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  1. Unkle Krusty

    Great 35-footers

    I have a Viking 33. But for a slightly quicker boat with more beam and room, the Thomas 35 looks nice. 8800 and 9800 pounds.
  2. Unkle Krusty

    End of the dream? Buchan 37 washes ashore

    My first thought was / That has to be Dangerous Darren's boat from Victoria BC.
  3. Unkle Krusty

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Post 8113, about the borders. In March of this year, I knew many folk who were away from BC, and in other countries. This is common, as it is winter here in March. They do not go to England, as it is winter there in March. They go to Ozz, NZ, South America. They go by the thousands, and they do not go to England. Tell me again about the border differences for the UK, Ozz and NZ. The first sentence of an economics book, starts with something like " If there is to be trade " and goes on to explain the movement / trade of goods between countries. BC has 114 dead from the virus, NZ 17. Both have about 5 million people. Of course many English would say NZ, home of the Americas Cup, is 30 years behind.
  4. Unkle Krusty

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Some smart lady who seemed to know what she was talking about, said loss of smell is an early sign of having the virus. She suggested sniffing peanut butter. I do not have any, but the coffee beans work well for sniffing. Banana peels too. I do not have a thermometer, but it is on the list to purchase. I want one of those aim and click jobs. I can use it to measure exhaust pipe temperature. Wayne's hate on for the Scots, his lack of understanding or caring about folks in other countries, his general insecurity, causes me to think he is hiding a lot, and fabricating stuff to cover it. I do not have time to post often, as I am working on an affordable senior housing project. Today when I went online to renew my British passport, they politely asked my to come back later, as they were busy with the needy. I expect I will get the same message three months from now. There was very little fish back in the seventies in North East UK, so not much to protect. Was the NE fishing fleet that scraped the bottom of most everything.
  5. Unkle Krusty

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    And why the hate for Scotland? Hate may be too strong a word, but he has had many negative things to say. Also he challenges the would is a nice place idea. There are nasty folk everywhere, but generally folks are just the same all over. The great motivators of beer sex food shelter apply to all. Admiral Shirley has been to more countries than Wayne can name. She got lucky and flew out of Peru the day before they shut things down. I am born British with a Cockney father and a Geordie mother. That is why I started a bit confused. Ms Grundy in school was a great help. Since leaving England I have lived and worked in three other countries. All pretty much the same. Now on Gabriola Island in the Salish Sea, I am working on an affordable house for a senior. Sail boat is 800 steps down the road. Life is good. Wayne, if I may direct this at you. It really does not matter where you are from, unless you are hiding something. And that would appear to be the case.
  6. Unkle Krusty

    8 Bells for Tony Esposito.

    Check the All Blacks record. Sorry to hear about Tony. My losing record is quite high.
  7. Unkle Krusty

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    It means I am really busy doing stuff.
  8. Unkle Krusty

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    The sailing guys call me Krusty because I am the most relaxed, mild mannered, unflappable of the bunch. For my sailing dictionary the editor added Snippets as my last name. So Krusty Snippets it was. Years past and I added the Unkle. My place on the Island is Kamp Krusty
  9. I speak from experience, and Einstein is on my side. My missus weighs 105. As a senior, that is about all I am prepared to carry home, or to the boat. When I was younger I could manage the heavier girls. This is of course not politically correct, but let them challenge Einstein. He went on to say, that once mass is in motion, it requires energy to change the speed of the motion, and that is proportionate to the mass.
  10. Unkle Krusty

    History of Red-on-Right-Returning

    Yes, the US and Canada for starters. I am on an Island in the Salish Sea. We check the guide book first, to find out what side the red is on. As post number 4 points out, some places are confusing.
  11. I have a reasonable amount of knowledge about riding and fixing a motorcycle. It is wasted, the kids know everything.
  12. To move mass requires energy. The amount of energy is in proportion to the mass. Einstein. For us guys. If your date gets drunk at the post race party, it is easier to carry home a light weight model, than a heavy weight. It gets worsa as we get older. My skills: I can steer. If my boat is going straight. Ethel or Audrey the auto helms are steering. If it is wandering, I am steering.
  13. I did not read all the posts and part of this has been covered. To insure someone else, there must be some form of insurable interest. A business partner is a good example. It also requires the permission of the person to be insured. It is assumed the owner of the policy pays the premiums, but for business purposes it is often the company. That is how the policy gets put in force. The person insured is also allowing the insurance company to first answer medical questions, and allow the insurance company to get doctors reports and such. Sometimes driving records if the insured is a crash artist, or info on mountain climbing and so on. The owner of the policy has all the rights, and can change the beneficiary if they want. But not in the case of a non revocable beneficiary. For that you need the current beneficiaries permission. Different states will have different rules. In Canada it is the Uniform Insurance Act, which includes all provinces and territories. About the only thing in Canada that has that. The US, NZ and Ozz, will have derived most insurance law from England. In Canada and the states, insurance proceeds pass outside the estate. Investments with a life insurance company also pass outside the estate. This is a way of keeping money away from the usual suspect beneficiaries. I am sure some states will have different laws about this. Quebec also has a variance to this. There are a few other minor quirks.
  14. Unkle Krusty

    Greta Rides Again?

    I like it.
  15. Unkle Krusty

    Greta Rides Again?

    I put the post here because it had to do with the EPA. And this thread had some chat about the environment. It seems you guys have a debt problem from both sides, but it will get a lot worse with some of the new loonie left thinking IMO. We also have a spender in chief at the helm.