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  1. Just a thought why don't you go sailing together on the Searunner and put the Leopard 38 into management with a charter company. Not wanting to nix your chances of a successful relationship with your boyfriend but if you break up he can go back and get his boat and you can both get on with your life if the worst comes to worst. That way ongoing payments to the cruising kitty from the Leopard 38 while it's in charter as well.
  2. Having purchase a spool of carbon from Rob I can confirm it's brilliant stuff. When you have it lying around you just keep finding uses for it.
  3. Just out of interest how is that calculated in MOCRA? Is it a fixed percentage?
  4. I think there is due to their sails, one of Phaedo's sails is non standard.
  5. Well you know the old expression "If you have to ask"
  6. Have you had a chat with Martin Fisher? He did the foil design for Jessica Rabbit. I think she displaces about 6 tonne I recall he mentioned at one stage that the tooling was still available. I'm not sure if this email address is still live but worth a try perhaps. Martin Fischer via Ferrarese 67 , Bologna 40128, Italy Email: fischer@traviata.bo.cnr.it
  7. These might suit out of the racing Formula 40 "Bisuits Cantreau 4" T foil rudders included too. http://sailinganarchy.com/classifieds/show-ad/?id=2673
  8. Not sure on the details I'll see if I can chase up some info. Some 920's like Big Bird have been sailed hard with no problems.
  9. From a performance perspective the 920 is superior better floats with more volume the Crowther Bucc 33 is more of a cruising trimaran. The only negative I can think for the 920 is beam breakage a few have broken with Akimbo being the most recent.
  10. A little more video of the Rapido in action thank's to Paul: http://youtu.be/tUV3gt0qu3Y
  11. Tony Grainger put together a pretty good summary of the cat versus trimaran argument on his Rocket Factory Trimarans website he discusses WSA under the drag transfer effect heading: http://www.rocketfactorytrimarans.com/design-features/what-makes-trimarans-fast/
  12. Okay, you've convinced me that at this scale a tri has a number of clear advantages over a cat which could still hold even with a theoretical robot crew and no humans on board (though I can't work out how there's less wetted surface area in light winds than with a cat). But is this still going to hold as foilers take over? With more sailing done at speeds where the apparent wind is far forward, having a pair of rigs on two amas may be more efficient than a single central one most of the time, and the extra height of the boat over the water will provide more freeboard in all the conditions where it's most needed. Good question, I don't know but I still think that foilers will spend quite a bit of time with their hulls immersed or partially immersed in ocean conditions. The Gitana team for example have stated that their Ultime foiling project will function well across a range of different states foiling, semi foiling and displacement so clearly they believe good performance in each of those modes is important.
  13. I think you are overcomplicating a simple concept, trimarans have more righting moment because they can be wider for a given length. They also allow you to keep freeboard and windage under control due to dihedral. If you want to calculate righting moment just multiply half beam by weight for a rough measure. The extra righting moment has pros and cons because all the gear has to be significantly stronger but it does allow a larger rig. Surely a cat can be just as wide for the length, and it doesn't need any extra strength for that as all these tris have to be able handle the stresses of flying the main hull anyway. If we have a boat run by robotics and no humans on board, what vital service does a middle hull provide that a cat can't duplicate in a similar way without dragging an extra hull along for the ride? The middle hull of a tri helps support the mast. A wider cat means the cross members have to be stronger as the forces will be greater. Given that the tri can fly the main hull, the cross members on a cat shouldn't need to be any stronger than the ones on the tri as you have the same forces being applied through them, and any structure in the main hull that helps support the mast can be duplicated without adding the whole hull. On the AC72s we saw structures designed to do that job without adding a central hull. A cat could be as wide for it's length but the beams would be massive and then there is the problem of seakeeping with those big beams. It's possible but it means that the hulls need lots of freeboard for wave clearance due to demi hull separation. A trimaran gets around that take a ORMA 60 as an example most were square at 60' wide that meant that the effective beam between the hulls was 30' which is acceptable. A 60' wide square catamaran would require lots of freeboard and very arched beams to have adequate clearance to prevent beam slamming which is very hard to engineer without adding excessive weight. The other reality is that no multihull that is racing offshore is going to be flying all hulls bar one all of the time sure you have to engineer for it because it will happen but at many times the hulls will be immersed so you have to consider how the boat performs in those conditions. In the light weather a trimaran does better due to less wetted surface area and as the wind increases it has a wider band of performance that can be exploited. Also consider crew accommodation on a trimaran versus a catamaran you have to put the crew their supplies and the boats equipment somewhere. On a trimaran it's easy put it all in the central hull and keep all the weight out of the floats. To achieve that on a cat you need a central pod which adds windage on top of centre of your already heavily arched beams and you elevate the CoG. A single rig is generally accepted as the way to go performance wise so that means your heavily arched beams also have to carry mast compression loads in their centre. Add to that the more beneficial righting curve of trimarans and the reasons to go with a catamaran start to diminish the larger the boat gets. I don't think there is any knockout blow in the trimarans favor just little things that add up to a significant advantage in the end.
  14. I think you are overcomplicating a simple concept, trimarans have more righting moment because they can be wider for a given length. They also allow you to keep freeboard and windage under control due to dihedral. If you want to calculate righting moment just multiply half beam by weight for a rough measure. The extra righting moment has pros and cons because all the gear has to be significantly stronger but it does allow a larger rig.
  15. I don't think so but the sample size is so small it's hard to draw any conclusions. Tahiti Douche appeared to have the performance to win outright but was never a well funded program. http://proafile.com/archive/article/tahiti_douche Isn't the sample size every ocean race open to mulithulls ever held ? Well if that was the case then the trimaran would be the clear winner at least on the professional circuit but there were so few proas built and raced it's hard to get a good feel for their overall performance in the racing context. I can recall Michel Desjoyeaux talking about racing Tahiti Douche and noting that it was incredibly technical to sail so that also could have contributed to their overall lack of popularity.