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  1. Well I'm not ancient yet but yes I'm 42 now so the prospect of having to bend double going into the cabin and crawling around in the hull is less appealing, maybe it has less to do with age and more to do with wanting a fraction more comfort. Famuu Sami was built too heavy but having spoken to the current owner he is very happy with the boat and also owns a 63' Kurt Hughes trimaran Rozinante, that I think speaks to it being a good boat even though it could have been better if it met its weight targets. I've spoken to a number of Kurt's builders and most have been very happy with the results of their build and the lightship weights achieved. On the budget front, we all have different ideas of what the word means I believe that I've crossed my t's and dotted my i's in examining the costs of building the platform and speaking to other builders and their tallied up costs I think it's close to accurate, not cheap but affordable if spread out over time.
  2. Hi, square L/B is a pretty conservative choice for offshore shorthanded work where you are short on manpower. All of the competitive Multi50's are near square and the newly launched Ciela Village is exactly square. The idea being that in smaller sizes and lightweight platforms you are looking for righting moment the square dimensions mean that the main hull will take longer to fly and give you a margin of safety if similar sail power to weight ratios are observed. As the boats get bigger beam becomes less important as the boats are heavy enough to generate the required righting moments without needing to push the beam. An Ultime like Gitana or Sodebo would be a pretty stodgy boat if it was square length beam due to the weight of the structure required. There is a crossover point where square L/B ceases to be desirable the ORMA60's pushed right out to the edges of their box rule which made for a very stiff platform and the MOD70's went undersquare with a 60' beam on a 70' LoA. Most performance trimarans that are going undersquare are inshore/offshore boats and/or have more crew to actively monitor the boat and depower quickly when needed so the square platform is as much I believe about safety as performance in the shorthanded context and there are some tradeoffs like having to be a bit more careful downwind.
  3. It is wide in beam but if we achieve our lightship weight while building the global loads should remain manageable. It's not going to be a cruising boat so the goal is to keep parasitic weight and fitout very minimal. A carbon stick would be nice, who knows if one becomes available at the right price I'll have to consider it. Andy's Shuttleworth trimaran mast section came in under 100kgs my alloy stick is about double that.
  4. I thought I'd share some renders of a design I'm having done by Kurt Hughes for a 40' offshore racing trimaran. It's based on a concept that Kurt did for Phil Steggal some time ago. Previously I was intending to build a boat in cylinder mold to his F40 trimaran design but there were a few problems with making it able to meet offshore regulations relating to payload/tankage for fuel and water and accommodation space. I'm getting older and more creaky now so standing headroom on the main hull became more of a priority. The updated Cat1 requirements allow permanently mounted outboard auxiliary on multihulls that have a 39'4" LoA. The boat is effectively square L/B with a 39'4" length and a 39' beam and the blister will allow a little more light down below on the cabin sole. Interior layout isn't really settled as yet but will have a basic galley, a headspace and a couple of single bunks in the main hull flare. Also thinking about some sort of chair so a bit of comfort can be had when dozing in the cockpit while singlehanding. Not shown on the renders are the bow nets that will be fitted for safety going forward. Theoretically we could have a berth forward but it will be dedicated to sail storage and possibly have a full watertight bulkhead between the bow section and the cabin. A tight double could be fitted aft under the cockpit too. Rig at this stage is intended to be an aluminium wing mast and sails off the Malcolm Tennant designed Bladerunner 43 catamaran "Matchless" that was sadly lost in a violent storm that hit lake Macquarie in NSW and is currently suspended from my factory ceiling. The boat is designed to be demounted into a 40' high cube container for storage and transport and the mast will be split into two halves to allow it to fit into the container as well. Construction method will be foam sandwich for the main hull and either foam sandwich or CM for the floats (not settled yet), beams are strip plank Western Cedar with carbon unidirectional on the 0 degree axis and either a glass or carbon laminate for off axis loads. Budget is important so we wont be doing a full carbon build and I accept that I wont be the fastest boat out there under all conditions. No float foils at this stage but they could possibly be retrofitted at a later date, float rudders and main hull rudder will be fitted all can kick up for beaching and shoal draft with one big main hull daggerboard to be fitted. Lightship weight is intended to be somewhere around the 1800kg mark with a displacement at DWL around the 2300kg mark if we can meet our weight targets.
  5. It's a cool boat, nice to see some new Grainger trimaran designs progressing to build, Jamie Morris will inject some artistry into the build I often look at pictures of Cutloose and admire his work there, gorgeous boat and I'm sure this will be no different. From a personal perspective I would have liked to have had an aft cabin on a boat this size but I get that many people would prefer the extra cockpit space.
  6. acrylic window expansion

    Richard Woods had a good little article about fitting his catamaran windows with 3M tape: http://sailingcatamarans.com/index.php/faqs/18-building-questions/418-using-tape-to-attach-windows
  7. Is there a good off the shelf hatch solution to replace the dinky rear hatch? I've got a sliding sheet of acrylic which looks like it was built to plan in my Trem main hull. It's not much good really.
  8. Australian 8.5 "box boat"

    There is also the Pandora Marine 8.50 production catamaran. It seemed quite an expensive little boat when I enquired about it when I first enquired but then that was prior to proper production molds being in place. Their recent flier for the Pandora 850 Mk2 suggests a purchase cost of around 80k Euro which doesn't seem too bad for the base boat. http://www.pandora-marine.com/
  9. Australian 8.5 "box boat"

    It's a shame because there is a shortage of small cat options for people who would occasionally like to race. Seawind 24's are still a popular mildly performance oriented cruiser which has never really been replaced with a similar small catamaran in the Australian market. The right balance is probably somewhat cruisier than what they had in mind with the boxboat though. No replacement for the Great Barrier Express either as a production boat either as far as I'm aware?
  10. 40' searunner tri or 38' leapard cat

    Just a thought why don't you go sailing together on the Searunner and put the Leopard 38 into management with a charter company. Not wanting to nix your chances of a successful relationship with your boyfriend but if you break up he can go back and get his boat and you can both get on with your life if the worst comes to worst. That way ongoing payments to the cruising kitty from the Leopard 38 while it's in charter as well.
  11. Groucho's new wing mast

    Having purchase a spool of carbon from Rob I can confirm it's brilliant stuff. When you have it lying around you just keep finding uses for it.
  12. RORC Caribbean 600

    Just out of interest how is that calculated in MOCRA? Is it a fixed percentage?
  13. RORC Caribbean 600

    I think there is due to their sails, one of Phaedo's sails is non standard.
  14. TF 10 Foiling Trimaran

    Well you know the old expression "If you have to ask"
  15. Centreboard removal

    Have you had a chat with Martin Fisher? He did the foil design for Jessica Rabbit. I think she displaces about 6 tonne I recall he mentioned at one stage that the tooling was still available. I'm not sure if this email address is still live but worth a try perhaps. Martin Fischer via Ferrarese 67 , Bologna 40128, Italy Email: fischer@traviata.bo.cnr.it