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  1. Adriano Galliani, Milan has worked 27 years, since 1986 he became a member of Milan, one of the most important family, together with President Berlusconi,Chicago Blackhawks jersey will build into the world of Milan the most successful club. In these 25 years, Milan Galliani as Vice President and General Manager of the club, won a total of eight Serie A titles, one Italian Cup, five Italian Super Cups, five European Cups, five European Super Cups, 2 Intercontinental Cup, a World Club Cup. Today Zhan Ninuo restaurant, Milan Galliani club prepared a special birthday cake: a book-like red and black cake, symbolizing Mr Galliani has become an important part cheap nhl jerseys of the history of Milan; while we write blessing: Happy Birthday, Mr. Galliani! Let history continue ... Just Galliani, Mr. Milan today or board member Barbara Berlusconi lady's birthday. April 2011, Barbara became the Milan club's board of one, she entered the Milan club's management on behalf of the Berlusconi family's love for the Milan club will continue. Milan and all Milan fans again wish them a happy birthday! lessing Galliani happy birthday 69 years old he continues with the history of Milan Milan - July the 30th is an important day in Milan club,Boston Bruins jersey so we will work together to Milan Vice President and General Manager, Mr. Giuliani added Adriano send birthday wishes.
  2. According to Sky Sports experts DiMaggio revealed that Inter Milan Galliani had agreed to hire Argentine defender Silvestre's proposal, but I hope to get 1.5 million euros from the rental fee, but was Galliani refused. Galliani then asked to sign GenoaMontreal Canadiens jersey Main Grand Qwest Swedish defender possibility Preziosi was 28-year-old Grand Qwest reserves the right to open a total of 2.5 million euros for price . "Gazzetta dello Sport" message, Ljajic's agent Rama Dani today and Florence senior telephone discussions on the renewal of the player, the player's demand 1.8 million euros annual salary of less than 10 million euros and the surrender terms, which Florence Toronto Maple Leafs jersey difficult to accept. Florence manager Prader yesterday let it be said the players need to want to stay full of fighting spirit and intention, otherwise you will be immediately sold, Ljajic is currently priced 10 million euros. Finally, today is a special day, AC Milan vice-president and general manager Adriano Galliani today celebrated his 69 birthday. Galliani since 1986 in charge of the club, AC Milan scored during the Champions League five times and eight Serie A championship,cheap nhl jerseys the effectiveness of Milan's five players received a Golden Globe. Superior bargaining power, the introduction of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic, Balotelli, Pirlo, Seedorf and other very high cost of the players.
  3. "Now I am a Milan fan, I wish Milan Champions League qualifiers through the test, and then played better in the league. Balotelli and Chaaraoui the envy of all the teams is another player, Pacini also excellent striker,Vancouver Canucks jerseyRobinho is being restored. give Chaaraoui suggestions? Allegri will, I want to give my players suggest he is already a champion player, and I believe he will play better and I bless Milan, a team can qualify group stage, traveling and working with them will be fantastic and I really hope to Allegri coach and train a team of a few good players. " "When this kind of racial discrimination on the pitch when Toronto Maple Leafs jersey the ugly things that we should not give condoned, the referee might not hear, I remember in Milan and Rome in the game, the referee Rocchi doing very well." "I'm a very good relationship with Allegri, we all love Milan and now everybody call me coach, but also good, I'm glad his position, but I still need to do more work cheap nhl jerseys to deserve in Milan. Champions League for us it is a great motivation to participate in the Champions League would be fantastic. "
