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  1. Alcatraz5768

    yanmar rebuild?

    yanmar gm engine rebuilding is no drama. there are heaps out there and the parts are available albiet some might be special order from japan.
  2. Alcatraz5768

    Is 'All pink on the outside gear' cool?

    Sweet. The colour of my boat is telemagenta.
  3. Alcatraz5768

    Is wearing sunglasses cool?

    I wish I was as cool as this guy. Seriously. My current look is one step above homeless, I have just sort of given up caring.
  4. Alcatraz5768

    There's Got To be A Word For It....

    That sir, is resentment. It's not fun.
  5. Alcatraz5768

    Random PicThread

    He, Sir, is known as an Ask-Hole. SeeUrban Dictionary for more details.
  6. Alcatraz5768

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    There is a boat here called Knee Deep. Is that an old Yendys?
  7. Alcatraz5768

    Corby 33 Rebuild

    get some gross photos first, then after the power washing. It will feel like major progress
  8. Alcatraz5768

    Retrofit Composite Chainplates

    Composite strength is remarkable.
  9. Alcatraz5768

    Pulsing in rudder/tiller

    When you set the prop, with most gearboxes you can rotate it by hand when in gear, but only one way.
  10. Alcatraz5768

    Corby 33 Rebuild

    Could you go for a deeper keel with a much lighter bulb? 1800kg seems like to much.
  11. Alcatraz5768

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    Same reason cars have turn signal lights instead of semaphores in the b pillars.
  12. Alcatraz5768

    Is 'All pink on the outside gear' cool?

    It was only a hundred years ago when pink was the colour for boys and blue was the colour for girls.
  13. Alcatraz5768

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    i find a couple of big primered patches on the side of the boat let the other boats know you are willing to defend your position.
  14. Alcatraz5768

    Corby 33 Rebuild

    pics please.
  15. Alcatraz5768

    Corby 33 Rebuild

    i got a new keel designed for my boat but used an existing bulb design and mould, about 1300kg. The new fin is fabricated mild steel plate, designed to fit the existing floors in the boat. The Whole lot was done by Greg Elliott, and wasn't super expensive, and what a nice dude. There is another thread for chainplates. What an exiting project, good on you.