Street.
  6. Preserving JFK's boat Victura

    JFK Library 2014 total revenue $8.7 mil, expenses $7.4 mil, net income $1.3 mil. I think the library can handle this on their own. Besides, how have they been funding it for the past 40 years? Wouldn't yacht maintenance be a recurring annual expense line item? Why GoFundMe now and not ever before?
  7. US7070 Do you know if all the Swan 45s had their rudders replaced after the first few delaminated or was that on a boat-by-boat basis?
  8. Tactics book

    Paul Elvstrom's books are pretty good too but a bit dated.
  9. What is this boat "nelson 28"

    OK I will ask - what did you pay for it?
  10. What ever happened to the farr 400?

    I crew on one on the East Coast USA. The owner is very active and the boat is great. Most one design action has been at Key West Race Week. Generally achieve 7.3 to 7.4 upwind and 8 to 18 knots down depending on wind velocity and wave state. Fast is fun (thanks Bill Lee for that!) Don't think there is any truly consistent one design 40 sport boat fleet (at least ten boats in class) racing anywhere, is there?
  11. money wins!

    Maybe this is the first step towards solving the supposed problem of income inequality. Wealthy owners redistributing money to poor working stiffs - left and right can both support this!
  12. Would it have made any difference if the owner had required all crew to sign a liability waiver stating that sailing is a dangerous sport and each participant willingly takes those risks? I'm thinking of the ski ticket model and assumption of risk.
  13. J/30 Modify for PHRF racing?

    OP you have answered your own question! You are trying to solve a software problem (crew skill level) with hardware (asym spin). If you make the hardware change, you will still have the software problem. Purchase n older J30 spin from the class site for $200. Use it to practice on non-race day in 10 knots. Isolate each task and assign one person to perform it repetitively: pack chute, hook up sheets and halyard, attach and raise pole, hoist chute, trim pole back and drop jib. Let them make mistakes and discuss how to rectify. This will save you money for the modifications and your time to install them.
  14. Wondering about the Schock 40

    Do you think a red hull will be harder to sell even if it's a new paint job?
  15. Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Miah What about the critically important role played by the pit man??!!! T Dawg