  4. Telecom Italia Cup: Milan 7-6 Juventus 1-2 Penalties negative sassuolo Penalties against Juventus, then lost to Sassuolo, it is important that in the two games, the team's performance and the satisfactory performance of individual players. The following are details of the current Telecom Italia Cup news: Milan - do not win the championship, but in 2013 Telecom Italia Cup we saw a lot of positive signals, Philippe Mexes, De Jong, Robinho's outstanding performance as well as the progress of young players, such as Petah Virginia. Milan 7-6 Juventus Telecom Cup opener between Milan and Juventus in Milan goals, 45 minutes of the match to 0-0 ends Milan a 7-6 penalty shootout win. Robinho Milan had a chance to get ahead, but his throw was Storari. The following is a penalty Milan and Juventus list: Milan: Robinho (goal), De Jong (goal), Philippe Mexes (goal), Perpignan (goal), Nocerino (wide), Bonera (goal), Traore (goal), Zaccardo (goal) Juventus: Vidal (goals), Lichtsteiner (to be saved),cheap nhl jerseys Carlos Tevez (goal), Asamoah (goal), Vucinic (goal), peru cable (goal), Durechen column (goal), Pardo (to be saved) Milan against Juventus Lineup: Abbiati, Antonini (Zaccardo), Bonera, Mexes, Constant, Traore, De Jong, Nocerino, Boateng, Romania Bignone, Niang Milan 1-2 Sassuolo The third game, Milan face home game sassuolo team.Toronto Maple Leafs jersey Peta Virginia defensive mistake to use rival Milan the lead, followed by Masu Qi with two goals, sassuolo team 2 to 1 victory over Milan. Milan against Sassuolo Lineup: Gabriel,Montreal Canadiens jersey Zaccardo, Bonera, Mexes (Strasser), Constant (Peach Nokia), Polly, Chris Tante, Noce Reno (Traore), Aimanuai Gilson, Robinho (Perpignan, Kingsley Boateng), Petah Virginia
  5. Silva: I'm sorry to join Milan fans willing to return to Paris, Milan Tiago - Silva future Zhongpi AC Milan shirt This is a lot of red and black fans dream, but also Tiago - Silva I dream. In an interview with Simone - Montreal Canadiens jersey Ventura in a telephone interview, Tiago - Silva said publicly that he longed for AC Milan and the red and black fans. If in the future the chance, he would choose to return to the familiar San Siro stadium. "Now, I have been very happy in Paris." Tiago - Silva said, "For this move, I'm going to say sorry to the fans red and black, they are always in my heart." For three years, red and black career, Tiago - silva is full of nostalgic.Toronto Maple Leafs jersey Simone - Ventura took the opportunity to ask a question, "If you decide the future fate of whether they are willing to return to AC Milan?" Tiago - Silva replied without hesitation, "of course, is likely to be. Career So far,、AC Milan had a lot of good times, is still often miss. " In early 2009, Tiago - Silva can not run the risk of ignoring half to join AC Milan. "Now, I still remember the first time to the San Siro stadium, I watched in the stands with AC Milan Fiorentina." Accurate to say that it was January 17, 2009, by virtue of goal Pato, AC Milan 1 -0 victory over Florence. "Now think of those memories,cheap jerseys still exciting. At the time, I wanted to make history at the San Siro stadium. Unfortunately, I only stayed in the AC Milan three years." During his squad won a Serie A title and an Italian Super Cup champion. AC Milan 3 seasons, Tiago - Silva grown into the world's top defender. The summer of 2012, taking into account the club financial pressure, Berlusconi sold expensive Brazilians. Tiago - Silva soon became the leader of a new club Paris Saint-Germain players wear the captain's armband. So far this season, Tiago - Silva in all competitions in 33 appearances on behalf of the new owner, the team rounded out the Top 8 in the Champions League. In the French championship, leading second-placed Paris St Germain Marseille 9 points. If this weekend to beat Valenciennes, Tiago - Silva led the team most likely to win in advance.
  6. Milan officially announced the first signings this summer, three-year contract buyout Zapata Yahoo Mail While 2013 summer cheap jerseys transfer window is not open, but Milan Galliani has fulfilled the commitment after an interview, that the introduction of the first signings defender. Rossoneri through the club's official website confirmed that Chicago Blackhawks jersey Zapatistas have been activated in the lease contract buyout clause from Villareal to buy the Colombian gates, and signed through 2016. Local time on May 23, 16:00, AC Milan club's official website through a brief announcement, which reads as follows: AC Milan club announced permanent buyout from Villareal Christian - Zapata's ownership, Columbia defender with the team contractMontreal Canadiens jersey was extended to June 30, 2016. Although Milan official did not disclose specific costs Zapata buyout, but according to "Milan News" and other Italian media sources, the Rossoneri the amount paid to Villareal at 500 million euros, lower than before the two sides agreed 6000000.
