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  1. delta160

    Davis Mk-25 sextant - worth it?

    See for some our of the box thinking
  2. delta160

    Setting a start line - B&G Zeus3

    I think the race mode display which includes the start line, require that You set mode to sailboat
  3. delta160

    c map vs. navionics

    Do You have an example there sonar charts can be seen in the web app? I can not find any area in my home region, around Stockholm with Sonar charts
  4. delta160

    Stackpack with dutchman?

    I think Lund Sails has come up with a clever idea, they use two zippers, thus the top half comes off while sailing, nothing flapping around, and relatively simple to put on the top when done.
  5. delta160

    BandG zeus2 updates

    But I was tied up to the dock. i.e. real speed = 0 the spedo also said speed =0 i.e no current /HW
  6. delta160

    BandG zeus2 updates

    TWS Not equal AWS at dock! Hi when I just got the mast up this year, sitting at the dock, I noticed that AWS and TWS differed quite a bit, the logg showed 0 knots, e.g. no current, The only rationale I can think of is different damping for AWS and TWS, Is there a way to adjust the damping? I have not found it,... Any other explanation?
  7. delta160

    Brooks & Shithouse

    See for some fairly comprehensive comments, Cred to Peter for disclosing that he has a commercial connection to the local distributor.
  8. delta160

    Puzzle yachts Sweden at least some info, admittedly in Swedish, but Google translate is Your friend.
  9. delta160

    Small boat jib furler - what's out there? this system is about the least inexpensive You can find, and it is quite popular here in Sweden, works with hanked sails, but you can not sail with a partially furled sail. /HW PS I have no affiliation with the company
  10. I have seen Simple Plastic funnels being used for this purpose.
  11. delta160

    BandG zeus2 updates

    I must give credit to BandG for their SW updates, last year they updated the autopilot integration, so well that the standalone controller seems superfluous, Today I had the first sail of the year and tried the new windplot feature The only problem I have with it is that it shows that I must calibrate my system, since every tack shows a jump in the TWD, I wish I could claim to be smart enough to only tack on shifts, but unfortunately bad calibration is a much more plausible explanation. Now I just wish for a display which plots SOG and speed ( from log) in the same diagram, preferably as a percentage of one form the other to give direct calibration factor (assuming no current)
  12. delta160

    required navigation tools

    Have a look at it is a very simple but still accurate sextant.