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  1. sailingk8

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    I'd love an old school manual BMW M3. A subaru WRX would be fun too.
  2. sailingk8

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    From Adelaide, probably not that bright.
  3. An amazing trip around the 3rd planet
  4. sailingk8

    "Brisbane Bill" L'Eau Commotion

    Congratulations Bill!!! Amazing feat!
  5. sailingk8

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    THE HILLS HAVE EYES THE DEEP The moray eel scene I went water skiing at Lake Elsenor the next day and pretty much walked on water when I jumped in with the ski. I was screaming Go Go!!! for them to pull me up. CROWHAVEN FARMS Until now I never knew the film's name that traumatized me as a kid. The scene where the woman is trapped under a loose door and the witches are piling stones on her was terrifying. Looking at the movies link, apparently I wasn't the only one. We were living in Victoria, BC where the owner's wife had died. My brother and I watched Crowhaven Farm together downstairs in the basement. At the end of the movie my older brother went to the bathroom down the hall leaving me alone and I completely freaked. I was pounding on the bathroom door begging him to not leave me alone. I remember him getting really mad with me for acting like a baby. JAWS I didn't need this movie to scare me, the No Bathing, Great Whites' signs at the beach in northern Qld did that!
  6. sailingk8

    My children are ...

  7. sailingk8

    My children are ...

    Rock stars. And continuing to excel. Oldest is back in the states and working on 2nd post grad degree in Space Science being groomed to teach at West Point for her next command. Youngest finished her Masters in Europe and is getting married to an awesome young man from a fabulous family. Me on the other hand continue to cause trouble and strife in the singles' scene....
  8. I turned memorize off on Google. They're pissed.
  9. Drove in yesterday and the minute I crossed into FL I started thinking oh here we go... let the insanity begin.
  10. Fair enough. I'm not trying to be an asshat (well maybe just a tiny bit). I get frustrated with the attitude that the United States is some sort of battle field drenched in blood. Compared to so many other places the US is still a very safe place to live. Granted I live surrounded by Navy seals so I feel secure but that aside living in fear of guns just isn't on my radar. No matter where I live, I try to always be aware of my surroundings. Must be the dive training. Lol. Where ever you end up I hope you and the Mrs. Find peace. K8 PS: had about 15hr drive by myself yesterday so had some time to think. If I move again which I likely will in the next 5 yrs, I'm picking someplace in the hills with a clean water source not owned by the Chinese or any other nation or corporation. And someplace with decent health care. France maybe?
  11. ^ this The data I posted was for non suicide gun deaths, and driver data was US only. Imho driving distracted, with cell or just outright high speed driving is not nessesarily an accident. Someone made an intentional decition and caused said "accident". I understand your initial post and there are many lovely alternatives to the US, I just object to your reason for feeling like you need to leave. I still think it's an over reaction. It's like giving up going to the beach because someone, somewhere got bitten by a shark.
  12. Ok I'll amend that... address BAD drivers, drunk, cell using, etc.
  13. 2018 US Autos: 4.5m serious injuries / ~40k died Guns: 28,159 injured 14,611killed (Pew Research)
  14. If you take in the country as a whole compared to elsewhere our neighborhoods are pretty tame. My daughter lives in Stockholm and she is afraid her car will be touched at night and she doesn't feel safe going out alone at night. I've been in Spain when a terrorist blew himself up in an apartment in my parents town. Australia, Canada, England all have issues with people being attacked. I stand by my statement that you are over reacting. If you want to make a stand against people being slaughtered address drunk driving!
  15. I've lived in Canada, Australia, Mexico, and multiple US states including: Hawaii, Florida, Maryland, California, Washington and Conneticutt. My folks and one kid live in 3 different countries in Europe. I also happen to live a few blocks away from a MASS SHOOTING. Several points, grass isn't always greener, we aren't being slaughtered in the damn streets here, and you have more freedoms and chances of happiness in the US than most anywhere else. I'd love to tell you to Harden the fack up, and stop dramatizing but that would be rude and I wouldn't want you to target me with ridiculous names and judgements on me when you don't know me other than as someone who is trying to point out you are over reacting and seem uninformed of the realities of the rest of the world. Perhaps you should try one of the 3rd world countries to get a douse of reality. To answer your question, if I couldn't live here I'd move back to Australia, because most of my family are there. I hope you find your little slice of security out there but sharks live in all corners of the globe so good luck.