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  1. Benefit to a loose rig??? Mills 43

    I used to sail mh 34'er that had fwd and aft lowers and very very loose caps. Loose enough to have to tie them together in the marina. The mast would fall off to leeward and open up the slot allowing the 150% genoa to work without backwinding the main. Looked heinous but worked. The tune changed with the age of the main.
  2. What would be the problem with No1, good manageable boats that will possibly have an afterlife. Why does there have to be trickle down? There wasn't really any from the 12s or iacc boats, maybe a bit, but they were both great classes for the AC.
  3. Yanmar 2ym15 delayed transmission function

    Those engines dont have anything fancy to do that stuff. maybe the Fuel lift pump is goosed and its struggling for fuel to start with?
  4. Foam deck

    Hydro turf.
  5. Black Widow

    Can you get it in pink?
  6. VOR 2017-18

    How cool would it be to run the next event using the original route and IRC. Run what ya brung, bolt fittings on on the way to the start line, fill the bilge with beer if you want, buy a 100' super and jam 18 of your mates on board and go hell for leather. There's heaps of extisting boats and heaps of loaded fuckers who would build new.
  7. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    paging boo boo, please answer the white phone in the lobby.
  8. Hey Editor, ever heard of one design?

    Arn't norths and southern owned by the same company? Why the love for one and the hate for the other?
  9. A big project!

    Jesus, I thought my timber boat project was big, good luck dude, and I mean it, I hope you get a great deal of fulfilment out of the work you are doing.
  10. Yanmar 2ym15 delayed transmission function

    These engines come with a spring loaded Clevis on the engine end of the throttle cable to ensure the engine is at idle when selecting gears. If this is out of adjustment it causes the throttle lever to have excess movement before the throttle is applied after selecting f or r. My my guess is the cable in the wrong holes on one or both ends and the throttle Clevis set with to much preload.
  11. Yanmar 2ym15 delayed transmission function

    saildrive on a 2ym15 is mechanical not hydraulic.
  12. Yanmar 2ym15 delayed transmission function

    Check the shift cable has been installed in the right location. On the lever on the trans there is 2 holes from memory and there is 2 on most control levers. If the cable is on the inner one on the control or the outer one (in relation to the pivot of the levers) the trans may not be getting enough lever travel to engage gear properly. Post photos of the trans shift lever and the back of the control lever if possible.
  13. What happens if you lose control of tiller during a tack

    Probably nothing, however the boat may round up into a neighbouring boat causing it to careen out of control into the path of a ferry. The ferry would try to avoid but would hit a rock and overturn and sink with loss of every life on board. This sucks as the ferry was chartered for a large group of children and nuns who had just beat cancer. Thats probably worst case though.
  14. Mr. Clean DTS?

    I love listening to podcasts, point me to a better one for yacht racing please.