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  1. General Anarchy: DTS

    It's turned into Cheers
  2. Eggshell rant

    My neighbor had a few hens and somehow the hen police found out and told him he had to remove them. We we're all bummed, especially my neighbor who really cared for his little gals. I buy brown eggs because they come in nonstyrofoam. They are plenty tough, sometimes I have to whack them twice in the morning.
  3. Best Science Fiction Movies

  4. What Song is Your Guilty Pleasure Favorite

    John Denver, Grandma's Feather Bed
  5. Forget the sharks ....

    So once again Australia one ups the rest of the world with it's outrageous wildlife.
  6. Small dogs

    The Dingo ate my baby!
  7. Small dogs

    How about a pug? Or a bull dog?
  8. Small dogs

    A chiapit?
  9. Now That's a Short Honeymoon......

    I guess if you chose the parking lot of a seedy motel for the reception apparently you need to pack some heat.
  10. Small dogs

    Looks a lot like my pound puppy that I had for ten years. Yesterday driving home I was at a light next to a vehicle with a dog hanging out the window who was the spitting image, floppy mut ears, same waterproof fur. I couldn't help but grin, then I teared up. She was a fabulous, smart dog. I still miss her. Little dogs: My sister-in-law has a female Jack Russell who is really sweet and gets on well with other animals as well as people. Friends had a male Jack R and he was always rounding up people, especially at social gathering. I've heard Scotties are one person dominant and don't get on well with other animals either. If it were me, I'd put on my emo-proof suit and go to a local SPCA and shop about. When you take one into the separate area and sit down with them to have a get to know, it's always helpful to see if they allow you flip them on their back after you have been with them for a little bit. If they adamantly fight you they are dominate, if they give in completely they are submissive and if they let you flip them then struggle a little they are perfect (for me anyway). Best of luck finding your new travelling companion!
  11. Who was looking for Rayban parts?

    You guys are amusing. I like the title, Fifty Shades
  12. Matilda's win against US Women

    Well done Matildas.
  13. Cooking Chinese

    I didn't know you could cook Chinese in a pressure cooker.
  14. Who was looking for Rayban parts?

    That is actually a great idea. The chapter about going into Hampton Creek in SCUBA gear after my Reader Maui Jim's before the race would be fun to write.
  15. Who was looking for Rayban parts?

    I lost the nut that holds the arm on my tortis shell Ray Bans. When I figured out where to get a nut I went looking for the arm, (had the glasses). Couldn't find it. Stashed the glasses. Years later I found the arm, happy days. Now I can't find the glasses part. Fm! Meanwhile I've gone thru the Maui Jim's sagas. Don't even get me started on the multiple Varneys stories. Gah! Ok yes I'm spoiled, so many glasses so many stories.