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  1. Slightly Obscure But Very Helpful

    When trying to figure when to gybe into the bottom mark, wait until the butt end of the windex is pointing at the mark. This will put you roughly on the same angle on the other gybe. Allow for tide if needed.
  2. Getting banned for attending a Prohibited event

    Hey doggy, are you a lawyer by chance. Btw just note no lawyers admit to being a lawyer on the internet.
  3. Dibley K250 Carbon

  4. Sailing a frac rig under jib only

    Whoa man, you didn't give us the whole story. You're not really a lazy piece of shit but an old broken piece of shit like the rest of us. Fuck yeah, if your shit is hurtin, roll that jib out and leave the engine ticking over and go sailing. Beats lying on the couch.
  5. You could post a thing on crew.org. But the only people to see it would be the 6 guys who use it as a personal messenger service.
  6. Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    I find it disappointing that sportsmen and sportswomen of all disciplines aren't allowed to be themselves any more. They can't show any emotion or character as they might get burnt at the stake. I like to see guys and chicks whose personality shines so I can actually get attached to a crew or team so I will follow an event. Anyone who thinks sponsors don't want people following their team is insane. The volvo has followed sports like NASCAR where all the drivers and cars look the same and nobody says anything out of turn in case it may possibly offend someone or embarrass a potential sponsor. How much more enjoyable would sports be if the participants acted a bit more realistically so we could actually identify with them, after a bad run get out of a car and kick the door in, after a bad sked stomp around the boat swearing at seagulls, after scoring a point run around yelling "in your face motherfuckers". if sponsors realised that people in internet and tv land would likely see this behaviour and remember it, then look out for that team to see if the dude with the Mohawk looses his shit again, or the winning girl runs up to the ref and kisses them again, or whatever these characters do, sports would be fun to watch again.
  7. what is it?

    Good excuse to post this gorgeous bow section.
  8. Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    Is that it??? I thought it must be something inappropriate.
  9. Sailing a frac rig under jib only

    Oh sorry, did I give you an answer you didn't want to hear?
  10. Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    Holy shit, if any of you heard what is said on our (mixed) crew racing nights you'd throw us all in jail. Harden the fuck up.
  11. Anybody Know The History Of This Farr 39ML?

    Looks like a lot of boat for the money.
  12. Another St Marten OOPS

    Oopsy daisy.
  13. Sailing a frac rig under jib only

    Put the main up you lazy piece of shit.
  14. tp 52 crop 2018

    Not many nz builds. Pity.
  15. Sail: how much is shape and how much is material?

    The clew is on the back lower corner. There you go mate.