  7. AC Milan striker Niang Table faithful I want to be strong AC Milan is still Ljajic for the introduction of a final effort, which player will be leaving because Ljajic also attracted media attention, 19-year-old young striker Niang also caught up in this transfer Among the rumors, cheap jerseys but Niang said in an interview insisted that he will not leave AC Milan. "No, no, I do not want to leave AC Milan, I absolutely want to stay here, not just next year, I want to stay here as long as possible,"Vancouver Canucks jersey Niang insists he will not leave AC Milan. Niang since last summer to join AC Milan, the team performed very well, some bright spots, the Champions League game against Barcelona is also unafraid, at the Nou Camp dedicated to a wonderful show, but unfortunately missed scoring opportunities failed to help the team qualify. In Ljajic transfer stalled when the Italian media reports, AC Milan may be in the 18-year-old striker as a bargaining chip transactions Ljajic, Niang soon stand in a BBC interview. Attending the news conference, Perpignan will reconfirm their stay at AC Milan: "I am preparing the new season, I am one hundred percent will stay at AC Milan and I hope to perform better than last season, improved to complete the final blow ability I train hard, because I want to become stronger, I've heard some people think he is a big trouble,Toronto Maple Leafs jersey I do not agree with this view, in fact, he is a great player, very easy to get along with, and he gave me many suggestions, I have a lot of great players from the team who learn something useful, Boateng and Philippe Mexes also gave me a lot of help, I can play center or the video front, but everything will be in compliance with the coach arrangement, I have enough performance to do better career last season with the Barcelona game's single-handedly? I've forgotten, that was the past tense, and now I just focus on the new season. " In the conference, Niang also expressed his expectations for the new season, AC Milan won the league last season, third season, Perpignan targeting the Serie A title, he said: "We still have a lot of ground to make up, such moves and tactical understanding, this is normal, because our team is still young. competitiveness? we welcome the strength of the players joined the team and I hope that through the excellent performance to win a pre-season starting position and I think we are more than Juventus strong, looking at it, we will achieve great results, full strength to compete for the position of the first name last season I learned a lot in the game, Allegri always reminds me me, I was still young, the need to continue efforts to improve the ability of my relationship with him very closely. "
  8. joannaxiao

    Sampdoria in Serie A appearances

    Inter Milan announced the signing former midfield star:Arsenal jersey Milan fans since childhood Local time on July 8, Serie A club AC Milan officially announced on the official website, join the new aid Polly signing. Subsequently Milan club this summer to join Polly and Thabo Narayan held a press conference debut, while Milan vice president Adriano Galliani and coach Allegri also accompanied to attend. Inter Milan midfielder was in force,Bayern Munchen jersey said his childhood was Polly star Milan fans, while in winter it is already signed Thabo Narayan officially unveiled in Milan, he thanked the Canadian total value. 23-year-old Polly had representatives in the 2007-08 season Sampdoria in Serie A appearances, the younger generation is considered the Italian midfielder in the crowd. Polly was the 2011-12 season on loan at Inter, but because of injuries he had little chance of playing the final Inter did not buy him. But to return to Sampdoria last season after Polly rediscovered state, in the Serie A scoring three goals in 31 appearances, joined Milan once again won the chance to prove himself on the wealthy. This Polly happily said, "I am delighted to be here. Put Milan jersey has always been my dream, I grew up is Milan fans, and now the dream finally came true and I do not think much of those who do not trust me people, past is the past, I would like to consider only Milan and I can not wait to start, and new teammates trained. can be selected for the Italian national team is a great satisfaction to me, I must thank Sampdoria is that they helped me go now. Milan are a great club,cheap soccer jerseys I think it can help me here