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  1. Chicago Area III

    Sounds like a blast. Doublehanded or fully crewed.
  2. Chicago Area III

    I have one for ya. Cost ya a beer at the Pony or Horns if i see ya. I'll be sailing Wed.,Thurs., and Friday out of Dusable F dock if u want to sail or give me ur address and I'll mail it to ya.
  3. Chicago Area III

    I haven't raced my boat in a one design section in Chicago for nine years before this years J Day and Mac race and I must say it was really fun. It is nice to see the class is still alive and kickin and I thank Jon Weglarz for volunteering his time and energy as fleet captain.
  4. Chicago Area III

    If said "code zero" is made from a laminate instead of nylon then it is a violation of class rules. If it is just a tight reaching chicken chute then it is perfectly legal and I applaud them for trying to optimize the performance of their boat, I just wish they wouldnt call it a code zero as I have a true code zero with furler and bobstay and was bummed I couldnt use it.
  5. Chicago Area III

    Ask Weglarz how many 105s flew code zeros during the Mac when class rules dont allow them. I know at least Rocking Horse did as their story in the national newsletter explained in detail how they were passing boats using their "secret weapon" a brand new Ullman code zero. Ours was in my attic. WTF.
  6. Chicago Area III

    Hit Pleasant House bakery, Bridgeport Coffee House and Marias Community Bar at 31st and Morgan. 2 blocks west of Halsted. Also John and Bernices and Skylark if ur hangin in da hood after dark.
  7. Chicago Area III

    Ur in da ghetto. No.
  8. Chicago Area III

    U tryin to race with five or six on Sat?
  9. Chicago Area III

    A midnight visit from the Ether Bunny sounds appropriate.
  10. Chicago Area III

    I'll vouch for Patrick as well. Sailed against him in the doublehanded Mac.
  11. Chicago Area III

    Learned everything I know from Abe Froman.
  12. Chicago Area III

    Sailin tomorrow. Weather looks good, maybe a Louie sighting.
  13. Chicago Area III

    W/L weekends jumped the shark around 2005.
  14. Chicago Area III

    ALL three tigers sounds better. For next year's write-up. Only two showed.
  15. Saw you talking about upgrading. Do u want to sell?