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  1. Are you serious? Surely not - is that your club's idea?
  2. I agree about needing to "feel" art - which one of my then toddler daughters did with Blue Poles - mid 1980s - walked under the rope and started picking at the paint with her, luckily not long, fingernails. Security guard didn't see her luckily... Apart from that I did think Blue Poles was impressive, and it was interesting to see many other Pollocks at the Peggy Guggenheim Art Gallery in Venice, and start to appreciate his work more.
  3. I have just looked at the video of the girl going overboard - it really looks weird to me. Very strange - she was on the high side that was becoming the leeward side, why does she step up and over the rail? At 13:35 and onwards on this video..https://youtu.be/0xIZjKTdGBQ
  4. We have pursuit races for our Classic divisions - and we have two General Club Sailing Instructions that cover the above situation. Firstly: "A boat may be propelled by motor or towed until its preparatory signal for Scratch Divisions or 5 minutes before the nominated start time for each boat in Handicap Divisions." Secondly: "In a handicap start, boats must keep clear of the start line until their own prep signal, deemed made four minutes before their allocated start time." This has worked for many years.
  5. Back when I was more enthusiastic I tried to get the CYCA to lower their crew requirements...I know better now. Every other major race has two-handed and multi divisions. I agree with Ockaroo - have two-handers sailing in same race - after watching the Gold Coast start can anyone really say shorthanded crews are the dangerous ones? At least on a two-handed yacht all people on board are competent sailors!
  6. My favourite memory of Susan Rossiter-Peacock-Sangster-Renouf was when she farted loudly whilst recording a voice-over for an ad - we kept that on tape for a while... Second favourite memory was Sir Frank lobbing tennis balls at reporters in boats at Point Piper - Paradis -sur-Mer..
  7. The other side of this is should session musicians or singers refund their studio fee if the song doesn't become a hit? They get paid no matter what. Does the engineer and/or producer get royalties? I feel that it only works one way - the artist and/or financial backer takes the risk - the session person doesn't take a financial risk, so why should they get a reward? We only hear of this in relation to hits - not the millions of songs that have never sold. It is a variation of The Herbie Flowers Argument. If not for the riff lifted from Spirit/Taurus would StH have been such a hit? It is impossible to say in reality because we don't know what would have been if it were not for what is. A great deal has been made over credits and royalties over the years. Studios (slang for studio musicians) have long worked solely for scale wages and not credited for their creative inputs, nor paid royalties for their contributions that made what may have been "B" side songs into mega-hits. According to Herbie, he and the lads were often offered either scale OR credit and/or royalties.... but never all three. When he was younger and thought that they had a hit on their hands with both Elton John's Madman and Bowies' Space Oddity he elected for royalties even though struggling with a family. He says he learned his lesson because the record labels, through a process of financial manipulation, would screw the musicians out of these royalties by declaring mega-hits a financial disaster. This is the reason that so many artists form their own labels and publishing companies then sell the distribution rights to record labels. It insures they get paid for their work, both physical and creative. As for monies going to The Randy Foundation. Several years back Herbie and a few of his studio mates got together and started trying to change the way royalties and credits were distributed/noted. Quite a battle because they freely entered into a contract to perform and were paid for that performance. They did make some headway but nothing really significant although it did change how record labels did business. One of their successes was that the children that performed on Pink Floyd's The Wall were awarded royalties. However that choir was unknown as to who actually made up the roster so instead they convinced Pink Floyd to make a healthy donation to the school/orphanage they were from. The bottom line is this. If Led Zep wins it is a huge setback for those who create. While Spirit may not have written StH they made a significant contribution to its creation. While it may not have been overt, they did provide the creative inspiration, along with the specific riff that lead to StH being that mega-hit for Led Zeppelin. Plant and Page are fools to object and allowing this to go to court. All to protect some fragile egos. Pay Spirit and treat them fairly or risk being labeled the douches they are being.
  8. Good on you flightcrew and your club - you will not be alone I am sure.
  9. On a wall next to the railway in inner western Sydney: GOD HATES HOMOS! underneath: But what does he think of tabouli?
  10. Terrible news. Condolences to all involved.
  11. I probably shouldn't post but why not? For overseas readers, we are really talking only about NSW Australia in this thread. RMS (who issue Aquatic Licences in NSW) do not care whether any Aquatic Licence event involving sailing, either inshore or offshore, uses RRS or IRPCAS or made up rules - all they want is to know who is sailing, did the competitors understand their responsibilities under the Aquatic Licence, and that they can tick all their boxes. The only reason in 2016 that any sailing club would want to pay YANSW or any other MYA is if their members need MYA membership to sail in other races that are subject to RRS conditions. I hope to see a situation in the future that the only sailing clubs in Sydney that are affiliated with YA, World Sailing or whatever they are called this week, are those who organise state, national or world events. Local clubs that want to race around their own laid marks on Sydney Harbour do not, and have never really needed to be affiliated. A great example in the past was the eighteen footers, who because of sponsorship could not be part of YA. Obviously if the club wants to use YA marks then they should pay. If the majority of their members think being affiliated adds something, then fine. As far as the point about what rules apply - I have been doing pre-season briefings at a Sydney yacht club for the last 8 years or so, and each year I warn all competitors that under the local Sydney Harbour regulations, it is not proven (in a court) whether the RRS actually do apply between say a SASC yacht and a RSYS yacht racing under different Aquatic Licences. And I warn them about a contact with a non-racing yacht. So if this is true, who really cares if one club has different rules? Maybe anarchy would result? Another thing could be that each club that at the moment is affiliated could decide to set up another separate club - maybe called "CLUBNAME_YA", and that club affiliates for those members that want it. The main club that organises twilights, Saturday and Sunday races can tell YA to go and take a running jump at a flying fuck. Rant over.
  12. Maluka stayed there after Hobart last year.
  13. She thought he was coming - but he was going...
  14. can you sail a 100 footer solo?
  15. All I did in order to transmit on AIS was register for a MMSI, ship registration is not a requirement for Class B.