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  1. sailingk8

    Game of Thrones

    My new favorite word.... You're such a "Nudho"!! and from last week my favorite quote: "Vomiting is not celebrating."
  2. sailingk8

    Game of Thrones

    Someone was a tad pissed off.... She turned into Cersei. Kids killed, best friend killed, thinks her closest advisors are ploting against her... I thought the relationship bits in last night's ep was kind of touching and unexpected. It softened all the destruction. Also whom ever owns that white horse is making a mint on rental! It's been in all the kingdoms all the battles, was Jamie's, and was even Dothraki given as wedding gift to Danny.
  3. sailingk8

    Mikewof triggers!

  4. sailingk8

    Mikewof triggers!

    Be eco friendly, Subaru Brat. 4x4 with head rests and seat belts for rear facing seats.
  5. sailingk8

    Jason Momoa has shaved off his beard

    Turn around is fair play.
  6. sailingk8

    Jason Momoa has shaved off his beard

    He has a nose?
  7. sailingk8

    Nautical names for dogs

  8. sailingk8

    Jason Momoa has shaved off his beard

    And it wasn't even a Wednesday!
  9. sailingk8

    Jason Momoa has shaved off his beard

    I'd do him.
  10. sailingk8

    Trail Cameras Again

    Thanks for the entertainment. I was watching three pairs of osprey fish off the beach yesterday. Wind was kicking their asses.
  11. sailingk8

    it explains a lot... robocalls

    My block number list on my cell phone is now twice the size of my contact list. I keep getting medical insurance sales bs at least twice a day! First # is local then if I answer hang up I immediately get a call from TX. If I don't answer they leave a message which I then have to waste time clearing Tried blocking but they are like zombies they just reappear as an altered number. My number was even used against other people last yr. I got a call back saying I had just called and asking what I wanted. I assured the guy I hadn't made the call.
  12. sailingk8

    The Best Drunk Food

    Onion rings
  13. sailingk8

    Mega Millions Lotto Ticket

    It's a ponzzi scheme but I threw 2 bucks in. Well technically 4. I put $4 in the machine and it spat out 2 tickets. When I got home I realized one was a receipt from the previous sucker who had used a debit card ($20). I don't know if my extra buck stayed in there for the next guy or if the machine just ate it. I rather hoped someone got a free ticket which I thought might give me luck. Nope. I'd instantly buy a huge liability policy, then buy a house at the beach (ok I know I already live at the beach but I'm talking nice house on the beach that backs on to a navicable waterway with a dock/ boat house), a 30' power boat, 3-5 racing dinghy sailboats for friends and kids to play with, a chalet in Colorado, hire a cook, housekeeper, personal trainer/dietitians, buy a tricked out Subaru WRX. Give my kids, brothers and their kids, friends and favorite co-workers some spending money, then put the rest in investments for my kids at say age 35 and a large chunk in a non profit for cats. Ok kidding about the last word, dogs of course! Not really, probably for women in 3rd world countries to get cheap loans for small businesses and some save the planet / oceans charity that helps local villages thrive and not destroy their environments and resources.
  14. sailingk8

    Car Flooded ??

    Sorry about your "go-cart". Best of luck replacing it. Had you named it? Why did you switch from USAA? Going to be a lot more flooded vehicles out there with Michael too. I'm currently researching used, mid SUVs to have something for driving in the wet so I can leave my go-cart high and dry when my route to work gets iffy.
  15. sailingk8

    Building A Bridge

    Looks like mine which is serving as a weed block behind the shed.