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  1. tamkvaitis

    Malta Madness

    I could definitely recommend these places: Ubistro - nice place to eat, close to sliema Taragon - a place for fine dining, quite far away from Sliema, but everything is close in Malta. Reservation necessary RMYC restaurant is also nice
  2. tamkvaitis

    Race Replays

    Rudder_NZ will you share the torrent?
  3. tamkvaitis

    Race Replays

    Thanks! Downloading and seeding
  4. tamkvaitis


    dynamic twist control mentioned
  5. tamkvaitis

    2016 ORC European Class C Champion Re-crowned

    And back on even waterline during racing
  6. Very rare situation, then results are changed in a major event. Maybe somebody knows some details?
  7. tamkvaitis


    how were the foils constructed?
  8. tamkvaitis

    Smoother, Lighter, Faster

    Weight on the mast is 7 more important than weight in the hull therefore try removing all the unnecessary shit from the mast. Strip halyards, change all the rigging to synthetic. Then mast is as light as you can afford ho through the deck. Remove all unnecessary winches, fittings etc. Carbon wheel is a waste of money, but carbon rudder could give you exceptional results. Inside the boat, some weight might be saved by making composite floorboards. Also look into your headliner if it is made from plywood panels or other heavy stuff go for foam covered with vinyl or similar lightweight solution. Remove all the doors that are hinged, remove salon table. Afterwards go sailing and look which items are necessary for you and which you can live without. You will be surprised to see how many shit is not required.
  9. tamkvaitis

    Rope anarchy

    I hope that rope/line thing could be forgiven as I am not a native english speaker, If it is too hard for you I would suggest to look for more grammar-nazi related forum. The main problem with local riggers is their competence. Basically stuff that they have in stock is "the best" in the world and if you ask for advice the most expensive option is always recommended. The boat I am talking about is 33 ft performance-cruiser. Are there any rules to know if the line will kink or is it only possible to know only after trial and error?
  10. tamkvaitis

    Rope anarchy

    At the moment I am planing to replace all the lines in my boat. Actually I'm quite happy with current ropes, but every time I look into those greyish ropes I wonder if they are going to last one more night in the Baltic sea. And of course new ropes looks nice I am trying to get my head around all the options then buying ropes, to make things more clear I divided ropes into several categories: halyards - everything looks straight forward with these dyneema is the way to go, but what about the cover? is it worth to invest more in ropes with fancy covers, which includes cordura and other exotic stuff? Genoa sheets - this is the area were I have the most doubts. My heart suggests to go with cheaper dyneema, less stretch should allow me to trim my sails more precisely, but my wallet suggests to go with less expensive alternatives (polyester mainly). Main sheets - I separated as they are used within the tackle system, therefore it is more important how the rope feels and grips in my hand. The loads on this rope are not substantial, so I think i will go with polyester ones for mainsheets Control lines - dyneema and polyester depending on aplication. The main problem prohibiting me to choose is the amount of options available, different types of rope, different patterns of braiding, etc. What are your favourites and what are you looking for then you are buying new ropes?