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  1. Unkle Crusty

    Dick Carter design boats

    Not sure if it has been mentioned. I belief Dick Carter designed a 10.5 meter boat for Tanzer in Dorian Quebec. With a fixed keel or a lifting keel. Most if not all had the fixed keel. Last one I saw was in Blaine WA about ten years ago. Had a bit of a pilot house with a large wrap around window.
  2. Unkle Crusty

    R2AK 2018

    Not wanting to drift off topic too far, but I believe there are errors above. The Pope seems to get credit for something Count Willhelm sp? had done. Juan de Fuca may not have been around as much as he was reported. Good reading is the Pig War. The secret voyage of Francis Drake. And the reporting requirements for boats crossing the border. The last listed, are confusing at best. Nexus card or not.
  3. Unkle Crusty

    R2AK spotted!

    They have Wells Pale Ale in the Port Place liquor store. For some strange reason it is getting hard to get. We just ordered their remaining stock. But they have other brands. We will wave as we head up island on Sunday. Leaving from Silva Bay. Port Harvey for Canada Day. Loading beer tomorrow.
  4. Unkle Crusty

    R2AK 2018

    Cool video above. We leave on Sunday from Silva Bay to Port Harvey. Would like to have been up there now. The B4B2 boat, a Bayliner, or US Yacht 18. I was about to say something earlier, but assumed they would have noticed they can take on water, in choppy conditions, and with a bit of load on board. Up high in the CB trunk as I recall. Had a customer almost sink one back in the eighties. Hope they get it fixed.
  5. Unkle Crusty

    Tethers that turn into pulleys and ladders?

    Admiral Shirley stays in the cockpit. Rather than a huge list, I told her to stop the boat with the tiller. If she can, throw the overboard pole out first. It has a flag on top, and a life ring and light that turns on. Then throw out the horseshoe ring. For my part. I use two tethers with the jack lines as inboard as possible. Also there is a line outside the stanchions. If I do manage to slip over, I will clip onto the outside line and go aft. I build a swim platform with a drop down ladder. I climb back on board and order a fresh beer. That is the basic untested plan. Plan B is to walk to shore if it is close enough.
  6. Unkle Crusty

    R2AK 2018

    I hope it goes well for all of you. We will be leaving Silva Bay on the 25th of June, heading towards the Broughtons. So will be behind the fleet. We are cruising in our Viking 33. If you get stuck somewhere up there, try and get us on the VHF. Boat name is Griffon. Looks like the weather is improving. Good luck to you all.
  7. Unkle Crusty

    Why and how does LWL matter anymore?

    Do you have anything of substance to offer? I guess for some folks it is just easier to make disparaging remarks. Like boats, the shape and size of surfboards has changed. If I or others, used a certain size and type of board at the Makaha contest, and another size and type at Sunset, then what I am reporting is factual for that era. Nobody got towed back when.
  8. Unkle Crusty

    Why and how does LWL matter anymore?

    Well by crikey I checked the latest thoughts on the subject. Depending who we quote, we are both correct. Seems some surfers are using longer boards to get a faster paddling speed that I referred to, and some are using shorter boards for several reasons. I will assume the smaller skeg and tapered back end is fairly standard. I do not think there would be a lot of difference in speed once on a large wave, as it is mostly a free fall. Cross wave travelling speeds could vary a bit, from more wetted surface, and surfers weight.
  9. Unkle Crusty

    Why and how does LWL matter anymore?

    Just enough for the circumstances. How many big waves have you surfed?
  10. Unkle Crusty

    Why and how does LWL matter anymore?

    Big wave boards are smaller than small wave boards. Big waves are further apart and therefor travel faster. Add the drop from 20 feet, versus the drop from 6 feet, and the big wave rider is going much faster. The larger boards turn too fast and help cause wipe outs. So the big wave board is smaller, has a smaller skeg, and is more tapered in towards the rear. All to slow down the quickness of the turn. A negative side affect is they paddle slower, which in turn makes getting up to speed to catch the wave more difficult.
  11. Unkle Crusty

    caption contest

    This ain't so great, maybe I should have bought the remote controls.
  12. Unkle Crusty

    Help me cure my polynavicular morbus

    Sweet. Thank you.
  13. Unkle Crusty

    Solar Systems

    I have conventional batteries. 2 six volt for the lights, nav gear and fridges. One 12 volt to start clunky. 2GM20 Yanmar that makes 16hp. All the interior lights are LED. About 1/4 amp with them all on. Old style bulbs were 3/4 amp each. Food and beer fridges have Danfoss 35 units. Waeco beer fridge uses a few more amps. Nova Kool ?? is the other one. I have 270 watts of panels. Original 70 watt cost over $600 years ago. I will replace it some day. The 100 watt flexible panel produces an average of 2 watts because of shading from the boom, and its flat angle. remove the shading and it goes to 4 amps, aim it at the sun and it does 6 amps. I often see 9 amps from them all. Obviously a lot more if a I angled them. 12.25 is half discharged for my type of batteries. If I see that and it is a cloudy day, I fire up Clunky, who produces around 40 amps with not too many revs. 55 amps is maximum. I use a magic box that charges all the batteries separately and together. Another magic box does the same when plugged in to 120 volts. I use one of those smart regulator units for the solar panels. The numbers are too small to read, so I kept the larger amp meter. One amp meter to show the charge, another to show the discharge or use, and a volt meter. Works for us. Using all the nav gear and running lights at night, under sail, might cause a drain. I have a mast head nav light that only needs one bulb. The nav light forward on the deck also uses one bulb. We use a 1000 watt inverter to charge phones, and run the small computer.
  14. Unkle Crusty

    Help me cure my polynavicular morbus

    I also have a red rock, and a green rock at each side. The pole is up behind the red rock, with a WW2 spot light mounted. I have not installed a red LED bulb and timer yet. In fact I do not know how to hook up a 12 volt timer. It is on my chore list. Also on the list, is to cut my dinky in half, so I can carry it in front of the mast.
  15. Unkle Crusty

    Help me cure my polynavicular morbus

    Nice boat. Should sell okay. I bought my Viking 33 in 009, while I still had my 28 foot boat, which I sold in 017. It sat in my drive all those years. Folks were using it as a navigation mark. I have promised to put my Tanzer 22 in its place.