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  1. Ubi Maior Jib Furler

    similar concept http://smartroller.se/ I had one on myu previous boat, worked OK
  2. bandg autpilot wind mode

    Thanks! any idea where to find this magic setting? Change of topic: start time, I am sailing some evening handikap races with reverse start order, e.g. last night I had start time 17:03:17 I tried to find a setting to count down to this time, but no luck? does it exist ? where ?
  3. bandg autpilot wind mode

    Well I listed all I have above, I do not know which is the main controller, the AC42 or the Zeus2. /HW PS I have entered a simple polar table in the Zeus, thus there is some support for polars even without Hx000 computers.
  4. bandg autpilot wind mode

    I have an all B&G system Zeus2, triton displays. wind and log transducers, autopilot with RC42 compass, AC42 pilot controller, RF25 rudder feedback, Jefa drive unit I am mostly happy with the system, but "wind mode" confuses me. If I set it at e.g. 28 degrees AWD in wind mode, it steers quit nicely, the actual AWD just varies +/- a degree or so, but after about 5 minutes, the set direction has been reset to something like 32 degrees AWD. Does the pilot think it can pick a better VMG angel than me??? I have heard two other persons observing the same thing. Any idea what is going on? /HW
  5. Stack pack or not?

    There is an alternative version of lazybag/stack pack, which looks quite nice. It has two zippers the length of the boom. just above the battens holding the lower part of the bag. while sailing the top piece is detached, but once the main is dropped between the lazy jacks into the bottom part, the top part i zipped on. Nothing flapping while sailing, but still almost as simple to handle as a stack pack. I think it is invented by Lundh Sails Gothenburg Sweden.
  6. Flipper Scow by Peter Bruun

    Try http://www.flipperjolle.dk/wiki.asp and You can google "flipper jolle" I got several hits jolle is scandinavioan for dinghy /HW
  7. B&G wifi module

    Hi Well mine has been a little tricky to allow connection from Iphone, but once connected, it has been rock solid. But what drives me nuts is the brain dead design that the go_free does not support routing internet to/from one of the connected devices, that is kind o childs play with modern networking gear, Navico telling me to by a second unit is an insult, and it does not solve the problem that e.g. an iphone can not be connected to both the boat network and internet at the same time :-( /HW
  8. Zeus2 vs Zeus3?? What are the upgrades??

    Thanks for reply! I did find the tables for lay lines, after some tinkering. the drop down menu also allows selecting polar, how would one enter polars? And for the "simple" table, any way to just edit a file on a computer and, read it in, what is the format ? I might try entering a few numbers manually, and when try to find if there is any exportable file,... /HW
  9. Zeus2 vs Zeus3?? What are the upgrades??

    The version 4 update for zeus2 claims: " Target True Wind Angle and Boat Speed Tables A simple table that allows you to customise for your own boat the target boat speed and true wind angle for a known true wind speed. This information will not only help you to sail the boat to its true potential it will also be used to give you more accurate Laylines within the chart plotter." Has anyone found some more specific information about this function? -tabel format ? - how to load it ? - how to use it ? /HW Arcona 340
  10. Strange Italian flower pot

    OK dinghy?