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  1. d-zero v aero

    But I you found it brilliant regardless, eh?
  2. d-zero v aero

  3. d-zero v aero

    Rodney - are there going to be any demo boats at the 1st D-Zero Open Meeting at Oxford SC on 25 Oct? I can't sail one as I'll be thrashing round (embarrassing myself) in the D-One, but wondered...
  4. d-zero v aero

    I REALLY don't subscribe to the "buy what others are sailing" school of thought, otherwise I'd be getting bored/frustrated/pains in our Laser fleet instead of loving my sailing as one of 2 D-Ones at our Club. Buy the boat you want. Really want.
  5. d-zero v aero

    I've sailed neither, but have had a good look at both, both on and off the water.... They both look good boats, but the impression I get is that one (the Zero) has been designed to a more "pure" sailing experience, with an emphasis on performance, feedback and serious sailing. The Aero is still good and will achieve volume sales, partially because of the design compromises that have been built into it (stacking etc) to make it attractive to the sailing centre buyers, but it is these that I think will eventually see it regarded as a "beach toy" or family boat rather than a racer. There are many echoes of the D-One/RS100 launches (I must declare a bias here as a D-One owner) with lots of 100s sold and now loads available 2nd hand whilst the D-One has achieved critical acclaim and steady continual growth in the class.
  6. rs aero

    I remember chatting to young Holman a few years ago at the Dinghy Show when he displayed "Punk".... and now looking forward to having a go in a D-Zero at SailFest next week (I'm not in the market as I'm "well suited" to my D-One!) Anyone else on here coming to SailFest at Calshot?
  7. rs aero

    How did it compare to the D-Zero? (this for Crashed Again)
  8. rs aero

    I know Harry Blowers (7th) and he's a very good youth Laser sailor, if that helps...
  9. 59er XX

    Sosoomii - where do you sail? I know you said you didn't want a trapeze, but have you thought about coming for a try of the Alto? It's incredibly comfortable, forgiving and confidence inspiring, and the pole swings round about twice as far as on the 400, giving you the option of square(ish) running on restricted waters. Demos available ain Kent, Suffolk and Oxford...
  10. Artemis?

    Oh FFS. I wish to God I'd never read that. I've told my 14 yr old son, who worships Bart and Iain after spending some time with them at WPNSA back in '11, that in all likelihood he'd have been knocked unconscious in the crash, and that was why he'd drowned - not knowing about it. I'll not be telling him different. Bart was a top, top bloke - we're all devastated in this household, but this is nothing to what his family, friends and crew must be going through. Our thoughts are with them.