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  1. Alcatraz5768

    Lionheart Lost Cape Brett NZ?

    It could have been way worse, the deceased could have died after months or years of agony in a hospital or similar or just wasted away. As it was he/she died being a bad ass blue water sailer, knowing the risks and doing it anyway. I'm sorry for the family's loss and I also hold a huge amount of respect.
  2. Alcatraz5768

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    102kph in the thundercat in the river with a cleaver on and next to no fuel, both against the transom only concentrating on the height of the bow. Regularly hit 70kmh in the surf with a bunny ear prop in a guard. About 17 kts sailing on Mustang Sally around Rangi.
  3. Alcatraz5768

    Cursing like a sailor

    Suzie Dent is a fucking star.
  4. Alcatraz5768

    Cursing like a sailor

  5. So I have a little company where we fit towbars, or trailer hitches if you live in murica. Sometimes I am bought in to help develop bars for the biggest manufacturer here, and I am always amazed by the engineers who have never fitted a bar in their lives. The last one I worked on started with a unit that required a bumper removal and significant cut to fit and ended, after my input, with a unit that required a small, non visible cut and no bumper removal. After we fitted the prototype (which I fabricated, because these guys couldn't weld) everyone stood around congratulating themselves on a great solution. I walked away to continue on another project. I have no formal training in anything except an apprenticeship as a boatbuilder, however I have done a few things over the years and I generally have a pretty open mind, that seems to help.
  6. Alcatraz5768


    So, what I was doing with the boats arse in the air was getting the top of the rudder sorted. Jacked the boat up, dug a bit of a hole, put the rudder in but put 3mm shims under the top plate. Then I used packaging tape on the hull and filled the gap in with a glue mix, gave it some warmth, and dropped it out when it cured. Now I can tidy the rudder up knowing when I install it (without the shims) there should be a nice even 3mm gap. These are a bunch of people telling me to launch it as soon as possible and finish the small jobs off in the water but that seems dumb to me, no point launching it till I can stick the rig in it and go sailing a day later. At home it doesn't cost me anything and is way more convenient to work on.
  7. Alcatraz5768


    Main halyard port jib halyard stb jib halyard masthead spin halyard inner masthead spin halyard (below other masthead halyard) with choker down to fractional 2x tack lines 2x reefs outhaul topper for pole jib downhauls (these are rigged to work as one, and may end up in a camcleat) cam cleats are for: cunningham pole downhaul inhaulers
  8. Alcatraz5768


    Pits not that busy. 12 clutches 2 cam cleats and vang either side in spinlock cleats.
  9. Alcatraz5768


    my wife and i bought one for each other for every occasion for about 2 years, anniversary’s, christmas, birthdays etc.
  10. Alcatraz5768


    What in tarnation
  11. Alcatraz5768


    mine matches more with a RC cola, remember those aren’t flash Jefa bearings, but homemade.
  12. Alcatraz5768


    That's dinner, don't panic.
  13. Alcatraz5768

    Dislodged my stern tube -- how screwed am I?

    long has got it right. the easy way to remove a cutlass is to cut it along its length to relieve the tension. you will struggle to whack it back up as it will try to flare it out.
  14. Alcatraz5768


    it’s pretty good, not 100% perfect but way better than the pics make it look. i’m always amazed how shit i am at taking pics, i can only apologise.
  15. Alcatraz5768


    only about 1500kg. it was a rental trailer in a past life so i bet it’s seen way worse. i’m gonna jack up the back of the boat this weekend so i can test fit the rudder, put the bearings in the freezer for fitting, shhhh, don’t tell wifey.