effectiveness position in the national team. " January this year bought Italy Milan announced Footballer Sapo Narayan half ownership, but until now only officially joined Sapo Narayan and appearance. Thabo Narayan said, "I want to thank Galliani's attention, he put me likened Kaka, but I still have a lot to learn. Whether to select Kaka worn No. 22? I have not made a decision. I was able to play in midfield, but they can do other locations, versatile features help me get more games in the squad room. Keisuke Honda? I saw on television his game, I think he is a great player. As for next year's World Cup in the summer, I do not exclude any possibility, if I can get space in Milan, then there is the chance to get the coach Prandelli concern. "
  9. Milan officially confirmed the former Inter Milan signed Italian international midfielder joined soon AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani admitted at the press conference only a thin Sampdoria midfielder Polly joined the team officially announced: "I'm Polly last night and supper together, this transfer has only a thin clinches official announced it. Sampdoria has agreed to allow us to undergo a medical examination and participated Polly joint training. "cheap jerseys "Slow motion" before revealed, in fact, Italy time Thursday afternoon, Polly had arrived in the city of Milan, and that the former Sampdoria player will begin a new journey.AC Milan jerseys Polly was born on September 29, 1989, joined Sampdoria in 2007, and in the 2011-12 season on loan to join Inter, but Inter have no choice buyout him. August 5, 2012, Polly completed his Italian national team debut, against England, then in the friendly match with San Marino, he scored his first goal at the Italian national team.Arsenal jersey Sky Sports have been disclosed, AC Milan to sign Polly, will put on a 22-year-old teenager defense Salomon sent to Sampdoria, while Polly join AC Milan, Sampdoria hold 50% of the ownership. Italy Transfers experts Peiduliya disclose the specific amount of 6,000,000 euros for AC Milan got Polly half ownership.
  10. Shaarawy Milan had refused to stay because love Anzhi 7.5 million Euro paid AC Milan striker Nova Chaaraoui official announcement will stay with the team, rather than competing for the Italian media revealed little pharaoh left behind and the real reason for the background, before this, the only formal offer is made for Chaaraoui Russian super Anzhi, but Milan and Chaaraoui The per capita rejected the other's offer, in which small pharaoh face € 7.5 million annual salary has not tempted,cheap jerseys leaving the team even after confirmation via Twitter reiterated their unwavering commitment to long stay in Milan. From the Italian media "Mediaset" the sources, although a few concerns Chaaraoui team, Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Paris and Monaco, and other teams are in his column, but the key is Chaaraoui I have not the slightest idea of ??leaving Milan, Previously the only formal offer made to the Milan team is super Anzhi Makhachkala Russian, Italian media quoted did not disclose the specific amount, but confirmed its offer enough to impress Milan (Milan previously recognized psychological bottom line is 40 million euros ), but Milan turned down the high offer,AC Milan jerseys Chaaraoui face Anzhi raised 7.5 million euros paid (Chaaraoui current annual salary of only 2 million euros) also would not budge. The media that Milan was able to credibly claim Shaarawy definitely stay with the team, the key is the player's own wishes, after all, a horse is not sweet, otherwise the Rossoneri at the end of August can wait right before the transfer window Chaaraoui emergence of the new offer, or simply to accept Anzhi's proposal. Leaving the team after confirmation, Arsenal jersey Chaaraoui through their official Twitter (@ OfficialEl92) expressed his feeling of relief: there has never been any doubt ...... always be my only ...... Milan refueling! As seniors Inzaghi also looking forward to the future of small Pharaoh: "Stephen should feel happy, he is a good player, a very well-behaved young man, he was in Milan for the future, will be composed of indestructible striker Balotelli combination, of course, he must get used to the face of criticism, as the Italian mainland striker will naturally be used to compare with the number of foreign striker, Alberto Gilardino and I have also experienced similar things, although difficult, but must learn to adapt. "
