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  1. Across the Pond

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    I think you've nailed it on the head, Jack. I've been reflecting a lot today about John Hume, the whole GFA period and where we are now as a society. That point you make about listening is hugely relevant. I'm a child of the Troubles and remember the excitement there was at the time of the Goof Friday referendum. I voted yes and am still a passionate supporter of it. I remember at the time there was a feeling over here that things would change. We had a new opportunity. Violence had failed. (In my opinion, violence has never worked in Ireland - be that British forces, armed Republicanism or Loyalism. Even the Easter Rising was, at the time a failure and only brought about the change it did as a result of the British reaction). We got the GFA because people like John Hume, Gerry Adams, David Trimble and David Ervine (among many others) talked and actually listened. We as a people and country would talk, we would listen and form a new way forward together. Things wouldn't be the same. Fast forward 20 years and so much remains the same. I feel that in many ways the two communities are further apart than they were in 1998. Many of the new generation have the hatred of previous generations but without the knowledge of the tragic consequences that brings if left unchallenged. There has been much talk from all sides about reaching out, new beginnings, equality and respect....but it's all just talk because too many people on both sides are listening with closed ears and hard hearts. You mention Martin McGuiness. Look what happened in the end between him and Ian Paisley. They talked, listened and formed a genuine friendship that lasted to the end. If only that had happened more in the Civil Rights era or around Sunningdale (one of many monumental own-goals by political Unionism). How different would thousands of lives be? Thanks for posting that picture of the Peace Bridge and what a loss in the space of one week. Makes the bridge even more special to me now. Apologies for the rambling and thread drift! Best get this back to Brexit....which is a complete disaster for Northern Ireland, largely in part to the incompetence of the DUP....
  2. Across the Pond

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Hey Jack, As someone who lives in Northern Ireland I can't begin to tell you how sad a day this is. I would differ from John Hume when it comes to the constitutional question - (I'm pro-UK union but not a Unionist. There is a difference!) but he was an absolute hero of mine, along with people like Seamus Mallon and David Trimble. He fought injustice and faced huge opposition at times from all sides but fought on, armed only with words, respect and reason. Compared to the routes that others on both sides took, that was a truly brave path to take. I agree with you that he would not have had much time for Boris Johnson! The sad truth is that there is no present leader, in the UK or Ireland, who is fit to tie his laces. May he rest in peace.
  3. Across the Pond

    charlie enright

    If the VO 65's can't go on a fourth race what would be the best way to develop the next generation of Ocean Race sailors? If you were in charge of the Ocean Race what would your ideal event be like - boat design (open or one design), number of classes, route, stop overs, mix of crews (promoting the development of female and younger sailors)?
  4. Across the Pond

    bouwe bekking

    A few random thoughts: Has your leadership style changed much over the races you've been a skipper in? If so, was there one race or event that had a particularly significant impact? An open design class can make the race more interesting for spectators but what impact does it have on potential sponsors? Does it attract more sponsors than it deters or vice-versa? In 2005 Farr went for a narrower beam concept than Juan K. Did they consider a wide beam approach for Movistar? What were your first thoughts on seeing the ABN Amro boats? Do you have a favourite boat from all of your Whitbread / Volvo races? Moving forward, what would be better for the race as a whole - continuing with the IMOCA class or introducing another one design? If the VO 65's can't go on a fourth race what would be the best way to develop the next generation of Ocean Race sailors? If you were in charge of the Ocean Race what would your ideal event be like - boat design, number of classes, route, stop overs, mix of crews (i.e. promoting female and younger sailors)?
  5. Hi,

    I saw your comment in an old forum about vor60 boats. Are you stil good informed on the vor60 market. Im serously looking into buying an old 60feet racer.

    Would really apriciate any help.

    Peter Hoff, Nld