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  1. Nauti Buoy

    Team NYYC

    Given the team is joint effort including Quantum Racing, I'd assume Quantum Sails.
  2. Nauti Buoy

    4 Solid Teams, this thing is on!

    I agree, chances of all of these are slim. Even if they launch soon they are in GTF territory of just doing it for fun and not being competitive. Except here it's even harder to see a "discount" challenger as there is no design precedence to shoot down the middle with. We have 3 super-funded teams that should be fun to watch, not sure where NZ is on money but they'll be fine, but the costs are soaring with GB leapfrogging sponsors, it's not a less expensive cup to attract more teams as the initial idea presented. Also, on the teams not being funded by billionaires, yes all of these teams are being funded by a company, but all of them happen to be owned/founded by extremely wealthy individuals who put their names on the projects as well. For TNZ we don't see the founding families of Toyota and Emirates giving interviews as they are sponsors. Just as Oracle was Ellison's team and Artemis was Tornqvist's, LR is Bertelli's team, AM/NYYC is the joint venture of Fauth/Devos, and according to Land Rover's statements "Land Rover was notified that Ineos had bought the team" and Ainslie said "Amazingly, Jim agreed to underwrite the entire campaign." Where the funding comes from is basically semantics, it is the few wealthy people behind it making the big 3 now happen, with TNZ being the typical sports sponsorship approach of sponsors that can change and the entity remains.
  3. Nauti Buoy

    4 Solid Teams, this thing is on!

    How close are we to getting more teams and what are their chances of actually being competitive this late in the game? (Genuinely curious) Hutchinson said in yesterday's scuttlebutt article "It’s a 10-month build so we need to begin soon" with the March 31st 2019 launch opening. We're 2 years 10 months from the match, 2 years 7 months from the the Christmas events, and only a year and a half away from WS events in the second half of 2019 (unless those are being scratched or not everyone will be at them). With a 10 month build even if a second Italian team emerges they need to begin building in the next few months to have training time before the WS event, assuming it is in Europe and they have minimal transport. AM/NYYC are doing most of the boat in house and have already acquired the space, just seems like the clock is almost out if other teams want to enter and complete. Not only do they need to design the boat, but learn how to sail them, and if the four now launch in March and build second boats while a new team launches 6 months later I don't see them being competitive in a new type of boat. After seeing the dud of LRBAR in the last cup the four challengers currently appear to be a stronger than in Bermuda, but we could just as easily see one of them off the pace.
  4. Nauti Buoy

    4 Solid Teams, this thing is on!

    My point is Dalton and TNZ showed an intention to have more teams in an event less dominated by billionaires/big money and closer to the everyday sailor. Location is a cause of fewer teams/sponsors, I'm not saying needs to be moved or that its an issue, but they (and Anarchists disappointed in the last two cycles) should have considered that when saying 36 will be leaps and bounds better than the last two. Judging on those three, they have failed. Same number of teams, same number of billionaires, and a Hobie cat is as close to a AC50 as any dingy is to the AC75. I'm just excited to explain the diamond boundaries around boats to people.
  5. Nauti Buoy

    4 Solid Teams, this thing is on!

    Yes, we are at the same level and many declared the last cup as garbage. Larry & Co managed to add 2 teams per cup for 34 and 35, Dalton set the expectation to be better, yet to be seen. IMO in the round robin the French races were some of the most interesting with them being unexpectedly competitive. The reason a team with so much less money and time could have been competitive is because the french had tons of experience with multihulls as well as foiling in the C class cats. No one has that experience in the new boats, which I hope are exciting, but makes a higher barrier to entry for a small team. Catching on, plenty of Negative Nellys for the last 2 cycles, this one has failed to blow anyone's red socks off. Top notch venue... far from most people. The ACWS racing was pretty bad, especially leading up to the 35th, but it still allowed fans to get out and interact with the teams, and allowed for more sponsor activation which is lacking here. The home team can usually get sponsors on board, but 3 of the teams are now billionaire funded. So really no commercial backers, which is likely due to a region unattractive to most sponsors and racing times that will only see die hards in the rest of the world watching at odd hours. At least streaming is free!
  6. Nauti Buoy

    4 Solid Teams, this thing is on!

    Ah yes, the cheaper boats and better event to attract more teams on smaller budgets really worked out with only 4 viable teams with one of them leaving sponsors for even more money. After hearing about how much of a failure AC35 was this is really shaping up to be much better. My money is on LR or GB, whoever ends up with the biggest budget, just as TNZ intended.
  7. Nauti Buoy

    AC36 - The Venue

    Looks like it will be great during the event but seems like it may get a bit cramped if they want teams to set up 1+ years out. Also will be interesting to see what opportunities there are for sponsor activation from challengers, doesn't look like there's much room at the team bases in the main marina for it.
  8. Nauti Buoy

    VOR 2017-18

    I was surprised by this too, I had noticed Brunel, TTP, and Scallywag all had plain white decks where the other four had a painted coach roof at the least. My guess is that they just signed up too late for the boat to go back in the shed and be painted, so they just got wrapped.
  9. Nauti Buoy

    Oracle Team USA

    We've got a yacht club with monthly regattas and a collegiate sailing team in the middle of the desert! Level of competition isn't that high though. Was hoping Oracle would have brought the cup to SD for a quick trip for me, I ended up in Chicago for the WS. Lets hope one of these new US challengers can bring it home.
  10. Nauti Buoy

    VOR 2017-18

    When is that pic from? I know most of this spring they had the foil in. Not sure if they converted it back. Pic from SMA Voile facebook.
  11. Nauti Buoy

    VOR 2017-18

    Last time I checked SMA still had one foil in.
  12. Nauti Buoy

    Oracle Team USA

    I think its interesting that when full herbie finally got busted there was the whole argument that it still took input control (Jimmy's buttons) then systems judged how much it would move with the videos we saw and timing that the board mored 4 times in one second so it must be somewhat controlled by computers even with user input. Then we find out that is essentially how ETNZ controlled their foil in this cup, as Draper said in the finals on NBC in the US that they believed they used some sort of algorithm to control the board once there is user input, even after Tuke just put the board where the computer told him. Both systems deemed legal, when Oracle uses it it's unfair, destroying the sport, and cheating, and when ETNZ does it's revolutionary, thinking outside the box, and why they are so much smarter? Doesn't add up, shows so many are just here to spew rhetoric.
  13. Nauti Buoy

    Next America's Cup Free to Air

    And who fronts the money for the coverage? Larry did in 2013, so before you complain about him ruining the cup thats why you got coverage for free. Even in 2013 it was geo-restricted on youtube if a network bought it (So in the US you could only watch it on NBC until the replay went up later). If it is free don't expect quality coverage with helicopters, drones, live line, etc, all of those cost money which was either paid for by Larry or by selling the broadcast rights. Theres a reason no sport has coverage that is worth watching for free.
  14. Nauti Buoy

    Oracle Team USA

    Doesn't matter if they used them or not, we saw they had them. They also could have used them after they hit the dock. You don't have sources saying they did or didn't use them, neither do I, but we have images that they existed. All these shouts of cheating when it still hasn't happened. Eventually sounds like the little boy who cried wolf. NZ has more money, put a team together that can win, or quit complaining.
  15. Nauti Buoy

    Oracle Team USA

    We saw spare bows in BAR's shed, yes they had to use them but I bet most teams built them as a backup in case of damage. Realistically I see them just having taken SBTJ's bows, painting them, and sending them back for them to store as backups. I don't see why this is all a bombshell, ETNZ pioneered the identical team with LR last cup, and ETNZ assembled their first boat as a backup in SF...