  11. joannaxiao

    Ibrahimovic is not satisfied

    Ibrahimovic unwilling to waste time or stay in Paris defected to return to Serie A Milan Just won the French championship for Paris Saint-Germain, the lineup Ancelotti leaves may cause instability. "Mediaset" reported that because of the coaching change problem, Ibrahimovic reluctant to stay in Paris Saint-Germain waste of time, he wanted to leave,cheap soccer jerseys they may return to Serie. Ancelotti Paris Saint-Germain last season, led the good record, after a lapse of 19 years led his unit won the French championship, the Champions League against Barcelona doing well. For Paris Saint-Germain, this is just the beginning of revival. However, the revival of the cornerstone Ancelotti select defected to Real Madrid. In the course of handsome, Paris St Germain met a lot of trouble, and finally only took the second choice of the former France coach Laurent Blanc. More than a media that just over candidates Blanc, Paris Saint-Germain and other hired Wenger took over in 2014. Look handsome link from Paris Saint-Germain new season record may be affected, Bayern Munchen jersey that the new season is over season. Paris Saint-Germain for the coaching change, Ibrahimovic is not satisfied, the Swedes mainly taking into account his career prospects. October 3, 1981, Ibrahimovic was born. In a few months, Ibrahimovic will be 32 years old. As a center, the pinnacle of his career Ibrahimovic left a few years time. "Mediaset" that do not want to travel with the team to play over the season Ibrahimovic, unwilling to waste time. Now, Ibrahimovic wants to leave Paris St Germain. Although there may be alluvial Monaco to Paris Saint-Germain's hegemony, but Ibrahimovic would like to join a more competitive league, it is possible to return to Serie A, joining one can play the Champions League, Barcelona jersey Serie A champions have the ability to compete in the club. Who can compete Scudetto? This question was not answered. However, to qualify for the Champions League next season only three clubs: Juventus, Naples and Milan. Among them, Juventus successive acquisition of Carlos Tevez and Llorente, striker very bloated, pending layoffs. Naples and Ibrahimovic also preached scandal. However, the deal depends on how much to sell Cavani. Milan Ibrahimovic's old club. After leaving San Siro Stadium, Milan, Ibrahimovic has repeatedly shown good that he remembered the time spent in Milan. If Galliani intentionally shot Buy, presumably Ibrahimovic will not refuse, and now depends on the willingness of Milan Ibrahimovic acquisition. Three Italian clubs have a problem: Ibrahimovic's salary is too high. In contrast, a more solid financial ability to pay Swedes Real Madrid salary. Agent Layiaola revealed that Ibrahimovic Yuansui Ancelotti defected to Real Madrid, and even willing to take a pay cut.
  12. joannaxiao

    Pakistan A record signings worth

    Distance relationship HOLD live! Twitter announced Pato broke up with Barbara Beijing time on July 2, Pato announced via Twitter broke up with Barbara. Pato push closeup Road, "Guys, experienced a wonderful time of two and a half away so that our love affair come to an end."Real Madrid jersey Their affair began in 2011, this Hou Patuo due to injuries and other reasons, gradually lost its position in Milan earlier this year in order to create Pakistan A record signings worth joining Corinthians. Milan is considered to be the new master after Barbara Berlusconi chose to remain in Italy, since the two began a long distance relationship lives.Borussia Dortmund jersey Pato fought in Brazil, the two break up rumors interruption. Pato then five league games crop failure, failed to qualify for the national team to miss the Confederations Cup, and rumors of Brazil and the Brazilian 22-year-old nun die affair. Barbara repeatedly appeared in Brazil and Pato dating, they released intimate photos again and again shattered these rumors. But after just two Sardinian holiday, Pato announced the formal end of the love of two soccer jerseys
  13. joannaxiao

    Blue Moon is Tevez bid 10 million

