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  1. Team Vestas grounded

    Still no one has an answer for - why no radar active with guard zone, why no depth alarms. Is this standard practice in these boats - seems to me it contravenes the Colregs.
  2. Team Vestas grounded

    Yep, my condolences guys, everyone makes mistakes. Really glad everyone is OK. Sorry I wont see you in Auckland now, was looking fwd to it. A question for some with experiences in these races. I am not familiar with Expedition, but I have quite a few offshore miles, and some trans ocean single handed racing. I have extensive experience with Nobeltec and Opencpn. I understand the zooming issue. I'm interested in the fact than none on this forum have questioned the use of a single data source (GPS) for position - the chart plotter with Expedition. Several have recommended additional plotter screens, at different scales. Rather than that, in these circumstances I would have had both a radar guard zone and sonar alarms set, regardless of whether I thought I was on a safe route or not. Both are connected to very loud klaxon type sirens, that cannot go un-noticed. Vestas has a 4G broadband radar I believe? This is part of the lookout system as required by the colregs for a vessel so equipped. Was it off, or on but no-one watching it - and no guard zone. Is this standard practice for the VOR boats, and if so, why? My radar is a 3G broadband, and it would have sounded the collision alarm in sufficient time - it normally will see a low reef from several miles off. Radar guard zones should be SOP as far as I can see.
  3. Yep, Optolamp. Fantastic features (auto on/off with light levels) Tri Color, Anchor and strobe. Draws .15 a at 12 v. Mine is great! http://www.neptunes-gear.com/collections/electronics/navigation-lights