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  1. Interesting answers, another case of "We defend what we know"
  2. Greg Elliott
  3. Fine but important, that line.
  4. Good solution. Go sailing.
  5. Pretty manoeuvrable and yet they still seem to plow into fishing ships willy nilly.
  6. Oh, you need to move to Auckland. The last couple of years have been mentally windy.
  7. Both.
  8. It could also be low compression. If the fuel side turns out ok, I'd get a comp test.
  9. Salcomix make a DTM (direct to metal) 2 part system that is essentially a top coat with built in etch primer. Used it on my mates one tonner and have had good results so far. I will use it on my boat one day.
  10. This one always confuses me. Global warming enthusiasts always tell of the sea levels rising by meters because I drive a v8 truck however there is simply not enough water available for it to ever happen. The earth may slowly change its topography as it always had but I don't think my GMC can be blamed. Can it?
  11. Suri belongs to Tom Cruise? Rumour I heard. She was off TeArai over Christmas and has spent a bunch of time in the Bay of Islands.
  12. I think that might be the problem. There are so many really good sailers in Auckland that the top guys cherry pick their crew and it's really hard for sorta club level racers to break into that group.
  13. Thanks bro.
  14. I might put the mangawhai harbour and surrounding coast on my left arm.
  15. Poled out genoa ddw if it's blowing and heat up a little if it lightens off and gybe. Poled out headsail is deceptively fast on a boat like yours, just not very cool.