    After the news, Juve great sense of dissatisfaction with the Bianconeri a month ago on an agreement with Tevez, but the treatment is much higher than in Milan, € 6,000,000 + bonus, up to 800 million euros, so Huolabuqin sides please practice is regarded as shill means Marotta, Juventus general manager first time said he "Juve have an agreement with Tevez, will not adjust existing programs."cheap jerseys Juve dissatisfaction, but nothing, after all, Galliani Huolabuqin very good personal relationship with Milan, is by virtue of this human brand, to achieve the Bianconeri to overtake. However, this does not mean that Tevez would definitely join Heijun finalize the players after the Manchester City Galliani needs to get through a clearance. Blue Moon is Tevez bid 10 million -1200 million euros, want Argentines, Galliani must come up with the cash, money in hand, only to wash the existing lineup of budget financing. Robinho bear the brunt.AC Milan jerseys Right now most love for Robbie team is Santos, Brazil will want to sign the ball Jiujiang, replace switch Barcelona Neymar, approached the work has been completed, the Brazilians agreed to return to fame. "Gazzetta dello Sport," said Santos, Robinho again before asking, still 6 million euros, 10 million euros from Milan requirements are still gaps. But this moment was, Galliani was quoted rejected because they do not rush shots, now urgent budget Tevez scored therefore likely to reduce the price, € 8 million to release.Arsenal jersey 8000000 definitely not astronomical, but there may be used wisely "good steel", when it recovered the money, will largely affect the acquisition of Milan Tevez process. Turati headquarters far to finalize the extent of the beast, if the offer is higher than Milan Juventus words, total and Huolabuqin agreement may not be useful.
  14. Milan 4 million annual salary and the Beast Beast must first sign up agreement to sell Robbie Pre-emptive Not necessarily, Tevez round is fresh cases. Juve close early as a month before the Manchester City striker, the agreement has also been reached, but now it is in the lead position in Milan. "Gazzetta dello Sport" disclosure, dialogue broker Huolabuqin Galliani recently, the two sides in three years, annual salary of four million euros to reach agreement on a contract.Real Madrid jersey Local time on Thursday evening, brokers Huolabuqin Tevez from Milan city. According to Italian media reports the news, Huolabuqin almost had a busy afternoon, the first representative of the Paris general manager Leonardo dialogue, followed by reception Juventus general manager Marotta and technical director Parra Krstic, both sides have been talking about 16:00 pm or so. Just off the zebra army two executives, Galliani front heel forward, venue of the dialogue has shifted to the city of Milan Prince Hotel.Manchester United jersey Busy, Huolabuqin learned a lot, at least one more option Tevez, that is Milan. According to "Gazzetta dello Sport" reported that during the dialogue, Galliani sent a three-year annual salary of € 4,000,000 (count bonus of up to nearly 5.5 million euros) contract Huolabuqin approval of the program, the two sides reached an agreement on the treatment of jerseys
  15. Furthermore Balotelli away from home, Neymar is sits at home. The most important is that Neymar can go all out attack on the inputs, while Balotelli will bear a lot of defensive duties: this war Pakistan God has two sets of data, steals two times, blocking opponents shot two times, especially Neymar man wall closed out the second half free kick after scene, this war proved the bar of God than Neymar play environment is very sinister.Chelsea jersey May in Neymar with a sharp wave of the world to get a standing ovation after Balotelli was completely stimulated. So he would not willingly lose star showdown. Do not take the unusual way the bar of God quickly using their talents to hit back: cheap soccer jerseys The first 51 minutes, Buffon out of Bigfoot, the Italian midfielder top of the ball upfield, Balotelli about 25 meters away from the door in two defensive The look on the players occupy placement, in the world that Pakistan God probably could not be completed in under the weight of the ball when stopping, without making fundamental mended to the bar of God the ball, but turned and raised his half-volley big legs the ball into the box right pad, but there's Giaccherini already Zhengedaidan straight ball can suddenly restricted field goal! The imagination full of assists, shows Balotelli powerful body, extraordinary inspiration and amazing creativity, and perhaps also with a little: Courage amazing. It is commonly used stunt Ibrahimovic, only this time, the bar of God is demonstrated enhanced version - farther liverpool jersey