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  1. Solar Systems

    I have conventional batteries. 2 six volt for the lights, nav gear and fridges. One 12 volt to start clunky. 2GM20 Yanmar that makes 16hp. All the interior lights are LED. About 1/4 amp with them all on. Old style bulbs were 3/4 amp each. Food and beer fridges have Danfoss 35 units. Waeco beer fridge uses a few more amps. Nova Kool ?? is the other one. I have 270 watts of panels. Original 70 watt cost over $600 years ago. I will replace it some day. The 100 watt flexible panel produces an average of 2 watts because of shading from the boom, and its flat angle. remove the shading and it goes to 4 amps, aim it at the sun and it does 6 amps. I often see 9 amps from them all. Obviously a lot more if a I angled them. 12.25 is half discharged for my type of batteries. If I see that and it is a cloudy day, I fire up Clunky, who produces around 40 amps with not too many revs. 55 amps is maximum. I use a magic box that charges all the batteries separately and together. Another magic box does the same when plugged in to 120 volts. I use one of those smart regulator units for the solar panels. The numbers are too small to read, so I kept the larger amp meter. One amp meter to show the charge, another to show the discharge or use, and a volt meter. Works for us. Using all the nav gear and running lights at night, under sail, might cause a drain. I have a mast head nav light that only needs one bulb. The nav light forward on the deck also uses one bulb. We use a 1000 watt inverter to charge phones, and run the small computer.
  2. Help me cure my polynavicular morbus

    I also have a red rock, and a green rock at each side. The pole is up behind the red rock, with a WW2 spot light mounted. I have not installed a red LED bulb and timer yet. In fact I do not know how to hook up a 12 volt timer. It is on my chore list. Also on the list, is to cut my dinky in half, so I can carry it in front of the mast.
  3. Help me cure my polynavicular morbus

    Nice boat. Should sell okay. I bought my Viking 33 in 009, while I still had my 28 foot boat, which I sold in 017. It sat in my drive all those years. Folks were using it as a navigation mark. I have promised to put my Tanzer 22 in its place.
  4. Anybody repower with a Torqueedo Pod here

    I too am pretty easy, to get the basic figure out who I am. Most in the sailing world know me as Crusty. I was out in the North Sea ( forgot the year ) anyway a bloody long time ago, on cousins fish boat. We had VHF and used Loran. As far as spending on an old boat. My Tanzer 22 is likely worth about $2000- on a good day. Two new sails costs more. But I can sail the Inshore Race at Swiftsure and other regattas. We have spent more than it cost, on my Viking 33. But it gets used every summer for cruising, and it is worth it, IMO, and that of Admiral Shirley. As far as the Ozzies slinging it, why post a pic of an NZ girl? I will have to show this thread to Ozzy David. Whichatees tribe was good comic strip from yesteryear. Back to the electric drive. I talked about it way up the page. Opinion has not changed. I would do it if it worked for me.
  5. Anybody repower with a Torqueedo Pod here

    If the boat was only used for in and out of the marina, it might work fine. Gets charged when back at the dock. Down the road the sale of the boat might be limited to the same use. My boat does in and out of the marina work, but is often motored 40 miles per day, usually into head winds. And there is no place to plug in. A Yanmar claim to fame is they will run at 45 degrees of tippy. We sometimes motor with 2 reefs and the storm jib. That is because we want to make 40 plus miles to windward in daylight. We are cruising now racing, with two on board, and often with 3 extra jugs of fuel. Main tank is only 48 liters. There were questions above about stray electricity currents. I would also want to know how efficient the folding prop is. The mounting base does not look very large, so I would wander if the hull needed strengthening. The easiest and most cost effective power option is often a decent outboard on the transom. The can have their limitations when the prop comes out of the water. Bigger engines need a sturdy mount. Some fish boats have them slide up and down on aluminium tubes. The new four stroke motors weigh a lot more than the old 2 stroke OBMs.
  6. How are We Perceived?

    My girlfriend loves me, and apparently so does Jesus, my Yacht Club tolerates me, but I do have the knack of pissing off a lot of people, and they think I am an asshole.
  7. Adrift Movie

    Then after the big wave sunk the big boat, they got in a 12 or 14 foot open aluminium boat, and survived.
  8. Volvo RTW Race - April Fools joke. In poor taste

    Yes, they named a pool after Holt. I misspelled Whitlam's first name. It should be Gough. I have never been to Ozz. A trip is on the list for Mrs Snippets and I.
  9. Volvo RTW Race - April Fools joke. In poor taste

    Both my comments refer to politicians in Ozz. They are not sure what happened to Holt. One rumour was he may have drowned in the big puddle, hence the joke. The other refers to Geof ( pronounced like goff ) Whitlam who was caught doing some hanky panky. Kind of sticks like Nixon's I am not a crook comment. This is all from memory and may wonder from the actual facts a bit.
  10. Volvo RTW Race - April Fools joke. In poor taste

    Yes I am aware that a person died. And thank you for the compliment. However I have not been blessed with the ability to cast judgement, with so little info. Are you aware that the Holt joke is about a dead person. Maybe you missed that one.
  11. Volvo RTW Race - April Fools joke. In poor taste

    I thought it was funny, and I will not change my sense of humour. As I said above, jokes are like that, some folks think they are funny, others think they are disgusting. It was about retribution for the crash, which was okay with me. Buggered if I know what others think, and really it does not matter. How about " Did you here the one about the shark, that came to a screaming Holt " Is that funny? " "Names Goff and I'm off".
  12. Volvo RTW Race - April Fools joke. In poor taste

    Jokes are often in poor taste, some more than others. It is what makes them jokes. The one you are referring to, was much better than the football field turned in to a sailing puddle IMO.
  13. best 2018 Handheld?

    Was tested, and continues to get tested. But the real test will come when it is on the boat, and we leave the dock. It is not the primary unit. It is part of this years safety theme.
  14. best 2018 Handheld?

    If I have any problems with the new Cobra I will report them here. But it will be mid September when we return from the summer cruise. I never trust anything that says water proof. My unit says submersible, but I do not intend to test it.