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  1. Alcatraz5768

    Bearing Squeal - Cutlass Bearing

    Does the stern tube bearing have water running through it?
  2. Alcatraz5768

    Mo Bettah Too

    That looks like topmast or topping lift tension to me. And the good info above.
  3. Alcatraz5768

    Black Lifeline Stanchions

  4. Alcatraz5768

    Black Lifeline Stanchions

    Mine are powder coated stainless. It's only for looks.
  5. Alcatraz5768

    Fixing a Pad Eye to the deck with no access below

    Do rope eye do a padeye that can be glued onto the deck?
  6. Alcatraz5768

    Coastal classic New Zealand

    Yeah, Bevan bought the boat in Feb this year.
  7. Alcatraz5768

    Bikini Airlines

    True that. Myself, I prefer bigger women.
  8. Alcatraz5768

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    I have one full sleeve tattoo and will be getting my other arm done as well when I can make my mind up finally. I have never noticed any prejudice but maybe judgemental, pretentious, class obsessed motherfuckers just avoid me. On a similar but slightly different note, how come the higher up the "class" system people think they are, the less likely they are to be having fun. Think of a royal yacht club event where all the old fuckers are strolling around with their blue blazers on swirling brandy in fancy snifters, and fnar fnar fnaring it up with their buddy's, trying to one up each other with their stories. Then look at this bunch. i know who is having more fun, and where I'd rather be.
  9. Alcatraz5768

    No flag, no foul!

    Depends on who you ask on our boat. Could be the cat in the hat, or where's Wally, or go home stay home.
  10. Alcatraz5768

    Coastal classic New Zealand

    Cam was a piss-wreck at 8.30 am, he was on Starlight Express and they had been drinking since they arrived at approx 1.30. He's a good time.
  11. Alcatraz5768

    Coastal classic New Zealand

    I was on the Y11, Fineline, our first race on the boat so quite a learning experience. We tacked up to the Tiri Channel then stayed high, going outside the Hen and Chicks, hoping the breeze would swing to the north as predicted. Our plan was to lay into cape Brett, heros, as the rest of our division tacked up the coast like losers. Unfortunately the wind held to the East and everyone layed the cape and we looked like lemons, however it was a glorious sail in beautiful weather and an amazing cruise home.
  12. Alcatraz5768

    Bowsprit Retro-fit (in-hull)

    Nice job. Similar to what mine now looks like.
  13. Alcatraz5768

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    Fuck all y'all
  14. Alcatraz5768

    Epoxy/aluminum long term bonding

    What about sanding the alloy, then painting with an etch primer then laminating over that.
  15. Alcatraz5768

    Epoxy/aluminum long term bonding

    I assume you are strengthening a topmast section to run masthead chutes? If so probably easier to just suck it up and whack a set of jumpers on, or set them up a cathedral system. Just did this a week ago with carbon spreaders, weighed 1800 grams, and stiffened up the mast perfectly. Was a carbon mast though.