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  1. mccroc

    Olympic Offshore

    Well I can't see that happening, for a lot of reasons, including the ones above Also time zones - can't see many Australians (other than hard core sailors) getting up in the middle of the night to maybe see something in sailing - when a final of athletics for example is on you know what is going to be happening. I really don't think sailing is a spectator sport for people who don't know what is going on, and can't see that changing. Also, how many people watch other niche sports, and does that affect their Olympic eligibility? Is WS doing anything needed to stop the IOC from eliminating sailing, regardless of whether it is in the best interests of sailing worldwide? And if so what is the worst case scenario - as in what would that mean for sailing as a whole if no sailing in the Olympics.It's not going to stop the America's Cup, the Vendee, the Hobart race, my club racing, world and national championships etc etc. Also, what other sports have amended their rules, and have made gender equality changes, in the same way WS have bent over backwards for the IOC? I don't expect to see a mixed gender relay in swimming for example.
  2. mccroc


    INDIAN CURRY RHAPSODY Naan, just killed a man poppadom against his head Had lime pickle now he's dead. Naan, dinner's just begun But now I'm gonna crap it all away. Naan, ooh, ooh Didn't mean to make you cry Seen nothing yet just see the loo tomorrow Curry on, curry on Cause nothing really Madras. Too late, my dinner's gone Sends shivers down my spine Rectum aching all the time Goodbye onion bhaji, I've got to go Gotta leave you all behind and use the loo. Naan, ooh, ooh This doopiaza is so mild I sometimes wish we'd never come here at all. ...guitar solo... I see a little chicken tikka on the side Rogan Josh, Rogan Josh, pass the chutney made of mango Vindaloo does nicely Very very spicy Meat! Byriani (Byriani) Byriani (Byriani) Byriani and a naan (A vindaloo loo loo loo) I've eaten balti, somebody help me He's eaten balti, get him to the lavatory Stand you well back 'Case the loo is quarantined... Here it comes There it goes Technicolor yawn I chunder No! It's coming up again (There he goes) I chunder, it's coming back again (There he goes) Coming back again (up again) Here it comes again. (No no no no no no NO) On my knees, I'm on my knees On his knees, Oh, there he goes This vindaloo Is about to wreck my guts Poor me.. poor me...poor meee! ...guitar solo... So you think you can chunder and then feel alright? So you try to eat curry and drink beer all night? Oh maybe, But now you'll puke like a baby Just had to come out It just had to come right out in here. ...guitar solo...slow bit... Korma, sag or bhuna bhaji, balti or naan Nothing makes a difference Nothing makes a difference To meee.... Anyway, the wind blows....shshshsh
  3. mccroc

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    So my congratulations to Bruce Watson and Imalizard - 1st on PHS and Corinthian PHS. A co-committee member of the SSAA with me - hopefully he can lead the two-handed division next year!
  4. mccroc


    My mate had twin daughters last week. He called the first one Kate. The second he called DupliKate.
  5. mccroc

    Single Handed roll call?

    In some breeze..
  6. mccroc

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    Adams Ten, two-handed coming into Sydney Harbour - wind was 30 knots plus, No 4 and two reefs - 22.15knots. Just out for a practice sail, getting more heavy wind experience
  7. mccroc

    12m Australia KA-5 for sale

    I had forgotten about that film/tv show - I was looking after Gretel II at the time and the "boat wrangler" rang me in a panic hoping they could use GII, as Australia's owners had not got back to them. The guy rang me again to say all was okay, but did we have an overlapping genoa we could lend/hire as Australia only has a cutdown jib. I put him in touch with Ian Short who had some of GII's sails at the time. Not sure what happened after that. Have never heard anything more about it.
  8. mccroc


    Have you ever fallen down and didn't know what to do? Call Trip Advisor.
  9. mccroc

    Not fun?!?

    Is it just me, but after the cooking shots did they appear to have aft port and starboard lights??
  10. mccroc

    Screw the health care industry

    No - made her kiss it better.
  11. mccroc


    What typr of alloy?
  12. mccroc

    Screw the health care industry

    Oh, and I have been having recurring kidney stones for over 30 years - I agree it is the worst pain known to man - as recognised by hospitals! When I first got it in 1987 my GP had to convince a hospital I was genuine as Renal Colic was the most used excuse by druggies to get a hit of drugs! The other most painful thing for man is torsion testes. Google that one - very painful - I was 17 at the time!
  13. mccroc

    Screw the health care industry

    Every time I leave Australia I get overseas travel insurance especially no limit healthcare - so that when I have a problem in another country the cost to me is zero, but the hospital in whatever country I am in gets paid by my insurer, not by that country's taxpayers. If I go to the US the premium rises significantly, but I am still covered by them - they argue with the health care provider I assume. Were all the previous posters privately insured in the countries that they mentioned? As a US citizen can you buy reasonable cost travel insurance to cover you overseas, or even in Canada or say Mexico? Would you buy it coming to Australia? The Australian system looks after emergencies brilliantly, and if you are a private patient the hospital gets paid by your insurer, rather than Medicare, meaning a lower overall cost to the taxpayer. Ambulances are covered by private insurance - not sure what happens if you don't have private health cover. Non life threatening surgeries always come with out-of-pocket costs, whether Medicare or private, but only for the surgeon, anaesthetist and laboratory tests etc, not for the hospital. I have spent some 26 weeks in hospital over the last few years - cost to me zero. As a private patient I was able to get beds that were not available in the public system for my particular problem. I pay arounds AUD$250 a month to BUPA - they have paid out over $100K. As a citizen you can look up exactly how much you have had paid on your behalf by Medicare, which is very illuminating! We are starting to have some public/private consortiums building hospitals in Australia - it will interesting to see what happens if healthcare becomes more about money than treatment.
  14. mccroc


    WARNING: Thread drift: The lost art of the projectionist - my first job out of the Despatch department was in a theatre with 35mm and 16mm projectors running double heads with 17.5mm magnetic. Finally found out why there are white circles every 15 minutes or so!
  15. mccroc


    Oh - you meant the snail driving a Ferrari with a big S painted on it?