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  1. Spraying the inside

    No good deed goes unpunished.
  2. Spraying the inside

    I'm not paying that lazy motherfucker anything. Ps I've hung with him for about 25years now, we help each other with lots of stuff, but not this apparently. I think it's time to go back to the original plan, I know the products and trust the supplier. It's not worth the gamble on such a big and arkward surface.
  3. Spraying the inside

    Back to the 2k finish. My painter mate told me essentially the same thing, use the stuff that you know works, he still declined my offer for him to show me how it's done.
  4. Companionway Hatch

    6mm foam core with a medium weight triax on both sides. Have the unis run side to side. Glass is fine if it's not a gp boat. Brush over with a thin filler mix then sand.
  5. Club/offshore racers in Aus up to $80k AUD

    Which 1050 and which keel?
  6. Going up the Mast

    in fairness most boats here sit in heavy steel cradles, surely better than jack stands.
  7. Going up the Mast

    Sweet. Safe as houses then.
  8. Spraying the inside

    Just searching for the petit ez cabin paint but can't get it here. I was looking and it looks similar to Zinsser perma-white, self priming, waterbased single pot anti fungal paint. It would be easy to go through, squirt on a couple of coats and be done. Easy to touch up, recoat etc. anyone?
  9. Club/offshore racers in Aus up to $80k AUD

    Yeah I seent it there and wondered how the reception was. The nexus system is very simple but it has had the server fitted so easy to add a compass and mast displays etc. really nice boat, perfect gulf cruiser racer.
  10. Going up the Mast

    Does anyone here actually know of a boat falling over on the hard with someone up the mast?
  11. Spraying the inside

    Thanx I'll see if we can get that or a similar product here.
  12. Club/offshore racers in Aus up to $80k AUD

    Yeah I had wondered that. The wireless systems are easier to fit but not perfect. Did you sail on the boat with Hamish?
  13. Club/offshore racers in Aus up to $80k AUD

    Yep she's a pretty nice boat. Bigger carbon stick, carbon boom, rudder, sprit. Heaps of sails, comfortable below, nice keel etc. Kaimai Flyer looks pretty janky in comparison.
  14. Spraying the inside

    Thanks Bruno.
  15. A Gentleman

    ... takes his weight on his arms whilst on top. ... never fucks a man in the arse without at least offering a reach-around at the same time.