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  1. sailingk8

    The Best Drunk Food

    Onion rings
  2. sailingk8

    Mega Millions Lotto Ticket

    It's a ponzzi scheme but I threw 2 bucks in. Well technically 4. I put $4 in the machine and it spat out 2 tickets. When I got home I realized one was a receipt from the previous sucker who had used a debit card ($20). I don't know if my extra buck stayed in there for the next guy or if the machine just ate it. I rather hoped someone got a free ticket which I thought might give me luck. Nope. I'd instantly buy a huge liability policy, then buy a house at the beach (ok I know I already live at the beach but I'm talking nice house on the beach that backs on to a navicable waterway with a dock/ boat house), a 30' power boat, 3-5 racing dinghy sailboats for friends and kids to play with, a chalet in Colorado, hire a cook, housekeeper, personal trainer/dietitians, buy a tricked out Subaru WRX. Give my kids, brothers and their kids, friends and favorite co-workers some spending money, then put the rest in investments for my kids at say age 35 and a large chunk in a non profit for cats. Ok kidding about the last word, dogs of course! Not really, probably for women in 3rd world countries to get cheap loans for small businesses and some save the planet / oceans charity that helps local villages thrive and not destroy their environments and resources.
  3. sailingk8

    Car Flooded ??

    Sorry about your "go-cart". Best of luck replacing it. Had you named it? Why did you switch from USAA? Going to be a lot more flooded vehicles out there with Michael too. I'm currently researching used, mid SUVs to have something for driving in the wet so I can leave my go-cart high and dry when my route to work gets iffy.
  4. sailingk8

    Building A Bridge

    Looks like mine which is serving as a weed block behind the shed.
  5. sailingk8

    Building A Bridge

    Why not make launch ramps? Call them artistic docks.
  6. sailingk8

    Cell phone alert this Thurs

    See, proof you can not hide from Big Brother!
  7. sailingk8

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    When I was little I wanted to get married and go sailing. As of right now I have neither of those. In college I wanted to do business but Satistics kicked my butt and was like a Charlie Brown class with the teacher talking, "whahwhawhaw." So I wandered over to the architecture school and decided drawing all those neat lines was way too boring. Then I wandered into the art dept. They let me play with mud, make stuff out of wood and finger paint! I even got to make stuff with glass. I thought wow this isn't work this is awesome! Trouble is I suck at advertising myself because that's crass and living as an artist only pays after you're dead and reality is I don't like to sell my good pieces because I like them too much! So I decided to paint walls. Side benefits, I get paid to work out and I can listen to audio books all day while I work. Plus I have very little drama. I've tried the business world (marketing /graphic design) and while the rewards are great, the stress was unbearable. When I get too old to climb ladders, I'll go back to watercolors and playing with mud. On a side note regarding careers, my daughter recently learned that she is being offered the opportunity to get her PhD in space science so she can teach at West Point as her next posting. She may end up in the Space Force.
  8. sailingk8

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    Party foul.
  9. sailingk8

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    Is that an invitation?
  10. sailingk8

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    before I had the scooter I had a long back up light that was like night watch stick. My thought being if I ever had to, I could whack a shark on the nose with it. The scooter makes a good barrier when required. Only trouble I ever had was a young male kept trying to circle my yum yum yellow fins.
  11. sailingk8

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    You have to be ready to kick some arse. Works on sharks too. Act big, carry a big stick. Doesn't work on cats. Lol
  12. sailingk8

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    Long story. Short version, two daughters, thus I now own 2 cats. One is cool because she was raised with dogs but the young male who wasn't is a pain in the arse. Planning on getting a puppy at some point to fix that.
  13. sailingk8

    World Cup

    At least we know Morocco can put it in the net!
  14. sailingk8

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    My back fence neighbor has three young pit bitches. When I heard then out in the yard rough housing I went to the lower part of my back fence and said hello. They immediately froze then came at the fence barking. They all jumped up on the fence with their front paws. I stood my ground and said hello again, then looking at each of them calmly but firmly ordered them off the fence. Two back down. The third gave me the fuck you defiant look. I stared at her with out saying anything then looked at the other two and commanded they sit. They did and I switched to sweet what good doggies voice, still ignoring the alpha bitch with her paws on the fence. She got the hint and backed off the fence and eventually even sat with her sisters. That's why I named my boat She Wolf. Lol I figured I better go alpha dog on them up front in case they ever got out of their yard and into mine, after a cat for instance.